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tv   Close up - No Entry - Europes Border in Africa  Deutsche Welle  October 24, 2018 5:15am-5:46am CEST

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and their chairmanships. a seventy seven percent of the platform for africa is charging. the. scars cover don't forget women in russia have to live with violence sexism and oppression love doesn't it violence is normal in russia. where putin is patriarchy rules today women's rights were already gaining traction a hundred years ago. people here don't have a clue about feminism but there are women who want to instigate change in everyday life for justice and equality. under the skin of russia's women starts nov thirteenth on t.w. .
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there says the run to europe across the sahara desert it's a path trodden by hundreds of thousands of people as they try to make it to libya and ultimately europe but now the border is closed at the bidding of the european union. are good. this is europe's new external boredom with border guards equipped by the e.u. and trained by the e.u. . we need people who are going to make the attempt. it means risking their lives. for the boys who feel that we wandered around for three days without food or water we were just dumped in the desert it was really bad people were dying or falling ill and the children these are far. the people here tell us the desert has been turned into one big sign a train is this the result of aid. policies in africa.
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desert as far as the eye can see. where on our way to mali in the jap. both countries played key roles for european migration policy. the two african states are expected to keep refugees away in return for european investment and development and security. are the two most important transit countries for west africa a journey takes us to meet people in both countries in asia to the capital niamey and the desert city of a desert in mali to the capital bamako and the northern city of gar. germany's armed forces the bundeswehr on patrol in the african desert. we go out in
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the field with them germany has been part of the united nations mission to mali for five years now before rebels and islamists controlled the region many people had to flee that. the german contingent is the largest part of the mission says lieutenant colonel sebastien colonel with more than a fountain and troops we ask our country some faraway could be so important for germany. effected me and after that. we represent german security interests here as well. more in this day and age we are busy with the challenges of migration flows. and because of its central geographic location mali also plays a role with regard to both migration and potential terrorist activities and organized crime that is if they're committed to it i don't want that. sort of migration policy extends four thousand kilometers away from germany's borders the
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german troops mission is reconnaissance and was going where you could pose a threat the atmospherics tense time and again the soldiers are the targets of attacks the last one was just ten days ago. my good little. commissioner who feels that you have mixed feelings as you leave the camp. but as soon as you're out of the main gate you're concentrating one hundred percent and you keep your eyes peeled. you know as mine is considered the most dangerous u.n. mission of them all nowhere else in the world have so many blue helmets as the un peacekeepers are called being killed the dead include two germans. a migration route has also become a key smuggling route for arms and drugs as well as people. so what has the mission achieved. that day and it was more to do it off and i think patience is required and of course. we have to assume that this mission. will continue for many years
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whether. it's about helping the million state to rebuild old structures was printed and stand on its own two feet or. was all. we need to camp and drive into the center of count two years ago it was safe to move around here. now we are escorted by six soldiers from mali. everywhere we look there are signs of violence. but very few signs of state structures and people say they feel abandoned that they live in terror. small place that they are here the islamists they are here in golf but it was also a lot of the body. that is to me i come from the south of
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mali but i've been stuck here for more than a year because the rich become g.j. nj arrests why would it matter that oh no there are so many europeans here so many foreign soldiers but they have not brought security there shootings and killings here every day. when they first got here the foreign soldiers were fated as liberators now people say they don't understand what the daily patrols for the city streets are supposed to achieve. they say the soldiers protect themselves first and foremost. the german nation until recently when news has so far failed to fulfill a promise of peace and security. the lack of secure. as one problem in mali poverty and a lack of prospects are never. where in the capital
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bamako every second person here lives on the breadline. one of them is how many do my god. little or so i have left i do have his home and have made it all i want to germany. one here and you live hell yes yes we sleep yes while you sleep here but you are in germany yes inside syria color and how in hama right. i am are you cooking. fruit you have. me. it's the last day of ramadan and muslims around the world are preparing to break the fast. i mean to micah is celebrating with a piece of meat something he can usually afford he fled from mali four years ago. his family sold several cow goats and chickens to pay for his passage. deals syphilitic just the islamists had attacked our village.
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so my family decided that i should go. i would join you i went through the desert so far as morocco and. if there traffickers put me in a box and stacked it up with other girls to see if i was terrified i would suffocate them and they gave me two bottles one with water and the other empty with urine we must have been drugs or sleeping tablets in the bottle of water because i slept all the time if you are going. to go when we set off there were two of us in the container in the lane and when we got to spank the other guy wasn't there anymore. my. way of all the. so you know from spain he made his way through france to germany yes yes but his application for asylum was rejected and he was deported as. a fool for caldwell got
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him alone i can't go back to my village only do i have banished me but if. they say i'm a failure and drove them all to ruin the police and my wife does not want to see me anymore and i'm not allowed to see my children either they say i do not set a good example life is hardly bearable follicle will listen. if only there was some way of earning money says honey to my god they're better than his family would take him back his work is hard but he and dozens of other women and men collect sand from the river and load it onto trucks. the sand is for building. groups get paid by the truckload mothers have no time to comfort their children. each person earns about two to three euros a day barely enough to survive on and there's little hope of anything changing soon
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for themselves or for their children. when others knock off. keeps going for a few cents more that's wife and children he says. i dream of having my own truck someday making good taking sand to the construction site to my. knee but i have no money to buy one with. one juice or dreams without money. because i will have to try again to go to europe. although i am aware of the risk before.
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i mean do says he can never get ahead on his wages when his family back so he says he's going to try again even if it means risking his life. money is a poor country despite its mineral resources including gold anyway and it has little industry to speak of seventy percent of the labor force here works in farming that's where most of the circle development aid flows to. run away to the south of mali and one of the e.u.'s model projects a project aimed at tackling the root causes of migration including unemployment. a cashew processing factory. caches have been found in the region for as long as anyone can remember but the farmers had no way to process large quantities and get them to market so a spanish state run development organization built a factory. partly funded by even money. the staff are happy to work here as long as
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they can get by on their wages. up to lie a try reading a is one of them. he says he has a university place to study law but his family cannot afford to send them to college he's the eldest son so his first duty is to provide for his parents and siblings his only hope is this job as a young if there were as i don't i like this work i think i can use what i learn here in the future but i don't earn enough to feed my family that is out of it i was. all right though to do me a is the foreman of the factory and he tells us the low wages are not his only concern for the whole project is on the verge of failure he says. the real. problem is the spaniards built this factory and gave us a few weeks of training with the machines then they just left again if.
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the factory has no trucks to transport the nuts no distribution network no major buyers just building a factory is not much help he says. but the stuff won't go without a fight when the factory closed down they collected money in the village to get production started again but the fans won't last forever. a delay says his mother keeps urging him to go to europe but he'd rather stay here. as or why the needle i will have to go to europe that is if the working the indications were better with better pay i would stay here to help my mother and father says this is. a law the village elders a warning that they tell us that there are hardly any young men laughed and that
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it's difficult to persuade them to stay. a delay says europe is not only a strain but it could be his only way out. most people trying to get to europe from west africa go through nisha. asia is the most important transit country for migrants from all over west africa many stay in africa. many others want to go further through the desert to libya and then across the mediterranean sea to europe. where in the end they the capital of nation the country is rich in natural resources of over gold and uranium. and samantha is the name of the biggest uranium mine the french state owns a sixty three percent stake. while the former colonial power and a tiny elite turn
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a healthy profit the ordinary population gains little or nothing from this wealth the jet is the second poorest country in the world. the jet is not just rich in minerals it's also a magnet for migrants recently the e.u. began paying the government to keep the migrants away on a notch scale. in near may we go to a big conference about the battle against illegal migration and about beefing up the country's security operations. my monarch as he who is the head of the migration of forty s she's full of praise for the e.u. and germany. europe after in all model europe is a great support to our government because they give us a lot of resources that germany for example is helping to build a border post so that the security forces have better control of the borders would do did it up or is different yet. officially the number of migrants passing through
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nature has been reduced by seventy percent in just two years. two years ago namely the government and acted in law banning the transport of migrants and imposing a sentence of up to thirty years in jail or fine amounting to the equivalent of four thousand five hundred euros with the backing of the e.u. . we made an appointment with the defense minister of malaysia tyree comma he too emphasizes the importance of border security. but he says fifty percent of his country is hard to control desert. assist solid moving to secure the desert we need more resources than a country like malaysia air might have at its disposal. we need aircraft and equipment with state of the art technology to monitor these arms they will lose it and thanks to our cooperation with the e.u. and especially with germany we're doing much better in this joint project germany
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really is a leader who is you we are proudly shown one document after another recording freshly signed deals between germany and. germany is buying in jazz defense ministry vehicles and satellite telephones officially for better border control and other documents. best's to wreck financial aid to the tune of millions of eras. than a document has quickly taken away because its content is still a secret the defense ministry in berlin isn't giving away anything either they tell us details not be revealed. but where is the money from the german government going and what are the consequences of this time to put a security. we get agadez in such advances this does it says he was a trade hub for centuries goods from all over west africa were taken from here
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across the desert to libya and algeria but the war in libya changed a lot i mean business model emerged a despot came a migration whomp. of human rights activist russia says the government has badly neglected the region he says it makes him angry that they're now getting money from the e.u. . russia color has already been jailed twice for criticizing your far she says. there was a government is characterized by corruption and violent abuse of power and human rights violations my. official sanction or block for europe our president is a model partner he does everything to please europe. still agadez is now europe's first external border. rashid says europe's external border begins here in the heart of the city in one of the transit centers while europe talks the e.u.
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including germany is already acting in a desperate. it's a camp for migrants picked up on their way to europe or brought here from libyan prisoner camps. that data is recorded in case they make it to europe after all. most of those here are sent home to their countries of origin. to the local mess as the prospect of europe building central holding camps here is warring he says are going to as has become a bar a tree protest in european migration policy you know murders a few of us are here in the uk i get is what i thought we did not ask them to set up holding camps like this here. this is going to create great difficulties no we have no structures to deal with this and we have no schools no hospitals no running water and no electricity but now we're supposed to do the work of foreign
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governments the europeans are only interested in one thing you know the fight against illegal migration and they use the word illegal to justify their actions. the local population is increasingly resentful of european policy migrants used to be welcome here they ate here went shopping and stayed in hotels they put money into the local economy. and really got it there was nothing illegal about it here in the center of town we had lots of different little shops restaurants hotels and so on the migrants you would think it was a hive of activity but now business is dead and i could as the economy that is the water. this has these military bases home to an accidental graveyard of sorts more than one hundred pickup trucks that used to ferry migrants across the desert on rusting away here.
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they tell my stories of people trying to get to a better life on the other side of the mediterranean. nigeria. because who confiscated by the city authorities. they will never be given back says that some to her as a deterrent. use of scale is there to be used to drive migrants across the desert it was illegal three years ago he borrowed money and bought a pickup. what simple i am for my i have not and i'm just what i think is seven yes if i'm to like that. yes twenty yes fifty yes to get seven million safe to go back to scott or i should
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prefer the government of the kids or your. money not just. greedy to do. something like this gift to. fund it is a war. to terrorism. many people fear that this is the next challenge that radical islamists will find it easier to recruit people with no prospects. people with nothing to lose can't be stopped by a buddha says rashid color no matter what europe does to seal off the route through the desert. he says it just makes migrants even more dangerous route. was admitted is that what is going on in the desert right now you don't know i don't know the international community doesn't know that's the problem before the old torrent is checked everyone passing the border past they had an overview of
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a new and yet what do you feel now the drivers with the migrants avoid the border posts as they take different routes the more dangerous results there's something it could be required why nobody knows how many people died trying to cross the desert . on purpose or what sort. it's difficult for camera teams to. do to take a good student yet this is what. we want to take a look for at sounds at the root leading from agadez to libya. it's a centuries old track it used to transport goods and people today it's dangerous territory when bandits and islamist terrorists hold sway. we cannot go without an armed escort. on the way we encounter a military patrol looking for traffickers and smugglers. they're not interested not
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. after three hours' drive we reach the first checkpoint. cameras are not welcome here. ok. everybody has to show their papers. the border guard says that people from nigeria liberia and some ago potential refugees wouldn't get through here without a visa. to live i never knew. till years ago it was different this stopped letting us know years ago the us the us young and now know it all but. west africans can no longer pass through here without a visa despite being a member of the economic community of west african states.
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world it's the end of the road trust him. no cameras no witnesses to see what happens in the desert. that's the problem says rashid khalidi. he shows us photos he got. his contacts. spotted the beloved look at these pictures the corpses are totally dried out the people dying of thirst this man appears to have trying to take off his trousers in the throes of death they say that when a human being dies or every scrap of clothing feels like too much nobody knows whether these people died a few weeks or a few months ago. those who drowned in the mediterranean might be seen as rashid khalidi. those who die in the desert.
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after much negotiation we arrange a meeting with someone who can tell us more about the desert. we can only go at night he's afraid his whereabouts will be discovered. we meet him so could get out of a secret camp for migrants. as a trafficker know he still ferries migrants across the desert. moods for food go to simulate never stopped us you used to see the migrants everywhere now we have to hide them from santa but in secret the migration continues. it has grown more dangerous but we used to stop it watering hole was there in villages along the way women and now the military is everywhere. so we stop fifteen kilometers away from the village and hide the migrants sickie then i drive into the village to buy food and drink and then i drive back or if you run into
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a military patrol and they ask you questions you get scared and don't come back for the migrants in the migrants are totally lost in the desert if you buy the gifts your deposit is in the. most with no motion and no for the most that means certain death says bill de. self only narrowly avoided death while trying to flee across the desert. the indian media and media you need to understand there was a military patrols over our driver saw it and threw us out. when the military got to us they said you are illegal and we don't care about you and drove off after the truck i mean it it was only wandered around the desert for three days. to somebody beneath. this it was. the driver many people fell ill. children and two women died.
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they were eventually rescued by aid workers but despite an old wants to try again. i think it was that it did. the only thing that could stop us is if europe would stop funding our african dictators and military. but if we africans were truly independent and could profit from our natural resources. but we and the african children get nothing of it. and as long as that's the way it is it will keep coming until europe can lose sense of the good will and just so. they says he sees migration as a form of resistance tend to injustice and exploitation thank gold is written on the wall. over europe for nothing. europe more nothing and there are a few legal amounts to this gone the only way and that is across the desert on
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route made more dangerous by european policy. they say the desert is a graveyard a graveyard where the data mining invisible. on. the fast pace of life in the digital shift has the lowdown on the web showing new developments and providing useful information the wittiest finds and interviews with the makers and users. next d.w. . time for an upgrade. how about furniture that grows on buying. a house with no roof.
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