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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 22, 2018 3:00pm-3:15pm CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin nuclear talks and brush up on the grounds of a new arms race the united states dispatches its national security advisor to moscow for tough talks on arms control that's after washington says it is ready to withdraw from the store trading on intermediate range missiles. also coming out german chancellor angela merkel says she's ready to suspend arms exports to saudi arabia critics have condemned riyadh's with a killing on journalist jamal khashoggi. and the stories in taiwan investigate a deadly train derailment eighteen people died and dozens more were injured after
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the crash on a popular coastal route. i'm sorry so much going to thank you for joining us u.s. national security adviser john bolton is in moscow today for what could be a tough talks on arms control that's after washington announced it would withdraw from a nuclear arms agreement with russia u.s. president donald trump accused russia of violating a thirty year old treaty on intermediate range missiles and threaten a fresh arms race with moscow. this is what the drama is about medium range nuclear ballistic missiles that have been on a self-imposed by the u.s. and russia since the end of the one nine hundred eighty s. that may be about to change u.s. authorities believe russia may have developed weapon systems like these in breach of the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty. we're not going to let them
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violate a nuclear agreement go out and do weapons and we're not allowed to wear the ones that have stayed in the agreement and we bonded greatly but russia has not unfortunately founded the agreement so we're going to terminate it we're going to allow. the kremlin has denied trumps allegations saying it has not produced any missiles that are prohibited by the i.n.f. treaty the prospect of a unilateral u.s. withdrawal has caused shock in moscow. the i.n.f. treaty was seen as a major breakthrough in nuclear security when it was ratified by former soviet president mikhail gorbachev and u.s. president ronald reagan in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven it came after a tense period of confrontation in the heart of europe. with very short flight times nuclear annihilation of european capitals was only five to fifteen minutes away trump has said the us will start developing these capabilities again if russia and china don't agree to stop have to develop those weapons unless russia comes to
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us and china comes to us and they all come to is that they say let's really get smart and let's none of us develop those weapons china is not a signatory of the pact and has been investing heavily in land based missiles now some observers fear it could be joined by russia and the u.s. in a new arms race. more of the story with leo hoffman from the i can't see international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons he joins us from brussels highly oh there's a lot of criticism of donald trump today but this is a claim complaint that we've heard repeatedly from washington that russia is violating this treaty can't the argument be made that this treaty wasn't really working. well that's the irony in this of course we've heard over the years various complaints but instead of forcing the agreement simply decided to pull out from the
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agreement and this is just the last piece in a long string of actions by the current u.s. administration to undermine stability which would really reminds us nuclear weapons have only been here for seventy years which is a very short amount of time in the thousands of years of warfare that humans have had so we really can't afford to wait for the bilateral agreements between these two countries but really pay attention also to what the rest of the states of the world are saying and the majority of the states on the world have just agreed to a new united nations treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons and this is the one piece of good news that we can use in order to try and make more sense of this risk of a new arms race all right so there is international movement on this issue which you see as it is a good thing leo but coming back to this treaty between the u.s. and russia you said that it essentially put in place a framework but it wasn't being implemented but what about china it's not part of the agreement essentially has been as critics have said been able to develop these missiles that well isn't that also something that has been lacking from this treaty
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. again i would want to and seeing the such a narrow pollo game between russia and the us or between russia and the u.s. and china now china has three hundred nuclear weapons whereas the us and russia have over nine thousand nuclear weapons between them so we really see the scale of nuclear. from these two countries would do all for anything that. would come as a threat from china and i think what we need to focus on is not just russia us china but what about europe europe is the continent where most nuclear weapons are stationed in the entire world and of course the reintroduction of medium range missiles with mainly us right to europe would make europe a target once again and the european nations really have to reconsider whether they want to be u.s. nuclear umbrella that they have to rely and to trust for all whether they want to take security into their own hands and you do have to wonder after everything that's happened in the last two years what else the united states has to do for
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europe to really take its security interests into their own hands after the. draw from the by the united states based on the argument asian whatsoever after the threats of mass murder against north korean civilians and then turn around to base . relations on a on an unenforceable agreement was very prestigious whatsoever and of course the. trump has introduced a new nuclear posture review which would allow your nuclear weapons to be used even in the case of attacks so i think the europeans really have to take this seriously and start defending their own security which just in the first step this means emancipating themselves from the nuclear policy which is currently set unilaterally by the united states all right i would rather wake up call for europe that. i can't thank you so much for joining us. thank you. now german chancellor angela merkel has backed
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a ban on arms exports to saudi arabia hollowing the killing of journalist homolka shakti in the saudi consulate in istanbul the international community has raised doubts over riyadh's official account of his death as well as the claim that the country's crown prince had no part in it. has promised to reveal the results of turkey's own investigation so. this is previously unseen c.c.t.v. footage of jamal khashoggi same goodbye to his fiance it was the last time she saw him she waited for hours in front of the saudi consulate while her husband to be was killed inside the saudi foreign minister described it as a tremendous mistake. who did this to outside the scope of their authority there obviously was a tremendous mistake made in the compound of the middleman the international community remain skeptical observers question whether casualties death was indeed caused by a fistfight the possible premeditated nature of his killing seems to be underlined
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by the arrival and same day departure of fifteen saudi men reported to be inside the consulate on the day i had the chance shoki case everyone said his country would disclose the result of its investigation in the coming days. what. we are looking for justice here and this will be revealed in all its naked truth but through some ordinary steps in all its naked truth. britain france and germany also reacted in a statement condemning the killing and demanding clarification. alternative is a problem that we condemn this act in the strongest terms there is an urgent need to clarify what happened this issue is far from having been cleared up those responsible are still not held accountable. look i agree with all those who say
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that the already limited exports can't continue in the situation with currently in . the name them all nukes and. saudi arabia is germany's second largest market for arms sales observers say freezing arms exports to the kingdom could weigh on bilateral ties for years to come. now some other stories making headlines around the world nineteen people are dead and dozens more injured after two buses crashed in eastern twin job in pakistan police say both buses were speeding when they collided twelve members of one family died in the accident and authorities say the death toll may rise. israeli security forces have shot dead a palestinian man who attacked a soldier with a knife in the israeli occupied west bank the soldier survived the attack it is the latest in a series of deadly incidents that have increased tensions in the west bank this month. a major hail storm brought flooding and traffic disruption to rome on sunday night across the italian capital motorists were forced to abandon their cars and
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pick sheets of ice left behind by the storm floodwaters also played a havoc with the roads the freezing weather system followed a period of unseasonably warm weather. authorities in taiwan have promised a swift investigation into a deadly train derailment the crash on sunday killed eighteen people and injured almost two hundred more it's the island's worst rail incident where in a quarter century they put yuma express was hurdling along a scenic coastal route from taipei to title a city in the country's south when disaster struck. it would. blow by blow trying to find a way in rescuers just to reach trap survivors. i want to cry this man says there are so many people inside. from above the full scope of destruction a train cars lined zigzag across the tracks five on their sides hundreds worked
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through the night to pull people out. and stay broke investigators were working out what caused the disaster survivors have given mixed accounts to local media of whether the driver braked or sped up before the crash some locals saw it happen. when there was a loud bang and black smoke and lots of dust it was horrible. at a local hospital taiwan's president. met with victim's families. everyone wants to know what caused this accident i've asked investigators to find out as soon as possible how this happened. that inquiry is expected to take at least a day now to some sports news and sunday's
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formula one action british driver lewis hamilton sail in his bid to secure a first world championship with three races remaining as a ferrari is coming right in and stormed to victory in the us grand prix germany sebastian settle meanwhile fought back after a difficult start to finish fourth and keep a lot of his slim chances of overtaking hamilton the driver standing. paid position in a potentially title winning you ascribe great the dream scenario for lewis hamilton . and things are about to get even better as rival sebastian vettel spun out following a collision on the opening lap. but phenols ferrari team mate can be right killen wasn't about some make life easy for hamilton repeatedly forcing the british drivers attempt to regain the elite. the surprise emergence of red bulls max to stepan who had started an eighteenth position gave habits a new headache and contributed to a nail biting fun few laps. fatsos recovery and so forth meanwhile men have also
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might have to finish second to wrap up the title. but right can and fished up and held the hamilton victory parade. for president that asian sewer to kamya did a great job today no mistakes get a great start and manager away so i think one of the have also. since this happened did a great job as well i mean he was it was an aside but a tie the knot at the end so it naturally a bit of a struggle. of next we thought we would have been out to do better but this is the best we were able to do the end of first grown for you victory for reichen since twenty as hamilton is forced to wait another week in his bid to seal the feat world title. you're watching news till they come on the program italy's banks are in trouble once again while rome and the e.u. are at loggerheads over government spending now moody's has downgraded the
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country's credit for a. plus developing countries are woefully under insured for disaster and so on will have the details of that story and also business headlines coming up in one minute.
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every journey begins with the first step and every language but the first word published in the cool. nico is in germany to learn german why not i'm with him it's simple online on your mobile and free to settle for d w z e learning course nikos speak german meaning see.


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