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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  October 18, 2018 7:02am-7:16am CEST

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as the e.u. and the u.k. struggle to seal an amicable divorce we take a look at the supply threat to the british post rex the breakfast table. also on the program investors starling's the most competitive countries to put your cash according to the world economic forum get ready for some surprises. and how mobile payment systems are helping to boost newly independent somalia lance shaky economy . and sound for business on the w m how you know yes welcome to the program could breaks its make a pig's ear out of britain's breakfasts the full english breakfast is almost a un world heritage a slap up feast of sausages eggs blood pudding beings toast and bacon and denmark is the number one british breakfast bacon supply the question is will the full english still be the same when it lands on a post breakfast table. what would a classic british breakfast be without it they can and often enough it comes from
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danish pigs courtesy of pork specialist he says factories. they've been keeping british tables full for over one hundred years with up to ten thousand pigs a week the u.k. is home to their most important customers but that could change after bricks it. becomes an altar this with no agreement is reached there will be forced to send products to the u.k. with the duty of approximately forty percent. forty percent that could soon be passed on to the customers. it is difficult for you i think that british consumers will get a wake up call they still want the same amount of bacon us today when the price will become considerably higher. and pretty soon c.e.o. that means his company's exports could soon be under pressure but he hasn't given up hope for a deal that suppliers and britons can live with. despite what you hear all the time about global trade falling apart some countries are actually coming closer europe
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is strengthening its ties with asia as a new free trade agreement will be signed between the e.u. and singapore during the asian summit and the european commission just approved a further free trade deal for the block this time with the. real hawaiian from spain look for cheese from france and parma ham from italy only three of nearly one hundred seventy products that will enjoy the same trademark protection in vietnam as they do in europe the new free trade deal with the numbers also by english all existing customs duties the european parliament and each of the e.u.'s twenty eight members must still approve the deal and some concerns about the political implications have been voiced but the e.u.'s trade commissioner understands there are severe problems regarding human rights in india nobody denies this we have talking openly about this. and yet the music counterparts and the trade agreement will not of course make vietnam a fully fledged democracy overnight that it is one to. two books that we have in
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our relations with vietnam and other countries a similar free trade pact has already been approved by e.u. member nations and singapore that what is scheduled to be side at a meeting in brussels on friday if the vietnam deal is also approved the e.u. will have free trade with two of its biggest partners in the asean group of nations . time now to take a look at the markets and netflix beat investor expectations to add nearly seven million new subscribers in the last quarter the streaming service reported that profit more than tripled from a year ago and revenues remain strong netflix has invested heavily in original programming but investors have worried about subscriptions keeping pace the new figures boosted the netflix stock more than four percent. over to our new york financial correspondent jim acosta hi yes well it seems like netflix could do to t.v. what amazon did to retail is that right. well i mean in
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a certain sense yes but then again there's also some competition i would emma's and the company you just named is also into the streaming business or on demand programming but yes i mean almost every second household in the us has a subscription of netflix so that is quite impressive number the big question is what's going to happen when we look or further down the lion in the past for example studios like walt disney or warner brothers they actually sold their content to netflix but now disney or a t. and t. the parent company of warner brothers they're building their own on demand services so the competition will probably increase for netflix but so far investors were thrilled by those numbers of the stock of netflix even before we got the quarterly
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results so far this year by eighty percent and here in the red secession added another five percent it's going to get stressful there but maybe it's a direction to go to canada then as canada legalize marijuana why are cannabis producer shares on a downer if we see this happen. well if you look what happened in the past couple of weeks it was a huge rally of the few kind of players on wall street those stock prices of those companies they tripled in the past couple of weeks so for once you're could say well buy on the rumor sell on facts but then on the other side we also have to see what about global girls so far canada's only the second country on the planet that actually also allows recreational use of cannabis at least on a federal level one big market for sure would be the u.s.
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market but it is not very likely at this point even if there is more and more support also for the marianna business and here in the u.s. i mean it means a lot of text dollars but to really get those company and the industry going you would probably need other countries to follow what canada did here on wednesday james carter from wall street thank you very much for the analysis. corporate news now and it looks like germany is immense is losing its grip on a potential fifteen billion euro deal to build power plants in iraq the financial times is reporting that the business is heading to u.s. competitor general electric instead zeman c.e.o. joe kids are here next to the u.s. president at the last world economic forum in davos was in iraq only last month to underscore the company's interest in the job of general electric desperately needs contracts for its turbine division and washington allegedly pressed that point with back to. the current developments in saudi arabia are showing us just
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now how important it is to keep a good image as an investment destination telling which country is best for investors to put their money can be difficult but there is help from the world economic forum which just released the latest competition index for economies around the world and some of the results might surprise you. it's a highly coveted tree that gives one country an edge over another and now thanks to a study by the world economic forum the most competitive economies in the world have been revealed the study's authors looked at a variety of factors including innovation and how dynamic a country's business environment is they were also interested in technological readiness as well as the state of a country's health and education systems. so who came out on top let's take a look at the results. coming in at number one is the world's biggest economy
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the united states it's good especially high on the business dynamism measure number two might surprise you it singapore a country of just five million people it's defining competitive feature was openness third prize for competitiveness goes to germany which did especially well in the area of innovation the other top performers were mainly in europe with japan and hong kong standing out in asia. but the report suggests that even top performers should not rest on their laurels while the united states gained a lot of points for its dynamic entrepreneurial culture the study points out that it did relatively badly on other measures like health. health adjusted life expectancy that is the number of years a person can expect to stay healthy is only sixty seven years in the us that's three years below the average of advanced economies it's not only about the money that's something we know somaliland has been struggling to stabilize its economy since declaring independence in one thousand nine hundred ninety one as in other
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parts of africa technology is now coming to the rescue there are two mobile payments for relief in a country that is hit by inflation but they are controversial to some platforms are not under governmental control. it's not necessary for abdulhakim us men to grab change from his pocket to pay for his soft drink here in somaliland it's easy enough to just pay with a smartphone app that. we buy everything with somaliland shillings using our mobile wallet. first you have to load your phone with dollars and you change them into somalia and shillings and after that you can make your purchases in the local currency. you can have as many as ten twenty or thirty million shillings and i can remember bottles with a minimum of thirty million shillings that's about forty five thousand euros the value of currency here has been cut in half after years of political and economic instability with the app there's no need to carry around large wads of cash just to
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pay for small items in one thousand nine hundred one the region of somaliland declared independence from somalia but it's not recognized internationally as a separate state and the institutions here are unstable. but again i don't know people don't put their money in government banks because they have no faith in them they prefer to put their money in private banks or on their mobile wallet and this contributed to the currency devaluation also making the dollar stronger. and most if not. more than eight hundred fifty thousand somalis use their smartphones to pay their way through their day that's a quarter of somali population critics are concerned because mobile money isn't controlled by the central bank but others see the app as a modern form of payment that can help small islands economy fight for the independence it seeks. and that's all for this edition of business thank you very much for watching remember you can always stay up to date with the latest business headlines on our website that's two w. dot com or call us on social media going to get us more lend as you next time take
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