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tv   Kick off - Review of Matchday 8  Deutsche Welle  October 23, 2018 1:30pm-2:00pm CEST

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it was so. nice to get. to. discover who. subscribe to the documentary to. move. them speeding up where things stand. things are uncertain with crumbling champions
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banner they're taking more shots at the media than on gold. i thought no one fresh into this it was a commentary on bahrain or on their last nerves sixth place looks like it hurts communication is important but the press conference makes me wonder. who was told by or demanded respects before facing both sport but didn't have much to give a stiff and chasing him to the front. it's all a joke to dortmund because they're on a roll first place cackle alka say or can't start scoring. and against last place stuart cart. course someone happy they once again. place their coach and the others where this frankfurt stand. will the eagles keep soaring upwards after their slow. aren't you says we can. call all of graeme
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innis any good mood. when it shall come would deliver their best start in thirteen years well shall car under immense pressure way down the table and enough chat let's go. when the final whistle blew in stuttgart dortmund coach lucy and five didn't work elated her daughter might have lost for the first time this season. as legal leaders against last place to show it got. in from the if you don't hear anything from me besides that i always want to win whether it's just a training match or it's against the leaders in the table that's how i approach the match and the sport because in ninety minutes you can beat any team. marcos vines here liz struck govs new class teacher and they are in danger of flunking.
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because fine she will stop them with god and dead last despite high expectations headed into the season but what do they have to lose against the league's best. they pressure dawkins' defense from the off energized by their new coaches a rival. expected most of all because of their new coach would probably come out a bit stimulated but we nipped it in the bud really early on. really early is right marco voice doesn't get much earlier than three minutes yeah. that's when jaden son show notched his second point is league old. jacob lawson centered it boys passed it on and got got an early wake up call. not the best first day of class for marcus finds here. even stronger than they already are by giving up the early goal that was incredibly difficult for us of course. vine seal
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was voted coach of the season five years back one let out a book does he still have a gift for turning weak teams into winners. despite any tricks up his sleeve dortmund were significantly better mako voice made it to nil in the twenty third minute. just the next low blow for vine c.e.o. who wasn't saying what he asked for from his students it was clear that his pupils had a lot to learn against top nuns. two minutes later stargardt's world champion ben human made the uncharacteristic error of passing the ball directly to scoring machine tackle i can say three nil for documents. his seventh goal in one hundred six minutes of play a new put this league a record four i can say i. now there was no stopping the black and yellow tide class trip not the oh gomez saw it as it was. as
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a viewer just desperately chasing them for forty five minutes not going in for the tackles as we planned on. going out as. district got fans were looking for a little fight from their boys as was their not so pleased new coach but she took guts burley momentum was long gone. don't men made a few sloppy mistakes too though and stuck god should have made them pay for. the keyboard of course being should have. but in the end it was the table toppers who taught all the lessons substitute maximillian philip made it for nell first got this drubbing means the students will have to put in some extra after school hours isn't the kind of thoughts are not a dead team if you ask me if i think you can see that we are. live and that mostly
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in the second half we showed he wanted to fight back but when you make mistakes so often in this league you get brutally punished for it the. defeat against dortmund is understandable but conceding four goals is way too many the new teacher better get to know is students' needs fast and then when i've only known the entire squad for two days of course we talked about a lot of things but i learned a lot today. george meant left another opponent and there does stand remain sitting pretty at the top of the table who will follow their lead. maybe he can max close if the captain and his brain boys are capable of anything right now. if we're satisfied with everything right now there are diamond shaped midfield has landed braman in fourth wow what a surprise an experienced team that seems to play with ease.
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there is the why it's cloudy or pissarro who inspires up and coming stars like maximillian and time and then there's the young coach florian cole felt i'm pressed to. it's very men's best start in thirteen years can they keep it up it shall go. further today was a decisive top class match against cheika meanwhile shall close wonder worker has lost his magic the blue and white giant is stumbling. with five losses and two when so far they're not exactly doing well and definitely not of these like raymond and shelters striker gedo borg shallow is that when braman got hold of the ball. obtained made it look easy i'm set in motion by cruzan raymond's batting start at this time let one loose from the top of the box to cash in his third goal of the season i am
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actually making what we won't get a great pass i just knew that i couldn't lose the ball otherwise we'd be vulnerable to a counterattack and then i thought i might as well try to shoot it yeah and i hit it well if i hit it any later it might have gone into the crowd. of tube you know childhood try their luck with long balls but they almost seem to be cursed the ball just didn't want to go in. not even aldo pigheaded in his usual or was braman keeper just too good. at times in some situations we were too naive and naive to call it naive is an understatement at times the match was a total mess both sides made passing blunders but this shelter mistakes led to. the two mil for braman again it was max close it was set up with a long cross. and selassie sent it further to no other than.
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i i guess stein again the twenty one year old took home his first ponderously get brace he came up through brains youth teams and has been riding the team bus with the pros since two thousand and fourteen. damn long i'm probably got a long ride home ahead of us and support that we don't have to sit in the bus in a bad mood that's always nice when he can ride home happy together. a happy braman look forward to their bus ride especially the end of the match maximillian a time. when he's one of the biggest talents in germany we all know in britain a new member but he could do this and we were waiting for this moment and now he's got four times this season i think that's impressing for such an employee the coach is proud of his boys. way they always have the balance between all fronts to front and they find the right moment to to to to score graeme inclined to third and
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further secure their high ranking stance what else is in store. did you know kickoff is now on you tube with the well live football start with a quad core of mexico. to rid the world can really feel how high fences are running i'm going to cite the stars never people and discuss football i'm chris here into. the board this is going to go. visit football kick off the new chief. eight highest scoring game to. place in frankfurt and it was the game of his life. is crazy and i think you will never forget this game it was again the fans will never forget either five goals in a single match
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a new club record for the frankfurt striker only twenty and already in the contact musea. i thought i mixed remotely happy about the five goals was on my side with his five goals and one game cube which joined the club of high scoring legends like yoga and cleans much bad levon dog scheme and gets mugged. sucked out in the eighty six minute he didn't get the chance to beat cologne legendary time mothers all time high record of six goals and one match but mostly i just happened to be present in frankfurt stadium to witness still good score five coincidence fate or just plain football i did start to sweat a bit because of course it's great that i'm still the only bonus like a player to have ever scored six goals in one game explosions are not the only thing to see from visitors just went off was
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a handball. a confidence a best to not little stepped up to put the hosts ahead. then in the twenty seventh minute they yo bitch run took off. the train goal the serbia international was only twenty years old and on loan from benfica. but enough i think the goal he scored after the cross from tel could be the goal of the month it was phenomenal i have no clue how he did it it was simply world class with a. beautiful. seven minutes later. you're going to hear it again. even after the break there was no time to take a breather and they was steely cool capitalizing on an error with plenty of french
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finesse. four nil for the hosts. and no dusseldorf consolation goal cacchioli in the fifty third minute didn't interest anyone. because shortly after the tireless philip coasted raced up the left side to serve his fellow serve. that was the five one. and here the six was. the fourth for your pitch. and finally the seven one. makes five for you which. is all a devious magnificent he's certainly the man of the match it's tremendous what you have it showed today with five goals for me you always have to praise the whole team but with five goals you have to give them a lot of the credit when i was having. that yo bitch was the man of the match goes
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without saying he'll go down in the history books but philip postage was also strong and sebastian how they are put on a fine show as well frankfurt is taking off and will take off to the compact. after. yo bitch wasn't the only player reigning in the goals this weekend jonas hoffman's hattrick had gladbach going wild talking as our assistant hoffman beautifully and collabos were head against mines twenty one minutes in and just kept going. into connected again in the fifty third minute off man made no mistake to neil. tired of just setting them up as our finished one himself just five minutes later. and not another five minutes went by before hoffman rounded off his hat trick his fourth league goal of the season already a career high. thanks to half months explosive night in front of goal class are
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second a bit surprising but glad after living up to their story to history and their squads potential. speaking of history alex book celebrated their one hundred eleventh birthday by welcoming second place are being leipzig and wearing throwback jerseys the jerseys might have been the most exciting part of the match the lone scene of note occurred when team or vanna seemed to have drawn lines like a penalty in the tense minute. it took the ref what felt like an eternity to inspect what was clearly a diet after an incredibly thorough review the referee still wanted to award a penalty but was eventually alerted through v.a.r. that the initial play was offside it only took about five minutes and absurd situation that ended in the right choice no penalty given no goals in the match
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a scoreless draw. called dark eyes hair to our club defying all expectations berlin entered their home game vs five borg in fifth place and just three points off first these games are the ones you have to win if you want to be a top team berlin struck first with andre jute are making a one mil just seven minutes in due to six tallies on the season make up nearly half of harrison's goals. but twenty minutes later five books often call type things out with confidence knocking her to back down a notch. berlin will be frustrated to be. held to a point but can't be met it being sixth in the table. here's another face you probably don't know but it could be one to remember recent olsen eighteen years old from england playing for half an on those not quite the
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day though things didn't start so well for his side hosts nuremberg got the first big break of the match i know bevan's from the spot no problem one nil nuremberg and the seventeenth minute. puff in time pushed but nuremberg scores jemma teenie zero was up to the task. until the fiftieth minute. that's when the visitors broke through thanks to the young man on loan from arsenal . and then seven minutes later he was at it again nelson's fourth goal in four games put hoffenheim ahead. of the cut around back linked with adam solenoid to kill things off in the sixty seventh minute three one hoffenheim thanks to the bundesliga is newest british starlet rhys nelson. michael hare lakes leverkusen are in trouble fourteenth going
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into the weekend and last season's bright young attacking stars have been misfiring posting sixteenth place hanover should be a good opportunity to turn things around. especially when you're gifted a penalty seven minutes in when del stepped up but couldn't convert. and less than twenty minutes later flawed and muesli as beautiful goal kicked laver kusin while they were down one they'll hand over. defensive midfielder lara spender showed his forwards how to finish time things in the thirty fourth minute but labor cousens still couldn't handle lowly hanover philippe made it to one in the fifty fourth minute. later he was in the. later went to man up but still needed a stoppage time equaliser from kareem bello robbie a last gasp draw at home against hanover isn't exactly a reason to celebrate the pressure can only be mounting on hair lace but it could
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always be worse just ask fired. fire and feel they're being treated unfairly and called a big press conference this is i think it's time for the most important club in germany to take a stand of my pussy to a new munich bosses karl-heinz woman a go and has son sollie homage it called for more respect and more respect for their players. which he had seems apparent that no one is thinking about values such as dignity and decency. what is going on here is just respectful and outrageous. what is going on here is an opponent like gulf sport showing no respect for the crisis written by ron says into their beatable and that's why we're looking forward to this match just like any other doesn't have anything to do with my own per se. beating byron
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a match like any other such statements used to be considered gutsy but not this season biron have not won their last three league matches the boss has complained about a lack of respect not from opponents but from the media. as of today we will no longer put up with this derogatory malicious fact factual reporting. ok oh no more criticism and no more facts o'brien the beautiful star of the south. but hold on a minute you can't intimidate kick off byron we will analyze and evaluate what we see without sense or. whoever wants respect has to earn it on the pitch and at first it was full of spork who earns that respect but the byron team didn't complain about it. no they did it right don't whine about it just work harder that's the only way to really prove that
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a crisis is over the branch their hard work paid off before but leavened off speak put away the one mill a half hour in the but after this fine pass from mats hummels not bad but here's some critique for all their chances it could easily have been three nil for byron by this point baron looked around waiting for the chance to counterattack which didn't always work. but in the second half it finally did thanks to some generous help from paul sports william. levin dostie get the forty ninth minute and two mill for the very ends now that's a fine way for fighting off pretty obscure to today there was a mental pressure on the entire team and all the coaches that was clear but my team's reaction was extraordinary and when
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a bunch of. unlike his bosses reaction at the press conference they complained about negative media coverage on the players such as manual noirs late week performance feel i'm utterly speechless but on the pitch neuer proved himself over and over as a keeper and a sweeper athleticism and countering critique of the woman he got also called out. robin's critics. win for free outrageous disrespectful and polemical but diving in the box is no way to prove your worth while then. on top of that another foul made it a red card for all been it was tossed out and left his side won then down. with byron now outnumber to both sport managed to shorten the lead that horst popped in the two one. was there a moment there we had this feeling of oh no not again if you don't phone and it
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might take time for byron's confidence to fully return but if the answer comes through play like hamas is goal to make it three one surely the firing crisis talk will end soon and they'll deserve their respect because they earned it on the pitch but to be honest a press conference won't be of any help in the matter. and have finally won again after three league games without tasting victory but what people will remember from this match day isn't their three goals against votes now it's that press conference let's take another look what was that of power anyway. much different i think is to sometimes like to remind you have article one of the constitution school because it says. the british human dignity is inviolable i say i'm not sure if football plays a special role here but we will not accept any further disrespectful reporting to.
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the fire bosses really did quote the german constitution they want the media to better respect their dignity but if you demand respect maybe you shouldn't talk about your own former player one better not like this. was different i said he played like total crap. maybe it was really the thin skinned byron brothers who were acting undignified here. are you nuts. no we're not let's get back to the pitch they're win against post-war brings byron to fourth back in a champions league spot but they can't slow down because daughter months and play men are all on a tear. down below stuttgart climb to seventeenth despite a four nil loss for just the dorf drops below them because they lost by even more while shaka are back in sixteenth after falling to braman what was our match day
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moment. all social. media. got a shot. to get to me. he's only eighteen but recent and plays like a live wire just seems second stops. here in st. john's. thinks nothing nelson backed two goals in seven minutes. turned the game on its head for half an odd. pace myself on nelson scoring touch isn't limited to the bundesliga. historic up until recently and as far as cutting its legs.
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for me is just. more coverage go back home sleep train in the morning but you know i'm very very happy so maybe i'll go home face some put my own bed. then chill you know frank you vote. for.
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this is deja vu news coming to you live from berlin to lose out to its version of the killing of a saudi journalist in istanbul dresden richard avedon calls it a savage mudda treated by a special student who traveled to turkey from saudi arabia drawn also demands that jamal khashoggi skill as face justice but stopped short of saying who took he believes ordered his killing. also coming up tough talks on the controls in moscow the u.s. national security advisor.


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