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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 20, 2018 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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it's fear. sixty a. little. this week. this is deja vu news live from berlin the european union delivers a blunt message to britain. we will never accept the deal. which would damage. european union and its it with. britain's to resume a insists her break is the only one on the table but her e.u. parts say it won't work and they warn time is running out also coming up. sports
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and russia the world anti-doping agency says it will lift a ban on russia's testing laboratory despite widespread opposition russian track and field athletes have not competed under their country's flag since twenty fifteen. it's good to have you with us your plan it won't work and you're running out of time those are the two blunt messages european union leaders have given the british prime minister theresa may at any you summit in austria may insisted that her brakes of plan is the only one on the table but her counterparts across europe disagree accusing the u.k. of trying to cherry pick its way out of the european union. it all looked so
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friendly and polite at the outset there certainly was common interest to come up with the brics a deal regarding britain's future relationship with the european union but that didn't happen here it will have to happen at a make or break meeting in a month. european council president donald to st jacques to britain's plan regarding its future relationship with the e.u. the british would like to benefit from frictionless trade even though they won't be part of the multinational bloc anymore to support cold water on what britain once every other the view of the positive elements in that check propose. the subsystem framework for the moment cooperation. locally is because the truth of the single market the e.u. itself would like to continue having seamless trade with northern ireland as if it were still in the single market and customs union however the british prime minister rejected that as her government feels it would economically and constitutionally isolate the u.k.
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she didn't hesitate to mention the other scenario if there is no agreement on a deal that is acceptable to the united kingdom than it were preparing for a no deal i believe we can get a good deal i believe there is a growing desire to sit down and ensure that we can achieve a deal french president emmanuel not call rejected may stand especially as she stated that this is the only deal coming from britain. we must defend the single market its coherence and we have reaffirmed our desire not to give up on this matter the thought that if this is both in our short medium and long term interests that on it is a vital political and economic interest for the european union in this regard we are today at an hour of truth. and the truth can hurt how much we'll know at the next e.u. summit in october. our correspondent max off and he is covering that summit
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force insults for golf story a good evening to you max so e.u. leaders clearly unimpressed by the british prime minister they say the e.u. leaders talked about compromise theresa may kept talking about europe needing to evolve in its notion of bragg's that does that mean the ability to reach a deal is now dead the ability to reach a deal is not dead because we're not at the stage yet where both parties really have to give something up what three some may did here she presented the so-called checkers plan a plan that's been on the table since july but the first time now officially presenting it so the other leaders of the european union weren't necessarily surprised when the criticism was clear the two key points remain what are going to be the future trade ties e.u. leaders not happy with the proposal that the three set may made in the plan and of course the border between northern ireland and ireland also not clear here yet
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although they were conciliatory in their tone it was actually quite a quite a nice and you know civilized meeting by by standards of past summits in what they really want they they didn't change their position. max theresa may she came out of that summit today and saying what she's been saying is and that her proposal remains the only plausible brecht's it plan on the table considering that considering what the e.u. leaders have said how big of a setback is this summit for the british prime minister really. i don't think she was really surprised by the outcome because it was announced this would happen and you also have to keep in mind she's playing the home crowd the other leaders know that as well because she has the party conference of the tories in a couple of weeks back home and that is is a tricky tricky thing a tricky event for her because some say if she gives in too much to the e.u.
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leaders before that than her job might be at risk so the others the other leaders of the european union want to keep her that's why they were rather nice with her but behind closed doors apparently it's a different story we've been hearing that theresa may even acknowledge that it was necessary to propose something else for the border between northern ireland and ireland and that she would deliver on that within the next week so there is movement here you really have to make the difference between what she's saying for the home crowd and the necessities she has recognised and brant you know we still have some time this is the beginning of the end game we'll see the pressure ramping up over the next weeks and months briefly who do you see perhaps blinking first here the u.k. or the e.u. the e.u. leaders seem to think that they hold all the cards and there is some truth to that because the e.u. twenty seven are just much more powerful they have the single market and if the
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u.k. just has a hard brags that they believe everything they've built up over the last decades they have to rebuild all that and it'll take time and they're just now realizing how close those connections are so definitely u.k. has much more to lose here our correspondent been at that e.u. summit in austria on the story for us tonight max thank you. here are some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world the tanzanian government fears that more than two hundred people have drowned after a packed ferry capsized on lake victoria there are conflicting reports about the numbers of passengers on board a rescue operation is underway a woman opened fire at the distribution center where she worked north of the u.s. city of baltimore killing three people before she turned the gun on herself she didn't died of her injuries and several others were wounded in the incident thousands of people have taken to the streets of the kettle on capitol barcelona to
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call for the release of officials jailed a year ago they were detained during a spanish government crackdown on the program dependents push in the region nine separatists remain in custody on charges of rebellion and abuse of power. we're now into a decision on doping in sports that has shocked and outraged many around the world today the world anti-doping agency wada voted to lift a ban on russia's anti-doping agency now that ban was put in place after a want to report accused russia of state backed doping their report also claims that russia tried to cover up drug abuse when it hosted the two thousand and fourteen sochi winter olympics athletes across the globe are criticizing today's decision to lift the ban calling it an insult to clean athletes. the biggest still being scandal in sports history might be coming to an end the russian anti-doping agency will be reinstated pending some final technicalities the
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decision has been heavily criticised by various athletes and national doping agencies but is being celebrated in russia but the theater sure this is a first step the important while it opens the way to our sportsmen and our federations to participate in sports competitions moreover it opens an opportunity to host international competitions on russian territory. just before the two thousand and sixteen rio olympics water investigator richard mclaren revealed russia had adopted a state sponsored doping program in the lead up to the sochi games he concluded more than one thousand russian athletes across thirty sports benefited from the program very quickly we learned that there was a lot more going on than just what went on it so she and once we learned that and it was early days in the investigation that yes we were more than surprised or astonished at the potential scope of what was going. to have the ban on its
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testing the board theory lifted russia still needed to fulfill two conditions the first to accept the finding of mclaren's report the second to release historical data and samples to water for further investigation with all but the last condition fulfilled the executive committee of wada has chosen to place trust in rosado once again but in the process they may have tarnished their own credibility. we're joining me tonight is the german journalist who first broke the story about russian doping it was hot usable to report on russian athletes toping which triggered an investigation leading to russia's anti-doping lab being suspended in two thousand and fifteen by water why it was good to have you on the show i have to ask you what did you think when you her. heard the news today that this suspension is going to be lifted from my point of uses of the creation of bankruptcy for fights for clean
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spalls for all the people who really have a serious approach to that very sensitive subject because two conditions have not been fulfilled to say it very clearly the first one is say the russians had to acknowledge had to accept fully the findings of a measurement import of a state run doping system was participation of the government secondly that to grant full access to the must call up and sensitive data before as a reinstatement right have never happened so to be honest this is for me that's right way to deal with the subject what do you think happened i mean it's like you said they have not been admitted to state sponsored their being they have not allowed full access to the moscow laboratory so does this mean that water caved in to pressure from russia was as it was as tiger that is my feeling on that and there are some people who and what i were really influenced by the olympic movement in particular but i was the president almost bought from germany himself he was always
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in favor of the russians he tried his best to get them into the olympics for example what do you think do you think that is made the evidence is there of the doping so there must be some relation some very close ties between the i.o.c. and thomas back when some of his people very close to him there's no clear bill evidence for that but it really looks like and if you've seen those like she olympic games in two thousand and fourteen we have was also alongside always alongside with poutine and he made really it very clear that he was much in favor of the russians and how they hosted the olympics as a big surprise came afterwards as you know was was unveilings was holding because this is and you know your investigations you were resulted in russian athletes being banned from the twenty sixteen olympics in brazil they were banned from the winter olympics twenty eight thousand in p r. john today's decision what does it mean will russian athletes whether they're clean or not when they have it easier moving forward no doubt that will happen because. we in statements are russian and
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they don't think agency was a precondition for some federations some international federations to get them again in for example the international biathlon union the international paralympic committee into international ethics federation all of them have said. result has reinstated and then we can go forward and that happens no that means the russians under a neutral frak without the national anthem that will not happen in the future they are fully accepted and back into sports how many will this make it easier for russia to once again host major sporting events yes i do score ect because the result was reinstated this cannot happen at least it's kind of happens that people refused to. grant that russia. was a big russia was russia was because competitions i'm pretty sure that this is why not take much longer than you have big events again in russia you you know we
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talked about you being somewhat something of a person on the non grata in russia russia denied you a visa to the world cup last summer you have talked about the dangers journalists in russia who try to report on the conveyor what does today's decision mean for our ability to try to get to the truth about athletic sports and there being in russia it's very complicated for independent journalists for people from other countries to really dig in and to investigate and russia this week we tried again you tried to get a visa to russia this week and they rejected it again so it's very obvious that they have no interest. to support journalism and to be honest it's it was possible in two thousand and fourteen because we have been under the radar at that point under the radar there but now it's completely different. so to be honest to get more information about what really happens in russian sports and civility really come very very complicated foreign journalists are used up all as always we
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appreciate you taking the time to come on the show with us and sharing your insights thank you thank you you're watching the w. news live from berlin and more news coming up at the top of the hour for all of us here in berlin thanks for the company we'll see if we can see. the fund be children. she's working goddess for tonight. the months try and feed. the children first bomb the twenty.
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first day of school in the jungle. first claiming listen.


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