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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 4, 2018 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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and forces people france and germany. metairie industrial complex starts oct twentieth on d w. this is d w news coming to you live from berlin last migrant rescue ship in the mediterranean is forced back to port your carious was in the french port of mar say after his registration is canceled it marks the end of independent missions saving migrants from traveling on the crossing from africa will talk to a member of the crew also coming out of indonesia finally accept foreign aid after
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last week's earthquake six days all i'm survivors are still waiting desperately for help more than fourteen hundred people are confirmed dead. following terry martin welcome to the program the last privately operated ship dedicated to saving migrants from drowning in the mediterranean has docked in the port of mar say the aquarius has had its license withdrawn so it won't be able to head out to sea again legally this is part of a crackdown on migration but if lee and other countries the operators of the aquarius say the move jeopardizes the lives of many would be refugees. this ship has meant the difference between life and death for thirty thousand people say it's operators the n.g.o.s a lesson. they launched the aquarius two and
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a half years ago the group says its work is vital. there is massive confusion in the mediterranean there's no real coordination to manage the distress calls and lead rescue operations. the aquarius is out of action and there are no other private sea rescue vehicles operating in the mediterranean. for other ships run by n.g.o.s have already been detained to vessels lifeline and sea watch three are being held in malta the ship you vent to is stuck in the port of to pani in sicily all the boats have been to flag now the aquarius joined their ranks. before returning to its home port of mar say the aquarius transferred fifty eight shipwrecked migrants to the maltese coast guard this after italy refused to ship permission to dock following a hard line on migrants and those are the views of announced the right time because
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it's the cannot continue to be the refugee camp of europe. this isn't the first maritime drama aquarius has been involved in this summer it was forced to embark on a weeklong odyssey on the mediterranean several countries refused to take in one hundred migrants aboard rescued off the coast of libya spain eventually took the ship now its future is again in doubt s.o.'s military has asked several countries to let it sail under their flags so far they haven't backed the boat. for more let's cross over to nick room on your key is on board the aquarius he's one of the activists on the boat his rescue coordinator with your. mediterranean a which operates the vessel so first of all your ship is being de flagged what does that mean for the distressed migrants you're trying to help cross the mediterranean.
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well the declining of the vessel means that the course is no longer sea which means the slow search and rescue assets in the central mediterranean to say be able to a fleeing from libya. is that more people getting stuck. now critics argue that your organization and others like yours are colluding with people smugglers and effectively encouraging illegal migration to europe the people who attempt the journey on those boats because they know you're there what do you say to the. migration across the mediterranean have been going for you for the aquarius was even in place but the reality of the situation is the people continue to flee from libya people continue to die a chorus of mission is to to stop loss of life at sea by not being that people continue to die there are we have reports of boats leaving earth not in the area
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but we have reports of another eighty five people who left for medical means to the east of tripoli i don't know what happened to those people it seems like european policy at the moment. and also for migration you have two choices be picked up by you think i've got taken back to libya i'm turning to attention and we know what the situation in libya is at the moment or by it and that's what you're going politicians and policy it has getting for the moment if you want attention mistreated suffer from violence will die it's a so you're saying that because your boat is not out there more people are going to die at sea are there no other boats commissioned by european countries or other organizations to rescue those people. commissioned by the european union i could say the leading cause at the moment is doing a ritual of by proxy for the european union by going out in. i think people in
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bringing back those people to that to detention but no they're on the other side search and rescue vessels in the area to save life so where does this go then for for your organization and the other boats that were doing the same thing by withdrawing the registration of your ships they've effectively taken you out of action has any other country offered to let you register with them. yes with the funding issue regarding getting all the flack for the ship we're hoping that we can solve this issue. and tobacco sea. have information regarding registration vessels which are being. connected you very much for that nic romagna ok rescue coordinates nation operators there with the. mediterranean. now some other stories making headlines around the world today
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britain's defense minister has said russia is behind a series of indiscriminate and reckless cyber attacks around the globe kevin williamson called the alleged attacks the actions of a pariah state british and australian officials have now for the first time blamed the russian military intelligence agency known as g.r.u. for the incidents. the white house has received an f.b.i. report on the sexual misconduct allegations against brett kavanaugh ordered by president trump last week the report will soon be sent on to u.s. senators they're examining claims made by two women against the supreme court nominee a senate vote on kavanagh's nomination is expected after the review. and u.s. authorities have arrested a navy veteran suspected of mailing suspicious envelopes to the white house and the pentagon. is now investigating why william clyde allen the third allegedly sent cast or seeds in the mail they're dangerous have swallowed and the source of the
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poison rice and. cruz four were all thora tarion ruler a birth of fujimori has been hospitalized shortly after a court ordered him to return to prison who did more he was last year granted a pardon partway through his jail sentence for human rights abuses which proves supreme court has now over ruled that was the decision ruling was welcomed by victims' families. international efforts to help survivors of indonesia's earthquake and tsunami are gathering pace after the government eased long held restrictions on foreign help jakarta says some twenty countries have offered assistance in coping with disaster more than fourteen hundred people are confirmed dead and that figure is likely to rise. more body bags being carried out of this seaside hotel in palos city which bore
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much of the brunt of friday's earthquake and ensuing tsunami. yet some people haven't given up that their loved ones may have survived. is the hope that my wife is still alive i pray god will work a miracle and i'm still hoping that they will find her she is six months pregnant. many isolated areas hit in the disaster are yet to see any help the government at first rejected offers of foreign assistance that's changed now and the united nations and aid organizations are pitching in the task they face is a daunting one. of the situations that the team described incredibly difficult it took them one and a half hours to carry each of the bodies out to nearby ambulances having to wade through incredibly tight mind. the sense from the tames who working there from colleagues on the ground his wonderful frustration the indonesian government has
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mobilized thousands of soldiers police and members of civilian agencies to distribute aid and restore order president joko widodo has acknowledged the aid effort has yet to reach maximum capacity. every region has its own problems but i can see progress everywhere. now is heavy equipment has arrived. logistics have started to arrive although it's not at its maximum yet and fuel is beginning to arrive. and. it's been six days since the earthquake and tsunami struck with many people still missing and more than seventy thousand displaced soloway z. is still in the grip of an ongoing disaster. german chancellor angela merkel is on a diplomatic mission to israel today and what's being billed as a restart on a difficult bilateral relationship merkel started the day with a visit to yad vashem
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a memorial to the six million victims of the nazi led holocaust last night israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu have hosted merkel for dinner later today they are set to resume official consultations reportedly stopped last year relations soured after next and now who's government expansion of jewish settlements on the west bank. well for more now we're joined by due to be a political correspondent hans fun to hans there's been a lot of tension perceiving the chancellor's visit what are the prospects that we're going to see a reset in german israeli relations after this visit. well we have to see that germany still emphasizes that it's sort of a ship with israel as a very special one because of german history because of the german responsibility for the holocaust and macko continues to emphasize that herself at the same time we have to see that there have been major differences in the past years and as you've just said this led to the constellation of these consultations last year so this is
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an attempt to restart that and at the moment the german side is emphasizing especially the questions of economic cooperation of cooperation in fields such as digital technology and so on so i want to try to say let's try and get back to business rather than talk about the points of difference at the same time those posts of difference on not going to be removed by the by these discussions. the one one agrees to disagree this is the formula one has fallen in pos consultations and i think that will remain the situation agreeing to disagree ok so the focus of this visit is more on cooperation but as you say differences remain one of the main differences is how germany sees israel's settlement building on the west bank germany's criticized that repeatedly and we're seeing protests in the west bank now about the settlements how much will this topic figure in manacles discussions with
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netanyahu if at all i'm sure it will figure within her discussions but i think i suspect that this will be a matter that will be discussed before behind closed doors and that one will attempt to show a more united face a more harmonious face and public statements but in fact the israeli settlement policy is one reason why these consultations between the two governments has become so difficult in recent years and there's no question that germany continues to criticize the. thank you so much political correspondent hans blunt. facebook's latest hacking scandal could lead the tech giant a one point four billion euro fine the irish data protection to many has begun investigations into the data breach it wants to determine whether facebook correctly it here to recently toughened e.u. security requirements to protect its users last friday facebook announced that hackers had accessed at least fifty million user accounts more than.
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sports though we got some football occur captain and real madrid midfielder luca mode rich has been cleared of perjury charges in his home country rich who was recently named as the best football player in the world by thief had been accused of giving a false testimony at the trial of a former dynamos agrippa executive. criminal court rejected the accusation against mr motorist although its ruling can be appealed the world cup finalists may still face charges later on in the trial. on tuesday madrid's is real madrid lost in the champions league and there were also some big clashes on wednesday let's take a look at the results dortmund beat monaco three nil while shaka grabbed the last grass winner away to lokomotiv moscow at lego madrid beat club bruce three one interval and came back from behind to defeat p.s.v.
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eindhoven you know messi scored twice as barcelona be taught in them a pub the sunshine mount got a massive six one win as brazilian star neymar scored a hat trick napoli and porto both earned narrow home when it's. you're watching d.w. news coming to you from berlin we have more for you at the top of the hour sumi will be with you then and don't forget you can always get the latest news and information around the clock on our web site that's a d w dot com thanks for being with us. why do we want. when do we want to. eighty percent of americans in some place and experience i should. listen.


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