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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 7, 2018 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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in france against germany. just real complex starts october twentieth on g.w. . in. this is the daily news live from berlin a major victory for president trump as brett kavanaugh is confirmed as a u.s. supremes court judge in. the nays are forty eight. vice president mike pence reading out the tight results of a divisive senate vote both republicans and democrats believe the control you see surrounding kavanagh's appointment has fired up their base ahead of crucial midterm
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elections. also on the program a prominent saudi journalists enters his country's consulate in turkey and then disappears both ortiz they believe jamal khashoggi who strongly criticized his country's leadership may have been killed will go to istanbul for the latest. and in german soccer bruited dortmund put in another stellar performance coming from behind to win against such a nation out. hello and welcome my name's christopher spring a thanks for joining us u.s. president all trump is celebrating a major domestic victory that's after the republican controlled senate narrowly voted to confirm his nominee brett kavanaugh as a supremum court justice the move comes after weeks of parties. and infighting of
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accusations of sexual misconduct against the judge and appointment means the supremes court could now have a conservative majority for years to come. protesters say it's their corks the people's court but they were not able to alter what happened behind closed doors. i. brett kavanaugh sworn in as the one hundred fourteenth supreme court justice despite several allegations of sexual misconduct against him the brief ceremony just hours after the senate voted to confirm him on this vote the eyes are fifty the nays are forty eight the nomination of brett kavanaugh of maryland to be an associate justice of the supreme court of the united states is confirmed the vote was split almost entirely along party lines republicans voted in favor
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democrats against except for senator joe manchin of west virginia he was the lone democrat to support judge kavanagh. i said this was not a political vote i don't make political votes i cannot get everything i put all the information young people i was there until ten thirty morning to read everything i just didn't. want lisa murkowski of alaska was expected to be the sole no vote for the republicans but then abstained as part of an agreement with her alaskan senate colleague steve danes who would have voted to confirm but missed the vote to attend his daughter's wedding rule are not permitted in the senate gallery. yeah. capitol police arrested a number of protesters in front of the supreme court as cavanagh was being sworn in they were angry that a man accused of sexual misconduct by three different women now serves on the
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nation's highest court. university professor christine blassie ford had testified before a congressional committee that cavanaugh assaulted her in high school but a subsequent f.b.i. investigation ordered by the white house failed to corroborate her claims. those who believe ford's testimony now hope to punish the republicans in the november midterm elections. and in the studio with me now tyson bucca us a friend specialist with the aspen institute here in berlin tyson thanks for coming in i just want to pick up on that last point of all report the democrats hoping to punish the republicans in november as midterm elections what sort of impact do you think this whole cabin on nomination saga might have on national action let's start with the energy that you see on the street there i mean you see protests throughout the country not just in washington very energized very angry motivated base it's reminiscent of the tea party pres protests against obamacare in two thousand and
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ten which did lead to what they call a red wave it republican takeover of the house and major wins in the senate we're three weeks out from the election and just to remind all of us three weeks out from the twenty sixteen election was about the time that the access hollywood tape was released so these three weeks are going to be a long time three weeks ago we were talking about the anonymous op ed in the new york times and the chaos in the white house so we don't really know what effect it will have they only say one week in politics is a very long time let's turn to president trump a significant victory for him on the domestic scene however significant it's enormously significant he has now named two supreme court justices he is consolidate. did a firm conservative majority on the court there are really no swing votes on the court anthony kennedy type or a sandra day o'connor connor type on the court the expectation now is that justice roberts could play that swinging role to preserve the credibility of the institution but it's an enormous win for conservatives and you know with kevin on
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now. as you as you mentioned the republicans have firm control of the supremes cota we we're now looking at decades of conservative rulings or is judge kavanaugh going to surprise us if everything stays as it is now with nine supreme court justices we're looking at a very firm conservative court for decades to come but there are many questions here one that some democrats have raised especially in the face is whether or not nine supreme court justice is actually necessary you could eliminate two supreme court justice is now have a seven just the supreme court that has been the case in the past you could add supreme court justices none of the number of the justices in the supreme court is written into the constitution so the congress actually has a lot of power here and the effect of the american arland delay and these to enact months has really energized people to think about what the supreme court should really look like. tyson bach of the from the aspen institute speaking to us
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earlier turning now to turkey where suspicions are growing that a prominent saudi arabian journalist may have been killed inside the saudi consulate in istanbul u.s. based jamal khashoggi a major critic of the saudi leadership and to the consulate last tuesday to secure documents for his forthcoming marriage saudi officials say he then left the building but he has actually not been seen since the turkish official has been quoted as saying a fifteen man team came from saudi arabia to kill because shelby the saudis have dismissed that accusation. and we're going to cross to istanbul now get the latest from our correspondent there you leon you know what more do we know about this mysterious case what have turkish police been telling us. well so far we have a media reports relying on these anonymous police sources and nothing more so to say that's not been confirmed yet but according to these reports turkish
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authorities believe that jamal was killed inside the saudi consulate that it was a pre-planned murder as you mentioned a fifteen member team came from saudi arabia specifically for this and the debt body was later moved out of the consulate building as i said everything is still unconfirmed we're waiting for the turkish authorities to officially table the evidence and the checks present out on is also expected to comment on the issue what we do know is that jamal disappeared about five days ago not about but five days ago on tuesday around lunchtime when he entered after he entered the saudi consulate as you mentioned to obtain certain documents related to his upcoming wedding his fiance a turkish lady waved him goodbye outside of the consulate waiting for his quick return but he never reemerged and tell us a little bit more about. what why might he have been
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a target from the saudi perspective. well jamal khashoggi is not known to be a long time dissident rather to the contrary he was a man very well connected to the saudi establishment he worked as an editor for saudi news media outlets he was a former advisor to an x. intelligence chief over there but over the past year he became increasingly critical of the saudi leadership naming the king crown prince. of bin. he criticized for example of the saudis a crackdown on female rights activists who were complaining for women's right to drive cars for example he has been living in cell fixes self-imposed exile in the united states since last year and he was a contributor for example for the washington post opinion piece a section where he wrote repeatedly about politics about the war in vietnam and
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other controversial issues ok you know many thanks for that. time now to catch up with some of the other stories making news around the world in haiti a magnitude five point nine earthquake has struck the island's northernmost chip with the epicenter located near the city of boulder pay at least eleven people were killed more than one hundred injured in a post on twitter the country's wealth or g.'s are people to remain calm. pope francis has authorized further investigation into the sexual abuse scandal surrounding the former archbishop of washington theodore mccarrick the pope himself has faced an unprecedented call to resign over the affair from a former vatican ambassador to the u.s. he accused the pontiff of having actively protected mccarrick from prosecution. and the international police agency interpol has made a formal request to china for information about its missing president main home way
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disappeared during a trip to his home country last month the hong kong newspaper says manning was arrested as part of a crackdown on corruption. people in cameroon a voting today in an election widely expected to extend the role of current president. who's been in power for over three decades the poll has been overshadowed by a separatist uprising in the country's anglo phone regions with many they are unable to vote elsewhere opposition to the incumbent is also growing. with election day approaching income a ruined one face is everywhere paul b. has ruled the african country for almost thirty six years the eighty five year old has many supporters but even in the french speaking part of the country not everyone is happy. we want change we are tired with this president in power nothing is going to change we want to work for our young people. but that's not the only
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problem being left speaking minority income a room feels disadvantaged there have been protests in recent months in the angle of phone region this led to clashes between government troops and separatists who are fighting for an independent state they were trusted to the sun both sides hundreds were killed thousands have fled the country but this woman is staying. true to me so i am afraid to come out like today. like today many streets in diyala phone region are deserted these days shops and schools are closed yannick funky is a journalist he hopes for a peaceful solution but that's only possible if the government brings in farah conditions he says do not have this intransigence like francophones basically because of the new america for because. they have all different before despite all the criticism most observers believe come the runes new president will be the same
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as the old. in germany has been asleep a saturday saw a spectacular clash between league leaders boris a document and book document have been the inform team this season so far but the seven goal thriller was anything but playing sailing and again it was super sub fair and made the difference. despite his proven scoring record parker arca there wasn't in the starting line up. b.c.f. for giving me and philip a not instead member on the front foot from the get go marco voice with this chance on fifty minutes of my particularly dangerous from set pieces philip mack setting up alfred finn bogus in for his fourth goal of the season have done axels i got to the culprit as he fails to clear the ball have dome and c.l.o. wasn't best pleased as his side were behind again at the break but on the hour mark
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of the game changes pacquiao cathay replacement the super sub needed just three minutes to make an impact the equaliser was his fourth goal since joining onload from barcelona have my take yes didn't cower in the face of adversity that max reestablishing out because lead on seventy one minutes have moments later the outspoken defenses lack of concentration allowed alka set equalize again to wool and game on the home side kept the pressure on substitute mario gazza scoring his first goal of the season in his first win as if arabs have three minutes later we're back in the game michel going to go which made it three zero in the eighty seventh minute dorman keep a home birth he could and should have done better. but it was dormant who have the last laugh who else but ppaca there with the winner for three the final score and
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what a match it was alex book put on impressive display of. just couldn't be stopped my it's incredible he's so good he feels football feels the movement and knows the danger zones. then has been fairly. dormant extend their arm be to the start of the season thanks to sensational hattrick from their. mo from us but top of the hour. we make up oh but we watch as of africa that found out that the pipes we are on the civil services. they want to shape the continent's future to be part of it and join up youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their janet jackson the seventy seven percent platform for africa majority.


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