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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 8, 2018 6:00pm-6:15pm CEST

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this is deja news coming to you live from berlin the u.n. issues an urgent deal warning on climate change it says really must act now to prevent disasters that really deal with temperatures rise much for the it's called the next few years probably the most important in human history also coming up. a blow to not a religious bazillions two back in the second round a run off of the country's presidential election the far right candidate for the priest let's bring up a nod to how dad who finished a distant drop in sunday's initial approach. and as the nobel prize season draws to a close with respect exclusively to one of the recipients dennis macveagh old
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winner of the nobel peace prize for his efforts to stop section bottoms and war. than. i would welcome i'm with that shima u.n. climate scientists of issued this strongest warning get on the risks of rising temperatures as they say we need to take unprecedented steps to avert the worst effects of climate change and that we need to take those steps now these include changing the way we consume energy travel and construct buildings the report warns if we fail to act we will face more heat waves flooding and extreme weather. scenes like this could become more frequent if the world does not act now that's the message of scientists on the un's climate change panel whose job was to work out what governments must do to implement the parents of color twenty fifteen.
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first climate change is already affecting people ecosystems and livelihoods all around the world second limiting warming to one point five degrees is not impossible but will require unprecedented transitions in all aspects of society third there are clear benefits to keep warming to one point five do research just compare to two degrees or higher every bit of warming matters. the goal needs to be implemented by twenty thirty but scientists fear will fail to hit it one immediate effect of failure will be more global heat waves resulting droughts would mean poor harvests impacting the global food supply and harming countries that rely heavily on agriculture. other parts of the world would suffer from an increase in heavy rains and hurricanes these weather patterns combined with rising sea levels could lead to more frequent and severe flooding the scientists on
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the un's panel say it's the final call governments everyone must act the message is over to governments at this stage we've told you before you the scientific facts the evidence the course it is up to the governments no to decide what to do with it . avoiding scenes like this will be hugely expensive say the scientists but it has to be done and it's still possible if the world acts now. joining me now is a funny idea in she's the head of the environment desk welcome so on into what is different and so significant about this latest report. well with the person agreement countries around the world agreed to limit the temperature increase to two degrees or preferably one point five degrees of warming and it turns out that there seems to be a much bigger difference in impact between one point five and two degrees than previously understood and that's the finding of the city is the scientific body so
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we're talking about impacts on earth systems that we as humans depend on take coral reefs so under one point five degrees of warming they would we would still have coral reefs they'd be reduced seventy to ninety percent but they would still exist now if you take the two degree scenario coral reefs would be all but wiped out about ninety nine percent would be gone this report has said so consider the impact of this on the people who make their living off the sea their food security would be at risk it seems the upshot is one point five degrees is the new two degrees in terms of the global warming limit that we need to strive for and look at what is going on for a legend action as we had one has to say it's now over to the governments can the governments react fast enough do you think and is that the political will to do so . well what the i.p.c.c. report indicates is that we certainly can't act fast enough there is still time to turn things around it lays out a roadmap for doing so so i think the question is really should be not do we can we do something but do we want to act on this despite the paris agreement there's been
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a stunning lack of political will on the part of governments we're headed for three degrees warming with current commitments and what many people are systems that the eggs that coal lead fossil fuels in the ground collective action is a very powerful thing and really could make a difference and so did germany on the whole it has a very good reputation for its environmental policies yet today they have been protests also outside the german embassy in london what the activists can sung about. well i think it's more accurate to say that germany had a positive environmental reputation with its energy transition and merkel's leadership on climate protection but that has largely faded so now germany is struggling to muster up the political will for a timely exit from coal the absolute dirtiest fossil fuel and what the protesters are protesting was the cutting down of the forest for a gigantic coal mine one of the largest in europe so germany has given up not only as we continue to mine cool it's given up on its self-imposed goal of reducing
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emissions forty percent by two thousand and twenty which is not happy either so internationally many see germany now is really having back slid on climate and energy issues so i had been head of environment to ask thank you very much for that and this is the best prospect anomic has been awarded to researches for their work on climate change and innovation the role of swedish academy of sciences said u.s. economist william nordhaus and poor roma received the award for their work integrating innovation and global warming with economic growth along with the prize the two research as well received a million u.s. dollars as they can all mix prize is not formally a new bed prize it was created by the swedish central bank in one nine hundred sixty nine in memory of no better. and the prestigious nobel peace prize was awarded last week to two campaign as against sexual violence and war congolese gun the college's dentist brigade was one of the recipients did
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obvious spoke to him the following the award and asked him how he felt about the nobel committee's decision to highlight this issue. for many i conceive in my country for many people is it even don't understand a lot. as they were before they even don't understand how our head can destroy not only the victim but how our help is destroying the family as a community and or as a country. and i think that to really put attention on this question for me is very important women are really fighting a lot to break silence when this question is that in this region it was very difficult even if you have evidence that this is a woman who was hurt and the she have troops wounded in
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a very bad way or genital most of the time the men will come with us and reasons because it was a shame for to talk about what's happened. but today i can see that women are more strong. to come directly to the hospital or to police and say see what happened to me and nor who is responsible for it i think that to talk about it is a way. to just to look to the perpetrators that if you mess. against me. everyone will know and the shouldn't smoke but the show will be to you and it seems that we have to look and looked to transfer that to shed the shift from victim to perpetrators. and that was the well peace prize been very good talking to you and we stay with the peace prize as we take
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a look at some other stories making news around the wild the other winner of the nobel peace prize has been speaking to reporters in washington. called on the world's governments to fight genocide and sexual violence and bring perpetrators to justice maura is an iraqi who was kidnapped and abused by extremists before she was able to escape. dickey has demanded it be allowed to search the saudi arabian consulate in istanbul to find out what happened to a dissident. this is being reported by local media and jamal kushal give disappeared last week after he rented to his country's consulate turkish authorities believe he was killed one inside the building. days of heavy rainfall have killed at least a dozen people across central america these images are from the honduras where the rain has swollen rivers and caused mudslides thousands of people have been evacuated from their homes flooding is also affected nicaragua guatemala and el
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salvador. far right politics and. who has won the first round of business presidential election grabbing forty six percent of the votes he now faces a runoff in three weeks time against left winger fernando haidar who finished a distant second also not attracted support by promising to fight corruption and restore what he called traditional values his opponents say he poses a threat to democracy in the largest country in latin america. supporters believe he's going to turn the country around in sunday's results gave them reason to celebrate their candidate share of the vote surged past pollsters predictions. the country's under siege within the government. it's we need to end this and he's the most capable of doing so no doubt about it now my
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son my son. was. in the images. that he was the only one was. also narrow didn't appear in person after the election results were announced the full military officer was staffed at a campaign rally last month and doctors are still wary of his health but he did appear on social media. i'm sure that in the second round we will intensify our efforts and will obtain the victory. the sixty three year old has vowed to crack down on corruption and criminals. but opponents have condemned incendiary comments from boston are all about women and minority groups during the campaign. also now is also being criticized for his plan to give police officers a free a hand to shoot drug traffickers his price for the military dictatorship the group brazil from nine hundred sixty four to nine hundred ninety five has also alarmed
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critics. i his opponent a leftist candidate for an endo how says electing a ball so narrow could pose a risk to the mocker see i told supporters he would now concentrate on the second round and called for calm. this bit doesn't mean we will face that debate with respect we go on to the democratic battlefield with just one weapon the argument we don't carry guns out of those who are in the final run off for the presidency as shadowed for the twenty eighth of october. such as. sunburn to see again the news now and on sunday i'll be leipsic crashed near a bag the blue scored six goals lifting the clock to second place in the bundesliga . leipzig went ahead after just three minutes to move in or with the legwork kevin council with the finishing touch just four minutes later yousif polson made
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it to nil aha then air again the playmaker pulls a netting his third goal into being just after twenty one minutes it was three nil marcel separates or smashed home this time. and a nightmare first half wasn't over for nuremberg as derna made it for. norm berg's defense all at sea. the mauling continued in the second segment so with his second. unfairness put the icing on the cake to make it six. what a school night let's all take a look at the bundesliga standings now and don't want us to lie on top after winning in dramatic fashion against alex but on saturday behind the leaders there's
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that lives this year just still got back and then braman by an away down in sixth off to back to back defeats the bines top of the season with seven straight victories but they haven't managed another win in their last four matches including a three they told us to got back over the weekend this week's rate for an international player like germany against netherlands may come at a perfect time by him. but not as a smith we're all working hard to ensure we deliver results again and applying culture that is expected a. lot that with that in this proposed off the international break it's full steam ahead where highly motivated to get things moving in the right direction. that will often by end of wrapping up this edition of the w's more coming up at the top of the alethea that.
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we make up over a week what tells of how big the under budget we are all the civil services. want to shape the continent's future. carbon enjoying youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges the seventy seven percent platform for africa chart.


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