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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 19, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm CEST

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this is due to the news live from berlin the killing of a powerful police commander sense shock waves through afghanistan the murder casts a shadow over parliamentary elections this weekend as general president is laid to rest voting is suspended in kandahar province. also coming up no we run after cameron's contentious presidential election the vote has been marred by violence adding to the ongoing bloodshed between the nation's french and english
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speaking populations our reporter challenges the local governor about the army's alleged crimes with the complaint about women human rights abuses and this is already it has to do that it was better to go we didn't complain as you are going to address we're going to do this or you want to read this in contributing are loaded mission. europe teams up with asia to push for free trade but will push the u.s. even further away we put that question to the governor of new jersey who's currently here in europe. and in soccer byron munich boson's launch a fierce attack against the german media and an extraordinary press conference byron called media criticism of their players disgusting and disrespectful. i'm sorry so much god it's good to have you with us we start in afghanistan where parliamentary aleck. actions and come the hard province have been pushed back one
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week after the killing of one of the country's most powerful security figures the funeral has been health for general abdul razzaq who was shot by a gunman along with two others that are high level security conference the deaths come as a blow to the western backed government and raise questions over stability in the south of afghanistan parliamentary elections will go ahead across the rest of the country tomorrow despite the killings. and with us in studio is due to. xenia she is reported extensively in afghanistan and joins us for more on the story . tell us more about this you know these killings how much is this going to disrupt elections this weekend in afghanistan well the attack yesterday is a major blow to the whole election process people were very hopeful about this year's election this is an election that people have been waiting for three years now it was delayed again and again and the security situation is a major concern ten candidates have already been killed and with this attack
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yesterday and the elections not being held and come down hard it is a huge disappointment for afghans and we've seen this big uptick in violence ahead of these elections how afraid are afghans to go to the polls it really depends on the location there are some locations for which are relatively quiet and you can go out and go actually to the polling stations but to two thousand around two thousand polling stations remain closed tomorrow and there are two provinces where there will be no elections tomorrow all right well we're going to talk more about the elections on what exactly is at stake you know you mentioned that ten candidates have been assassinated in the last two months leading up to this election let's take a look at one of the candidates who's actually braving these elections despite the valley of violence rather solemn and kyle and afghan american who was born and raised in the u.s. is undeterred she left behind her life as a businesswoman in los angeles and moved to afghanistan six years ago now she is
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campaigning for change. miriam is not a typical candidate but she sees her mix of american upbringing and afghan family traditions as an advantage in a modern afghanistan that's looking for change. could she elders are standing behind me and every time i sit with them they tell me that the men were able to bring these changes but we have faith that women are women are able to feel our pain and see. the corruption and see what's wrong she takes us along on her campaign trail to jalalabad here she meets with the local leader of her tribe the kuchi they are nomads for whom a certain number of seats in parliament are reserved as a cycle langkow has a good chance of being elected to tribal elders are dissatisfied with the male opponents who they see as only looking after their own personal interests in contrast salamanca listens to her often discriminated against in afghanistan and
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have little opportunities to advance socially. but the ones who don't have schools they don't have water they don't have roads on one hand they're being killed by the taliban and used as shields and on the other hand the government accuses them of being taliban so they're stuck in between. two rocks jalalabad lives in the east of afghanistan where the taliban still stage attacks when merriam's in the main comes here she brings a bodyguard with her she's already received many threats if i said i wasn't afraid i would be lying i am afraid but i'm more afraid for these people who are coming and visiting me. so the main cowboy says her support for the direct peace talks currently being negotiated between the us and the radical islamists even if the talks could lead to the taliban partially coming to power in afghanistan i think that now that women are included in the peace process it's really a big step but at the same time i think that the taliban from what i hear realize
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that women in inclusive it in the government is really important for afghanistan in the future. and even if she doesn't win the election the wants to stay in afghanistan instead of returning to the u.s. she says regardless of the outcome there's much work yet to be done. ok what how unusual is mario story a woman coming from the u.s. to run the selection well it is quite unusual of course because in afghanistan still until today even though after billions of dollars have been pumped into this country and so many projects have been done for women in afghanistan women still are very living in very dire conditions throughout the whole country so if you want to. if you want to run for a seat in parliament you have got to have contacts and money so if you have these things you have a good chance to get a seat and she has both is that right yes she does she has very good contacts all
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right was like you know this. election is also unusual because we've seen a lot of young people running for office why is that when i spoke to the afghanistan independent election commission a few days ago and they said they don't have exact numbers yet but they estimate that around sixty to sixty five percent of the candidates are old the age of forty which is a record number and it is quite amazing afghanistan is one of the youngest countries in the world and that's why it's so important that a lot of young candidates go out and they actually represent this young country ok and you know what looking ahead to the election this weekend what is your view on what the outcome is going to be after saturday well really remains to be seen i'm quite skeptical about the whole process especially after the recent violence but i'm trying to be hopeful all right that's an important message there date of the. me thank you so much and good. now to some other stories making
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headlines around the world an official memorial ceremonies being held in russian and excreting for the victims of a school shooting that left twenty people dead the region is observing three days of mourning russian media is calling the attack in the black sea port of care by an eighteen year old gunman the russian columbine. authorities in thailand have charged two tourists with vandalism for spraying graffiti and a pair faces up to ten years in prison if convicted the twenty three year olds from britain and canada were arrested in the northern city of chiang mai they were caught on surveillance cameras painting a wall near the city's old town. and mexico says it will ask the united nations for help with the arrival of around three thousand one during migrants at its southern border the migrants have passed through guatemala city heading for the united states president trump is ready to close the u.s. border to mexico if i thought he's there fail to stop them. now europe is teaming up with asia to push for free trade but then does that mean that it will
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actually push the u.s. further. away the pushing and shoving thought it alone time ago so i don't know where this is going to end but you can expect more angry tweets and tariff threats the united states says it's losing patience with the european union on trade talks at the same time the german chancellor has issued a rallying call for free trade as e.u. and asian leaders meet uniting in defiance of donald trump's america first approach but no matter how toxic transatlantic ties have become the u.s. remains the most attractive foreign market for europe half of all german companies now in the u.s. plan to boost their investment even more planned to hire new staff that's according to a recent survey from the german chambers of commerce america remains the largest economy in the world business is booming which is leading to more investment and more consumer spending. as promised the trump administration has been business friendly trumps tax legislation slashed corporate rates from thirty five to twenty one
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percent and he's cut regulations. that's good news for business is focused on the u.s. market but for those producing for third countries things are more complicated the turbulent negotiations around the north american free trade agreement only recently concluded left north american supply chains in doubt the ongoing trade dispute with china is also hitting foreign companies european automakers are already facing chinese import tariffs on cars coming off their u.s. assembly lines so where does the balance lie for european businesses in the us net positive or negative that may depend on the company itself. i got the chance to speak to the democrats phil murphy about transatlantic ties but i asked what a governor from new jersey is doing on a trade mission to europe. first of all thrilled to be here i'm a former u.s. ambassador to germany so it's a country i know and love there is already a strong blind economically between new jersey and germany about eight billion
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dollars of economic activity german companies employ twenty five thousand new jerseyans we think it could be a lot bigger and a lot more particularly in the innovation economy what's stopping it from becoming a lot more and a lot bigger but you got to come over here go face to face and ask for the order which is why we're here this week we're in berlin homburg frankfurt darmstadt again a big emphasis on clean energy technology startup culture we think there's a lot of lot of growth opportunity but what do you have to come on your own why don't you have a government that's representing you backing you making investments for for america in general so we've got a got a delegation with me but i think folks companies want to talk to the boss they want to know what you're going to do particularly the time of volatility in washington and people questioning the strength of the transatlantic bridge governors have never met or more so they want to see the governor eyeball to eyeball and say can you please give me comfort that your state's going to be the place for me to go is
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the boss trump. it will he is the big boss yes but i'm the new jersey boss. again there's a lot of volatility in washington the i'm a democrat i'm a proud democrat but i'm an american i think there's too much volatility right now how is that affecting business as you've been talking to i think the folks are sort of questioning what's going on with tariffs and trade policy and sanctions and should i be rethinking my advice to them is no i'm an optimist this too will pass it may be frustrating now but it will pass but maybe more importantly try to connect yourself with governors it was states who understand the transatlantic bridge i kiddingly more than kitty lee said all of the german companies i meet with there's no other governor an american who understands germany better than this one and so we're really. when the feedback has been outstanding isn't trump making trade fair i mean he's going about it in a very strange way many would say but isn't he at the end of the day trying to make
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a level playing field you know he's not all wrong and i'll take china as an example that's benefited enormously from playing on an unlevel playing field he's right about that he's not right in my humble opinion his approach there's a way to do that there's a way not to do that there's been a robust discussion on nato defense spending burden sharing for many years well before donald trump was president that's an unknown discussion there's a way to handle that there's a way not to handle it i want to come over with an outreach to arm and hand and say new jersey is open for business we are the innovation state if you've got a technology life sciences cyber clean energy company big or small we want you to be in new jersey it'll be worth while so would you say your president is more of a liability or a leader as it relates to the discussions that i'm having this week in we're headed to israel by the way tomorrow for
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a similar mission it's added volatility added voice so i'd like to see that tamp down a little bit i think the mid-term elections are going to be very instructive if our party takes back one or both chambers and congress wins a bunch more governors i think the checks and balances system gets back into balance and we did that and you mentioned you've been meeting with startups what have they given to you that you could take away with you new josie's folan as as far as the ranks go with investment and best is how can you get that back on track yes so we we in new jersey is i said have a warning innovation heritage but we've got big company focused at the expense of startups and incubators and so we're now driving directly in that we want the big companies to stay and more to come but we need to birth more companies. rules are willing to focus seven billions to get amazon's second headquarters or fifty thousand jobs five billion dollars of investment that's a once in
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a century opportunity but the discussions that we have more often than not are with small startups and i think the answer is this is a great week because we're signing memoranda of understanding we're convincing companies to open up offices and one of the big wind players offshore wind players is going to open up in new jersey and we're listening as well as speaking about our story so we're learning we're seeing similarities and we're also here to say new jersey is a place you've got to consider job a nice mistakes i mean this has been a very rough shifts to bring you a bull's a very pricey one and it's going to take a long time to get the energy vend is a long time coming i know it hasn't been a smooth line but my my focus this week in the clean energy space has been exclusively an offshore wind germany's done that well new jersey's poised to be the premier offshore wind center in america we've got a plan for thirty five hundred megawatts that a media company rush rushing after this to talk about they're coming in and
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actually making some components in new jersey so the offshore wind space huge opportunity for us and just one more quick question as far as attracting startups go a lot of that requies venture capital of the question you want the state to act as a venture capitalist what experience does the state actually have with the state will pick stocks that we've got to what i think is a dynamite idea to have an evergreen venture capital fund where we sell off tax credits to big companies and use the proceeds to invest side by side with professional venture capital firms the pros pick the investments the only criteria is that the investment has to be in new jersey we think that's a great opportunity you add to that a deeper engagement of higher education with princeton rutgers and others. we think is the cocktail for success but you're talking about tax credits that is in effect money that would otherwise go to taxpayers or at least benefit tax every state uses
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taxes and has in one form or another with with a very risky business we have used them to dole out to big companies and what we've got back over the past decade wage growth job growth and poverty we rank forty second forty seventh and forty ninth in america with with bachelor cities where we were big companies are doing about startups and in with startups ninety percent fail you but again you're talking about a win win win here ninety percent fail but the notion that that program is in place will attract an overwhelming amount of interest an overwhelming amount of young people otherwise might not stay in our state again you drop in academia in a in an aggressive way i promise you what they were not going to finish forty ninth based on that plan governor thank you very much for coming in today nice to see that governor film if you telling me you firms don't rethink business with the u.s. the washington volatility well pos well in the meantime the new and asian economies
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a looking towards closer cooperation global partners for global challenges is the theme of a summit current the underway in brussels ministers from china russia and japan and you see here shinzo arriving the prime minister of japan having made the trip to reaffirm support for multi for ration e.u. sees the meeting as an opportunity to present itself as a counterbalance to both the u.s. and china by offering asian countries alternatives when it comes to trade infrastructure and digitization a free trade agreement with singapore is set to be signed later today. china is growing at its lowest rate in the league a decade the six and a half percent third quarter growth figure is the weakest year on year since two thousand and nine the panelists say that new ways import tariffs on billions of dollars in chinese goods are increasingly biting into otherwise stable growth beijing's efforts to limit its growing pile of meanwhile cool consumption the new
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figures could put pressure on the chinese leadership to resolve trade tensions. back to sue me now and the business world continues to question its ties with saudi arabia that's right ben and now the u.s. has announced that treasury secretary steven minucci and will not attend a major saudi investment conference next week now that's in reaction to the controversy surrounding missing saudi journalist a turkish state media is reporting that a boy of the saudi consulate in istanbul are testifying to prosecutors investigating his disappearance she is a washington post columnist to columnist who's been very critical of the saudi government he vanished two weeks ago now the u.s. is sharpening it stop. with the evidence mounting the u.s. stance towards longtime ally saudi arabia is hardening when asked whether he thought kashyap she is dead president trump left no room for doubt and threatened to tough response to the saudi leadership is found to be responsible. it certainly
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looks that way to me it's very sad certainly much a little have to be very severe i mean it's bad. but we'll see what happens a pro-government newspaper in turkey says the man so-called in these images is the head of a fifteen man hit squad involved in the alleged killing of a saudi journalist. he said to be in my head up to as these matric a saudi intelligence officer and former diplomat with close ties to crown prince mohammed bin saw him on earlier this year he was photographed during the crown princess trip to the united states. was last seen on october second entering the saudi consulate in istanbul. turkey officials say they have audio and video evidence of his murder state media have published details of the let's told you including that saudi consul well how much can be heard on the recording he left istanbul earlier this week. because she had been living in the united
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states writing for the washington post she was a public critic of the saudi government. this week twitter released an archive of more than ten million tweets the company says it came from state backed information services more than nine million of the tweets were attributed to accounts affiliated with the russian based internet research agency let's talk about that with our social media editor frederica bozzio she's with us so fredricka this is a pretty unique disclosure from a social media company tell us more about what twitter says so earlier this year twitter promised to the u.s. congress that. really regular updates to the public about ongoing investigations concerning foreign interference in the political debate through an on the platform and this was an attempt by twitter to be more transparent and get people to better understand foreign influence and they released
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a really huge ball. of data as you mentioned ten million tweets nine million of which came from accounts that twitter believes are affiliated with this troll farm russia's internet research agency whereas the other one million tweets come from accounts in iran and these accounts or twitter has been monitoring these troll accounts for quite a while back in two thousand and seventeen they closed thousands of them but then more of these accounts have been emerging and then in this year they had to close thousands again so it's a problem that keeps coming up you know one of the reasons twitter has come under fire is that some of these tweets targeted the two thousand and six sixteen presidential election but tell us more about what this data has revealed so i mean there's a lot of observers now. this huge bulk of data and what we're seeing. we are understanding by looking at them better understanding better what the
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tactics of the troll accounts are and one interesting element that has emerged for example is that they were not only focusing on spreading fake information but also really focusing on polarizing on deepening divisions within the electorates and by posting on very divisive topics and i can show you an example here of these troll accounts posting for example on the topic of the very controversial topic of gun control one now suspended account wrote mass shooting occurs even in gun free zones so people is a problem not guns and then another troll account instead was writing mass shooting won't stop until there are gun free zones so you can see they were not really pushing one argument over the other but really trying to polarize and deepen the division and another element that emerges is that it really is very these tweets
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look really authentic so it really is very difficult if not virtually impossible to distinguish which ones are coming from trolls and which ones are not and this is also lead to even prominent people sharing some of them for example one of the most famous supporters. the writer and coulter she was sharing multiple posts originally coming from russian accounts that have now been shut down you know the more polarized the political landscape of the easier it is for fake news to take root right absolutely and i mean polarized electorate also means that people want to connect with other users that are like minded they tend to then close them selves in these in these bubbles where they can use then circulate also more easily and we're seeing efforts by companies facebook twitter google to tackle this problem and another aspect that is now really concerning is the fact that. close messaging apps like watts up are being used for this purpose and they are much much less
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trackable and we're seeing this is a big problem now for example in brazil which also has a very divided divided electorate unlike the us and it's an electorate that is particularly vulnerable to this kind of. of misinformation and manipulation so i will have to keep a close eye on brazil a little bit about your social media editor thank you very much. right now we're going to switch gears and take you to the thai capital bangkok which opened its first ever are off today most of the exhibits are not hidden away in arts galleries but have been scattered across the city and some are guaranteed to raise eyebrows. a giant golden dog. inflatable pumpkins hanging from the ceiling of a shopping mall. stroll through bankruptcy day and you'll find the bare knowledge
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difficult to miss seventy five artists from all over the world after all their work to the city often installing it in unusual places. has covered the floor of the coda with hundreds of thousands of tiny porcelain skulls rather being more but she wants to inspire people to seize the day. in general in what is some of the belief that there it's any step could be a lot. insolation i want to remind people that any step could be that last if they could leave something behind you have to do it today. hopes that the be enough to leave the last things legacy of. the bank being the first time be open i see it will bring in lots of people. say i'm not selling that's not to play but what if it will make the world aware that we have laws and they will want
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to we see it. already famous for its night life may soon also be known for its out . here watching news still to come on the program fighting talk in munich bosses launch a fierce attack against the german media in an extraordinary press conference we'll hear why bahrain are slamming journalists for the treatment of their players. don't forget you can always get good if you news on the go down water out from google player or from the out store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news and you can also use the app to send us your photos and your videos. and of course you can always get the latest with us on our website as well com and follow us on twitter handle there after news we'll have much more news sports and business coming up in thirty minutes in the next thirty minutes.
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i mean. there's one way to survive where it's like just hide your identity in. bangladesh what's the true face of a country look like ah if this could get ocean down by the should be. inverted.
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i'm not sure bangladesh the dawn of islam is up in forty five minutes w. . and was all consuming conflict for over an hour and urges. the thirty years to turn to africa europe took a battlefield. but channels failed to determine its outcome. in negotiations lasting ninety years mediators succeeded in getting agreement. it was the birth of modern diplomacy. sixteen forty eight tickets starts october twenty fourth one g.w. . how to cover more than just one reality. where i come from we have a transatlantic way of looking at things that's because my father is from germany my mother is from the united states of america and so i realized really early that
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it makes sense to explain the different reality. i'm out here at the heart of the european union in brussels where you have twenty eight different ideologies and so i think people are really looking for any journalist they can trust for them to make sense of. life in this battle and i work at the government. welcome back you're watching get up you do lose our top story at this hour parliamentary elections in afghanistan's kandahar province have been pushed back one week after the killing of one of the country's most powerful security figures the deaths come as a blow to the western backed government and raise questions over stability in the south of afghanistan parliamentary elections will go ahead across the rest of the country tomorrow despite the killings. now afghan journalist ibra him kill
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has covered several elections and many terrorist attacks her home country after death threats and attempts on her life she was forced to leave she now lives in germany and works for w.'s dari service it up usually that's our back ask her what it's like covering this election from so far away yeah phone on that also key lebrun i'm so is used to reporting on war and terrorism until recently she was on the ground reporting from her native afghanistan now she works from the edge of ella studios in bonn and the big story is the upcoming parliamentary election it's growing a whole lot by afghanistan that tells all that come about i've never seen elections in afghanistan that weren't accompanied by fraud and violence yes yes could that be a month or two with this made out i should. me the real heroes are the people who turn out to vote even though it means risking their lives. made i mean the best thank you. michelle was the first woman to begin working at a privately owned t.v.
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station tolo t.v. after the fall of the taliban she helped set up the channel and often reported from the scene of terrorist attacks despite the dangers she remained under wanted until generally to tells and sixteen taliban attackers blew up a bus belonging to her t.v. channel it was carrying shook us coworkers home seven of her colleagues were killed twenty more injured although cicutto was not on the bus on that fateful evening news of her death appeared online turn up at the suddenly isaura picture of myself on a taliban website where they were celebrating having killed me for a split second i even doubted whether i was really still alive for the fall out of the mic at a mother and that's what finally convinced the killer to take her three children and leave her home for germany she's been working for a d.w.i. service for a few months now but she's devastated that she can no longer follow her passion reporting from her home country. cannot get out of my colleagues who are working in
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afghanistan really are fighting on the front line for democracy and press freedom that. i'm really proud of. that a three of them have a you can be a journalist anywhere but reporting on your colleagues deaths in such a war torn country where they are real targets just takes a lot of courage but i have at it. makes me sick hello by himself says being a journalist is more than just a job for her her husband was killed by the taliban in two thousand and two that made her determined to give the people of afghanistan and to bring about change in the country. how do you feel being here when there are elections going on at home. it's very difficult for me i'd like to be there now partly because i reported so much on the elections in two thousand and nine and two thousand and fourteen and we
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were able to encourage people to go out to vote to show the world what their vote can. they have a say in deciding the future of their country. believes the parliamentary elections are an important step towards democracy and she hopes to be able to make a change for the better even from far away cameron's constitutional council has rejected an election rerun after the west african nations contentious presidential election earlier this month it is now likely that president will be reelected he's been in power for thirty six years and he's won each election amid accusations of fraud particularly in the mainly english speaking west of the country in this latest photon out in that region may have been just five percent separatists who want independence for the angle from the region have called for a boycott they are upset with the marginalization and neglect of that part of the country by the french speaking establishment but the government of the mainly francophone country is pushing back to term and to quote the insurgency four
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hundred civilians have been killed so far this year as a result did krishna's us this exclusive report from by men. still to. come forth. was just nineteen when he was killed the seminary student had just walked out of a church when soldiers suddenly appeared and opened fire. was it is. it is just i'm just confused i don't even know what i can see. several eyewitnesses say they saw killed at close range execution style even though he was clearly recognizable as a member of the church. the archbishop of mend is calling for action but fears there will be no response. people are afraid of the army before.
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and nobody seems to see. me because you are. not even given a charge it's true. extra justice. just. exit. security forces are visible all over but we're not allowed to film them openly nearly every resident of this northwestern city has a story about their violence tactics many blame the president the body of a separatist has been on the streets for three days locals say it's the army's way of warning the population not to embrace independence for cameroon's english speaking region the governor is a close ally of president paul b.
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he consented to meet us but only if we received our questions before then he rejected all but one of them. of security. this crucial these under control all over the region. not proven. to must. diligent complained about human rights abuses and this is already asked to do. is. read this in. relation. we venture out of the regional capital to get a sense of people's daily lives and how they're faring in these tense times so we just left we already noticed that the drivers on the road giving each other sign over cars coming from the front you will tell. him continue to say if you should be
4:38 pm
careful also. we drive through nearly empty villages whose main streets eagerly quites after half an hour we reached the first separatist road block. with these weapons they are fighting for their own state. trying to secure their peoples are all in the rose militias because. people so they. what do you do of the military comes. do we have of. we used to manage it and. lease. generally to the. several separatist groups are active in the region
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a few kilometers further we observe some of them intimidating local residents as well as people passing through they've threatened us too demanding protection money . the village of number is often caught between france according to a local priest roland tells us that pressure from the separatists forced the school here to close two years ago. so he tries to set up a kind of playground near the church to give children a place to go. it's is difficult because. anything can give you some consolation i also hope to attend these people have to even come around to us to pay money in a group. you can find asking these people to make some contributions to give to them to support them and if people. do anything they just have to give they just have to give. it to the boys to go into this because everyone is afraid to know
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she is a cultural back and once the commercial center of the region now it's economy is in ruins fear overshadows everything as a sign of protest against the government so-called ghost town days have been taking place for almost two years every monday most people remain at home and shops are closed it's just vendors who are coming out to do some business because they needed to survive and many of them told us they're still facing threats from separatists. the archbishop of sees no end to the spiraling violence without a total amnesty. stressed the archbishop appeals for dialogue between the warring parties with the hope of sparing lives. that report from adrienne christian he joins us with more on the story hi adrienne
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so let's look at the current situation it's been nearly two weeks since presidential elections and still there are no official results and we heard that today the constitutional council rejected a petition calling for a reelection does that essentially mean that it's certain that president paul will serve another seven year terms. very likely and you know he's eighty five years now that means by the end of a possible seven year term he will be ninety two years old you need to understand that we are was able over the past thirty six years when you run the country to build up a very strong patronage system he installed people he trusts in almost all relevant institutions and that includes the courts that includes the electoral bodies and i talked to to one village elder when i was in the anglo front part of the country and he was convinced telling me that b. i will definitely find his way to stay in power and then i ask him so what are you expecting from him then if he has a next term and he said well he hasn't done anything of us during his life term why
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would he do anything for us now during his retirement time and i think that tells you a lot about the expectations or the lack of expectations rather of the people in the on the front part of the country right but look let's look at the opposition candidate their memories conto declaring victory in election day but had no evidence to justify that claim why was that. well he said basically that he sent party agents to all polling stations in the country and they got the results and they passed them on and according to him their results showed that he is the winner of the elections it is where we have to say right now because the official election results haven't been declared what we know is that we can't really speak of a free and fair election here because they were are they any elections observers in the country as well there were a few from the african union others where you are not in white or were invited late so they were not able to come and that was the simula situation was journalist me personally i got my accreditation a confirmation to come to come around two days before the election and it was the same day when they closed the border so i was not able to go there anymore i during
4:43 pm
we saw on your report there's been a lot of violence and you've been traveling across the country what are you hearing from people. well it's of course a terrible situation for civilians in that region because they're on the present from both sides from the military and the separatists we went by road from bomb end to taking the main road basically to nigeria the biggest trade route and is a three hundred kilometer trip that took us seven hours because we were stopped at twelve military checkpoints we could see that systematically people were asked for bribes to pos through but we also stopped on five checkpoints by the on brazilian separatists fight us on three occasions we were clearly asked for money once we were threatened as well so it shows you a lot that people are really on the present from both sides and although the majority of the people they i would say are sympathizing with the course of the separatists i have a sense that many of them do not agree anymore with the way they forge forward all right i do increase for us thank you so much for your reporting adrienne.
4:44 pm
switch gears now because we're talking about sports by going munich you might know that famous football team they held an extraordinary press conference today with the club's hierarchy they slam journalists for what they see as an overly harsh criticism of their players we do have cross harrington from sports with us because this was a very bizarre press conference have you seen anything like it before no not that's something so calculated that you've seen coaches you know fire crazy questions journalists as but nothing so organized and barbara has made it clear their message was very clear there we're protecting our players club and coach you know saying they will no longer accept this type of media coverage they even threatened legal action ok any of that was even revealed that they issued a cease and desist to the actual springer group who owns german newspapers the build envelop so they're really serious they were even point fingers at former players turn pundits c.e.o. karl-heinz room nigga literally was pointing fingers we have
4:45 pm
a little bit of what he had to say at the press conference let's take a listen to that. any sputum voters who don't play well and lose do not expect to be praised i was cute but there's a difference between what's been going on and serious and fair reporting which could also be critical of them to do it yourself or to show income. chris what is this all coming from why is the fire inherently so angry here we have to keep in mind this is a team that is also known as f c hollywood ok they've dominated the but as they go they've typically received praise not so much criticism and you know according to the brass that monday after germany lost on the international stage to the netherlands they organized together and decided they were going to attack the press saying they were no longer going to last longer going to accept this negative coverage because you have to keep in mind germany and baron have a lot of common players you know the goalkeeper a lot of central defenders and so forth you know the club president only honus
4:46 pm
actually responded to the criticism that you are he moved received and here's let's take a listen to what you need to see. you lou for those who tried to get you know you love. that was discussed during the high point was i think on tuesday before the france game a camera was sent to you chaining session and all twelve year old boys were asked if lives should go. before that opes he didn't mind off close thing and said yes it was my maturity that was disrespectful the man did not deserve that. that's. ok across he said this is a team that's not used to criticism not used to losing necessarily was this a way to take pressure off the coach nico colebatch and could it backfire you know how much german media are going to react to this you know just your first question kovach according to him he's in a good mood and he thinks that the press has been over exaggerating the idea that
4:47 pm
he is actually on the hot seat now in terms of the media firing back they actually bit that was only one is the club president speaking there you know they've been back saying you're a hypocrite you criticized by labor couzens karim by the rabi calling him mentally ill and it was quite known that he came out very critical of ms it was ill after germany and as it was a player he was. calling him you know a very poor type of player a crappy player you know for lack of a better term but i do think this will be a power struggle will have to wait and see you know you know what people are typing as we speak right now but i do expect the blows to continue from the press because opinions they sometimes you don't like them but you have to accept them in the professional athletes always be criticizing time and again so yeah i can imagine it's going to go down too well with german media all right chris harrington from d.i.v. sport thanks very much. art while we've been talking about the violence simmering in afghanistan now some afghan war veterans are seeking respite at the
4:48 pm
invictus games the global sports tournament is the brainchild of britain's prince harry it aims to give injured x. servicemen and women a goal to work towards after their time in battle this year's event starts in sydney tomorrow. a spot of last minute training for these afghan war veterans sitting volleyball is one of eleven sports being played at the invictus games but this is more than just about exercise in kamerad three. so high on a ferry lost both his legs in a land mine explosion in two thousand and twelve he says training for such a big event has given him a sense of purpose when so many other veterans struggle to cope with their day to day lives that. disability causes great psychological problems and a lot of our disabled people become drug addicts or commit suicide. the members of the afghan team are among five hundred competitors from eighteen different
4:49 pm
countries taking part in the games. it's clear they're not there simply to make up the numbers. of those but it is that i want to i'm going there to win a gold medal not silver or bronze just a gold one that's my only aim at these games. which is a way that wasn't. the fourth edition of the event has come to sydney it was all set up by britain's prince harry he was among a group who scaled the iconic harbor bridge to help raise the invictus flag ahead of the games opening a long way up the veterans competing hope to hit the heights. on saturday from existing homes with this these are scenes from deutsche bank eighty six the continuation of the internationally successful series eighty three became available today in germany on amazon prime streaming service the a ten episode
4:50 pm
espionage thriller stars twenty eight year old join us now as the sleeper east german agent. and we have karen hopes that from detroit you culture with us hi karen so this takes us. back to the cold war when things start to crumble so what's happening in eighty six ok well that's right you know this this time the scope of this series is definitely a lot wider a lot more global you can see the high you know over there we're going to spend some time in africa and things to get a good deal bloodier the background story i'm going to tell you first from doris land eighty three was this an east german border guard who got sent to west germany as a spy and he becomes a boiled in a nuclear war game that very nearly goes badly arayan in order to prevent it doing so he was forced to blow his cover so three years later he's asleep or the instrument state is broke badly needs some hard cash to finance obviously its socialist ideals and it's prepared to do all kinds of dirty dealings to do so let's
4:51 pm
have a look. here. really interesting times. east german agent martin how he was banished to africa in one thousand nine hundred eighty three three years on his country now facing the loss of economic support from moscow to make gas. almost noise. we needed a new angle and we have that because whereas the first series concentrated on the german german conflict within the cold war we now see more of a global dimension this is the new background because we shot in south africa we have a more international look inside africa and internets and all of them look closer to the first act in socialism to docs and this. woman in the second series maria hsia to returns as lenore a spy controller and on top but her role has changed somewhat. because as i just said what i would really like is for the nora to get out of the
4:52 pm
office so that she's not just the puppet master but has to do something herself so that she's not just delegating. so to look here. somebody should be. and well of this i wish really got fulfilled in the second series. and stuff it was used i. didn't use too much of yourself to show new addition to the cast as german comedian and you can as a government functionary charged with finding new sources of hard currency to keep the ailing communist state afloat just didn't have history maybe where he started the survivors at least this time around. he looks great carolyn and they're probably trying to build on the success of dawson eighty three yes they are the creators are they are they still an american couple young and linger and eighty three definitely was it was the first german language series ever to air on the u.s.
4:53 pm
network it got rave reviews internationally. won a number of awards did super super well in america but also in the u.k. and was sold to nearly two hundred countries which is something that no german series had ever done so let's have a quick look back at why it was so successful. to come on to discuss the. dutch monday eighty three was a surprise international hit back in two thousand and fifty this year the stylish spy thriller set in the divided germany of the cold war drew praise for its period detail so what was the secret of that success. and because. you have people perspective of a young east german spy in the cold war that was something pretty new. and then i had all this funkiness of the pop culture elements the music with passions and the furnishings. the style of the interiors. that was a mixture that hadn't been seen before. these four has on it. but it was
4:54 pm
a mixture that didn't in chant german audiences as much as it did international ones. yeah i never got my care and why didn't german audiences like this show you know i think there's actually a lot of reasons for that but let's start with the way it was broadcast i think this sort of you know it was weekly into episode installments on a private broadcaster with commercial interruptions i don't think that really fits the viewing habits that have developed over the last few years secondly because it was such a complex plot and once again on a private broadcaster that was possibly a misfit and you really have to know your history with this with this series because all of the action actually does hinge on on real events and i think. the audiences in question might even be better prepared now to deal with that kind of sort of the mirror image thirdly for german audiences i think that the the code for tensions between the two german states are just something that is exotic and many
4:55 pm
people felt that it was dealt with too simplistically or that it undermined itself with a few too many stereotypes i think we can assume that the international audiences obviously that enjoyed their sunday three are probably going to do just as much bingeing on this one and i think they have made the right decision to go to amazon but it's interesting that to help things along amazon has come up with some ideas of how to drum up domestic interest in this series this is a little pop pop store that popped up in downtown berlin with vintage clothing and objects from the one nine hundred eighty s. and they're obviously looking to hit a bit of a nostalgic nerve and capitalize on the revival and of course there is more to come because as we know is germany's final showdown with communism didn't happen until one thousand nine hundred nine and that of course is subject to the third season and even more to look forward to have already care and hopes that from. carrying so
4:56 pm
much pleasure. there we just have time for a minder of our top story this hour parliamentary elections in afghanistan's kandahar province have been put. back one week after the killing of one of the country's most powerful security figures the deaths come as a blow to the western backed government embrace questions over stability in the south of afghanistan. you're watching to get your cherry martin if you're a hell of an update on your headlines at the top the hour. the big. going to. move the. odds on. the book.
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i'm going to. block. the. odds. there's a long way to survive there it's like just hide your identity. bangladesh what's been true for most of the country colada disconnected notion of insurance premium. in britain. i'm not sure the
4:58 pm
bangladesh or the dawn of islam in some. form. look closely. listen carefully you don't know this soon to be a teacher needs to do a good. deal. to. discover the world. played. subscribe to a documentary on you tube. led. forces are under
4:59 pm
pressure they're battling recruiting problems outdated and broken down equipment and limited budgets. all the challenges a huge mess in the snow not enough claims of transport helicopters were not enough tanks have ten divisions that don't have tents on the legs innovation and modernization must serve them in a trade. so i don't sourcing and tribe it is ation are the order of the day in all areas but not composed dangers. this is a close finish we want the risk of becoming too dependent on private contractors who may not provide the services they promised alchemists lights that every day that a wall goes on the private sector businesses make money money with everything from reconnaissance drones to laundry facilities firms are equal training the armed forces in france against germany. are going to play industrial
5:00 pm
complex starts october twentieth on g.w. . this is news coming to you live from berlin the killing of a powerful police commander sent shock waves through afghanistan the murder casts a shadow over parliamentary elections this weekend as general is laid to rest voting is suspended in kandahar province his death is also a major blow to the afghan and u.s. counterinsurgency campaign also come.


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