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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 4, 2018 2:00am-2:03am CEST

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to let little to the left just after my day by checking alex of all those jokes finding out what people are talking about what is moving to. my father or how to ask uncomfortable questions about my country and above board that is what is actually doing today is that my name is daddy self and i work at. germany has been marking its national day of unity with celebrations and ceremonies in the capital berlin politicians praise the progress made in the twenty eight years since the reunification of east and west germany while also voicing concerns about remaining divisions and the rise of populism in central berlin a right wing protest march was met by colorful counter demonstrations. german
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chancellor angela merkel is in israel for talks with prime minister benjamin netanyahu they're expected to discuss the iran nuclear deal which the e.u. is attempting to salvage despite israeli opposition the visit could be maad by israel's planned a demolition of a bedouin village near jerusalem a move germany has criticised. the international court of justice has ordered the united states to lift sanctions on humanitarian goods entering iran the un's top court said medicines food and aviation parts should be allowed in the u.s. has responded by rejecting the coats off and canceling its nine hundred fifty five friendship treaty with iran. astronaut alexander guest has become the first german to command the international space station the forty two year old who fans know as astro alex was presented with a symbolic hatch key at a ceremony on board he's only the second european to lead the i assessed during its
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seventeen years of operation all at. today is a national holiday in germany d'etat. hearts german unity day commemorating the out of the countries for reunification in one thousand nine hundred ninety but east west further to goal divisions remagen of wealth employment under specially migration i'm phil gale in berlin this is the day. even. remember the nine hundred. we had in the summer and who could have guessed it would be possible to achieve german unity in less than a year right. now but we now know explained he eight years later that year when you need.


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