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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 24, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm CEST

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me me me me me. me me me. me. me me. me me i am. i am intrigued me me me me me me me. this is you know he was live from berlin tell democrats and us media reserve received potentially dangerous kayaker just days ahead of midterm elections but what we saw here today was a effort to terrorize which clearly is an act of terror new york's mayor increases security after an explosive device was sent to the building where c.n.n. offices are located suspicious packages are also sent to leading democrats including former presidential candidate hillary clinton and former president barack
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obama will get you latest from the u.s. plus with all eyes on riyadh saudi arabia's crown prince makes his first public comments on the show he killing speaking at a high profile business conference mohamed been so mon calls her show he's just a heinous crime and his first public comments on the case he also said riyadh would cooperate with turkish investigators and too much of everybody surprised he praised qatar's economy thousands of migrants and refugees from central america make their way towards the united states in hopes of a better future when you look at the conditions which are forcing them to abandon their homes and the dangerous and difficult task of clearing land mines in eastern ukraine as a fragile peace takes hold you know you news joins the people working inch by inch to make former war zones safe again. with no money.
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it's great to have you along everyone. while we start off this broadcast in the u.s. where the circle of prominent targets sent explosive devices appears to be widening police are investigating a suspicious package at the office of senior democrat lawmaker deborah wasserman schultz in florida well earlier the n.y.p.d. evacuated the time warner building in new york city after a suspicious package was found at the c.n.n. offices there the secret service has also intercepted parcels sent to former secretary of state hillary clinton and to former president barack obama at a news conference official said all three devices appear to be crude bombs new york governor andrew cuomo said his office had also received a suspicious device. on the york city mayor bill de blasio addressed reporters near
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the time warner center listen to what he said just moments ago. and what we saw here today was the effort to terrorize this clearly is an act of terror attempting to undermine our free press the leaders of this country through acts of violence i want to make very clear that the people of new york city will not be intimidated. that we are going to go about our lives undeterred because the very concept of terrorism is to change us and we will not allow that to happen. new york city a mayor bill de blasio speaking just moments ago and we are expecting u.s. president donald trump to give a statement any moment and now you see yvonne got trump there walking into the room he's not there but we'll keep you posted first off let's take you now to washington
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and new york stefan simmons is in d.c. and in manhattan we have our correspondent james or i know who is at the scene outside the time warner center james want to go first to you you have some new reporting that you want to share with us yes well of course the silence is still going off into mentally here at the time warner stand and the police still out in polls but there is a degree of normality returning to the columbus circle area the shopping mall here which is part of the building complex which was evacuated earlier today because of the bombs down three open shop with the coming and going some of the streets in this area including fifty eighth street i'm one of the moment it's been reopened to pedestrians although occasionally it's being as it's being allowed the chemical weapons truck the truck to get through the employ and what is needed to be done to secure the area but of course the office blocks here including the theon and office
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which is the one that we understand with targeted that's still closed in a still many office workers down here at street level just waiting for news to find out whether or not we're going to be allowed to go back into their offices the day or whether they're going to be stuck outside or maybe just need to go home all right stephan let's go to you now in d.c. now the targets appear to be obviously top democrats but also c.n.n. where james is the media outlet that president obama has targeted over and over again calling it fake news trump in general calls the news media the enemy of the people now i'm not drawing a direct link here but it seems that the u.s. is currently at this stage reaching a boiling point. you know you bob writes is saying this there is no idea from this official to even go that far saying that. the us and politics here seem to be in a sorry state if it triggers one person or persons to send out
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pipe bombs to elected officials or fall molecular officials no matter if they're republicans or. democrats so there's people now in the senate senators coming out saying that this is actually an attack on the constitution of the united states but of course everybody is bemoaning that this is exemplifies where we are. and it shouldn't exemplify but it does to some degree semper fi where we are in political discourse in the us i need to update you on another. news though there is more suspicious devices or packages discovered democratic u.s. senator come on harris's office in san diego were evacuated out of an abundance of . caution there after suspicious suspicious packages were found nearby and police and the bomb squads are investigating
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a congressional mail screening facility in mary in maryland pardon me. for a suspicious device too so this is not over it seems we have heard from the white house or senate said earlier given a statement condemned strongly condemned what unfolded in the last four hours plus even comes from came out. the first lady took to twitter and released a statement and the president had before we all expect him to say something now in front of cameras the president had added a comment on a twitter and on the tweet from vice president penn's saying he. agrees wholeheartedly with the condemnation of what's going to what's happening here by the vice president all right and as you have or referenced we are actually waiting for the president to appear he is expected to make a statement any moment now this is the live signal that you're seeing here he's not
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there so let's continue our conversation now with james in new york city in manhattan james mayor de blasio we heard him speak a little bit before he unequivocal he says this is meant to terrorize in a city which is sadly had a lot of experience when it comes to acts of terror. yes exactly. as you came out and spoke only a few feet away from where i'm standing now and he said quite clearly this is an effort to terrorize the people of new york and of course it comes at a very very sensitive time. not only is there a political dimension to the liberal politicians and news agency an outlet. these devices appeared to be targeting it comes only a couple of weeks before americans are meant to go to the polls not just the new york city but across the country to elect lawmakers to replace candidates but the
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congress and the senate in new york. city denizens are somehow known to be a little bit unflappable of course they've dealt with terror incidents in the past not just the nine eleven attacks which took down the world trade center but a series of attacks ever since every couple of years there seems to be something most recently there was an attack last callaway in halloween almost this time of year where a jihadist drove a truck down a cycle probably took out some cyclists there being pipe bomb attack there was one of the subway on forty second street really know all about paul from here so new york so make stand you see these kind of incidents nobody likes them. to a certain extent these people know the drill here aren't they know sadly know the drill there where you are stephanie i want to go to you next but first i suggest we take a listen to the former secretary of state hillary clinton were sponsoring to have
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being also being targeted by an explosive device. we are fine thanks to the men and women of the secret service. who intercepted. the package addressed to us long before it made its way to our home every day we are grateful for their service and commitment and obviously never say never more than today. but it is a troubling time isn't it. and it's a time of deep. divisions. and we have to do everything we can to bring our country together. secretary former secretary of state hillary clinton there reacting there are earlier stuff on the this happened
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a little bit before. it's something time she says we are we now with our witnessing a growing situation and this all unfolding just two weeks ahead of the midterms. yeah two weeks exactly and that's actually a critical point that this is happening so in such a short time frame before this country goes to the midterm elections is significant and why is that because as you know and as viewers know president trump has been on the campaign trail like nobody else before that in historic terms speaking really that no president has taken so much effort made so much effort to be president and involved in the midterm elections and for reasons of course. because republicans and the g.o.p. were and had reason to be concerned about democrats picking up many seats in the
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house and with that the power base for mr trump and the president would have been altered significantly because the executive the white house would have had a target time to get lost through the through the senate and the house through congress now. actions like this and the divisive divisiveness of many things mr trump says and now this action is only bringing this country more and that's what many many people say to a boiling point where they actually call me cation in political discourse and acceptance of other people's opinions political opinions and or convictions is not even possible anymore doesn't seem to be possible anymore having said that let me update you with one thing just coming in we having reports on the murder and u.s. media here that there is another package or suspicious device package found and that is was intercepted apparently according to reports which are not confirmed by
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us or anybody else i know no but c.n.n. is reporting now that capitol police in washington d.c. intercepted a suspicious device and two maxine waters who is a democratic rep. sensitives in congress you're right stephanie james we're still waiting for the president to appear and respond to what has unfolded so far stephanie what do you expect him to say do you think he will now tone down some of his very strident rhetoric. all that that's put me on the spot that's a tough one i'm not really sure i'm sure the president will be very presidential right now and will because this is no doubt expected from him now address the nation and also calm some nurse and maybe he finds it in themselves to count those nerves and try and will try to. make sure that his supporters as well as
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supporters on the left more radical supporters on the left are potentially come to their senses that this country finds a new way of politically debating or or talking to each other and having a political discourse of course this is washington and washington is all about power and shifting power so having said that and with this insertion i would suspect and i'm sure i won't be alone with this that the president because it is about power will not let go of any divisive return rhetoric if you needs to be a device if you will be divisive and if this it guarantees for the g.o.p. and the republicans. enough seats to keep the majority in house and senate now james want to go to you in new york city new york city is trump's home president tom's home the columbus circle way you are is not that far off from midtown
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manhattan what how do you think they are looking at what's unfolding there right now. people in the trump tower was going to the trump of ministration trump specifically this being his hometown. i mean paul of course is going to have a sentimental approach to new york city columbus circle where i'm standing right now you can't hear from where i am but on the other side of columbus circle over in our direction is one of the trump towers as a trump tower on fifth avenue a few blocks in that direction and even further across town closer to the united nations so obviously if you're looking at it from a real estate point of view of course bomb attacks are definitely bad for business because the damage they can cause on buildings. but i guess to to some extent now donald trump has moved away from his home in new york city although it was a business home to him and like the center of his real estate empire. hasn't really
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been strong in terms of his political base if you look at the electoral map in twenty six day in the city when you know sort of seventy eighty percent even as high as ninety percent ahead or we can look clinton his democratic competitor when it came to the voters so in many ways trump's fan base isn't really in new york city or two and of course that might be extension weighted by the people who and the individuals in the organization who appear to have been targeted and what appears to be a series of pipe bomb explosive attacks across the country. and go to wards democratic politicians and me your organization c.n.n. seems to be espousing their values right stefan want to go back to you in d.c. can you tell us a little bit more about these devices that have been found. yeah investigation is of course expanding as we are in the four and
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a half hour now where there's where those incidents expense and so far what we know from the authorities from the secret service f.b.i. and the joint terrorism task force who is leading and coordinating those investigations now most of those devices seem to be. pipe bombs very crude not sophisticated in their design and composition and of course forensics are now critical in this investigation and you can be sure that f.b.i. and other thirty seer will make enough manpower available to find call on through those devices they're looking now for d.n.a. residue for components which components were used as actors are trying to nail down . who or what people could have done this so the connectivity they have the linking what links those devices together how dangerous where they're
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really that is imperative for those investigators now to find out and of course in the case of new york don't forget we had reports and that was confirmed by p.d. . officials and reported by james there was also a stepson white powder found in the lump yeah let's go east hold that thought because we can now go to d.c. where you are because we're expecting now president donald trump to appear and provide us with comments on what has been happening the audience is standing by waiting for him to arrive and i believe just seeing everybody holding up their phones and taking. photographs there he is let you listen in to what the u.s. president donald trump said.
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hears that i'm a lot of trumpet world to take to the microphone and i speak first was listening to what she has to say. with afternoon please sit down. before i begin i want to take a moment to talk about today's news and attempted attacks on president clinton president obama their families public officials individuals and organizations we cannot tolerate those cowardly attacks and i strongly condemn all hutus violence i'm grateful to the secret service as well as the local and federal law enforcement for all they do on a daily basis to keep us safe and encourage people across the country to to skynyrd's over heat treat. i want to welcome you all to the white house to
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reflect on the progress the said mr asian has made in tackling the opiate crisis and more importantly to look ahead at the work still to be done. we are here to talk about the continued actions we are taking to combat the opiate demick which my husband will talk about in a few minutes i must say i'm proud of our president and the work being done in the white house and across so many agency to help those affected by drug abuse and addiction. just last week i visited thomas jefferson in diversity hospital to learn about maternal addiction treatment education and research program called matter these programs supports families and babies born with neonatal apps and syndrome of providing mothers with the tools they didn't to have become successful parents my campaign the best is committed to helping children and the many
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issues they face as they grow up. and sadly drug abuse is one of those issues the best will continue to shine a light on successful programs like matter that demonstrate positive results for children over the past year i have travelled both nationally and internationally learning about many of the programs offered through private organizations schools and hospitals which are meant to help children and families as they deal with drug addiction what i constantly hear is the need for support at all levels law enforcement needs our support and the resources necessary to stop clean us from putting drugs on the streets families need the resources to get treatment and follow up care for follow for loved ones
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those who are addicted in the support resources and guidance to know they are fighting the disease and should not be ashamed young mothers need the support necessary to not only be their addiction but the guide the tools needed to become successful parents babies born addicted need the resources for treatment but also need follow up care for years to come. i was honored to be part of a roundtable comprised of several experts a thomas jefferson university hospital that was convent to help with the design and implementation of a new initiative the department of health and human services is working on to measure the long term health outcomes and needs of infants suffering from neon
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needle absence syndrome as a nation we must come together to fight the subpoena by providing as many resources as possible and i know that as long as my husband is in office disability mean apriority fighting opiate abuse goes across all party lines thank you all for being here and being part of the fight to end the subpoena. he's now my honor to introduce the president of the united states thank
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you i want to thank you very much going to know how hard you've worked on this and that's just one of many languages that you know so it's just amazing the way you can do it thank you very much pre-shared. also i want to thank mrs pence for being here you have been just so terrific working alongside of our great vice president and thank you very much really appreciate thang. i was like to begin today's remarks by providing an update on the suspicious packages and devices mailed to current and former high ranking government officials the safety of the american people is my highest and absolute priority i have just concluded a briefing with the f.b.i.
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department of justice department of homeland security and the u.s. secret service as we speak the packages are being inspected by top explosive experts and a major federal investigation is now underway the full weight of our government is being deployed to conduct this investigation and bring those responsible for these despicable acts to justice we will spare no resource or expense in this effort and i just want to tell you that in these times we have to unify we have to come together and send one very clear strong and mistake of all message that acts or threats of political violence of any kind have no place in the united states of america the a a
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was . it's a very bipartisan state and i can tell you from both sides we both agree on that this egregious conduct is poor it to everything we hold dear and sacred as americans my administration will provide additional updates as they become available and i just want to thank everybody for their understanding. we are extremely angry upset and happy about what we witnessed this morning and we will get to the bottom of it. we're gathered together today to address america's drug and opioid crisis and a crisis it is which now claims seventy thousand lives a year one year ago i addressed the nation in this very room and declared the
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opioid crisis a national public health emergency and that's a legal statement that's a legal term today we are here to update the american people on the historic action we have taken and to sign a landmark legislation to defeat the opioid epidemic. i want to think the cabinet members in attendance today attorney general jeff sessions thank you. and secretaries ryan zinke alex accustom alex a's. you've been watching special coverage of white house remarks after a series of suspicious packages were sent to top democrats including former presidential candidate hillary clinton president donald trump says he's spoken with law enforcement agencies and that all efforts will be made to bring the
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perpetrators to justice he also called for americans to come together and that acts of political violence have no place in the united states all right want to check back in with our stefan see monster in d.c. as stephanie had the opportunity to listen a lot as we all did we first heard from the first lady condemning the violence this was obviously a prescheduled event but nonetheless a very interesting choice to not have the president speak first. yeah i couldn't agree more absolutely interesting that the first comments on the unfolding. texas year came from the first lady and not from the president before talking about the opium crisis which the u.s. is battling in many many places of the country here one would have definitely expected that the president. takes precedence here and goes to the microphone first addressing the nation and the crowd there but that did not happen however after
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that we all listen to this the president found i think the right words. he seemed a little bit. and forgive me if i categorize as a little bit but it really seemed to be that he seemed to be a little bit deflated. normally the president performs a little bit different on those occasions even when he has to address. things which he just needs to address because he's the president like in this case so he wants to provide an update and he will do this he said and that's of course very important that the safety and security of all americans are the highest per priority of his administration and to himself and that was remarkable that given that the president is on the campaign trail for weeks now with the most decisive and combatants if language branding and opposing democrats
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that he now says in the light of what happens now that we have to unify and we have to come together that political violence of any kind and i'm quoting here has no place in the united states of america so this was very presidential that was the right thing to say. i want to know in the next two weeks if the president will actually hold himself accountable to what he just said now and. tone down on this aggressiveness and divisiveness in his speeches and i want to i want to pick up on that point that you said i mean that it was very presidential it was a very short statement from the president i mean we have a lot of i mean the who's who of the democratic leadership being targeted by devices some of them containing projectiles and a major news outlet being targeted as well you don't think it deserved
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more to be said by the president. i think everybody things that deserve more. but this is we're living in the times of donald trump as president of the united states of america and that is i say this as objectively as possible this president acts differently he disrupts in many forms and ways and this is act to pickle to what we observe or see in washington and what washington itself the political establishment here is used to of course i can imagine other presidents republican as well as democratic in the past who would have a press conference out very very quickly and to a lengthy press conference addressing the nation and then giving reporters the chance to ask more questions this seems to be and that is what you're what you're
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referring to here what everybody has a living on minds symbolic politic here the symbolism in this is i take. the president or the president takes notice of what happens he knows what he has to do speak and address the. the matter affected and the fact of the matter what's going on but he doesn't want to allocate enough or or what feels as not enough time to what really is happening right now because you are right this is coordinated. the governor the mayor of new york spoke of terrorism here just think of the other way around if republicans would have been the targets of those suspicious devices or suspicious packages which contained pipe bombs and god knows what. you may think that the president would have then handled this a little bit different and that is what is in many many heads here and that speaks
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also again and here is where it's a catch twenty two that speaks for where we are politically speaking in the discourse here in washington and it. the country in conclusion stefan that president trump said that we have to unify and attempt to bring a divided country to gether we're just two weeks out of you know before midterms take place what are the chances that this country is going to come together. very solid pessimistic or realistic it doesn't you're be the judge of this our viewers but i think the chances are. that this country is growing together or being unified even in the wake of what happened today within two weeks. this will be investigated this will be handled this will be the moment this will be there will be lessons learned from what happened to reach before the mid-term elections two thousand and eighteen i'm sure of it but. nobody unifies in the united states of
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america and the populace in the united states of america the politically active populism there in america within two weeks. that is not going to happen in political fights and divisiveness will not cease to they will not to seize they will exist still and will be happening definitely w.'s just a fun cmos reporting from d.c. and i also want to thank our correspondent in new york who was talking to us earlier about the situation on the ground james arayan all thank you both and next up we're going to shift our focus to saudi arabia where the crown prince there mohamed been some on has described the killing of dissident journalist. as quote a heinous crime he said everything would be done to bring the perpetrators to justice after coming under intense international pressure riyadh has acknowledged that he was killed inside the country's istanbul consulate but the world family denies that
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the crown prince was involved in any way. it was supposed to attract investors to the kingdom instead the crown prince was forced to say he denounced the murder of writer and journalist. the crime was really painful to all saudis. and i believe it is painful to every human in the world it is a heinous crime the cannot be justified today saudi arabia is carrying out all legal. things to finalize the investigations to work with the cooperate with the turkish government and to present a perpetrator is to the court and take their. judgement. he also said there will be no break in relations with istanbul. it is mohammed bin sound man's first public address since she disappeared after entering the saudi consulate in the turkish capital earlier this month his words seemed to
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come on cue washington says that the crown prince bans ultimate responsibility he also spoke with turkish president's rhetoric tired on the phone wednesday the two said they would bring light to all aspects of the case. as a nation we are determined not to allow the murder to be covered up and all of those responsible not to a very justice from those who gave the order to those who executed it. this is not only for the deceased jamal khashoggi who is the victim of a brutal murder within our country's borders at the same time it's the responsibility of the international public law and justice. the sequence of events is stranger than fiction the butchering of a critic with the saudi hierarchy accused of having blood on their hands to shock she son attended a royal reception for
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a handshake with the crown prince. thousands of central american migrants making their way to the united states have now poured out of the southern mexican town. after almost two weeks on the move the group of migrants is still about one thousand eight hundred kilometers from the u.s. border while the u.n. estimates around seven thousand people make up that group another group of its product of approximately one thousand migrants is now on the move toward amala and making their way towards the border with mexico and the issue has become fiercely political in the united states with president trump valuing to keep the migrants out of the country but just why are they fleeing their homes there is more. the road to a new life has few comforts and for this group of central american migrants a small ledge on a moving car brings much needed relief. the trip has also been long and
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hard for this second group of migrants that's been walking since saturday their plan is to get to mexico across the gretta mountain border more than seven thousand people according to u.n. estimates are slowly advancing toward the united states a journey most wish they didn't have to make. this comes. from the drug that went political that's for spirity for a better life. this is not what tickle better than what the people. we are suffering for our families. for our children. they force our children to work again and. they kill or cave if we don't obey. it's a bloody and brutal life they've left behind. in honduras gang violence is commonplace
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with kidnappings and extortions reported regularly. in el salvador the security situation is just as dire as huge drug busts like this one are a common occurrence but it's the alleged collusion between government and organized gangs that has people leaving the country in droves the un refugee agency is calling on the global community to pull its weight to address the issue and the responsibilities that all countries have along this route. is really the same individuals fleeing persecution and violence need to be given access to territory and to refugee status determination procedures. but the reaction from the us has been less than welcoming. our blood letting them in and i coming here they're not coming in we're going to do whatever we have to they're not coming in the threats have done little to dissuade these migrants intent on getting to the us border for
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many of them there is no choice. i'm up on that and. i'm going to do what we have to do because i have to cross. it's better to die here than to go back there. and news about these so-called caravan of migrants and refugees has been trained in heavily on line in the us as you might imagine but so has a host of this information and false hose for that about her from social media is tracking this story for us right now for that he can share with us the type of misinformation that is being spread online so we're seeing that some people are just trying to really fan migrant sentiments by spreading rumors for example by questioning the migrants motives for moving towards the u.s. or suggesting that some of them may pose
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a danger to the country and most of these claims are not verified some of them have been also debunked as really blatant lies and i can show you an example it's a post that was a shared about twenty thousand times to facebook and it claims to show immigrants from one duress allegedly burning the american flag while marching towards the u.s. to seek asylum and you can see several pictures attached there of supposed to flag burnings but actually these pictures have been proven to not even be from the caravan itself and we can take a closer look at them the top image in that post is not from this year at all it was included in a fox news article from two thousand and sixteen which you're seeing here now and the article was about clashes outside of a trump rally in albuquerque in new mexico and the article itself states that it
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wasn't even an american flag that was being burned there it was a rather a trump by. containing red and blue stripes and the same goes for the other two pictures that we saw in that poster earlier one of them was getting images of photo dating from two thousand and ten and the other one was from another news agency reuters from two thousand and sixteen so basically none of these pictures are from this year or originate from anywhere in latin america is the claim to what type of impact are these posts having i mean we're seeing that a lot of these posts especially the ones that are making inflammatory claims are getting a lot of attention online and some of them can be really damaging for those migrants this is an example of it's from a right wing news aggregator in the us called gateway pundit and it's an article that includes a completely speculated and unproven claims that islamic states terrorists are
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among the carven of migrants and journalists who are traveling with the caravan reported actually that they have been seen no sign of people of middle eastern origin among these migrants and still this article alone it racked up tens of thousands of interactions it was also shared by a bigger prominent conservative platforms including a page belonging to fox news host lou dobbs ok you so lou dobbs also weighed in their personal trunk of course is very active on twitter and he's strong scrutiny from his claims that he made online about these group of immigrants yeah both donald trump and also vice president mike pence they have echoed the n. verified claims that about the middle eastern people of middle eastern origin being among these migrants did that in a tweet just this week where he wrote that criminals and unknown middle easterners are mixed in i have alerted border patrol and military that this is
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a national emergency. now neither time nor vice president vice president have provided really evidence for such claims and physical pleasure thank you so much. now italy as many of you know now is well known for its fruits and vegetable industry in europe but aid groups say there is a dark underbelly to this lucrative produce sector they say migrant labor use on some of the agricultural farms are working under extremely exploitive conditions and italy's latino region there are allegations that organized crime gangs are preying on fruit pickers from india to abuse me conrad investigates. an hour and a half from rome the villas hidden behind these high walls and hedges are vacation homes for well off italians but there's also a shadow side to this fertile region the projects grown here is sold in
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supermarkets throughout europe but the laborers who harvest the fruits and vegetables earn only a few euros per hour some of them have come from as far away as india check sheet seeing has been working in latino for twelve years he's one of nearly eighteen thousand sikhs from punjab working in this region friends from his village back home who told him he could earn good money in italy's agriculture sector he knew life here wouldn't be easy but he found it so challenging at the beginning but he often considered returned to india. called gold jewelry belonged to my wife and sister to pay for the trip here. i thought i'd earn the money back quickly and retrieve the jewelry. but to pay off the loan we had to sell the gold instead. of always almost everyone who comes here
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goes through the same thing. reality is very different from what we expected. the living and working conditions are for miserable the official minimum wage is about nine euros the farms pay less than a third of that many indians work seven days a week during harvest time up to twelve to thirteen hours a day. we were free in india i had my own business. i could come to work late and go home early if i had better things to do so here is different here you're only paid for the areas you work. but i'm doing better than others. seeing has paid off his debts so he no longer has to share a small flat with four or five other workers as he did before most are too afraid to speak on camera investigators say the laborers are trapped in their illegal jobs
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at the mercy of criminal gangs a majority of them have paid thousands of euros to people smugglers in exchange for forged papers and passage to italy as a result many inductors one of the laborers who need years to get out of debt analysts say this practice is widespread throughout italy and. the farm workers take drugs like amphetamines opium and muscle relaxants especially at the beginning to cope with the punishing work conditions. if you were young. people are trying to imagine being bent over picking radishes for fourteen hours a day with a boss standing over you saying you know work work or work when you've got all your . contribution. your body and soul would burn out pretty fast. investigators say the racket involves middle men who seek out laborers then keep part of their wages and dictate their work hours all of which is illegal in italy.
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and there's hardly a business in the agricultural sector that isn't part of the system one of the biggest radish producers in europe allowed us to film on their premises we confront the head of the company with the allegations about the middlemen and the exploitation of their workers. to none of that's true that contradicts our company philosophy. if we found anyone who is doing this we would fire them immediately when we get i mean we're not among the firms that exploit their workers . non-problem benefits or even then the union workers insist that this company also pays its laborers below the minimum wage and that middle men act if they're too it's one person's word against another the workers themselves won't comment they want to keep their job she actually seeing was able to bring his wife and children to italy
8:49 pm
a few months ago in the evenings of the laborers come for dinner including men who've lived here for years in the hope of bringing their own families here despite the difficulties they say they're determined to stay because the money they earn in italy is still far more than what they'd be paying in india. reporting there only is with me here in the studio to talk some more about your a very interesting report there because it's very difficult to wrap our heads around the fact that i mean this is in the european union why are authorities in italy not tackling this issue head on look better i'm sure they passed a law which makes middle men illegal and they're trying to crack down on this the conducting raids we talked to investigators you know who go out and try to deal with this problem but it is incredibly difficult because basically they need to pops from the workers the workers need to come forward they need to talk to them some of them are frayed others don't want to lose their jobs it's incredibly.
8:50 pm
difficult and it's very difficult to penetrate this community because you need other indians happy to talk it's very difficult they are trying to do something about it but you know it's a very big problem and whenever they crack down on one company more workers come in other companies obviously also part of the system it's a whole network and it's very difficult to deal with that very vicious cycle that you are straight there talk to us about these middlemen who are for soliciting years so basically these are indians who've been in italy for quite a while they often speak the language they have contacts it's quite clear from the investigators that i talked to that they're cooperating with italians who forging the papers apparently some incredibly good forged papers that they're producing that are then shipped to india and with these papers they then come come to italy they are the table landrieu tool they take a plane depending on how much they're prepared to pay up front but there isn't another very interesting aspect which is that the mafia is part of the whole system
8:51 pm
and they control the networks that get fruits and vegetables to europe a lot of this food is sold in germany across europe so it's kind of two criminal gangs there's the criminal gang this network of indians in the talent that work together to get the indians to italy but there's also the italian mafia that profits from this so incredibly difficult structure to penetrate very difficult indeed you spoke to some of these laborers why do they want to stay i mean these conditions are just i mean unbearable well that's the big question i had when i went there and it's actually interesting because when you talk to people they keep on referring back to the fact that even though they're making a fraction of the minimum wage the official minimum wage and it is still more money than they'd be making back home so once they've paid up the debt the loan they have to take to come to italy they're making money and they're sending this back to. relatives back home
8:52 pm
a lot of them are using the money to pay for their children's. cation to invest in their families their children's future so it's money they want they need and some of them did also know what kind of life you know they were expecting to lead in this league so it's not as if they're being cute they know what some of them knew what to expect and they're basically using base to invest in a better future for their families probably the only option they have thank you so much show me conor and greatly appreciate it thank you. and next up for going to have to east africa where neighbors kenya and uganda have been locked in a longstanding dispute over part of their border both nations lay claim to a tiny island in lake victoria a piece of land that surrounded by valuable fishing waters local politicians in kenya and even asked the government to seek help from the international court of justice but to no avail the fishing hub has attracted a growing number of people trying to earn
8:53 pm
a living. this tiny rock jutting out of lake victoria bustles with life. the overlapping rusty shacks home to around five hundred fisherman. crammed in among them are a few bars brothels and shops. making go is only the size of half a football pitch but the island is the cause of a longstanding land dispute between kenya and uganda. and famine. the kenyans like to say this is kenya we don't know who owns this island we've just come here to make money and that's why we left our homes. the island sits in africa's largest lake it began gaining attention in the early two thousand while fish stocks woodwind ling along the shores of lake victoria the
8:54 pm
deep waters around making go teamed with putt. when kenya and uganda sent security forces to claim the valuable island in two thousand and nine they almost triggered africa's smallest war. the latest spot fled in september when kenya tried to host its flag on the island despite the tensions people from across east africa still drawn to making go you came here years ago because there were lots of people and plenty of fish. while islanders get on with their lives in cramped quarters a joint commission from kenya and uganda is trying to agree weatherboard allies for now they co-manage making go a rocky marriage of convenience and then also cameras flying over an tartikoff have discovered an unusual sight
8:55 pm
a perfectly rectangular iceberg is floating off the larsen sea ice shelf well scientists say the ice bergs rare shape and sharp angle show it's likely to have broken off just recently the larsen sea ice shelf is one of several that stretch along the coast of antarctica book shelves a and b. have disintegrated in recent decades likely due to rising global temperatures scientists believe the ice shelves have been around for at least the past ten thousand years. a lockable and reminder now of our main headlines this hour president donald trump has said acts of political violence have no place in the united states he promised a full investigation after suspicious packages were sent to leading democrats including former rival hillary clinton an explosive device was also intercepted at the new york offices of c.n.n.
8:56 pm
the city's mayor called it an act of terror. and that does it for me on leyla hauraki in berlin on behalf of the entire news team thank you so much for spending this part of your day with us the news continues with brant gulf all right after this and i'll see you again tomorrow with.
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is a fifteen year old girl. being gang raped. his teacher is beating a boy for talking by complots. but the rest of the class watches. and cheer is called worse been killed by his mother. breaking up lots. of child sleeps in the streets because her family through her. fear. online bullying. pushes a teenager over the edge. just because you can see violence it comes to children doesn't mean it doesn't but are make them visible visible opus mike violence against children disappear.
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this is d w news wife from berlin tonight in the united states shock and outrage over a series of packages containing explosives delivered to top level democrats who was the sender and was the message intended to be political and lethal acts with threats of political violence of any kind have no place in the united states.


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