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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 7, 2018 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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transfused germany. jury industrial complex starts october twentieth on g.w. . this is the wus live from berlin brazilians are voting in a divisive presidential poll the front runner share both n.r.o. casts his vote right wing candidate as promised a crackdown on corruption and crime one month after being stabbed while campaigning also on the program. a presidential advisor in turkey accuses saudi arabia of killing
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a prominent critic in istanbul jamal khashoggi is believed to have been murdered in saudi arabia's consulate in turkey's largest city. and in german football bhutia dork one put in another stellar performance coming from behind to win against a ten nations out sport side. hello and welcome on the spicer thanks for joining us in brazil voting is under way in what's being described as the country's most polarized presidential election since the end of military rule in one thousand nine hundred eighty five leading the polls is a man some call the tropical trumps the far right candidate shy or both in our oh he's riding a wave of anger over widespread corruption and crime if gets more than fifty percent of the vote he'll win the presidency outright results are expected later today. for more let's go live now to g.w.
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so filio harms a rooty who is in rio de janeiro for us a feeling of voting is underway and you spoke to some voters earlier how are they feeling about today's vote. will make like you said it's the most polarized election ever since the country came back to the mockers sea and the feelings are very different on the one hand you have those who are expectant and hopeful that o.j. will tomorrow might even win in the first round of elections and on the other hand you have those who dislike the man because of all of these racial racist sexist and homophobic comments he has made in the past and that is also why we have been seeing many protests ongoing in the country in the past couple of days we have pictures of joy or both so narrow who cast his ballot and turn to reporters let's have a listen to to what he had to say. to those who believe that you and your good people of brazil want to get away from socialism. they don't want venezuela's regime
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they want a liberal economy and they want to protect family values to do both but all the things that have happened has made the people realize that brazil can't continue with socialism. or we don't want brazil to become what venezuela is today. going to be. feel it desirable so naro have the recipe to lead brazil out of the violence and the corruption crisis that currently dominate the country. well he says he has he has been saying that to find the the huge crime rates and violence on the streets he will put the army to the streets and he has been showing a lot of sympathy not only as a former army army captain but also because he thinks. actually that.
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the that the dictatorship was good and he does remind a lot of people of this time he says he is a different candidate to the others that he's an outsider he sells himself as an anti establishment candidate even though he has been in congress for about three decades this beach does remind some people like you said of president donald trump he has been called the donald trump of brazil and some fear that he might well be too too nationalist in all of the decisions he will be making in the country ok well turning to some of those other candidates and if you could tell me briefly the leftist candidate. has been able to stand on his merit more or less or he is still in the shadow of his private predecessor losing the silver. well he does he is in the shadow of death still about one of his main campaign slogans was that is really less so the voters who are turning to have that are those who
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still support and blindly trust him but many others to see in the workers' party that governed brazil for fourteen years the corruption elites the political. people that have been involved in this corruption scandals many belong to the workers' party ok thank you ophelia that was the feel your harmes routine reporting from rio de janeiro. turkey's president breccia type are the one that says the country's airports are being monitored in an effort to find out what happened to a prominent saudi journalist who disappeared in istanbul the us based jamal khashoggi has been a vocal critic of the saudi leadership and he has not been seen since he entered the saudi consulate in istanbul last tuesday a top adviser to everyone says there's evidence that can shock she was killed inside that building the saudis have dismissed the a suggestion as baseless. a prominent
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saudi arabian journalist and major critic of riyadh who may have been made to disappear because of his opinions the mystery surrounding his disappearance is akin to a work of fiction he went to the saudi arabian consulate in istanbul to collect documents for his forthcoming marriage and was never seen or heard of again. a friend of she said this officials told him quote they have evidence he was killed in a barbaric way. you will cause your bracket to counselor after jamal khashoggi entered the consulate fifteen people came by two different planes he was murdered inside the consulate we assume that he was cut into pieces and they put his body in bags and left. he was killed because of his opinions about the wars in yemen and syria he was too much trouble for the saudi government to tip to go studio in
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a movie to prove transparency in this suspected murder case journalists were allowed to film inside the saudi consulate and a big to prove the prominent writer was most definitely not the. turkish president's russia at the time said he was closely following the incident his officials announced they believe he has been killed at the consulate. general is a journalist and of a friend he might have in fact known for a long time to the thief or will the expectation is still well intentioned they continue to follow you know god willing i say we will not be faced with the situation that we do not desire to remove especially comedies. jamal khashoggi was a regular contributor to the washington post which printed a blank column to mark his disappearance he was living in self-imposed exile in the
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u.s. due to fears of backlash over his criticism of saudi policy in yemen his missing voice may speak even louder in his absence. and now to some of the other stories making news around the world authorities in greece have relocated about sixteen hundred refugees from overcrowded camps on the islands of lesbos and sound most to the greek mainland the process began two weeks ago another five thousand refugees are expected to be resettled by the end of the month. china's anti graft watchdog has confirmed that it is investigating the head of enter paul who is a chinese national home way was reported missing by his wife after leaving france for a trip to his native china earlier to hong kong newspaper reported that man was detained upon arriving there. and members of latvia as pro russia party have been celebrating after emerging as the biggest party in the general election the harmony
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party took twenty percent of the vote and is likely to form a government with populist and conservative parties corruption and money laundering were key issues in the election campaign. cameroon's eighty five year old president paul b. looks set to extend his three decade rule in today's election the poll has been overshadowed by a separatist uprising in the country's anglo phone regions with many they're unable to vote. in the bonus league produced a ruthless display to hammer nuremberg six nil in sunday's late match. or scored two of leipsic schools with marcel sabots being two more as the hosts ran away with the game it's the second away game in a row in which nuremberg have suffered a heavy defeat following their seven nil all thrashing against dortmund. in another of sunday's games frankfurt gave their season
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a boost by beating hoffenheim away from home frankfurt striker anti-red bitch was at the heart of the action he scored the opening goal in the first half before then receiving a red card after half time despite being a man down frankfurt went on to win the match two one. saturday's auction saw spectacular clash between league leaders both dortmund and i'll spark dortmund have been in form team this season but this seven global thriller was anything but plain sailing and again it was a super sub. who made the difference for them. despite his proven scoring record a pack aka thet wasn't in the starting line up b.c.f. giving maximum philippa not instead to a member on the front foot from the get go marco voice with this chance on fifty minutes. particularly dangerous from set pieces philip max setting up alfredsson bogus and first fourth goal of the season. down axels i got to the
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culprit as he fails to clear the ball. domon c.e.o. wasn't best pleased with his side were behind again at the break but on the alum up the game changes pocock aceh replacement the super sub needed just three minutes to make an impact equalize it was his fourth goal since joining on loan from boss alona have they cast him cower in the face of adversity when it mattes reestablishing outspends lead on seventy one minutes. moments later the outspoken defends his lack of concentration and i'll can set equalize again to wool and game on the home side kept the pressure on substitute mio gazza scoring his first goal of the season and his first win is to get parents have three minutes later alex but were back in the game michel get a goal which made it three zero in the eighty seven minutes dortmund keep all
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members he could and should have done better. but it was due him and you have the last laugh who else but pack aka thayer with the winner for three the final score and what a match it was alex book puts on an impressive display of park. then just couldn't be stopped. it's incredible soo good he feels football feels the movement and knows the dangers and. then has come. to him and extend their own beaten start of the season thanks to a sensational hat trick from thing. and here are the results so far from match day seven byron were humbled three nil at home to mention back hand over grab their first win of the season against a card shaka defeated dusseldorf two nil minds versus hair tie was goalless on friday that bremen beat a full spark and in sunday's early game liver condition drew in freiburg so does
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that mean for the bundesliga standings dortmund are still top after winning in dramatic fashion against outs work behind the leaders we have leipsic gladbach and braman byron are way down and six after back to back defeats in the bottom half shall go lift themselves out of the relegation zone but it's all still very tight at the bottom meanwhile stuttgart decided to sack coach typhoon core coote after that three one defeat to hand over yesterday left them at the bottom of the table after taking over in january cork who guided stuttgart to a credible seventh place last season and was rewarded in the summer with a contract extension but the former turkish international has struggled to get the best out of his team this season he leaves after the side secured just five points from seven games. and in formula one reigning world champion lewis hamilton is closing in on his fifth title after winning the japanese grand prix the britain's dominance over the last four races has all but decided this year's
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championship and with ferrari and sebastian vettel on able to improve their fortunes it was smooth sailing for hamilton. lewis hamilton in control from start to finish nothing new about that in japan. and no wonder four of his five japanese grand prix victories were on the circuit. this track is the best track and well you know they don't make sure i don't know why they don't make tracks like this anymore but every second of the run. though it was just great fun. to bust and shadows hopes of gaining ground in the driver's standings were dashed after a collision with red bulls mox fresh top and pushed him to nineteen the ferrari driver still managed to finish in sixth place despite driving but the damage car still fettle will need a miracle to win the title can attend now has
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a sixty seven point lead with four races to go. you're watching the news in berlin more from us at the top of the hour and the meantime don't forget you can always get the latest updates from our website e.w. dot com stay with us if you can. we make up over a week watch as of the end of the two pipes we are the same the surface of. the game want to shape the continents future to be part of it and join them stars as they share their stories their dreams and their jumps the seventy seven percent plan for africa.


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