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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 11, 2018 12:00pm-12:30pm CEST

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this is news coming to you live from berlin a rocket carrying the crew working to national space station fields made. the launch from kazakhstan appear to go but at first but then the two astronauts one russian and modern american reported a problem and were forced to make an emergency landing we'll bring you the very latest from moscow also coming up. new figures show more people around the world are starving yemen is one of the countries where people especially children are suffering the most we will talk to an advisor from the global hunger index on water
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needs to be done. and in football sits down with former germany captain michelle bala to talk about the national team's disappointing world cup exit he says coach rockin move is lucky to still be in the job. hunt and welcome. two astronauts aboard a soyuz spacecraft have had to make an emergency landing after their druck it engine feed on liftoff russian space officials say the two men are in good condition the soyuz rocket was carrying a russian cosmonaut and a u.s. astronaut their crofts took off from the baikonur cosmodrome in kazakhstan the soyuz rocket was carrying a russian cosmonaut and a u.s. astronaut as i mentioned nestle said it had. has been influenced by russian space
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officials that the crew has made an emergency landing at an unspecified location in kazakhstan and is in good condition search and rescue crews are heading to the landing site let's listen for a moment to that crew and mission control became aware that the rock the rocketry via. you can. find. the failure of. this straight go straight to our moscow bureau but our correspondent is standing by and me what more can you tell us about this incident. well the kremlin spokesperson has now confirmed that the astronauts are both alive and well and that the emergency systems of the capsule did work now the accident reportedly happened just minutes after the launch some sources are saying it was just two minutes after the launch that the accident that the accident happened and
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apparently the boosters suffered an engine failure just after the launch down there were similar accidents in soviet. in the soviet space. nine hundred seventy five and in one nine hundred eighty three and russian state t.v. is also now reporting that the emergency landing took place in the center of kazakhstan near the city of gun and rescue services as you said are heading to that spot several helicopters as well they're reporting are heading there and reportedly those cosmonauts those astronauts even will be taken to the hospital at the cosmodrome shortly so it's a big release said both of the crew members all safe and well but how serious is an accident over malfunction like this for the russian space agency. well this is huge news in russia. state t.v.
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has been reporting about this since the accident happened really focusing on it it's really important news for people here and of course it will be a huge blow to the reputation of the russian space mission as well they run the cosmodrome it's a russian run facility and it was of malfunction of the so hughes space capsule and we saw a similar malfunction of a similar capsule just at the end of august there were reports that say use capsule they had found a hole in a capsule which was docked to the international space station a hole in the wall so of course there will be questions about the state of russian space engineering and disappointment on both the u.s. and russian sides and of course this is one of the only areas now with strained relations that the u.s. and russia still cooperate on so there will be disappointment on both sides and
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we'll have to see what implications this has going forward and. thank you very much for that. there's been some other stories making news around the wasn't. so that muslim readers can be sent to reeducation sent is a time to see the centers are designed to radicalism but critics charge the effect prison camps for muslims report says some one million readers are being held in camps as has sparked international condemnation. the united states has written dozens of ancient colombian artifacts bonded over decades by an american collector the items were discovered after a tip off investigators also found thousands of pieces from other countries in the man's home the elderly collected dies after the investigation was launched. a powerful cycling has struck eastern india with winds of up to one hundred fifty
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kilometers per hour official says cycling tickly has killed two people and caused widespread power outages three hundred thousand people have been evacuated it's expected to don grace to a deep depression by friday. in the united states one of the most powerful storms ever to hit the mainland has been battering southern coastal states hurricane michael made landfall in florida yesterday leaving widespread damage and flooding in its wake pictures taken by the international space station captured the storm shortly before it hit the southern part of the state known as the florida panhandle it was the state's fiercest weather in more than eighty years the storm's intensity has warned of wind as it moves inland but neighboring states including georgia and the carolinas are bracing for more destruction.
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hurricane michael carved a path of destruction as it crashed ashore near panama city florida. with winds up to two hundred fifty kilometers an hour the storm was the worst to hit the northern panhandle in decades flooding homes and streets. the wind was so strong and with the trees you can hear just about every tree quacking and break in. the rain just hitting up against a house. you could tell there was something major but again if you've never experienced a hurricane or major storm trust me this is something that you never want to go through the dumbest thing i've ever built fifty seven years just. like a jet engine. i mean the winds just super super high you could feel it in your ears like the pressure just changing now. overnight michael moved towards the state
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of georgia expected to plow northward threatening south and north carolina. with heavy rains and winds. with. hundreds of thousands were ordered to evacuate their homes. many. upside down. ok now the number of people suffering from hunger was wide is rising according to the wide hunger index more than one hundred twenty four million people are experiencing hunger that's forty four million more than two years ago it's the african continent that suffers the most the majority of countries in africa have a serious hunger problem they just african countries where hunger and starvation on not an issue central african states are at the top of the index.
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and for more on the issue i have with me in this studio dr klaus from gram but he's the senior advisor to the global hunger index which has just published a report by the german aid group vet who. thank you very much for joining us klaus now for young as he has been progress made to reduce hunger but in the last two years we've seen a dramatic increase of forty four million people more hungry people in the what tell us more about the reasons for this i wouldn't call it dramatic but it's creeping in and the numbers are rising in the overall numbers so the reason for that is if you see in real estate the reason. for hunger conflict conflict conflict and then comes governance and then comes climate change these are the reasons i mean this is basically conflict all the other reasons for that like policies distribution ghana governance to mall can agencies do more to
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malnourishment and hunger conflict normally conflicts start with policy and the old saying that. war is the continuation of diplomacy with other means so conflict is really the main reason and if you have a conflict farmers can bring in the crops they come transported stranger around so that's the main the main reason but it's based in a way of governance right we come back to bad governance in just a moment because one country which. outside of africa where starvation and famine is a huge issue is yemen off its twenty eight million people more than eighteen million in gehman on the brink of starvation and there's concern that figure could double by the end of the year let's take a closer look at the situation there a warning this report contains images some viewers might find distressing.
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these other faces of a famine. the scars of war are visible everywhere in yemen and i say wolf and the most vulnerable watch. in the alsa dhaka hospital in aden everybody in this filled with tiny patients he came with a seat at that month ration nutrition at a habitation uncommunicative with acute what it is the area that's what i do feel with this. clinics here are overwhelmed after three years of conflict some five million children are at risk of starvation first set. of new food shortage in terms. of the symptoms in both the movies. on the phone to the men. in who has been over the last one to one of. the blockade of the vital port city has
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caused feed prices to skyrocket the world food program and numerous n.g.o.s are working to deliver aid to the many people who need it but the situation is precarious. fighting continues in her data and elsewhere and there's no guarantee that the aid corridors that are open today will be open tomorrow. providing assistance to eight million people every month which is what were food programs target is in a very complex conflict situation is very challenging. the conflict in yemen has been called the world's forgotten war here that makes its citizens the forgotten people the u.n. want in may that if conditions don't improve chief thirds of the population could stuff by the end of this year. that's fun graham but
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a senior advisor to the global hunger index is still with me as we talked about a conflict we talked about bad governance both apply to yemen but get as an advisor something needs to be done to avert a humanitarian catastrophe which is threatening yemen what can that be. first of all of whom in the tarion aid because if people are starving they have to be to be fed but then again the governance has to take place you can't do when you tarry and aid for four years without it and so there has to be some organization that takes over and starts again rebuilding him a first hand experience of was involved in the food security program for yemen that's about five or six years ago before the war started yemen was on a good cause but then the war ended everything right so conflict is at the root of hunger and malnutrition which is what he was saying klaus one of them but thank you
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so much for sharing your insights with us and thank you. president says he has spoken with salvia authorities at the highest level to demand answers about missing saudi journalists. the correspondent has been writing for the media outlets from the u.s. and has been highly critical of the saudi leadership he has not been seen since entering the saudi consulate in istanbul in turkey more than a week ago. this image obtained by turkish media allegedly shows journalist. walking into the saudi consulate the last time anyone saw him eight days have passed and there are no traces of his whereabouts turkish sources say they believe a saudi arabian hit squad cute a fifty nine year old media outlets published purporting to show the suspects arrival a day before went missing before his disappearance for the washington post during
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a self-imposed exile in the u.s. . there he wrote columns criticizing saudi arabia's new rulers the washington post supports the view that saudi arabia captured him and says u.s. intelligence knew about the plan to capture the columnist the u.s. denies any formal each president donald trump says he has talked to high level saudi authorities to demand answers over the case version of situations a very very bad situation. we want to get to the bottom meanwhile saudi arabia remained silent as the alleged c.c.t.v. images run on news shows worldwide it has yet to prove its claim that he left the saudi consulate by a back door. now ahead of a match between the german national football team and the netherlands on saturday did obvious spoke exclusively to retired former germany captain michel he discussed the struggles facing jail in football after
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a disappointing world cup in russia ed mccambridge from both says join me joins me welcome and. former captain of germany had some very critical things to say well he did i think he had every right to i mean let's not forget this was germany's worst performance at a world cup since one thousand nine hundred thirty eight and that came as defending champions now naturally many high profile figures in germany have come out and criticized the form it says and criticized in particular but they don't come much more high profile than mr barak as yourself former captain now he's not attached to any club at the moment so he's free to speak his mind. and it's worth mentioning actually that the two do share a very fractious relationship that was dropped from the germany squad after missing the twenty third world cup through injury he never played for the for the country again and he says he feels very disrespected by the deer in particular but let's hear what he has to say now. as an outsider i was surprised as well as many other
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people that he kept his job. because he was a long time. since a long time he was with the team and. you know there's this time where sometimes things doesn't work anymore you know when you're so wrong with the team i mean. so i mean as we've just seen there alex very surprised that love kept his job after the world cup i think we can infer from that but had ballack been charged i think might be unemployed now but he wasn't in charge and after all you know he's been getting tough on a live deal me did win the world cup in two thousand and fourteen so where does that mean feat that you live when drawing this time like most people connected to germany national team founder and former players and experts alike were just expecting more from germany in the summer i mean this wasn't a champion team in gradual decline going into this tournament this was a team just twelve months previously one confederations cup with a beating with young hungry ambitious players and they went all the way and they
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wanted like i said so i think a lot of fans were expecting this fresh blood to be integrated into the germany team at this twenty eight he woke up in russia and it just didn't happen and i think they're very disappointed with some of the decisions of made especially i think leaving. behind that exemplified what issues. right now given the difficult relationship between a buck and live how much of is this a question of salad grapes on their fractious relationship as you talk or does he really have a point where i think he has got a point i mean i don't think any sane germany fan would have said these points lacks substance they all very disappointed to have seen that you know these young players one integrated into the squad but i think live now has a chance with this game coming up on saturday against the netherlands in the way for nations league to try and silence his critics to try and prove his point here and also a game against the reigning world champions france next week now i would just like to mention that if any of our viewers would like to see more of the interview with
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nickelback they can go into the v.w. website and see more of the interview there ok do we have any other clips of michelle obama or should we just wait and see on the on the on line no we can we can also see i mean he was also very disappointed with the hubris squad show going into the into the tournament and he thinks of some of the younger players like to say that and the like should have been integrated so let's let's hear from him now i think maybe we do not have the clip yet in any case as you said if you want to see the full interview with michelle obama can go to the website dot com slash sports is that right that's right thank you very much. for coming in and telling us about that. ok so another famous sporting name. let's talk about another famous sporting name and that is the retired sprinter it was same boat he wants to follow in the box footsteps by being a footballer and the jamaican is having
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a trial at australian team center of course marino's and is set to make his first start for the club in a friendly match on friday both is also trained with teams in germany and norway but things this game could determine if he makes it as a professional football. ok so went out to crystal from business business desk and the latest on a may just sell off taking place on stock market that's right i mean i would get to that story in a second first we have some breaking news coming in agencies are reporting that the german government has dropped its growth forecast for this year or next to one point eight percent that's down half a percentage point and spring berlin projected growth of two point four percent for this year they do into w. or we'll be following this story later on now talking about the stock market a brutal session it was on wall street last night after u.s. president donald trump called the federal reserve quote crazy for raising interest
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rates his off the cuff comments sent the dow jones industrial average to its lowest level in eight months and hammered markets in china to levels they haven't seen in four years. market turmoil on wall street followed by a massive slump in asia investors around the world are feeling the heat one issue weighing on their minds whether the u.s. fed is going to raise interest rates again it's already done so three times this year it's a measure central banks take to put the brakes on a robust economy markets don't always like it because it makes it more expensive to borrow money. another person who doesn't like it u.s. president donald trump here's what he had to say about the fed on his way to a campaign rally. hard to breath that was. making the state was so tight i think they're going to break. trump's comments come as the
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international monetary fund and the world bank hold their annual meeting in indonesia so the mood there has been pretty bleak not only have the institutions lowered their forecast for global growth they've also released a report that says the world's financial system is at risk i.m.f. chief christine lagarde even made a veiled reference to transfer remarks by defending central banks it's clearly a. necessary development for those economies that are now showing. much improved growth. inflation that is picking up the falling into the range are reaching the threshold unemployment that of extremely low it's inevitable that. central banks make the decisions that. they clash in ideals between the head of the international monetary fund the us president warnings that the global economy is slowing down and becoming unstable not to mention
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a continuing trade war between the us and china against this backdrop investor jitters are likely to enjoy your. ride let's unpack the story here are aware of micro shares and chief market analyst at c.m.c. markets in london and our correspondent colorados is standing by there for our first talk conrad let me start with you markets around the world have been tumbling what's the situation like in frankfurt. well the german share index stacks is down a bit more than one percent that's adding to the two point two percent loss yesterday which is a lot but it's also a lot less than what's been going on in the united states or of the on many markets in asia you know that's the reason why a majority of the c. of don't believe that we're going to see a prolonged sell off the equity market something like a crash but rather a correction investors are selling many of the shares which have done very well so
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far this year and there's a bit of a rotation going on investors are actually buying shares here in frankfurt today of more defensive sectors such as the pharmaceutical sector buy a shares are in demand for example all right mike over to you in london some off the cuff comments there by the u.s. president now they have may they may have triggered this number but surely they're not the underlying problem you're having. now i think that's too simplistic so use prison terms comments as the trigger for the sump i think it's been a long time coming there have been concerns about. the growth growth for costs going forward which the i.m.f. i think crystallized in comments earlier this week these were unexpected comments from the i.m.f. christine lagarde signaled that well it's a downgrade to global growth growth for costs for next year two or three weeks ago but nonetheless at a time of escalating trade tensions high valuations for u.s.
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stocks particularly the tech sector and the fact that u.s. bond yields are on the rise and likely to push quite a bit higher investors have looked at the gap between u.s. bond yields and the dividend yield the trailing dividend yield on the s. and p. five hundred the nasdaq and basically concluded not on reasonably that that gap is to why it is time for a little bit of profit taking head at the start of the earning season in the u.s. which starts at the end of this week and i think this. concern that an awful lot of these companies could well be guiding lower they guidance for the next twelve months and now is as good a time as any to take some money off the table and obviously that has affected us small case quite markedly now michael you mentioned the international monetary fund that has come out with a whole array of threats to the world economy we have the trade spat between the u.s. and china we have rising debt in emerging countries. what are the most pressing
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issue issues here and yourself. well i certainly think they all are right to be concerned about the financial system not only i think in china but also i think in europe and i think that's probably why european markets have actually underperformed the u.s. small case which you continue to make multi-year highs on an almost weekly basis over the course of the last nine to ten months let's not forget the tax money this new all time high in january for this year since then it's showing no inclination whatsoever to go back to those levels and more importantly the footsie made is actually going into paying markets hero's story as a result of an awful lot of the concerns about the banking system in europe but also i think the concerns that the e.u. authorities i'm a lady louisa maya could fall over the setting of the budget likely houston and london and conrad bosun our correspondent in frankfurt thanks to you both. thank
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you. and a reminder of the top stories we're following for you and russian rocket carrying two crew members to the international space station has failed shortly after liftoff from kazakstan the two men on board a russian cosmonaut and the american astronaut were forced to make an emergency landing there recorded to be an injured and are going michael us better the u.s. state of florida where the winds torrential rains and flooding one person is reported killed so. far as the fiercest storm to hit the state in living memory and tears through storms intensity is weakening as it heads further inland. this is d w news coming to your live from berlin thanks for watching for africa. are going.
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