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tv   Shift - Living in the Digital Age  Deutsche Welle  October 24, 2018 5:45am-6:01am CEST

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house with no roof. or design highlights you can make yourself. against tips and tricks that will turn your home to a special. upgrade yourself with d w's interior design channel on you tube. shift life in the digital world. today with personal three d. avatars. mass state surveillance. and a new look at the old masters but first. architecture is serving human rights using data gathered online the forensic architecture collective investigates crime scene the team from london presents their results in court or in museums.
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the bomb cloud has an architecture in itself it has a temporary architecture lasting for about eight minutes. looking at the shape of the cloud each cloud is very unique each was one has a particular fingerprint you're going to zation forensic architectures and allies in the structure of bomb close to reconstruct war crimes just one method of determining the correlation between the times and places of the crimes. using satellite recordings method data and pictures from social media the team is trying to meticulously reconstruct the scenes of war crimes on the sequence of events leading up to the recordings of civilians on site or set in treaty visualization of positioned in relation to the scene of the crime. if some of these recording of freedom. sometimes risking their own live recording
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a video in an urban environment and posting it online we need to treat it like a message in a bottle they've put that message in and through it so that maybe somebody would look at. the israeli architect of and set up the independent research group in twenty eleven before that he worked as a human rights activist in palestine. forensic architecture sees its role is that of best again. they focus on buildings where violent crimes were committed. most conflict these days take place in cities take place in a in an environment that has a lot of civilians it has media in it that is very complex and in order to understand it we need new tools it sounds complicated but in essence it's simple showing what happens telling the story of an event in a coherent way and in the process providing legal evidence of crimes against
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humanity. even if there are no photos or videos. of the activists tried to apply their methods to the notorious syrian torture prison side. together with amnesty international and solely based on survivors' memories and statements they reconstructed a virtual view of the military prison which is totally inaccessible. the prisoners were locked up in darkness and forced silence. they only have acoustic memories blows screams door slamming footsteps in the hallway the rooms are architecturally reconstructed with the help of acoustic engineers. i can tell if they're punching or kicking or hitting them against the wall. i can tell. the difference by the sound of screaming or by the sound of the
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two hitting the body. nightmarish reconstructions that result making the detention conditions of the prisoners almost tangible the objective is to bring lawless states in inaccessible regions to the attention of the public even in countries with no freedom of press but the investigative approaches received a lot of criticism too when we get criticised and whether it is by assad by the kremlin by the israeli authorities it is always done with the same language saying you're not qualified to do it you're political rather than scientific or sometimes they say we are artists. none of this is really correct the collective is not interested in the definitions used to present their cases in court but also in museums which they see as a kind of alternative courtroom but what counts is being seen being heard.
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schiff says digital detective work. and now networkers digital makers and shakers today avatar designer better anika ordered. the computer graphics designer is from buenos aires but she's been teaching at a university in porto for almost eleven years two years ago she persuaded an investor to turn her research into a startup and did emo was born what's special about her software is that it can create a three d. avatar using a smartphone skin almost instantly. rather or your d.d. well you know the to connect to other people in the digital world so bring people outside digital isolation. so the whole goal is to actually create a new generation of connection for a new generation of people. veronica and her staff of ten are bringing the real me
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into the digital world the avatar can be used in viewer games. along with her current projects forty one year old veronica has a personal challenge she wants children to be able to use her software to. just wish one day maybe not in a year but maybe five six or seven but would be able to provide these technology to every child in the world so they can learn from any other children so we can do peer to peer learning to demolish just at the beginning but the virtual world is growing and veronica wants to make it a little more human. and now big brother in china where the government is introducing a social scoring system to rate the social behavior of its enormous population it's collecting endless amounts of data via smartphone apps facial recognition and surveillance cameras. using a facial scan to receive
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a ration of toilet paper absurd. in beijing this is already being tested to cut down on the use of toilet paper in public toilets it's just one example of how china is experimenting with the most cutting edge surveillance technology privacy not likely surveillance cameras may soon be installed everywhere the state wants access to everything there will be profiles of people's movements and whereabouts and automatic face recognition scanning the state is testing a program to monitor people's behavior the social credit system. will stay in the future using the system is reminiscent of dystopias like orwell's one thousand nine hundred four where the film got to where humans are monitored around the clock. at present the system is only in a test phase and as being piloted in around forty locations in china. the government's plan is to have it fully operation. by twenty twenty. one of the
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pilot cities for the social surveillance experiment is wrong on china's east coast cameras have been installed everywhere the chinese government believes it will improve social order encourage moral behavior and discourage corruption. this is how the social credit system is supposed to work. every citizen is scored based on their number of points which rise or fall depending on their behavior if someone games too much on their computer they lose points for neglecting their family and damaging their health health data social behavior financial standing media activity all of this data is compiled from various databases scores have a direct impact on people's lives if they have too few points their travel options are restricted thanks refused to give them loans and their children won't get training positions companies are also rated according to the point system.
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the ideal is that the vast majority of people will behave well have a good rating and sail through the system without problems and then there are a small number of citizens who will score badly and will be hugely disadvantaged but since this will only be a small minority you will be socially excluded the idea is that there won't be much protest on the phone i. would have. put make state surveillance even easier is that you can hardly do anything in china anymore without a smartphone apps for shopping banking and chatting even dating apps are linked to the state authorities. this data is all fit into the social credit system. but who would dare to publicly condemn such a system any criticism would automatically reduce your score. chip says pretty totalitarian. and now short and sweet the shift. snapshot. art is in the eye of the beholder french
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photographer nicole actually if has been following people's observations of art very closely. but he likes to start observing before the doors open. he watches the workers setting up exhibitions in museums. is instagram account looks behind the scenes and highlights magnificent moments of fusion. the exhibition builders and the works of art merge into one or complement each other. the art and self looks effortless but working with it can certainly be exhausting. photo stream is an invitation to view all aspects of the holding and holding part. that was the snapshot now. if you want more stories from the digital age visit our facebook page p.w. digital. here you can find the latest digital news and trends as well as
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recommended apps tech gadgets and helpful tutorials as well as episodes to shift the course follow us and tell us what you think this is d w digital on facebook. as always at the end of shift x. it's our internet find of the week today world views. mankind has conquered the earth and shaped it according to its wishes but it hasn't always been particularly creative in the process. as the stop motion film arena by pirates mclaughlin reveals the irish filmmaker has sort of an animated shots from google earth. he shows us how our planet might look from space if things were sorted into a series of similar shapes and figures. luckily nature has been much more imaginative.
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and next week pregnant women and young mothers are often alone with their baby worries online midwives constantly available on skype are there to support them they can answer all kinds of questions about having and taking care of babies midwives on the internet next week on shift. the from. germany full of little rich countries and the economy is still firing on all cylinders. one is not well built and the structure and education. struggle in schools housing shortages sluggish growth and expansion crisis or is germany about this progress are. made in germany thirty minutes on.
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there they're. going to. come on the. tough love music we've got you covered. the topics more on. paying news alex mcleish what's the answer. all to shake hands out to his concert boosts a good bottom so for. people to have.
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put big dreams on the big screen. movie magazine on the dummy. the first to say. the war to end all wars cost millions of lives. marks the one hundredth anniversary. what has he learned from the great war. he's a real peace and in possibility. nineteen
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ha. for god w.'s member focus. i want to see before that u.s. president donald trump has called saudi arabia's response to the murder of john this democracy the west cover up ever his comments follow a speech by techies president rejected saying his country's investigators believe brutal killing was meticulously planned. hurrican well has struck mexico's pacific coast line with winds of one hundred twenty miles per hour heavy rain and what forecasters warned was a dangerous storm surge thousands of.


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