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tv   Kick off - Review of Matchday 7  Deutsche Welle  October 9, 2018 1:30pm-2:01pm CEST

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africa to move. stories about people making a difference in shaping their nation. and their continent of africa on the move stories about motivational change makers taking their destinies into their own hands. d.w. multimedia series from africa. d.w.m. dot com. past. half. nico coverts has had a bit of a comedown since arriving at champions by
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a. nice idea and needs them fast. coach's time a bind already be coming to an end to the stars want to get rid of their coach. already wobbling they face the lightning pace of matching gloves but. could it be a fateful weekend so early in the season. they need yeah they go in and so does that set i. would now though in his voice be able to turn the tide as shelter head to disposal. and of the other end of the table what's up with. business as over your man versus outs but probably the best match of the season so far and not one for the faint hearted and soon as most of this team will pull up with those teams who are gunning
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for success this season they better start now my match day seven it's time to take stock of where everyone stands right here on kick of. being some stunt for packer i kept us since his legs from barcelona began and against alex but he came off the bench to turn the game on its head not even mild mannered observers could control the. emotions. she said amazing for her he's so good he has football in his blood for the truth about his amazing game that don't mend won't forget in a hurry and nytol well alex put. it was a roller coaster ride you started playing high up and listen to and fro and when it brings you to a halt at the end you just want to vomit the results. alex books at least played their part in this thrill a minute encounter but their hosts proved indomitable. midway through the
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first half hour book went ahead alfred finn bogus and first to the ball for a deserved lead. my men still sing to bit out of sorts and out of focus. they've not always played great first half of this season but lucy in five red has consistently made the right changes at the break. of captain marco royce wasn't feeling calm however and seemed more preoccupied with complaining than carrying out the game plan of. some friend meanwhile decided to take action by bringing out capped off the bench just before the hour mark and the spaniard again lived up to his super sub reputation and then sell it three minutes after coming on he struck tome sanchez cross to make it one all with his first touch of the ball a crucial interception by accident so
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a defense missing pass to jayden sanchez. and it was game on the above. habsburg bounce straight back shortly afterwards with phillip mac's exploiting gaps in the dome and defense to retake believes the but i am no nonsense finish following a nice touch from andrea. com but friend not stillman fans because with al catherine on the pitch every attack looked dangerous of the quickly taken free kick and the spaniard had leveled the schools again the band the home side looked hungry for more. mario gets to have been subbed on moments before hand after an injury layoff and loss of form this was his first appearance of the season and what
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a comeback it was germany's twenty fourteen world cup hero netting his first bundesliga goal since february the the hosts went ahead for the first time courtesy of the two subs if a half of their goals this season have come off the bench the but they say your attack wins matches but the defense wins the championship words of warning for dortmund's of the mission ethical rich though he'd salvaged a point for alex book later on. punishing sloppy defending by dome and. have an object is to be honest i thought we'd have to make do with one point with the news in recent weeks dortmund have come back to equalize against hoffenheim with ten men and overturn a two nil deficit against leverkusen they were at least already come back kings of the season say far we kept on fighting till the end even if we get it going in the
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eight eighty seven minutes or something like this we still kept on going and. a final free kick in injury time rafael where rose fancied a crack but then up stepped on fire outcast the looking for a hat trick his six goal in eighty one minutes of bundesliga record and the win. was on the mentality if we show that kind of mentality and hunger any opponent is going to have trouble beating us. top of the table and undefeated after seven games smiling faces all around after the final whistle. one nil one two one dead so you two back in it three two ecstatic. three three rect four three what else do you want. more matches like this seven goal thriller it takes don't meant to twenty three goals he says attacks don't win championships. the.
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phillies company on yours clodius beats out of the peruvian striker turned a sprightly forty last week. i keep playing and they obviously brought me here because they think i have the chance and the ability to contribute to the club with my skills on the pitch. on the other hand they also appreciate my experience. they think i can be very useful in helping the young players and maybe anticipate some situations before others and if there is. a monster and mentor who knows what he's talking about with four minutes left he laid on an assist for your highness biggest time i was that's about anticipating situations and helping younger players. twenty the goal score is how pizza's age. you can always use
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pizza or in a team from the start he could always invigorate the team part of it is just this or. that always most is laugh a bit when we come out of the tunnel it's some i know because all the fans jump up and start chanting cloudy oh cloudy of claudio it really is incredible. that pits are zero effect but the. string his teammates confidence off the pitch and on it benefiting them with his experience from four hundred fifty but in this league outing i'm going to fail to happen to be celebrating his birthday on the very day of the match and his four years younger the witness that my brain in coaching is all about that piece of paper. that's what we talked about a few months ago when we said why we why we join time again but various in effect when you're pretty bring him into the game that you can't describe and yeah
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everyone knows that there is a special thing around him also a specialist braman starts this season thanks to corps failed at also the return of good sound. both began the stronger team on fighting but after spending a lot of recent seasons battling relegation braman they used to soaking up the pressure. in the process of managing to keep their first clean sheet of the season . i along side it's out of by the way raymond also signed davey klassen in the summer it was the dutchman who opened the scoring i thank. you even if it's out i wasn't involved in this goal his presence is a true inspiration. if you see him every day don't. think i can play like this all forty i was so happy. to kneel trying temporarily to braman second happy days indeed for the team with the young coach and the not so young striker.
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half. let's say shifting on a role with three straight but in this league or wins and you read success against you and that it takes just three minutes for an unmarked calving campaign to take the lead four minutes later t.-mo than a set set use of person for the host second. and. no i'm back protested for handball but to no avail. next up campbell sets it up from ourselves how bits are who makes it three nil for the hosts against the hapless visitors. half an hour played and golden boy vanna gets his shot at goal two four nil by half time and there's still warming up there and back to get another highlighting. the guests miserable defense allows plenty of room for said bitsa to complete
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a brace from twenty five metres out. time for a water break but don't tell your back you might miss the next one. be inbred low save lands perfectly for them. the defense finally gets the hint that they need to stop this guy. a red can't giving like a penalty which phantom misses but still lets each thrash nuremberg six nail one less than don't then manage less than two weeks ago. another disastrous dressing down for michelle and new comers new and back but it's only the season's second highest loss. when freiburg are in thirteen place ahead of leverkusen in fourteen that means freiburg can perform the above expectations and leverkusen far below them. in
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freiburg despite playing more actively leverkusen didn't manage to turn the tide. in the end you could even say labor couzin were lucky to take away a point for them it feels like a loss while freiburg are happy to share the spoils. funny coincidence about the match between yulia now goes man's hoffenheim and it has frankfurt both clubs have equal points and the exact same goal difference. it was hoffenheim who deserved to take the lead after ridiculously close chances that hit the woodwork but as you might have guessed things unfolded differently a plucky lot from croatian world cup finalists and to raid it made it one nil to frankfurt fourteen minutes in. just a minute after the break why do eight frankfurt double the lead with luka job which driving the ball in from the center of the penalty area. often time had their chances but failed to make them count even if we snelson was finally able to cut
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the lead with his secondly goal to one it ended so table twins then not. after beating by and last week bowling coach poles are died so that beating them down again isn't that big a deal but winning games minds is apparent but it's been years since hanson have even scored their. minds might have won had the referee called a penalty for this tackle only one book or so after four straight goal is match days might remain the bonus leaders best defense would also worst offense. that visited winless hanover little did typhon corps could know it would be the last time he'd be sitting down at their bench there'd be dull days ahead for either side losing this still the threat was real and the hand of a voice felt it the half hour in and hand over finally took the reins. in oz passed
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with perfect accuracy to bobby wood who steered in his first headed goal in the bundesliga. one nil for the hosts. with the blueprints for the first goal why not try it again directly after the break held an os and would press repeat to nail. titian's the key. today we reconnected. feels good. but didn't feel so good was marielle gum as his head after this nasty made exhalation that's a little bloods didn't stop the mist from pulling one back in the fifty first minutes. call that called for one more if michele as i hadn't made this remarkable save maybe call could would still have his job. in stoppage time elapsed that they have the final nail in culprits coffin and and if his first three point.
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man of the match bobby wood has finally settled in. with you it's been a record breaking start of the season first shocker albeit of the negative the writing they lost the first five games zero points and not much for the coach to an . icepick you know absolute as he puts on we absolutely respect the situation it's we can start looking at the table situation right now is to be frank not something that helps i'm stumped it will be a tall seans on the markets he told two or three weeks time it's going to look a lot better. than two weeks later showed up beating minds last weekend and then moscow in the champions league and in distilled off on saturday the royal blues had that new purpose in their stride. in the dugout it's. a liberated shell could confidently took hold of proceedings.
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i would submit he may have been the midweek match winner against moscow and now put his side ahead against us a little was what say that just managed to cut the ball back in for the americans open has been listening to your accounts to the delight of his teammates. his coach . i can show you where then on the front foot i've been in we never lost faith and now you can see on the pitch we've got our confidence back . it's important that we now have six points i'm a gradually moving up the table. the host of barely got to look for a boot in as shell a dominate. shot to fight and commitment was back on display no pain no gain thing going forward there was no messing around for the visits
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the bitch out of ending did superbly to carry not be up until it deflected shots was a couple of weeks ago was shot that would have been luke the rebound over the pa was but not now beatle books tell it tucked away to make it to neil can shout to settle back in the groove that saw them finishing second spot last season. maybe rediscover those crucial little things. which they used as morgan we found a good mix of defense in the attack which wasn't quite there in the first five games wasn't for letting us last another clean sheet and. shocker found last season's form again. there's no one from the still early days and we all struggled a bit but he's always like this help and for her fortunately it's and it's great to see the team suddenly coming back like this for us and so it shows we have
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a good spirit because we know the hard work pays off it's good food on whether it is by losing five not everything was bad for excitement there were some really good things there too it's not informational i'm jealous last time and at the same time winning two now doesn't mean that everything's hunky dory it was ignition. after all his site only have six points seven games into the season but after three wins out of three in all competitions the mood among the shock of faithful is back to buoyant as shock as a revival continues. it's a taper fest time in munich as the entire team and management descend on those beer tents in traditional bavarian attire they're normally sitting pretty at the top of the table. but this season it seems to be a case of the glass being half empty. indeed it's been a sobering past weeks for otherwise my city byan and this saturday night was
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definitely one to forget. i was not the body language of by munich like i don't remember ever seeing perform like that at home so i have to buy new things. but when we're truly not themselves wherever you looked that defense was leaking and allison player opened the floodgates the the with the old manual noir have fingered that around the post the that nico kovacs seemed frankly baffled and bereft of options but what was he supposed to do when his star studded lineup were making elementary mistakes in this case by tiago . us hoffman pounced to set up laos stint as a dormant buy in defense looked up to nil in munich the day it was that the who were playing with the pen nash and clinical finishing
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usually associated with their hosts. then we can see the individual errors from our two offers its. and up front things aren't looking too promising either unrecognisable some would say. and they failed to take the few chances they did create like this one for thomas millar and we've all seen better finishing than this from the all but live and off ski. the boy and this isn't how people imagine high flying by and. it's. there are opponents who are showing us and by on how to play the beautiful game right now. it's been anything but a beautiful start from the coco faction. doesn't miss in freedom with the failing to feel that the right pressure when not even managing to create successive attempts on goal. that at the moment anderson understate the atmosphere don't.
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is it all nico kovacs his fault then. or did the executives fail to recruit enough new talent in the summer. we have the same players that we played seven good games with. but the four subsequent outings have seen them slump when the going gets tough buy in can be expected to show a response although right now that response seems to have little substance this isn't one characteristic of a spy and. they did have the ball in the back of the net only for a sympathetic looking lines and then to call offside nothing's going right for this team it seems. this is illusion it's a mix of not playing too well and having some bad luck in terms of the results on the members of thirties and. there was little bad luck involved in cloud bass third
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and final goal however as the buy in defense stood around like statues patrick hammond drilled home with ease. it's the first time by and have lost consecutively game since may twenty fifth when they don't already won the title and the fourth match without a win in all competitions means crisis time nico kovacs his dream job is turning into a nightmare. when i'm not clueless i know why things aren't working. i'd be clueless if i couldn't explain how this is come about so. the top brass one goal was not guesses of course. i had their complete backing for the first seven games so i assume it's going to stay that way . by hand in six of those currently celebrating the october fest on the
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fans will be wondering when the team will stop serving half pints. did you know kick off is now on you tube with the world of football. was north of mexico the world to read we travel the world in the ring if you know how high tensions are running i'm going to say the stars and there were people and discuss football. on the board today it's going to go on. as a football kick off on you tube. i didn't see you. here other weekend results leave it to the last second to over come out for leipsic almost double that goal difference shot because renee sounds continues into the door find lose three in their left home and defeat in hanover was the final straw
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dismissing coach tight. it's a first for this season a coach has been let go. last place she got to have sacked typhon call could the man who steered them clear of the drop last campaign. of the muslims abides implants and we have to be clear with them as and this is about the future of the club for not so individuals as these are screw ups. at the moment for my german international and they as he is leading the training sessions. for finding corporate successor nearly every available form abundance league of coaches coming into question. and here's the table so members still sitting pretty of the top braman move up to a surprising fourth spot leapfrogging bias but hey six is still good enough for the
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europa league. they're still doing far better than hoffenheim leverkusen and shocker although a shark at least moved out of the drop so meanwhile stuttgart have to focus on finding a new coach but now our match day moment. i . just. sat. i. thought i. have to face down to taste. satisfied. still. for thanked. us for it to raise good. proof was about groups of people they could.
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i. it makes the makes it look so easy like the cards he makes why now we finish a sort of a free kick in the last minute because gore said no he's really good for the players. thanks so much see you next time. the by. the book. the book. the game. of the.
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