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this is the news live from berlin to campaigners for victims of sexual violence in this year's nobel peace prize you don't see pretty i get a kick this nobel prize to the women of all the countries of the world will wounded by conflict and confronted by violence every day through the congolese surgeon daniel gay is recognized for his work helping women and girls recover from
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a great he shares the prize with nadia mourad she's a hazard human rights activist and survivor of sexual slavery also coming up. the u.s. senate votes to advance bret's covenants nomination to the supreme court the move is likely to further polarize republicans and democrats at odds over his candidacy a second final confirmation vote is set for saturday. has come in prepared for sunday's presidential election will speak to citizens who won't be able to vote that's after they fled to nigeria to escape worsening violence income in ruins english speaking regions plus. jews in germany sound the alarm off to the far right if the party moves to setup a jewish group of its own. jews cannot be involved in a party which is clearly associated with anti semitic motivations and anti semitic people it doesn't make sense to trust people like that so i should mention when we report on how the f.d.a. is playing on. jewish communities fears of muslim and to semitism. and
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dentals and later holes and as far as the eye can see and of course plenty of be a fuel revelry get the scoop on unix october fest which wraps up this weekend. i'm glad you could join us to campaign as for victims of sexual violence are the winners of this year's nobel peace prize committee chose to on a as they become pain and not be a more radical dr denis mukwege for their efforts to put a stop to rape as a weapon of war not he was one of those women in two thousand and fourteen she was kidnapped in mosul and handed over to a militant from the so-called islamic state she managed to escape and described her
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ordeal to the u.n. security council. he humiliated and every day he gave me clothes that didn't cover my body i could no longer bear the rape and torture so why escaped out of to and out of them. in two thousand and fourteen years east in northern iraq fled militants. well you see the men were killed some three thousand girls and women were taken as slaves. nattie who are out went on to become the un's first goodwill ambassador for survivors of human trafficking. denis mukwege is a renowned gun ecologist who treats victims of sexual violence he has helped tens of thousands of women at his hospital in east congo. as a weapon of war is dehumanizing and he merely a ting. a weapon which has plagued east condo for decades hear
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the offenders go largely unpunished. we won't be intimidated men and women must stand up together against rape and war. who quit again has already received a number of international awards the nobel peace prize now the crowning achievement in his career. but less now bringing julian cronan she is a member of the international jury for the right livelihood award foundation's board this award is also promoted as the alternative nobel prize and she has also visited dr in the d.r. c. julian corn and thank you for joining us now have you been in touch with dr mcrae again do you know what his reaction was when he found out about his prize. we try to get hold of him to congratulate him we were not able to get to him directly but
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our office in geneva is sharing an office with dr morris foundation and the staff so the bridge together that is what we know for sure we congratulated but we have talked to him unfortunately he must have been very busy today. i can understand dr macwhich it has been described by those who know him as a miracle doctor story very he is that a lot of people say that this prize has been a long time coming. well dr mcquade has worked for the past twenty years and pandit hospital which is started and he has treated over fifty thousand victims of rape there so this is an award certainly to somebody who has done already something on that just a you know award to help that somebody is doing something yes yes been on the short is hard long time and i think not only because he treats women medically but he treats them as human beings and he actually very open addresses the root causes of the conflicts and the violence in eastern congo that gina can you talk to us
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through his life and work. yes he's a trained gen ecologists he was born in congo he studied medicine in burundi specializing on the gin obst quite early east started to work in a hospital which actually destroyed in the war moved to puns e. and then he realized that women were coming to him with the most atrocious. violations or injuries due to the sexual sexualized violence in this area sometimes walking for several days there. and he actually i should i say he actually is one of the few people to specialize in really doing surgery on this very very heavy injuries and it's working together internationally with the harvard medical school with the fistula hospital and that is a to provide treatment but again it's not just the medical thing it's
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a very charismatic person acknowledging a person as a human being and what we've seen there in the hospital how to give back dignity to people who have been to the worst experiences is just incredible i mean that you know psychological aid they make sure that women have a way of living giving micro finances giving legal advice because you mention it in your. in the first film there's a lot still impunity very often people are not aware that rape is a crime and that you are entitled to charge press charges against a cover traitor so that rain that is what he's doing with staff but seeing about ten patients themselves every day and of course dr mccuaig has repeatedly accused the world of failing to act on sexual violence do you think this prize will change anything about how the world approaches sexual violence against women. well i hope
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that we'll draw a red line on rape as a means of war. i mean dr mcwade has received other warts before and we know that it enables him to address the topic publicly at the u.n. we know that as a corollary quite a few education pains have been going on i mean really telling the military this is not right putting perpetrate has to trial actually getting verdicts we hope that it's going to become more i think the attention the top because it's very very important. i hope we can make a big step towards ending this i'm i'm afraid it will still carry on for a while and one of the reasons is this is not a congress thing i mean this is also a failure of the international community because nobody's really interested in stability the stability is some congo it's about resources extracting resources and
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the more instability and the better it's just to get the rail out of there so it's not it's something where we need more action on the international community side as well julian conan thank you for your time thank you for having me. to the us now where the senate has held a fest for sigel vote on president trump supreme court candidate senate has not only voted to advance the nomination of judge grants cover now by fifty one votes to forty nine that he is one step closer to a lifetime appointment on the country's highest court a second final votes to confirm his nomination is expected on saturday this comes of course up to several women accused company of sexual misconduct one of those women christine blousy for testified about time led sexual assault before the senate judiciary committee last week. case stephanie ones is in washington and he joins us now with the latest stuff on the senate vote was in
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a key is split on republican democrat lines was it well there was a little surprise there we know that one republican and that was lisa murkowski voted in this procedural vote no so she didn't want to go forward with the vote on saturday however the republicans still managed to get fifty one votes which indicates that one democrat must have voted with the republicans and i think we're all knowing who that is or at least the. experts and observers think no and say that this was senator joe manchin of west virginia who is a democrat who is in a fierce battle for his seat and who voted with the republicans so that was a little bit twist however at the end fifty one to forty nine will have a vote tomorrow on saturday. on the confirmation and nomination and confirmation of
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brett kavanaugh and of course there are these three key republican senators who have been wavering have they at this point indicated which way they might vote. yeah they did the heads of avery ng is getting less and less impactful here jeff flake the arizona senator has said and came out saying that. he will vote yes on the nomination and confirmation of brett kavanaugh. lisa murkowski i mentioned before has said she will vote no the only wild card here still left is susan collins the g.o.p. senator from maine who says she will announce if she will will vote yes or no for bread heaven all in about one hour time three pm local here so in about less than one hour stephanie seaman's with the latest from washington thank you.
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time now for some of the other stories making news around the world aid agencies in indonesia a warning that more than six hundred thousand children have been affected by last week's earthquake and tsunami the number of dead has now risen to more than sixteen hundred people nearly seven hundred others are believed to be missing. a german court has halted a controversial woodland clearance half of the humbucker forest was set to be felled to allow open pit coal mining judges also ruled that a demonstration by environmentalists planned for saturday can take place a final decision on the carrots is not expected before the end of twenty twenty. and power giants are suffering under the impact of the protest actions here in western germany have various yet because you have the details that's right there's always two sides of the story and two perspectives in this case the perspective of the company art of the ear is also important to the company said it was surprised
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by the decision which it says will cost the company hundreds of millions of dollars the forest covers part of art of louise brown coal mining lease and are to louis allowed to clear it to expand its open cut operations power company r.w. is germany's largest coal miner the company says that every year that the core deliberate school cost one hundred million euros in lost income experts have cast doubt on that claim shares in the group were the worst performers on the dax and that's on friday losing eight and a half percent. economy ministers off the european union met in the austrian city of this friday the been discussing what they can offer the united states to ease trade tensions and avoid a return to the tit for tat tariff conflict that could hit cars and other products made in the e.u. in july let's not forget u.s. president donald trump agreed to hold back on his threatened twenty five percent import tariffs or e.u. vehicles on the go take place between washington and brussels. german economy
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minister picked out my old warned that time was running out and called on e.u. members to find a solution to prevent a trade war with the united states. and our goal is twofold first of all we want to complete the various trade agreements the european union is negotiating as quickly as possible and secondly we want to drive on the talks to find a common solution with the us so that we can prevent a trade war. french foreign minister john baptista i'm one called for an overhaul of the world trade organization the w t o. and we shouldn't respond by all flexing our biceps europe is committed to the reconstruction and the re foundation of an international commercial order that is effective and efficient he said modernization of the cio. austria currently holds the six
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month rotating presidency of the european union it suggested e.u. countries could focus trance atlantic talks on regulatory cooperation like safety standards for cars pharmaceuticals and medical devices e.u. ministers are preparing themselves as best as they can for the upcoming meetings with the u.s. negotiators but all their plans may have to change in an instant depending on the whim of the hewas president. and staying in the us the midterm elections in november come closer and we know they will be widely considered a referendum on donald trump's performance as president as the old saying goes what decides elections it's the economy stupid that shouldn't worry the republicans as the us economy is doing just fine as shown by most recent figures but the question is are average americans profiting as much as the companies. workers at online retail giant amazon in the usa now earn
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a minimum of fifteen dollars an hour from eleven the company is growing fat in prosperous times business is booming in the usa people are spending more companies are investing and exports are growing in the second quarter the most recent for which data is available growth was at a record breaking four point one percent that's twice as high as in the previous three months u.s. president donald trump has no doubt who is responsible for the sustained upswing himself view it is that really so. unemployment in the us for example has been falling for some time the economic upswing began long before trump came to office under his predecessor obama critics also point out that part of the recent positive data is due to increased orders from foreign companies that want to destroy before a new tariffs were introduced that showed up as an uptick in exports a one off effect that can't be sustained. back with more business news they'd run
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for now it's back to eat it and the question if a leader at it has been in power for thirty six years should go on well this is what the west african country of cameroon is gearing to decide on sunday doing their elections president colby a who is eighty five is hoping to secure his fifth win since nineteen eighty two but many come in many as will be unable to vote and that's because west wing violence in the country's regions. that's because of west. because minority in west and coming for two years now under full separatists have been fighting against government troops in the majority francophone country the violence has caused thousands to flee their homes many to neighboring nigeria. adrian krrish reports now from a refugee camp in nigeria near the border with cameroon. a stuffy tent for nine people this has been. for almost a year ever since the village she used to live in was stormed by cameroonian
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soldiers with a blind brother on her back and the twins on her she fled into the forest to what's nigeria. if there is peace in my account i would like to go back i would like to go back because here we are just living as big us because you have to wait on somebody will come and give us food before we eat while we live farms we have planted. everything that you know but we have more that we can feed on three thousand cameroonians live in this camp some three hundred thousand have been displaced since the outbreak of the crisis in the english speaking part of it is a conflict that receives little attention and so there's hardly any help or eight for the victims right now we cannot bring in new are. providing them in terms of the quality is the reality most optician people. need
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to show funding is really a problem. that need to be addressed the cameroon border is only an hour's drive from the camp. behind the border clashes are still frequent separatists took over villages and the tech government's troops and their counter attacks often targets civilians this used to be one of the busiest roads between nigeria and cameroon but right now it's almost deserted. traders and taxi drivers on the border are worried about their existence there's no movement. because of. my farm. because of the crisis. i'm a sales human rights because of the crisis i hardly have any customers here back at the camp more and more refugees are arriving ahead of the elections be song
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volunteers to register them they feel even more violence at home is significant and they can't vote here on sunday but in any case the song does not believe that the elections will bring about peace any more quickly. leading figures here in germany's jewish community are sounding the alarm after the far right alternative for germany party but he said it was setting up an internal jewish group the party has faced criticism of to failing to sanction members for downplaying the holocaust and harboring the. seventeen jewish organizations have issued a statement saying that no citizen of germany who cares about democracy could identify with. this jewish and he supports the. when he was nineteen he left ukraine and the discrimination he felt there was a jew and came to germany now he fears anti-semitism here.
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there are lots of problems in germany which weren't there before and they're only being addressed by. talking about the clear semitism you can see in the qur'an. because there are so many migrants from the region that has this religion it's clear that we're going to see more and more anti semitism in germany. or in three things worse and worse from what i was was a some observers it might seem paradoxical for jewish people to join the a fifty but they have and on sunday this setting up a formal group in the party was their spokesman is dimitri shorts he's a jew from the former soviet union and he sees if he is the only party fighting muslim anti-semitism i doubt it's the future fortunes of unfortunately many germans have no sense of homeland and this homeland is in danger. that
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polling institute says anti-semitism is much more prevalent in the h d than in other parties and the f.t. leadership has faced repeated criticism for playing down the crimes of the nazis were still there in the nazis and no more than a speck of bird poop in more than a thousand years of successful german history. sergey legatee in ski is a leading member of prisons jewish community and as far as he's concerned jews joining the age of fifty is a bad joke but he says the party is resonating with some jewish groups and we shouldn't forget that about ninety percent of jewish people in germany are also of eastern european origin or mostly come from the soviet union and bring the whole baggage of stereotypes and a kind of a. liberal understanding of democracy and also there are people who are german speakers speaking who. are right wing and who are trying to use this and some of
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the law is this feeling and this is what we're seeing. the jews in the age group would get short shrift at the mazeltov and in berlin the jewish own across the pinsky sees the group as no more than a tactic to divert attention from if d.m. . irreconcilable jews cannot be involved in a party which is clearly associated with anti semitic motivations and anti semitic people it doesn't make sense to trust people like that. because that pinsky least if he is clearly anti-semitic and a group of jews in the party won't change that. for more on this i'm joined by. political scientist an expert on right wing extremism thank you for joining us so when i think of the far right if de creating
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a jewish group within the party it sounds almost paradoxical ways the intersection here there's no. it doesn't fit. this party majority of the supporters of the under semitic according to a news service survey and they try to instrument. some feelings of jews that muslims. can be against them and use that for their own sake for their own right wing extremist. to and i just want to pick up from where you've left off dimiter schultz was a spokesperson for the if jewish group praised his party this is the f.t. for condemning to semitism among muslims being very specific about that is how that group is trying to members this is the tactic that you're talking about perhaps they try but no way representing the jewish community in germany i know very
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precise not one of the communities in the towns and cities for that so it's just a few or five or ten people. and that's absolutely right if he itself. says it's a defender of jewish life in germany which you've defeated but then why do almost all jewish organizations this twelve organizations that you've talked about where they condemning this formation they don't defend jews it's just nonsense in the george of supporters and just a mythic of these i have fifty and a lot of what i see and talked about i see activists who are very interesting that there's a radical anderson me and as i am it in but in verdun barrack in the parliament chosen by by the fifteen and he set the muslim is really strong arse
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and since centuries the jews will destroy our german identity so it's not consistent they try to get him out of good young but they didn't do he was active in the parliament with others a good number so it doesn't make sense at all but whatever the motive for the if tea party might be we still do have these members of the jewish community who are represented in the party where does this leave them do you think they'll have a loss a lasting political stand a will they sort of fade away. remain a few and fade away it's not chance so far i see the jewish community overall in germany that they will win and what do you think the lasting impact for the if d. in saying that look jews are part of our party what will that what impact will that have long term for them it's limited because the whole jewish community is very
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outspoken to criticise that and to have that kind of tactic it's a blinding tech tick it's a denial is technically political scientist an expert on rightly extremism higher foca thank you for your analysis thank you. you're watching news still to come brazilians prepared to cast their ballots in the most divisive presidential election in decades and that's largely due to this man we'll hear people in rio de janeiro feels about firebrand from trying to show you both. and the world's biggest and most famous fest is reaching a fever pitch in the german city of munich we take a look at october fest twenty eighteen. well don't forget you can always get news on the go just download apps from google play all from the apple store and that will give you access to all the latest news around the world
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as well as push notifications for any breaking news here is exciting you can send us photos and videos to be. particularly short break and after back we'll be back with more news don't go to fuck. your stars deliver a rousing performance of. bottling melodies and wrists float in and out such songs. always modern under original new german jazz my son's school the food.
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group in concert with the forty five minutes alone don't. we make up oh but we watch as a whole because of the under thirty five we all. the seventy seven percent. want to shape the continent's future to. be part of growing up in youngsters of testing share their stories their dreams and their challenges. to the seventy seven percent of. platforms africa during. wouldn't have been fighting for decades to be taken seriously in the world of work here's what's coming up. on t.w. . the female superhero comics and smart women smart talks smart station a legend decent by no means missed out on it or increasingly dangerous to. make.
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life be our fighters want to start families to become farmers or engineers every one of them has a plan. so nothing is kiss the children who have already been the boy and those that will follow are part of a new process. they could be the future of. granting opportunities global news that matters d. w. made from audience. welcome back here with the doubly news our top story in this year's nobel peace prize has been awarded to two activists working to end the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war they are dennis kneale craig a gynecologist treating victims of sexual violence in the democratic republic of congo and nadia morag i as a human rights activist and survivor of sexual slavery by islamic state in iraq.
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the u.s. senate has voted to advance a supreme court nomination of judge brett's cover no final votes to confirm his lifelong appointment is expected to take place on saturday the votes come after a week long delay to allow the f.b.i. to investigate allegations of sexual misconduct against him. now the cover no controversy has become a flashpoint in the me too movement against sexual harassment by men in power it's been a year since it's been a yet today rather this is a movement to call sparked by explosive allegations against hollywood producer have a weinstein one year on lead to still remains a powerful force on social media and who best to discuss that with me then dede of use social media editor jerry agreed thanks for joining us so can we take a look back at when me two began and how fights constans of course you're right in
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saying that the me too social media movement as most of us know it began a year ago but actually made to began back in two thousand and six and it was set up by an american civil rights activist named to run a book but it wasn't until the harvey weinstein allegations were made public in the new york times that we all really heard about made serious and that's because of these tweets by the american actress. she tweeted way back then if you've been sexually harassed or resulted right made to you as a reply to the tweet below if all the women who've been sexually assaulted or harassed wrote to me too as a status we might give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem within twenty four hours how three million people responded to these tweets and many many more on facebook as well we're talking about twelve million posts in the first twenty four hours and so this of course ignited a movement where women all around the world spoke out against men often very powerful men accused of sexual violence and it wasn't just the entertainment
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industry this shauna lied on old sorts of bad behaviors in other industries true like to take industry like sports like i could be mia all of these industries and you know we're talking about things that we didn't know before and this is all happened in the last year or so at the time very explosive response from people on social media but what kinds of conversations has me too opened up right so often many of the stories from me to you have. of women speaking often for the very first time about their results that have happened quite a long time ago sometimes decades ago and this is led to another conversation as to why it takes people so long to speak out if they speak out at all and a good example of this is donald trump and he publicly questioned why dr christine blazin ford took so long to make these allegations against brett kavanaugh which we must say he does deny but donald trump's public and online comments about dr ford
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led to another exploding on social media and this one is cold why i didn't report because we know that sexual harassment is vastly under reported and some of these tweets really quite sad one person writes here i thought it was normal that i've probably brought it on myself and i thought that no one would care i thought i wasn't important enough to bother and i thought i was alarmed from the actress daryl hannah i did report it but it didn't i was dismissed i was disparaged and yet i still get blamed tag why i didn't report and this task is also moved offline anonymous posts being typed up around new york city drawing attention to the fia that many have about coming forward from the shame to the fia of not being believed but what kind of criticism is the me too movement sort of facing so there are criticisms are made to people call it things like a witch hunt against men others
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a saying it takes away jew process it encourages they think it encourages like a massive internet piled on without much proof and with knowledge of process the people on the other side of the fence many victims feel that their legal systems don't protect them and not before and after their harassment and so that they have to go to social media in order to be heard one of the big questions that. today has made to you what impact has it had one year on and i think it has had an impact we are talking more about sexual violence we're seeing how much of a problem it is it is around the world but we're talking about what is appropriate behavior and what isn't appropriate behavior it's doing things like changing policies in certain countries and i think it's you know what the beginning of a social and cultural change on one that probably still has a long way to go are data via social media editor jerry agreed thank you now on
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sunday brazilians will cast their ballots in the most divisive presidential election in decades a sludgy due to controversial far right frontrunner both a narrow poll suggests he now has a lead over his leftist opponent and that has many votes as worried that a candidate who is openly hostile to gays ethnic minorities and the environment will soon occupy the most powerful office in the country. this statue of christ the redeemer watching over rio de janeiro from a distance there's no sign of the tensions simmering below public discourse has become increasingly polarized ahead of sunday's elections the most controversial vote since democracy was restored thirty years ago lucas still a shoe with gay and just join the protests against the leading candidate in the polls shape also naru he thinks the far right outsider is a threat to democracy. and i'm really afraid that both are not all might win
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because if he does we'll have a civil war. because the anti votes are not a movements like l.a. no i'm not him we won't stand still we won't accept it if they want to i'm very afraid of what might happen in the main states where our militancy is very strong. some of the forty and take on the comically i don't even understand how a person like both or not who can be a candid it if it can be proven that he acted against human rights in a country as diverse as brazil it would be such a shame. that it has to go that the president of the plays it is everybody else but after this thing both an artist who has the iron fist the country needs to combat street violence and turn around the economy. he's going to make things right people are confused thinking he will bring back tara that he's a soldier capable of killing that's wrong he's very are going to highest and i say
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this because i lived with a soldier and a soldier is organized. when it is that. for boston are one sunday because he's a candidate that depends family values. because it is the only presidential candidate that has not been involved in corruption scandals. i think the teen years of the workers' party didn't solve anything that i think it can be free of corruption scandals can do. great job. you forced there was it because i like him and the plans that he had. brazilians are disappointed with politics many corruption scandals lead to the prosecution of more than one hundred fifty business men and politicians including the most popular in the country. disenchantment with him and his workers' party makes a right wing populist known for sexist and racist comments lead the polls some observers fear that if both sonora who wins the presidency but doesn't get
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a majority in congress he might back military intervention and seize all thora tarion powers. exist. quite a bit about that one third to one quarter of brazilians believe it's ok to vote for a fascist. but i would some even think a fascist is needed to usher in a military government at the ballot box sort of stop example some people really do think that way disenchantment with politics can sometimes lead to very violent ideas. new impetus divisions among brazilians could even deepen if the election goes to a runoff at the end of the mom. have his back with another business update and a british giants that wants to stay at home we all like to stay home sometimes angle that's consumer giant you know lever is not the exception the company known for brands like dove and lipton is staying in the u.k. the company has ditched its plans to move the headquarters from london to rotterdam
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and then other ones after british shareholders revolted you never planned to move to rotterdam to cut administration costs but in recent weeks you never had faced mounting opposition from key british shareholders in the lever has always insisted the move to rotterdam was not related to bret's it and said that its workers in britain and in the netherlands would not be affected. it's no secret that separating trash can save our planet but it can also save communities millions in waste management that's why russia plans to introduce garbage separation programs as early as next year but what sounds like a good idea to everyone needs initial funding and a lot of know how a small town in russia is testing the new system and is taking things one step at a time. a street party in surrounds a small town six hundred kilometers east of moscow it's being held to encourage locals to sort their waste something few people in russia do among the organizers
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is twenty two year old political science student victoria was the area see if i can use the some of. the point of this event today is for local residents to find out more about waste sorting. events like this soko organized biota mondays a german company that specializes in recycling infrastructure in two thousand and eleven it set up operations in sirens and has sound working relations with local authorities. with the she said but he says it will be when you model in two thousand and ten when the government of the republic of mordovia was struggling to cope with the amount of refuse. other with rimando set up a company of them i mean just now organizing waste disposal. it seems like everybody's satisfied for you. but even in surrounds why sorting is not practiced everywhere the town has five thousand recycling containers
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but only eight hundred of them are used. it's normal to sort your trash at the seams it's a least we can do to make our world a cleaner place that was the nationalised belt he should guess what it was about wouldn't you do it sort of watching people from my balcony. arrive with their bags . and then they separate their trash here. rimando just hopes to profit from growing public awareness of recycling in russia it currently has two hundred eighty two staff inside rand's going plans to increase that figure by the end of twenty nineteen it wants to have a sorting facility up and running here until now glass has not been recycled due to a lack of funds for bottle banks a widespread problem in russia. that's one story there are no official right. elections governing the financing of waste sorting no where else in russia has a system like this one hearing sirens go off because it's remote and the set itself is paying for. company. which means
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a dent in those profits of course but the company is confident the example of surround school be followed by other towns it's a hope shared by victoria or syria after graduating from college she plans to take her commitments to the environment to the professional level just because the v.a.'s everything you buy in stores has plastic packaging west it is destroying our world it's wild that we separate our trash and recycle the raw materials freeze only a tiny proportion of refugees in russia is sorted at source but victoria says she'll carry on fighting the good fight and leading by example. that's exactly what we need people who take action but it's not without risks especially in russia now want to talk about ukrainian filmmaker who might be in trouble that's absolutely right we're talking about or leg sense of he's a jailed ukrainian filmmaker has said and he says he is ending his month long hunger strike to avoid being force fed by prison authorities the vocal kremlin
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critic is serving a twenty year sentence in a siberian jail after being convicted on terror charges right groups have called them politically motivated sets of has rejected solid foods since may to demand russia free ukraine and political prisoners his supporters have which an international come pain edging mosco to free him. and i'm now joined by did abuse ukraine correspondent nick conley why don't you start by catching us up on this case who is all expenses and how did he end up in a russian prison. good evening well is a filmmaker he is a native of crimea and someone who was a very vocal supporter of the mind on protests in his home region here in kiev in late twenty's thirteen early twenty fourteen when russia annexed crimea that was march twenty fourth he refused to recognize that he refused to recognize russia's
8:45 pm
legitimacy and within about two months of that i think station he'd been arrested and charged with preparing acts of terrorism against russian targets in crimea and also being a member of a band russian ukrainian rather nationalist organization and as you said he was then convicted and sentenced to twenty years in jail he's currently in a prison north of the arctic circle and this is really a case that has attracted a lot of into an international attention also from the artistic community we have seen his colleagues in filmmaking from bin vendors to on the job are coming out in support but so far without result he's been in jail now for four years he also took the remarkable step of going on hunger strike four hundred forty five days nic what was he trying to achieve. so he was pushing not only for his own release but also for the release of around seventy of the ukrainian political was he says it political prisoners in russian jails that number of days under forty
8:46 pm
five sounds rather extraordinary and to understand that you've got to see that he has been drinking water and he's also been receiving infusions of vitamins and glucose so he's being staying off food but has been still getting these infusions and he said today in a letter he passed to the public through his lawyer that he really was worried about being force fed of being what he said quote told into a turn into a vegetable by those doctors in the hospital where he's being held and he apologized to supporters he said that he had led them down and that he was sorry for having ended this hunger strike before cheating his goal and when does this move then leave him and other political prisoners. well it didn't seem very likely that the kremlin was going to relent in the face of such a strong willed prison since over given how concerned they are to save face at all times we've heard time and time again hints from top russian officials that if
8:47 pm
sense of were to ask for a pardon that could change things for him very quickly he refused to do so he says he can't be pardoned for an offense he didn't commit now tonight we've heard from top ukraine officials that they are now willing to do a swap for sense over against any russian in ukrainian jails and there are a lot of russian nationals particularly who fought in donbass and were taken prisoner one thing is sure this is been going on for more than four years but it is very much present in ukrainian in the ukrainian magination you see posters you see events being held here in kiev to mark the days of the hunger strike and if he's stays in prison so this isn't going away in a hurry and we might see even attempts at some kind of international mediation to get him out now. calmly in kiev thank you.
8:48 pm
feeling this state well you've only got a few more days to catch the world's biggest to be a festival the one hundred eighty fifth edition of munich so toga fest the festival started in eighteen ten if you can believe that to celebrate a royal wedding now it's an annual event with more than six million visits has and just as many lists says of be a flowing. david leavitt's from our culture this is here from all so let's just start with that figure at the end of six million leases of v.f. a six million visits that sounds like an incredible amount you know it's really only a leader of beer per person that you do i also have to figure and if that a lot of the visitors are children so that means that there are either a lot of kids walking around with very hardened livers or there are some adults who are maybe drinking a little bit more than their leader per person there are so it is actually a quite a lot of beer that people are drinking tubs of beer but you know you and i know
8:49 pm
from living in germany that people don't walk around every day in these later hose and. the trials is that we see drinking huge glasses and i fortunately i sort of seems to be the world's image of germany i personally wish that were a little bit more like that in reality now for most germans who don't live in munich or the area region around munich this is actually totally embarrassing they want nothing to do with this right but if you're a little bit it's a beer and singing in costumes it's easy to understand why it's such a hit in munich and around the world and actually hundreds of thousands of tourists come from other countries to munich every year to october fest this year she don't use three reporters there from different continents. october fest the world's largest be a festival in the midst of this year's boozy mayhem al three reporters.
8:50 pm
hello hello i'm hanging shane i come from hong kong hello hello i'm sean a jim bell who i was born in the us and i grew up in zambia i love my name's holly and i come from colombia this three week festival sees locals and tourists alike don't traditional costumes later hosen for the men and journals for the women. we accompanied holly on a gonzales as she went to get help from dirndl design a cloud of dorotea as with many regional or national costumes the details tend to be significant. you know that of course we'll put the bow on the right side you wear this on the right side if you're married or engaged in let's side if you're still available and in the middle if you're a virgin but nowadays hardly anyone does that anymore i guess that's kind of. the legendary fourth roy tent here cancian tackles the menu first
8:51 pm
a giant pretzel. i was a premise of this for my taste it was a bit dry because in hong kong we ate very soft rolls eyes as if i were to then roast chicken another october face staple is it any different heel. that fabulous it was really delicious the skin is nice and crispy and inside it's absolutely tender in juicy. outrage goes next stop takes them to another brewery festival tent live and broil the turkey and a brass band gets the crowd in the mood even if not into the groove for to ponder a rather. sobering experience. like my first impression is that you generally have to sing along or you should sing along where i grew up in zambia the most important part of any festival is actually dancing past the sometimes.
8:52 pm
differences aside it's hard for anyone to not get carried away by the posh atmosphere of the mighty the forest. i. was. so davy looking about for swill i just got a big dizzy i can't imagine what it must be like for people who've had a couple of b.s. for more than a cowboy yeah i personal experience i can say that i would not have been able to be leaving a better time get on that ferris wheel i would've wanted to be anywhere near it especially when the people on the ferris wheel realize that they're not doing as well as they thought they were you know not without an umbrella and you have to keep in mind that there are no small beers at october fest as as we can see in just a second. there are served by the leader and the beer itself is stronger than normal german beer it's got about six percent alcohol rather than the normal five so it's pretty strong stuff it'll knock out so october fest we can say is
8:53 pm
a pretty well time but of course this wouldn't be germany if there weren't some rule that is right there is indeed some beer tent etiquette dancing on tables for instance many people want to do it they think they're going to do it it's not allowed but it's to many people's surprise but it is ok to dance on the benches now proper bavarian dress code very important leader who is in these leather trousers for the men and dion does for women and ideally do and those are supposed to cover the news now there's been a lot of complaints from people in munich recently about dentals that show a little bit more are women supposedly pouring beer down their cleavage that is because well there's complaints because the respectable people have munich they want. go on a three week drinking binge but they want to stay classy and now that said visitors made spontaneously remove articles of clothing that is allowed so ladies don't show your knees but you're allowed to strip down at any point thanks a lot of sense right. using. more rules just
8:54 pm
a few more rules if you're not allowed to take their beer glasses home with you still some how about one hundred ten thousand beer steins do mysteriously vanished every year so i'm not saying that this rule is meant to be broken but i am saying you would not be alone and breaking it and here's the biggest rule check the dates before you go because most of october fest is actually in september and if your friends drag you there on opening weekend like minded expect to get there at the crack of dawn we ran for our life to get a table you've got to elbow people out of the way don't be shy and you know what don't expect when you get there this is my mistake i thought of you know i've nearly killed a few people to get my place at the table i'm going to have a beer no opening weekend it is the mayor of munich who has to who has to. get the first keg go and there's no drinking before midday and that sounds like pretty early but if you've been out for six waiting for that first beer you're
8:55 pm
pretty thirsty and very quickly just as confused as i am to get well i know it's i got plenty more on our website that's a d w dot com slash culture. thank you so much for joining us thank you dan. and here's a reminder of the top stories we're following for you this year's nobel peace prize has been awarded to two activists working to end the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war they are dennis mccuaig and gynecologists treating victims of sexual violence in the democratic republic of congo and nadia mourad eye is leading human rights activist and survivor of sexual slavery by islamic state in iraq. the u.s. senate has voted to advance the supreme court nomination all judge dredd cover no final votes to confirm his lifelong appointment is expected to take place on saturday. you're watching the news live
8:56 pm
from bringing my colleague phil gayle will be joining us the top of the hour with another news of fakes thank you for joining us.
8:57 pm
jerkin stars deliver a rousing performance of. bottling melodies and wrists float in and down such a long. ole smug in under a new german jazz by susskind from. europe in concerts
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the fifteen minutes on the job. what's coming up for the bundesliga how flanking to talk about here on. the monday is legal every weekend here comes to. coach a video for going to. join linked to news from africa and the world tour links to exceptional stories and discussions. of easy town while website debited come smashup to come join us on facebook g w for the.
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forces are under pressure they're battling recruiting problems outdated and broken down equipment and limited budgets. all the challenges a huge wasn't mature enough enough planes enough transport telling. tanks have temptations that don't have tanks. and. innovation and modernization nah musta been in a trade. so outsourcing and tribe which is asian are the order of the day in all areas but not composed dangers. to sleazy code is finished which we won the risk of becoming too dependent on private contractors who may not provide the services they promised alchemists liason every day that i was on profit center businesses make more money with everything from reconnaissance drones to laundry facilities firms are people treating the foreign forces in france france germany.
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just real complex starts october twentieth on d w. this is the w. news live from berlin to campaign as for victims of sexual violence when this year's nobel peace prize did you dorsett preach i dedicate this nobel prize to the women of all the countries of the world book wounded by conflict cool and confronted by violence every day if you go incognito surge or not that is required there is recognized for his work helping women and girls recover from right.


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