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tv   Kick off - Special The Bundesligas French connection  Deutsche Welle  October 16, 2018 6:30pm-7:00pm CEST

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in negotiations last three years mediators succeeded in virtually every one and. it was the birth of modern diplomacy. sixteen forty years. to produce starts oct twenty fourth d.w. . no debate twenty eighteen was france's year even the bundesliga is feeling the french fervor like never before and. i love this league pulled from
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a to zyad all the stars from the land of the world champions now on kick off never knew when to think of. the bundesliga has never been so french as the most us open the gate has a good reputation and from speakers it's a very good legion. and these days it's home to a lot of french players especially the younger ones and security of this is. more than ever before some of the fast lane to the very top place a fantastic. overstock to finish the job. others have long since claimed their place in the all time but just like the annals of the books again the league's been. come sexy with
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a lot of attraction for. two world cup winners play here but why the bundesliga. because it's considered sad big blow for him and by him he's got great potential. he's already shown what he's capable of since his arrival in bahrain will bounce back to continue and already illustrious career which began here in the small town of about an hour's drive from it's here twenty so took his first football steps age six in the year two thousand back then france were world and european champions. this man oversaw the early development of a talent he couldn't have known was destined to win the world cup himself. and it was very quick a very general noise wanted to win. he had a good shot and scored lots of goals he started as
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a striker and he was quite prolific he was a natural. his father had also played for start. but little column turns talent wouldn't go unnoticed for long. when he was seven when i played a game on the pitch next to the olympic leone stadium and he was spotted by their scouts. but his parents didn't want him to make that kind of move about and his father said he could do it when he was fifteen. i go. from here. to here a world champion patrolling the barren midfield and he clearly hasn't lost that childhood scoring touch in his first season in germany tony so racked up six hundred legal goals.
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i was relatively unknown when i arrived here last year. i came from a little. nobody really knew me you know and because the world cup winner of all things change for sure. thirteen only so made the move to the leon youth academy he's up on the wall here now alongside the likes of kathleen benson mom and alexander like i said. at sixteen he started training under stefan of arch the next step on his road to the pros was not an entirely smooth journey. he was a bit weedy at the start but he played football with a lot of passion and intensity. about a whole it was a matter of building up his confidence. his technique was always excellent. and then he had a sudden growth spurt and went on to develop
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a real athletic physique. trained for three years under arch who also made sure his young protege completed his education tally so forms one of league earns most potent duels with front man alexander luck has that which piqued the interest of buyers club he's apparently admired for a long time. the games in the boonies league are a very open there are lots of big clubs the stadiums are always full and the outlets feels fantastic it's the first german phrase i love forward in the form. loves the game loves getting into the box and scoring goals for them on. my basically described him as a classic box to box midfielder. in march twenty seventeen twenty so took his senior bound for france after swapping li. gone from munich that summer he
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cemented his place in the national squad and secured his ticket to russia for the world cup. the rest as they say is history from the round of sixteen on words tony so featured in every game as france went to the title twenty eighteen a year to remember for him until that crucial ligament injury in september. best wishes for a speedy recovery from stuck on its benjamin path. and his fellow countrymen at byron two who are full of confidence. visually dufner best fresh clothes that would be most of. kings like a man lightning fast and with a close control to match the evergreen funk i believe is still setting a lively pace the man thirteen years younger is following his example to clay color
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. fantastic. and we both love being out on the page sure taking risks and playing spectacular football to do those who diminish us because there'd be plenty more spectacular football it's called man wasn't injured so often he had to sit out of the world cup and suffered an ankle injury on the opening match of the season. and accuses show that he's out injured now unfortunately but he's a good player very important to buy and. command could be a face of fire in munich just like tonka billy who has defined an era since arriving in two thousand and seven. since then he's been involved in almost two hundred bundesliga goals many of them as important as they were beautiful. last time but. different from great for a little. ok. i
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just got such a good strong certainly proud to have played regularly for the team for so long. the freshest operatic. culture of a job it was. very much an important play for the team i've won everything with my club by and not done yet. still a key player for byron a thirty five some are worried the club is still too reliant on him good to be so following his footsteps. i was just thirteen when he came here in two thousand and seven obviously he's been a role model. he always gives it everything in training hates to loose the those are the kind of players you want to emulate. for in straight away if i can be like him at seventy five going on thirty six. conklin building the most successful
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non-germane player in the bundesliga history but he's not the first frenchmen supplying his trade in germany. wing wizard zille back less kicked off at stuttgart back in the one nine hundred sixty s. he was a lone trailblazer through to the eighty's when another way did he a cease beguile to the bundesliga with over twenty goals and assists apiece also in the service of the card. barons first french player was striker jumpier path than he managed just three top flight goals in two years but that didn't include the pick of the bunch for nine hundred ninety five. altogether more successfully munich nine hundred ninety eight world cup winner the chantilly seven thousand with six point just the good times and five d.f.e. cups plus the champions league. in two thousand and one about his teammates
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compatriot willie sutton you'll be galloping gallic fullback combination formed and taken all part of a great byron t. . shell you. signed for van in ninety seven and i'd say the success silverware that followed would have motivated other players to move to the bundesliga. in the late ninety's another world champion moved from france to germany usually georgia pulling the strings at concerts lounge and. raymond meanwhile had blue chef join the coup another gifted playmaker who helped win the league and cup double in two thousand and four master of the first time pass and the big time goal a leader by example and still a dedicated fan of the bundesliga as shelters current french star is happy to confirm this and to go to win this war it's amazing amazing me why because the rural district lives and breathes football it's the backdrop for
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one of the world's most passionately contested and supported local darby's last season's rendition of the darby served up memories for the ages. but serves as pressure to hear specific show. where saturday where both. parties. it's ajar be that turns compatriots into rivals. i don't have a conflict i think this is important old fool to keep this tradition to be us pick for both to keep this like your all the you know and we are talking more shall cause belgium oh stumbly has a few under his belt now he won't forget the nov twenty seventeen meeting in a hurry and own goal followed by two assists ashoka clawed back up for goal deficit to sound. the point at the last. of the i get what it.
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is called is go and i was like like i want to cry you know it's all still fairly new for. the france under twenty one captain swapped minds for dortmund over the summer. like this is a different dimension i get that feeling all the time here of being part of a big club for the glory system for. a central defender of the modern french school dortmund's new back row boss strong in the tackle technically adept and with good passing ability diallo can also double up as a de flying playmaker a role not dissimilar to stumble isa childcare out injured at the start of the season his third in goals and harrison. typical of this club it's a family that that walk to the five together this is perfect every week and you
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have such a pleasure to come on the pitch the new neighborhood rivals are evidently united in their enthusiasm for the bundesliga in france watch some. games who are like what is this stadium is always for. football in the bundesliga is just super intense in the cigar. the next ruler darby kicks off on match day fourteen royal blue against black and yellow complete with the requisite declarations of intent. want to be. there no less passionate about football in the rhineland webvan to gladbach three french players on their books among them a dedicated goal scorer allison player sixteen league goals for nice last season and he was fast off the mark in the bundesliga. i. want to shock
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towers are celebrities sleeping over at the house and. i've been this you know i like the. watching it on t.v. i like to straight away and that's why i chose to come and play here if i didn't want to get to know spain there's a lot of goals scored in the bundling and that suits me fine so i'm up for that in ways all my. life to this day. he's had little trouble adapting to his new surroundings not least with the help of compatriots mamadou dooku i am a kalki song midfielder ki song was still only nineteen racked up twenty four top flight outings in his first season with a lot but he's earned his spurs already and among players league rivals now is an old friend from his leone days byron's world champion cantante lease so. we keep in touch he decided to come to germany himself with me and i've always
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wanted to join him in the bundesliga. and other bundesliga body is frankfurt's sebastian. when i was a real son but i was there together and i we see when you again soon think he said i'm looking forward to the reunion live yesterday fourth on the. player and his fellow foals against and the rest of frankfurt. they also have to further frenchmen in the ranks. so you think guys. finish the job. like just last year. you know who is really helping in frankfurt becoming really made him feel it. could be like if. he was scoring. just about the team style suits if he feels good that he was adopted well. we could . is it some of the people who know frankfurt's gold grappler best in his hometown
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of vineyard just south of paris. where that east wind baby endo is will be your children might not like to hear it from me he's my baby. and. he's my champion that's what i was call him once our days. this is where it began the sporting journey that would take him to the bundesliga nothing special of the city you know we didn't get a lot of things to do for we were all excited every day playing football. as far as proposal i'll never forget him you don't get a player like him even once a decade. his first year in germany was quite a success story second on the lead chart for one on one tussles nine bundesliga goals for frankfurt including the coal of the season. i'm not is marvelous why he got so that was. that mark never sensed says the kick
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foley was the same play back next research from some past year following his was right that's all that's going to go. but it up until between this call when he goes and the one of this instantly. at twenty four layers something of an older brother for the new signing for jose on nineteen year old evan. playing in the heart of the i'm tough defense. and while he's busy helping keep goals out at one end she's knocking them in that the other much to the delight of his hometown fan club. down the river from frankfurt minds are another club with three french players on the books. left back
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a tempest man's been here since twenty fifteen central defender musante at how they arrived over the summer as did striker john hilley. he got off the mark on match day to. day some paulo is a fantastic guy. who sang if you've got a great link people want to play in it going oh that's why we come here simple as that. so can you just fund is in his fifth season with bowls for the midfield lynchpin is the one french player in the bundesliga who's also captain your child like the other responsibility more responsibility also for helping settle in the new faces such as compatriot j. ohn lucy on signs from. the fullback like his captain should have little trouble adapting. says he was the academy's in france are a good stepping stone to the bundesliga the focus he is on attacking and counter-attacking speed with the french systems made to measure for. a bunch of
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german cup winners in twenty fifteen only two of that side remain he is one of them the years since have been a rollercoaster ride for the wolves his steady play at midfield has been one of the few constants. right jess. at twenty eight he's a relative veteran among the bundesliga is french contingent the same age as alex bugs you want to time schmidt. and a year younger than fribourg your take and i have a. now for the club with the most french players currently in their ranks line six youth full force on the stand. and cannot take top talents one at all not older than twenty one head coach ralph guy nick has a special advisor in this particular scouting department. we ain't the former
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france manager is best acquainted with the specific profile of potential leipsic recruits. and whether we find players who can really help us who are affordable and who really want to move us in the book in his case from day to leipsic. his four young french stars all hail from a similar background to low income suburbs with a rough and ready five a side courts street football for starters. yeah that's why i honed my aggression and my technique we play for an hour or even two hours without a break that's why i laid the foundations for everything that came after they have . a macand i was the first to arrive at the start of twenty seventeen after a year and a half playing in austria dynamic fleet footed and with a handy eye for goal as well alongside even human quality he was part of one of the
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league's youngest back lines last season connotate had just turned eighteen when he swapped the french second flight for lots again the bundesliga in twenty seventeen . we're all from paris where it's the same mentality. will give it everything to be successful. in that way when very similar like brothers with different mothers. have it is another kind of player all together. over. the speed the front man also signed up in the summer of twenty seventeen he kicked off his bundesliga career with nine goals in season one. trained up at the paris sundram and academy he's the appeared to me of self confidence out on the pitch off it is rather shy she needed to prove that's how i've been since childhood doesn't mean i'm cold hearted hard or i can have a laugh with the truth. i really can't. ignore the muki away is the most recent arrival from france. the young right back who's played for his country up to
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under twenty one level had a first team spot nailed down at montpellier. what was the special appeal of the bundesliga. i really wanted to play in this league the fans are fantastic. flying the flag for france in the why don't read of light sic a quartet of exceptional talents in the fast lane to the top leagues ultimate french connection. oh. oh. twenty eighteen world cup winner. just fourteen months after helping stuttgart up from bundesliga two it's been a precipitous rise to the biggest prize for the twenty two year old defender. there have been some tough times but i always persevered it was interesting that every footballer dreams about the world cup winning it was just incredible.
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carts full term at the back the man with the overview at the heart of the defense. is uncanny speed of thought and action keep him ahead of the opposition and ever the willing worker world cup glory notwithstanding. other people's perceptions might have changed and i have been on more of a small town of zimbabwe near the belgian border. grew up here and bought a fitting welcome on his return as freshly minted world champion he's not the sort to neglect his roots. straightforward well managed respectful he doesn't forget where he comes from and he's very close to his parents. so. he was a very important coach for me that they're still into. he's given me
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a lot of advice. but it all really started my father knew how to juggle the ball and the god. when i was shareholder. all that early training paid off even for a modern center back of arts technique on the ball is quite exceptional. his mother played basketball his father was an amateur footballer a sporting family with dad politically constant companion all the way to the pinnacle of a spectacular ascent not without its at the next age nine of our joint regional heavyweights legal at eighteen he made his debut for them in the french top flight their country he settled in well at least only until he had a few. good i was never in any doubt that he was a fine prospect. those difficult months saw him lose his first team place and subsequently moved to stuttgart and just been relegated from the bundesliga coverage helped them bounce straight back and from there the only direction was up
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. i have never regretted the move from convinced me from the off the first it was going there now it's yet he did everything right for the win a regular football have the team win promotion and then a good season and when the thing in the world will enjoy all. of our tactical intuition enables him to anticipate situations before they even arise but in the run up to the world cup he was still flying under the radar of the french football public. if i can hear why confirm that he wasn't widely known france. really only who was keeping an eye on his progress in stuttgart with this. not forgetting long time stood guard stalwart and one time skipper matthew del pierre who had advised governor to join the swabian soon twenty sixteen fortunately for player and club alike the young defense. listen to. the something i love this
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country you've every opportunity here to develop while this is upon the going to sleep as french connection is stronger than ever now kickoff says far and until next on the flop. flop. on. the.
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state media report that saudi arabia consul in turkey has left the country pressure over the case of a missing saudi journalist to grows. to turkish investigators and search his residence raising speculation that the diplomats. also on the program.


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