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players starts october twenty years on g.w. . this is deja vu news live from berlin the winners of the two thousand eight hundred nobel peace prize have been announced in offload the norwegian nobel institute awards to campaigners working to end sexual violence as a weapon of war denis mukwege a gynecologist treating victims of sexual violence in the democratic republic of congo and not over ah yes the human rights activists censor viber of sexual slavery by the islamic state in iraq we'll talk about both winners. also coming up missiles from india has announced it is to buy air defense systems from russia but could the
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deal done by the russian and indian leaders trigger a new u.s. sanctions. and leading jewish figures in germany sound the alarm after the far right a half tea party a move to set up a jewish group of its own the party has been accused of flirting with neo nazis. i'm swimming so much kinder it is good to have you with us to campaigners for victims of sexual violence are the winners of this year's nobel peace prize jesse campaign or not be a more rock and a congolese doctor or dentist mcquade they were both on or for their efforts to end a rape in warfare not iraq has been a leading figure in bringing attention to sexual violence in armed conflict iraq was one of the thousand women who were abducted from their home village. yes and
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held by the so-called so-called islamic state as sex slaves after a three months of captivity and i is helped most old maraud was able to escape and has since been resettled in germany and dennis macwhich is the congolese going to colleges to works in the war torn east of the country he runs a hospital that provided treatment for thousands of women and is a world renowned expert on helping women recover from rape and sexual violence he's also an outspoken campaigner on the issue of describing rape as a weapon of mass destruction macwhich i said he was in surgery when he heard the news that he'd been awarded the peace prize and said i can see in the faces of many women how they are happy to be recognized. well let's first talk about not we have . with us here in our studio sandra you have actually spent time in northern iraq with the community you were just there again this year she's been announced as one of the laureates does that come as a surprise to you a little bit yes yesterday we were speaking in the office i thought it must be someone linked to the maybe need to campaign that has you know captured the
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imagination of people across the globe but not just self i thought yeah maybe but maybe not i wasn't entirely sure but i think this combination that was announced today really works well i'm very happy for her what do you think nadia has contributed to raising awareness about sexual violence and conflict well if you think about what happened to her you know those three months and i yes captivity starting in two thousand and fourteen i mean if you really look at what happened to her and she's very blunt and open about it she was sold like cattle she was burned with cigarette butts she was raped and gang raped and treated like a piece like a thing not like a human being and then she managed to escape she ended up being smuggled into a refugee camp and then you know gathering that strength to open up and to really go public because rape is special gang rape is also associated with shame especially in the u.c.d. community. which is rather conservative community then you know coming to germany
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and making the choice to write a book about it to become a goodwill ambassador of the united nations speaking in front of the european parliament we lift that trauma again and again with each and every single interview that she gives sometimes i wonder isn't that a bit too much for such a young women i mean she's only like in her twenty's but she says you know i'm not a victim i'm a survivor and as a survivor i need to let my voice to others because we're talking about if we only look at the yazidi community of roughly seven thousand people who suffered this fate about how for them are still unaccounted for in captivity and if you look around the globe we're talking tens of thousands of women who have suffered the same being used as a weapon in war and you revisit the yazidi community this year how much has the sexual violence that was perpetrated against them really shaped this community and as it tries to recover it is the communities that experience genocide you know it
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was a genius sidle campaign too in the late community and also is the face of that she once together with her lawyer clooney and you know take those ones who perpetrated this chino site to be taken to an international court she's thinking about the united nations special tribunal because as of now no one has been you know accused and then also convicted of genocide and of the faith that the especially the women had to suffer from the time that you've spent in this community how important do you think this prize is for them i mean when we were there we met a women who had stressed return from captivity after four years she was so fresh i just imagine you are held captive for four years and being a victim of rape almost every single day and being sold what does that do to you how can you ever live a normal life again. but those voices must not be silent they must be heard and
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nothing not you're more right has taken it upon herself to be the voice of these women who are also by this that is exactly the message that the nobel committee said they wanted to send with a warning this price to not be a mirage or a centerpiece month thank you very much well let's talk now about the other laureate that we have something a lot just with us from the africa desk as she joins us from boston we're talking about dennis mccuaig of the other laureate here something thanks for joining us now dennis mccuaig a has been honored by the u.n. many other organizations in the past for his work he's been called dr americal did this announcement come as a surprise to you it's not a surprise actually i was very happy that finally dennis will quit has been you know named and has been given this prize this time around you know that he has been favorite. i mean like people have been speculating for quite a long time that he should be given this this prize he has been named still
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miracle because he is a believer he is he has been fighting against sexual violence for quite a long time and to you know about his. own vision he founded his hospital in one thousand nine hundred nine and that hospital actually was founded because he has seen misery of many women being suffering with lung without being helped and for that reason i think he deserves in this prize put to today it has been noted surprised but it has been a great moment for not only him but khamenei people who are fighting against against sexual violence some to tell us more about his life and how he came to do this work. dennison macwhich actually was born in one thousand nine hundred fifty five he was the third of nine children he studied medicine but
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he studied medicine because he wanted to help women who are giving birth and having trouble in giving both but in one thousand nine hundred nine he saw the need of women getting not only trouble in giving birth but their gang raped and they were not having help from anyone so the very first case i remember he has been talking about it was just a few meters away from his hospital where this woman was gang raped and he took her and he operated her and he took this as a mission for him to help as many women who are used as a weapon of war i mean sexual violence as weapon of war so that they can you know they can be living a life full of hope and people have have they have been seeing him as a hope as
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a person who is whole can give them back the life that they're supposed to be living and he's also someone who's been a very vocal advocate for this for these women he has repeatedly accused the world of failing to act on sexual violence do you think awarding him this nobel peace prize and not be a mirage will change anything about how about how the world approaches sexual violence against women. i would hope that this would change because i mean this gives also motivation for him to say that the joke that he has been doing for all these years is not in vain and also it will it's a wakeup call to many not only you know authorities in different countries in africa but all over the world that six of our of our own that violence is not something that we should you know like close our eyes to we have to open our eyes we have to listen to the stories and also help the people that we think that
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they're victims of sexual violence and we shouldn't use sexual violence. in different ways as you know impunity as a power as as a as a as a as a weapon for anything for that reason i think it's not if it's not going to change the mentality then it will change also the way people see those cases right dennis mckechnie one of the congress one of the two sorry nobel laureates of this year of congress going to college less than a simple lot us from our africa desk in bonn thank you so much for your analysis thank you. now to some other stories making news around the world french police have opened an investigation into the disappearance of men hong way the head of interpol his family and friends hasn't heard from men since he left for china at the end of last month neither chinese authorities nor interpol are commenting publicly on this case. a week after
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a devastating earthquake and tsunami hit indonesia and the death toll has now risen to over fifteen hundred the search for survivors is continuing but hopes of finding any more people alive are fading tens of thousands still need help supplies are trickling into the port in the stricken city of politics. and a german court has halted a controversial woodland to clearance half of the humbucker forest was set to be felled to allow open cast coal mining but judges have now ruled that the old growth forest must stay until a legal challenge from an environmental group is hurt. christiane we're now those club event history have been criticised for their reaction to rape allegations made by an american woman against the portuguese player on twitter the italian football club initially praised him for his professionalism since joining the summer a second tweet goes on to say that the alleged events do not change their opinion of him calling him a great champion the stance has been widely condemned on social media and the
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club's share price has fallen five percent now we're now there was vehemently deny the allegations and threatened to sue the german magazine der spiegel which first reported the story a week ago we spoke to one of the journalists behind the report. he's one of the most recognizable faces in world football christiane over naldo is now at the center of right allegations katherine new yorker has filed a lawsuit against ronaldo claiming he repeatedly raped her in a los vegas hotel room while she screamed no back in two thousand and nine for now to himself use twitter to deny the allegations calling ripen abominable crime may yoga told her story to german magazine der spiegel who had been investigating the allegations for more than a year the story has involved evolved since then obviously we've published three articles about it and then there was that me too movement coming in a couple of months later and customer your guest says that she was encouraged by
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this me two movements to actually speak out for herself too because she witnessed many other women spoke out for the first time about what they experience may yoga claims are now paid her an out of court settlement of three hundred seventy five thousand u.s. dollars her lawyers say the settlement is void juta medical condition suffered as a result of the assault. based upon his examination dr roy men diagnosed catherine is suffering post-traumatic stress disorder and major depression. in dr reitman's medical opinion these psychological injuries were caused by christiane over now those two thousand and nine sexual assaults. the pressure is mounting on ronaldo now is big name sponsors a voice a concern amid a police investigation now it's an ongoing investigation as the police of las vegas
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confirms a couple days back there's a civil complaint filed by katherine new york and her lawyer last week and we have now the first statements from a sports who published the nineteen video game with going out on its cover and in fact nike coming out and saying that they closely monitor the situation and nike saying that they're very concerned about this one of the biggest names in sports and his accuser face a nervy few wakes as the investigation picks up pace. germany coach or him no it has announced his squad for next week's your way foundation's league games as he continues the road to redemption following a disastrous world cup in russia nerves gave a first call up to twenty seven year old mark who scored fourteen goals for hoffenheim last season but he's failed to find that since moving to shock at the summer now among the usual suspects a fresh faces like high hover it's nico shoals and care have kept their spots after
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successful debuts in september germany face the netherlands and world cup champs friends. to watch and give you news care hard we'll have your business headlines in just a minute. and . language courses. and or you know. where. w. . germany street by street.


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