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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  October 5, 2018 10:30pm-11:01pm CEST

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so outsourcing and privatization are the order of the day in all areas but not composed dangers. to everybody that it was all private sector businesses making money with everything from reconnaissance drones to launch richard phillips he says firms are considering the forces good friends of the german. military industrial complex starts oct twentieth on t.w. . niger murat and dennis mccarrick way were awarded the nobel peace prize today for their working trying to end sexual violence against women as a weapon of war tonight we profile that on their work the best of us working amongst some of the worst things we do i'm phil gale in berlin this is the day.
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of school for the seat of a new kids who knew when the battle moves from the field to the woman's body it was all its consequences of not only right humiliation and dishonor his allure hood but also the vegetal destruction. this becomes the denial of humanity itself human to cooma by that kind of. beheadings sexual enslavement and child's rights and it's all those atrocities don't compel you to act when will you. you and your families are not the only ones who deserve like we do to. also on the day america's supreme court battle the u.s. senators advance spread carbonyls nomination to a final showdown vote on saturday but even at this late stage allegations of sexual
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assault could still talk paedo is lifetime appointment the fix was in from the very beginning before the ink was even dry on the nomination based on all the factors we have before us i do not believe judge kavanaugh has earned this. of this year's nobel peace prize is being awarded to two campaigns for victims of sexual violence congolese dr gray and there you see the campaign nadia more recognized for their efforts to end the use of rape in warfare nobel committee chairwoman better aids and i sanderson made the announcement in oslo. those laureates have made a crucial contribution to focusing attention on and combating such war crimes. each of them in their own way.
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has helped to give great divisibility to war time sexual violence so that the perpetrators can be held accountable for their actions. then it's mccuaig he is a gynecologist who has devoted his life to treating victims of sexual violence in the democratic republic of congo not here more what is the you see the human rights activist under survivor of islamic state atrocities in iraq nadia moved out has been kidnapped tortured and sold into sex slavery no just twenty five she's been awarded a nobel peace prize for her efforts to stop it happening to other women in twenty fifteen she recounted her experience at the hands of a soldier the so-called islamic state. maybe an equal ailment he humiliated an every day he gave me clothes that didn't cover my body i could no longer bear the rape and torture so why escaped. but i have to i'm out about. last year she
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returned to her home in northern iraq where i asked kidnap thousands of years of the women and girls the men were killed. since finding freedom nadia has used her voice to farther the fight for the years east and other victims of sexual violence . she will share the award with dr denis mccuaig our known congolese surgeon who over the years has helped thousands of women blighted by sexual violence and war torn eastern congo. news of the award to reached him in the operating theater sending his hospital into party mode. more. on this crisis has a big meaning now although it took time for the world to recognize as the world has started listening to a woman. who was. amid
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the celebrations plenty of stories that speak to dr mcwade his character and the power of his word. the mother come on now he's getting the award because he looks after as you report you so. that's why we're all happy. about it and you've actually what we suffered and faced a lot of rejection from our husbands after we were raped they said we would infect them with diseases but mcquade enlightened them and now we have peace in our families but. yet later dr mcwade dedicated his prize to all women when did by conflict and confronted by sexual violence. the nobel peace prize is not the first time the world has recognized the dentist mccuaig whose work has previously won the united nations human rights prize and the right livelihood award often referred to as the alternative nobel. works call is
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one of the right livelihoods directors and joins us from london welcome to day w a tell us more about dennis macwhich his work. as was mentioned dennis mcquade is a gynecologist he is a surgeon and he had for several decades developed methods of such a relief for women who had been affected not only by a rape but also via a sister and other logical conditions then he saw more and more victims of these sexualized atrocities coming into his hospital and that has turned him into the global voice against sexualized violence which he now is and he's always working he didn't just work with the women's bodies didn't he he took a much more holistic approach to healing indeed the hospital also works on the cycle social care is. the surgery of course is important and
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a lot can be done to help victims but then the. perspective of how to find back into life how to find back in to their families as was mentioned when we saw the pictures from congo that is just as important as what sort of person is he. he is probably one of the most humble most humane human beings that i know of he is someone who already ate an incredible warmth although you know and you can feel the suffering that he's exposed to and at the same time he turns the suffering into something positive so certainly one of the most inspiring people that i know and his work has made him adamant. to me his work has made him adam is despite all this good work that he's done e.a. has enemies. indeed there have been attempts on his life there are also
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of threats to other people working at the hospital he received our ward right around one in twenty thirteen and since then he's been part of our protection program for threatened lawrence so for instance we've been financing an upgrade of the security at the hospital the panzi hospital and of course unfortunately that is badly needed. now given the dangers you just outlined there by i know if you've spoken with terrorists why does he keep doing this given the dangers facing him and his family i think because he experiences and three day how this changes the lives of the women i think also because that is his way to remain a human being seeing the suffering that he sees to be able to do something about it i mean so of course he would have numerous opportunities to just leave the country
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and whenever and he travels abroad a lot in order to highlight these issues but whenever he's received an international prize whenever he's been abroad he always comes back despite these risks for his life and brings uses all this international attention that he gets an international prize that he receives in order to highlight the cases of the women he is it's intriguing that that as well as working as a surgeon in doing that to hugely important work he's also out in the world spreading the word. indeed he is an expert surgeon but he also says i can't just keep treating these symptoms something more needs to be done about it and that he's also a very political thinker he really analyzes the backgrounds of the sexualized violence that he sees in the conflict about minerals in eastern congo that is the reason why eastern congo is so unstable and these are minerals that. are
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used for instance for the cell phones that we use every day like colton so in a way the whole world is co responsible for what is happening in eastern congo and he's never tiring from shining a light on these issues and bringing them to the attention of the united nations right good talking to you thank you so much for joining us all a van that works quote from the right livelihood award and our nadia mourad has issued a statement thanking the nobel committee for sharing and the peace prize on her website not his initiative she said i am incredibly honored and humbled by their support and i share this award with you see these iraqis kurds other persecuted minorities and all of the characters victims of sexual violence around the world. two years ago now you moron it was one of the winners of the european parliament sakharov prize for freedom of thought she said the award with. another using the
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woman who was sold into sexual slavery by slavic state they spoke to the hoffman in brussels about the fight for justice. do you have hope for those that are still in iraq at the moment. for me it is not whether we have hope or not. that can muster we should combat dyess tata but we should foresee interaction between diaspora in iraq and syria. but then will be diminished as a force and i asked will lose ground and then we will liberate the girls and women in an easier way. than are done and so it is not a question of hope and we have to combat die as though we can liberate everybody how to block the dash to the desert how do you know. what i would like to know what
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the end is a prize like the soccer of prize what does it mean to you you know what does it have do you think it really can really change things. but in no been is that girl for the rise is very important for us for us victims. it is a huge support from the european union and for the good cd community of the dutch of it had that order for the zacharias prize will not stop dyess the european union should combat diana she should hold accountable which should bring peace and stability to stop this extremist ideology. what we do not want is the reemergence of this ideology and we do not want these crimes to be committed again yes the prize is amends to disseminate our voice because diane's changed our status not as women but as captives as no does so yet at the same that it does. but zacharias brought dignity to us and honor to us. well let's move on to some cut off but i
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joined the shuttle for the cut i will try to and that is something that. i hear more of the speaking with a job is max hoffman after receiving the soccer uprising twenty six day stay of course she shares in the nobel peace prize with that he's well quite get. to the united states not where the status is how do i first procedural votes on president trump supreme court confidence sinuses voted not only to advance the nomination of judge dredd catholic brett kavanaugh fifty one votes to forty nine with that he's a step closer to a lifetime appointment on the country's highest court a second final vote to confirm his nomination is expected on saturday this comes after several women accused him of sexual misconduct one of those women christine lacy fought to testify about had sexual assault for the senate judiciary committee last week is. now the house of commons confirmation straight down party lines but the final decision could be thrown into doubt by several key senators on the
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republican side who seem to be wavering one of them is senator susan collins and she has revealed how she will be voting on saturday the facts presented do not mean that president that perfessor ford was not sexually assaulted bad nine or it's some other term but they do have lead me to conclude that the allegations failed to be the more likely than standard therefore i do not believe that these charges can fairly poor bad judge kavanaugh from serving on the court. mr president i will take him for chad's capital. thank you mr. well seven. years in washington welcome stefan so this looks like brant brant to
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come in oh it's going to get the job you're right you nailed it he got it's he gets the job after saturday it will be just a spread covering all and that full life at the supreme court of the united states you heard susan collins casting her vote there or saying she will vote for moral for yes for mr kevin all and with that the republicans have it there will be fifty one senators voting in the senate tomorrow for mr kevin all this is fifty republicans and here we go one democrat joe manchin he is the one who left the flock the democratic flock and announced via tweets just a few moments ago that he will vote also for mr cavanaugh and with this mr kevin all can brief and rest a little bit live and assure us that he will be a nother judge or a justice associates on the supreme court for decades to come now there were some
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surprises amongst today's votes within the. yeah you can say that in the building behind me for weeks now the place and. the place for drama and outright thriller with this confirmation and nomination bret kevin all the surprise was lisa murkowski she came out on the g.o.p. senator lisa murkowski who said no i'm not going to vote for mr cavanaugh for very specific reasons then jeff flake the other senator who had a little bit of wiggle room or where people were not sure what direction he will vote so i am for mr cavanaugh and now susan collins there's that joe manchin the last surprise democrats who is now leaving the fold and is going to go in to vote for mr cavanaugh so it's a slam dunk for the republicans and make no mistake this is a huge win for the president and for the white house right behind me for president trump because now he can go out on the campaign trail and say i told you so i'll
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bring my people through who i nominate and there you go you have it made while protesting outside the status of been chanting november is coming. yes you have a battle cry of the left or of the grooves active groups who are leaning towards democrats or to the left. make no mistake the key word here is women we're living in the times of the me too movement and there are many many many women who are specifically living in urban areas rich in populous those urban areas in america who are really really upset and very very unhappy with what happened here in the last few weeks and that the senate now is apparently deciding for mr brett kavanaugh so there's a lot of people at least in the left on the left and democrats who are fired up who say just wait for november wait for the midterms we're coming after you you're not
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going to be back in the house of representatives or in the senate who say bones in the washington thank you. well the capitol controversy has become a flashpoint in the me too movement against sexual harassment by men in power it's been a year since the movement took off spot explosive allegations against hollywood producer harvey weinstein a year on me too remains a powerful force on social media w. social media editor richard reed hospital welcome let's take a look back dan how did meet to start the made to social media movement that we know which began a year ago but actually made to began in two thousand and six and it was established by an american civil rights activist named to run a book but it wasn't until the harvey weinstein's story broke that the rest of the world really heard about me and that was because of a tweet by the american actress melissa milan she writes here if you've been
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sexually harassed or resulted reply to these tweets reply me to to these twenty fold the women who've been assaulted write me to resist at this we might give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem and within a day how often million people responded to these tweets and many millions more on facebook too and so then this sort of ignited this movement where women all around the world in all sorts of fields spoke out about men often very powerful men accused of sexually abusive behavior but it wasn't just into time and it was all of all types of industries like the take industry the media industry sports academia and you know we're learning things that we didn't know a year ago and this is all happened in the space of a young couple sorts of conversations in this area talk with us right so a lot of the stories that have come out of me too are of women speaking often for the very first time about their results that have happened many many years ago and this is led to another conversation as to why people whites are long to speak out
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if they indeed do at all and a good example of this is donald trump republic lee question why. dr christine we just heard from. long to make these claims of brant against brett kavanaugh this spot another hash tag on me too and it's called why i didn't report some of the stories are quite sad one person writes i thought it was normal and that i'd probably brought it on myself i thought nobody would care i thought i wasn't important enough to bother i thought i was alarmed and from the actress daryl hannah i did report but it didn't masha i was just missed disparaged and i still get blamed why i didn't report now of course not everyone supports me too a lot of people feel it's trial by internet without due process but of people on the other side of the fence feel that quite often their legal systems don't protect victims enough before and after is assault and this is why they turn to social
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media to to have their voices heard which is part of the reason my two mates who has exploited as it how does it thanks so much. leading figures in germany's jewish community are sounding the alarm to the far right alternative. they said it was setting up a jewish group within the party. has faced criticism after failing to sanction members for downplaying the holocaust and for harboring links to neo nazis seventeen jewish organizations of issued a statement saying that no citizen of germany who cared about democracy could identify with the f.d.a. . that is jewish and he supports the. when he was nineteen he left ukraine and the discrimination he felt there is a jew and came to germany now he fears anti-semitism here. there
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are lots of problems in germany which weren't there before and they're only being addressed by the way i think. you were talking about the clear anti-semitism you can see in the qur'an one. well because there are so many migrants from the region that has this religion it's clear that we're going to see more and more anti semitism in germany. on three people from both from that five process some observers it might seem paradoxical for jewish people to join the h.d. but they have and on sunday they're setting up a formal group in the party was their spokesman is dimitri shorts he's a jew from the former soviet union and he sees if t. is the only party fighting muslim anti-semitism i doubt if you the fortunes of unfortunately many germans have no sense of homeland. this homeland is in danger.
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that one spot pulling institute says anti-semitism is much more prevalent in the h.d. than in other parties and the f.t. leadership has faced repeated criticism for playing down the crimes of the nazis were still there in the nazis are no more than a speck of bird poop in more than a thousand years of successful german history. sergey leg is a leading member of president's jewish community and as far as he's concerned jews joining the age of fifty is a bad joke but he says the party is resonating with some jewish groups and we shouldn't forget that about ninety percent of jewish people in germany are also of eastern european origin mostly come from the soviet union and bring the whole baggage of stereotypes and a kind of a. liberal understanding of democracy and also there are people who are german speakers speaking who. are right wing and who are trying to use this and instrument
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a lot as this feeling and this is what we're seeing. the jews in the age group would get short shrift at the muzzle. on in berlin the jewish own across the pinsky sees the group as no more than a tactic to divert attention from a fifty eight. there's no. irreconcilable jews cannot be involved in a party which is clearly associated with anti semitic motivations and anti semitic people it doesn't make sense to trust people like that and mention. that pinsky be least if he is clearly anti-semitic and a group of jews in the party won't change that. the german state of bavaria holds elections in just over a week they're being seen as
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a crucial test for chancellor merkel's conservatives and they have a very unwilling the c.s.u. but this week social media has been running wild over one particular campaign promise the variance in space it started with this tweet from state premier marco soda talking about various investment in future technologies such as the hyperloop and the space program pictures goals it's the logo that's really caused a stir meeting very a one on talk that mission future on the bottom and there in the middle a picture of premise him self. very well and quickly became a hash tag of issues of thought it was close enough to donald trump america first campaign with ovarian twist and there were plenty of tweets and poking fun at his delusions of grandeur this user said brother you gotta go and gave said to his own bat signal probably shining over munich so what will be a very very in space program get up to well here's
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a user suggesting they might discover new planets in the great beyond or perhaps variants might go on to colonize the solar system is a twin showing what mass might look like in the year twenty sixty four. i'm not was the day as ever they come station continues online you can find us on twitter. don't forget to use the hash tag. on a good day. for .
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the fast pace of life in the digital trade just as the lowdown on the web it shows a new developments useful information and anything else worth knowing prison is following its first looks over the shoulders of makers and she was or so for. this
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to see the job of. more than sixty suicides in the french police force last year. officers face a constant battle against public austerlitz over. of all the dangers of foreigners . many feel abandoned by their government. company of the french. in thirty minutes on w. i'm not laughing at the jennings well i guess sometimes i am but most end up in with a bunch of i think they consider jam a culture of. getting ridiculous drama day out to you because it's all about who they know i'm right so join me for me to get
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a bunch of posts. her first day of school in the jungle. first clueless and. then doris green the moment arrives to. join the ring a tank on her journey back to freedom. you know we're interested documentary. running ten returns home on d w dot com it's hangs.
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above. this is a doubly newsline from campaigners for victims of sexual violence when they see as nobel peace prize. governments demis mccuaig a herd he one he's a got to come on just who helps women recover from grape in the democratic republic of congo he shares the prize with not your more use eating human rights activist
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and survivor of sexual slavery also on the program the u.s. senate votes to advance from kavanagh's nomination to the supreme court.


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