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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 5, 2018 11:00pm-11:15pm CEST

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this is a doubly newsline from campaigners for victims of sexual violence when this year's nobel peace prize. government attorneys mccuaig a heard he one he's a gynecologist who helps women recover from right in the democratic republic of congo he shares a prize with not here moron you see the human rights activist and survivor of sexual slavery also on the program the u.s. senate votes to advance from kavanagh's nomination to the supreme court
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a final vote is set for saturday with several previously undecided sentences saying they will back him and his appointments now looks like an done deal. jams ukrainian filmmaker accents off says he's ending his months long hunger strike to avoid being force fed by prison authorities will bring you the latest from camp. i'm phil going to welcome to the program this year's nobel peace prize has been awarded to two campaigns for victims of sexual violence he commits a recognize the work of u.c.d. campaign i'm not more out on congolese surgeon dentist mcquay king for their efforts to end the use of rape as a weapon of war. nadia moved out has been kidnapped tortured and sold into sex slavery no just twenty five she's been awarded a nobel peace prize for her efforts to stop it happening to other women in twenty
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fifteen she recounted her experience at the hands of a soldier the so-called islamic state. equally all men he humiliated and every day he gave me clothes that didn't cover my body i could no longer bear the rape and torture so why escaped. but i was two and i thought about. it last year she returned to her home in northern iraq where i asked kidnap thousands of years in the women and girls the men were killed. since finding freedom has used her voice to far the fight for the years east and other victims of sexual violence. she will share the award with dr denis mccuaig our known congolese surgeon who over the years has helped thousands of women blighted by sexual violence and war torn eastern congo. news of the award reached him in the operating theatre sending his
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hospital in two parts. the more. this price has a big meaning now although it took time for the world to recognize as the world has started listening to woman marries up was. amid the celebrations plenty of stories that speak to dr mcwade he's character and the power of his word. the mother come on now he's getting the award because he looks after as you report you so i'm looking right now and that's why we're all happy. when i leave actually what we're suffered and faced a lot of rejection from our husbands after we were raped they said we would infect them with diseases but mcquade enlightened them and now we have peace in our families. later dr mcwade he dedicated his price to
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all women winded by conflict and confronted by sexual violence. the nobel peace prize is not the first time the world has recognized the quakers work is previously won the united nations human rights prize and the right livelihood award often referred to as an alternative nobel helium croton as a member of the awards international jury i asked him about dennis macwhich his work. dennis mccuaig as an ecologist so he is known as the men who men's women technically really doing surgery on the atrocious. injuries women suffer from sexual s. violence in eastern congo of the past twenty years. but he also makes sure that he provides that he treats the women as a human being gifts restore state dignity he provide psychological care he provides legal aid because you have to be aware that rape as it is something where
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a lot of impunity happens that means even if the perpetrator is known there not culture justice so you make sure that women get legal aid to actually sue and get convictions on the perpetrators you make sure that the women are able to find a living giving for example micro finance helping them to start an existence so it's a very holistic view monistic of croce's following and he has been treating over fifty thousand women since he started punching a hospital about twenty years ago wow this work has made him an a minus. yes i mean he doesn't only treat women holistically but he also calls out the root causes for this violence he says very clearly this is not an ethnic issue this is about resources the international community failed to do to fight for stability and ease some congo the more in stable you some congo the easier to
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extract the resources rare earth especially call a time which is necessary for all of our mobile phones for example and he's very he's very outspoken addressing the root causes and also saying that men have a role it's not a women's issue men who are not fighting that what is happening are in you main he says if you don't call it out if you don't call it rape or rape and are against it then you are accepting it so that made him a lot of enemies several of his bodyguards have been killed and we as a foundation also were protecting all our and so we helped them to build a new house inside inside the hospital compound so you are safe with his family to say their good talking to you have thanks so much for telling us about the work of dennis what mccuaig union cronan from the. from the right livelihood award thank you you thank. in the united states the senate has voted to advance president trump's nomination for the supreme court but it won't close brad carbonyls
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nomination pasta fifty one votes to forty nine this despite the accusations of sexual misconduct made by several women one of them is christine plays a forward who testified before the senate judiciary committee last week her testimony prompted a fresh f.b.i. investigation the results of which were released to senators on thursday just confident his fate could not be decided by just a few key senators in saturday's final floor vote republican senator from maine susan collins the facts presented do not mean that president that perfessor ford was not sexually assaulted bad night or it's some other term but they do have leads me to conclude that the allegations failed to meet the more likely than standard therefore
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i do not believe that these charges can fairly per bad judge cabinet from serving on the court. mr president and i will vote to confirm judge cabinet. thank you mr friends. let's get more from the debate correspondents deafened siemens and washington welcome stuff and so does it look like brett kavanaugh is going to get this job. you know you got it you just played the clip with this it's over and it's actually getting better not only susan collins the g.o.p. senator everybody was wondering will she vote against or for brett kavanaugh decided to go with the republicans and vote yes for his nomination and confirmation a democrat joe manchin also just tweeted he's going to vote yes for brett kavanaugh all that means fifty one senators will vote tomorrow for the confirmation of fred
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governor and forty nine will probably vote against it fifty republicans one democrat voting for brad covering all so it's over all the drama all the thrill looks like brett kavanaugh come breathe lighter now and can prep for his new job on the supreme court so you mention that it has been dramatic. the supremes court nominations usually as rancorous as this has this been particularly bad. oh this has been particularly bad and mind blowing for not only if you're a nerd and us politics this was something to watch the twists and turns i mean i don't i cannot recall anything like it not even the one thousand nine hundred one clarence thomas nomination process where anita hill came out and accused him of sexual misconduct this it was very special and make no mistake this is
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a huge win for the trump white house and for the republicans they have their base now energized and stoked up a huge win politically and of course this will determine a lot for the next decades to come in u.s. policy when it comes to decisions regarding the constitution because this is now a solidly conservative supreme court summons in washington thank you. now to some of the other stories making news around the world aid agencies in indonesia are warning that more than six hundred thousand children have been affected by last week's earthquake and tsunami the number of deaths is now risen to more than fifteen hundred the country's national search and rescue agency says more than a thousand people still missing. a jury in the u.s. city of chicago has found former police superintendent jason van dyke guilty of second degree murder in the death of a black teenager and twenty fourteen he shot seventeen year old mcdonald in the back sixteen times
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a judge forces the police department to release dash cam footage of the killing which brought massive protests. u.s. first lady melanie melania trump house attended a dance recital at kenya's national theatre as part of a solo tour of africa. nearly knocked over by a baby elephant at a wildlife sanctuary which is trump will go on to egypt on saturday before returning to the united states. to russia where the jailed you craney and filmmaker all accents off says he's ending his months long hunger strike to avoid being force fed by prison or thors his vocal kremlin critic is serving a twenty year sentence in a siberian jail after being convicted on terrorism charges which rights groups say are politically motivated sets off has rejected solid food for more than one hundred forty days to highlight his demand for russia to free crazy political prisoners is the sense of supporters of loadstone international campaign the
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russian authorities to release him. the w.'s are ukraine correspondent is that nicholas that connally welcome nic why is oleg sense of case attracting so much attention. good evening phil well he has been in jail now for four years remember this is man's a filmmaker who was very vocal participant in the protests here in kiev in late twenty thirteen and then when russia moved to an ex his home region of crimea he was also very vocal in his opposition to that takeover and within about two months of russia taking of crimea he had been arrested and was then charged and later found guilty of preparing terrorist attacks as the russian authorities say against russian targets of crimea and also being a member of a band ukrainian nationalist organization. this is a case that isn't going away anytime soon this is a case that's still very present in the national magination here in ukraine their constant campaigns events and all the publicity around this and being
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a filmmaker this is a case that is attracts a lot of attention from creatures around the world now he's given up his hunger strike does not mean he's given up on his demands from russia to free ukrainian political prisoners. not at all he said he'd only done this under duress he says he's been put under pressure by the authorities in russia and that the doctors treating him currently had threatened to force feed him and to quote turn him into a vegetable to take away that little bit of freedom self-control he still has he also apologized his supporters in a letter he passed to his lawyer today and seemingly going nowhere in terms of these demands but obviously this is a p.r. win for the russian side this very closely watched hunger strike is over for now but the doctors all saying that still fifty fifty as to whether he survives just because he starts eating again doesn't necessarily mean that he will pull out of
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this very serious situation for his health. care. on the football and in the blunders biggest friday night game bremen moved into second place after one day at least by beating novo spoke to no dutch midfielder have a class in hama tongue the how many home in the thirty fifth minute. netted brahmins goal goal second just minutes after coming in late finally archaeologists in southern italy have uncovered a well preserved shrine in the ruins of pompei found during maintenance work the remains show a lavish and richly painted garden scene and how buried after the explosion of mt vesuvius in seventy nine eighty experts say the discovery was made in a particularly dangerous area of the site which had not been explored before. it is time to remind you of our top story at this hour the nobel peace prize has
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been awarded to two campaign is working to end the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war there is mcquade is a company's a surgeon who helps women and girls who are victims of rape he shares the owner with not here murat you see the human rights activist and survivor of sexual slavery. that's it you're up to date more at the top of the hour of the day. the main news outlets to explore the one single. roll call to shut down to this kind of oversight by. people.


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