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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  October 10, 2018 1:15pm-1:31pm CEST

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yet to produce that best for you if you live side. they shouldn't give up they need to play more you don't like the f. you up feelings on the just need to do their thing and will win games. for the time being fans remain skeptical this open training session was the first step towards reconnecting with supporters for those lucky enough to be in attendance anyway i'm . not. some good advice this seventy daubeny is a business news coming up with christoph shortly. and list all consuming conflict forums for power and privilege. thirty years to turn up
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a few battles. but canons failed to determine its outcome. in negotiations lasting many years mediators succeeded in breaching agreement. it was the birth of modern diplomacy. sixteen forty eight. took place starts oct twenty fourth do you w. . they already cut their economic growth forecasts not all the international monetary fund of the world bank are saying the stability of the global financial system is a risk at their meeting in bali the two institutions side multiple serious threats also on the show the european union agreed to curb automotive emissions by thirty five per. send in the coming years and challenge for german automakers and canada
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inaugurate a billion dollar business overnight with cannabis becoming a growth industry. i'm crystal cola welcome to the program the global financial system is becoming increasingly unstable that's the conclusion of a report by the international monetary fund of the world bank currently meeting on the indonesian island of bali after the two institutions lowered their global growth forecasts they are seeing a whole array of challenges but polls considerable threats to the world's financial stability. trade wars unsustainable das arms the prospect of a no deal breakers these are just some of the risks to global financial stability mentioned in the i.m.f. reports. if you think it all sounds pretty bleak take heart from the i.m.f. chief christine lagarde. what it is tempting to be
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a bit depressed about this perspective i am actually hopeful because there is a clear up or tight to improve and expand trade think of the flurry of welcome discussions and proposals to strengthen the w.t. you all think of all the new trade deals such as d.p.p. eleven. the regional african trade agreement and the progress made on the us mexico canada deal. progress in some areas yes but all this against a backdrop of a trade war between the united states and china. the world bank had a sober message about how the tit for tat tat response between the world's top two economies could top the contagion effect. protectionist trade policies can cause a chain reaction as more countries adopt similar measures. the global recovery is built on investment and there's
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a real danger that businesses will decide to wait for more clarity before engaging in new projects ten years after the last global financial crisis there's a whole new set of risks to the world economy. whether it's trade war is the question of upholding international banking regulations or britney leaving the e.u. to court suggests that without political cooperation the cracks in the financial system will only widen. now for more let's cross over to our financial correspondent conrad goes and frankfurt this is the second warning by the i.m.f. within twenty four hours are people in germany's financial capital confident that world leaders will listen. no they're not i'm afraid christophe in particular when it comes to one of the word leaders you know the american president america first this policy means that the united states is not really interested in
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seeking common ground with other nations and you know for the i.m.f. the international monetary fund this means that it's losing one of its most stabilizing forces the united states has always been a very stabilizing force even a dominating force for the international monetary fund and the worldwide financial system since the foundation of the i.m.f. in one nine hundred forty five but now the positions of the two sides seem to become more and more adverse i mean take the tax cuts in the united states for example they are causing the united states to sort of suck up the money from other places in the world in great amounts. so the u.s. tax policy threatens the financial system in other countries of the world. cannot bosun frankfurt thank you. european union and vironment ministers have agreed to a thirty five percent carbon dioxide reduction for new cars by twenty thirty the
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ministers' meeting in luxembourg or essentially split between eastern and western europe germany backed by eastern european member states fiercely resisted the forty percent cut which the european parliament voted for last week luxembourg the netherlands and nordic states had pushed for even more ambitious productions. it was a difficult missing for german environment minister spaniel choice to find herself under pressure from the government to fight against tough emissions targets evidently against her own convictions. and we hope we have done more. well some countries have been calling for c o two emissions to be caught in half by twenty thirty that was a step too far for germany it's delegation proposed a more modest thirty percent after thirteen hours of negotiations they reached a compromise a thirty five percent reduction in c o two emissions by twenty thirty. missing
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those targets will be an especially big challenge for makers of big vehicles that would include many german automotive companies so the issue is viewed as a tradeoff between jobs and the environment. the government in berlin is clearly trying to protect the german carmakers which have a little problem its competitiveness if it is comes through reduction of emissions and so it's more surprising that the german minister actually gave in to the thirty five percent target she was obliged to fight for thirty percent but in the night she gave up this trip to the regulations the more pressure manufacturers will feel to focus on zero emissions vehicles in other words to invest in electric mobility. with the german government unable to convince the other you members to accept more lenient targets. car industry will have no choice but to adapt. it's
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to greece now and when the country had to impose heavy austerity measures in response to its economic crisis research institutions also took a have to cut now that the greek economy is clawing its way back into growth territory situations for the scientific community is improving as well the biggest are in deeper so the increase the national center for scientific research also known as democrat the us scientists from various fields like nuclear technology chemistry and i t. work here during the financial crisis the center's budget was cut considerably employees then started working in close conjunction with industry the president of democrats us said business is didn't want to take any risks but that has changed. at the moment i see a much more mature situation with startups but also within industry they're more prepared to take a bigger risk investing i'm not talking here about small and shy steps i'm talking
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about visible steps. forward for me almost. furthermore since twenty seventeen even the budget of democrat talks has been increased that enables the center using scholarships from industry to lure back highly educated greeks who had left the country or eat out of china people offered scholarships have quit their jobs abroad to come here the scholarship the last four years work like an employment contract and the pay isn't bad. maybe. and of course you have future prospects working with industry you just want to make your makhanya. democrats also has a technology park more and more startups dealing in r. and d. have been setting up shop here just like protons which specializes in biomarker discovery and compound evaluation a biomarker is a naturally occurring molecule gene or other marker which helps identify a particular disease found early on
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e does alex opelousas studied at harvard in the us he said finding good employees is no problem. whereas i think so a single job posting got us three hundred applications in just one week and our mailbox is full you can really get good scientists and want to go over so because. the biochemist knows based on his time abroad the spirit of innovation for startups attracts other innovations. it was helpful for us to be in greece to attract the best brains the best scientists and to build a good group that way we can also grow as a company that's very important for a new firm there's a lot of know how knowledge increase from their headquarters in athens suburb they now work together with companies and research institutes from around the world and they're convinced that they've just scratched the surface of what can be achieved. next wednesday is going to be an important day to many people in canada on october
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seventeenth the regulation or use of marijuana will become legal in the country and not only those who like an occasional smoke are getting excited canadian provinces are set to reap a tax bonanza. cannabis is big business and businesses in canada have been gearing up for the big day even medium sized producers like pure son expect to send significant volumes to market conservative fork out the seventy five thousand kilograms of. canada's cannabis industry has bloom since the liberals came to government the country has more than twenty publicly traded marijuana companies with a combined market value of twenty three billion dollars unlike in the us marijuana is illegal at the federal level the canadian cannabis industry will have access to banking and mail delivery customers will be able to order marijuana online and have it delivered to their door. we will soon have
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a new system in place one that keeps cannabis out of the hands of our kids and keeps profits away from organized crime and like any new industry canada's cannabis sector also means new jobs deloitte estimates as many as one hundred fifty thousand new jobs across the country. but this budding industry will have to fight for a small share of the profits it's canada's provincial governments that will be the biggest winners the provinces will make around three billion dollars a year from licenses and taxes. and that wraps up our program if you want more to check our social media feeds for now for me in the entire team thanks for watching bradley your.
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