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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 4, 2018 1:00pm-1:16pm CEST

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this is the w. news live from berlin the last migrant rescue ship in the mediterranean is forced back to port the aquarius is in the french quarter of march saying after its registration was canceled it marks the end of the independent mission saving migrants from drowning on the crossing from africa also coming up germany's chancellor merkel tries to defrost relations with israel on a visit marked by political differences with her host benjamin netanyahu. and the german football club goes to sicily to help migrant integrate through sports will
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take a look at the borders project. i'm sorry so much kind of thank you for joining us the last privately operated ship dedicated to saving migrants from drowning in the mediterranean has docked in the port of mar say the aquarius has had its license withdrawn so it won't be able to head out to sea again legally this is part of a crackdown on migrants by italy the operators of the aquaria say this band jeopardizes the lives of many would be refugees. this ship has meant the difference between life and death for thirty thousand people say its operators the n.g.o.s a wes military and they launched the aquarius two and a half years ago the group says its work is vital. here and leave there is massive confusion in the mediterranean there's. no real coordination to manage the
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distress calls and lead rescue operations. the aquarius is out of action and there are no other private sea rescue vehicles operating in the mediterranean. for other ships run by n.g.o.s have already been detained two vessels lifeline and sea watch three are being held in malta the ship you vent to is stuck in the port of to pani in sicily all the boats have been to flag now the aquarius joined their ranks. before returning to its home port of mar say the aquarius transferred fifty eight shipwrecked migrants to the maltese coast guard this after italy refused to ship permission to dock following a hard line on migrants. now's the right time because it's the cannot continue to be the refugee camp of europe. and. this isn't the first maritime drama aquarius has been involved in this summer it was forced to embark on
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a weeklong odyssey on the mediterranean several countries refused to take in one hundred migrants aboard rescued off the coast of libya spain eventually took the ship now its future is again in doubt s.o.s. military has asked several countries to let it sail under their flags so far they haven't backed the boat. earlier we spoke to nick from one of the activists on board the aquarius and we asked him what canceling his ship's registration would mean for migrants trying to cross the mediterranean sea it seems like european policy at the moment. you know you have two choices the big corporate interest got taken part or if you turned the depression and we know what the situation in libya is of or. for european politicians from. skating for. well let's bring in brussels bureau chief max huffman who joins us for more on the
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story hi max we just heard there a pretty heavy accusation from that aquarius crewmember how would the e.u. respond. you would say of course is trying to prevent deaths at sea in the mediterranean by deterring basically migrants from making the trip in the first place by the way that's also the argument of a minister of the interior. but we have some interesting new numbers that will prove the contrary basically there is an italian think tank that the u.n. data and analyze it and they came to the conclusion that although overall there are less people arriving on the shores of italy the death rate has increased it's actually the highest ever measured it's at nineteen percent and in other words this means that one out of five migrants who makes the trip were attempts to make the trip across the mediterranean. max we heard there report you know no e.u. country seems willing right now to give the aquarius or any other n.g.o.s will a flag a license to sail under are we seeing
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a tougher stance on migration not just from italy but across the e.u. . we've seen the still of development now for a couple of months to me and it's just what they can agree on because a comprehensive migration policy would consist of two parts basically fighting illegal migration trying to do something about securing the outer borders and then with those who really are in need who are real refugees have something do about them within the european union and distribute them redistribute them among the e.u. countries try to integrate them so we're only seeing the first part because they can't come to an accord on the second part because there are many countries in the you don't want to take in any refugees and that's why we're seeing more deterrence we're trying to see them secure the outer borders they're trying to establish so-called december cation platforms in northern africa which is just another word for migration camps so yes this is basically a tougher stance which is due to the fact that they cannot agree on a comprehensive immigration policy and that have not been able to do that now for
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years has been reporting for us from brussels max that to talk to you. now some other stories making headlines around the world efforts to help survivors of indonesia's earthquake and tsunami are gathering pace after the government he's restrictions on foreign aid some of that aid has now reached far flung villages desperate for food and supplies more than fourteen hundred people are confirmed dead but that figure is likely to rise the netherlands has revealed that it fended off a cyber attack on the u.n. chemical weapons watchdog in april the dutch defense minister said authorities expelled for russian suspects the u.k. and several of its allies say russia is behind a recent wave of cyber attacks the moscow calls the accusation dissin from a ship. the u.s. senate judiciary committee has received an f.b.i. report on the sexual misconduct allegations against brett kavanaugh senators are examining claims made by two women against the supreme court nominee the report was
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ordered by president trump last week a full senate vote on cavanagh's nomination is expected after the review. and u.s. authorities have arrested a navy veteran suspect after mailing suspicious on blocks to the white house and the pentagon the f.b.i. is now investigating why william clyde allen the third allegedly sent castor seeds in the mail they are dangerous and swallowed and they are the source of the poison rice. germany's chancellor angela merkel is in israel seeking to restart a difficult relationship a year ago merkel suspended regular consultations between herself and israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu when he approved the expansion of jewish settlements in the west bank now the consultations are resuming and merkel's visit started with a solemn moment. remembering the victims of the holocaust this is not just a routine duty for the chancellor angela merkel emphasizes germany's friendship
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with israel despite political differences at the memorial she recalled germany's special responsibility. for fun. eighty years ago during the night of the. jewish people in germany faced hate and violence of unimaginable severity followed was that unprecedented destruction of civilized values of the shoah as a result germany has an eternal responsibility to remind the world of this crime and to counter anti-semitism seen a phobia hate and violence. merkel is in israel for comprehensive talks a special relationship germany maintains with only eleven countries she met with prime minister netanyahu on wednesday and will meet him again today merkel has also promised to openly discuss her differences with israel. tanya kramer is
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covering chancellor merkel's visit to israel and she joins us from jerusalem hi tania so we mentioned that chancellor merkel stopped holding consultations with netanyahu last year what are the sticking points here. well this time i mean the focus is he a bit get a sense that it's been business as usual for this consultation that the focus is on the battle meetings and all the ministers are meeting but also of course and chance america and prime minister netanyahu are meeting it and also this afternoon there's a sense they want to talk maybe also about issues like economy technology innovation something that there's a lot of talk about in israel but of course the main sticking points remain it's interesting to see what they will have to say in a press conference a conference of this follow that one of the main sticking points being the posts in this really conflict. for example settlements as you mentioned but also the iran nuclear deal and was quite interesting when this is america this morning she had to
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kind of town hall meeting with students who received the honorary doctorate in diversity in jerusalem she was asked about how they want to go about this differences and she said it's not so much in the substance but about the process how we're going there so it is the sense here that both they just know each other quite right now yes both leaders know their position and that from the german side you know they want to move on and tony just ahead of the chancellor's visit there were palestinians protesting on the west bank we have some pictures of that bedouins in the village of mar appealing to michael directly to prevent their village from being destroyed and this is seen by many as part of israel settlement constructions in the west bank how will the chancellor approach this issue on her trip. while germany and other e.u. countries and the u.n. deafen very vocal in their criticism about the plans to demolish this better than village it's near jerusalem it's in the occupied west bank and if you know they say
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the criticism is if this bill it would be demolished it would effectively make space from a settlement expansion around jerusalem also cutting the occupied west bank into harvest now we've seen. there were have been a few children they were trying to reach out to and from the president's office to mrs marcos her to you know call in is run again to stop the demolition is still have to her to hear from her what she will say about it all right tanya kramer reporting for us from jerusalem thank you tanya now migrants continue to arrive in europe and one way of helping them integrate with their new neighbors is through sports sicily is an arrival point for many so german second division teams and paoli has sent coaches there with a mission to unite people through football. a football pitch in the sicilian town of syracuse a has been temporarily taken over by german club some paoli technical director lean
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in and several youth team coaches have traveled over under them also keep the borders italians the migrants will train together for five days including the one hundred in the three migrants are no longer really arriving in germany but people are still coming to europe even if the reception centers and. the people have not suddenly gone away and they're in other places and so it is important to focus on a sort of europe has a common responsibility and cannot just leave people in italy here in sicily of on their own you know or here in the city in the garden they are going to learn a lot whether people are from italy or west africa it doesn't matter football brings people together the fact this project is organized by a german professional club has made quite an impression. to me because to do for stand for me so on. so is great for me to learn and of training has been brilliant you can see that this is a serious football club and the people have real experience there are
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a great group and there has been a lot of dialogue between us just. from the. way good for. the training camp ends of course with the b. match. there are. some power we have done their bit now the local community must carry on the good work. to do which is put to play for your team for the game i was disappointed because this was not correct . central defenders too quick for the ball of this was not fair. it's also now up to the italians and migrants to take their newfound bond beyond the football pitch. the other end of the old base to see a one how if team is going to get for that even difficult ball is not the solution
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but football is part of it because if we play with decide t.v. and we know in each thing many of which you need to come calling. but you need she said what the project is all the plants so called no snow boulders. to motor sports now where the chinese trade city of one hundred got its first taste of the freestyle motocross world championship this week the city's football stadium was turned into a dream playground for the professional riders which included three former world champs the athletes took turns wowing the crowd with their daring stunts but germany's look like a man was the star of the show the twenty year old nailed a double back flip neck to seal victory and there were many more daring stunts on show. you're watching t.v. news still to come sluggish economic growth and a loss of faith in government and business the situation in brazil only days before
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the election we take a look at the issues on voters' minds. and humphrey we'll have that story for you and all of your business headlines coming up in two minutes. bursts. home news of species. a home worth saving on. here those are big changes and most start with small steps but googling duos tell stories of communities people and innovative projects around the world. using the term going to use to create a religious exemptions and for station. crew to interact.


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