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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 24, 2018 9:00pm-9:16pm CEST

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violence against children. this is. from berlin tonight in the united states shock and outrage over a series of packages containing explosives delivered to a top level democrat who was. and was the message intended to be political and lethal acts with threats of political violence of any kind have no place in the united states of america that is reaction from u.s.
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president donald trump he is promising a full investigation of the suspicious mailings new york described the bomb sent to c.n.n. offices in new york as an act of terror will get the latest from the u.s. plus all on its own riyadh saudi arabia's crown prince makes his first public comments on the killing speaking at a high profile business conference mohamed bin salma calls the show his death a heinous crime he also says it is cooperating with turkish investigators. good to have you with us and we begin tonight in the united states where the circle of prominent targets were sent suspected explosive devices continues to why.
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police are currently investigating a suspicious package at the office of senior democrat lawmaker deborah wasserman schultz in florida in why pedia back you wait at the time warner building in new york city today after a suspect parcel was found at the c.n.n. offices there the secret service has also intercepted packages sent to former secretary of state hillary clinton and to former president barack obama officials said that all three devices appeared to be crude pipe bomb. a short while ago the white house weighed in in an unusual move president trump's wife delivered remarks condemning the apparent attacks first and then she was followed by her husband the full weight of our government is being deployed to conduct this investigation and bring those responsible for these despicable acts to justice we will spare no resources or expense in this effort. and i just want to tell you that
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in these times we have to unify we have to come together and send one very clear strong and mistake of a message that acts were threats of political violence of any kind have no place in the united states of america. that was us president double trump there well let's go now to washington and new york. it is in d.c. and in manhattan correspondent james to both of you good evening stefan let me start with you we just heard from president trump and his comments were extremely brief do we know why you didn't say more. no. i don't think anybody knows how it came to this that's called the performance address as you point a dollar ready very interesting that the first comments came from. the first lady
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instead of the president having said that that was a pretty. scheduled event where the president and. mrs trump were supposed to talk about the opiate crisis in the united states and how this administration battles it however you would have expected from prosody any other president republican or democratic that a press conference would have been scheduled a little bit earlier than almost five hours after the first incident was reported number two that the president then takes to the microphone first with a presidential message off surance and. i think that's what president trump at least try to end with a message of unification to unify the country and being very firm on that political violence has no place in this country but this is what we're actually
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dealing with right now political violence there is no doubt about it mr gates investigators now say all of the devices as far as checked initially checked were pipe bombs. and pipe bombs are sent if they are sent not to. just be there they are send out to harm people so that's why new york governor. mayor came out and said this is a terrorism act or terrorist act there's a good point in it james i'll take it to you in new york mayor de blasio he said there was new delhi that what happened today was an act of terror we know that the time warner building was evacuated earlier what do things look like on the ground. now. i'm right in front of the time what a building the building that you say accurately was evacuated the pipe bomb explosive device was discovered about ten am this morning i mean of course there's
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been scenes of alarm and confusion here in new york since then and with still hearing occasional sirens of police and fire trucks were occasionally saying for example chemical weapons came coming in at the secret service and on the branches of the security service to do what is being described as a full scope investigation into not just this attack but also the other attacks and the polish the country as i say things are becoming normal slightly here the shopping mall which is called the time warner center which is just over there that has reopened and shop as a coming and going and doing that business is a very very busy part of manhattan and the southwest corner of central park here. in stefan we know that the targets were all top democrats and the timing on this of course can't be ignored i mean we're just seeing less than two weeks ahead of the midterms so it feels like there was a there had to be a political message here somewhere. yeah this is
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i think there's no doubt that many many here in washington and all over america are suspecting a political motivation behind this now investigators they're not saying one thing or another they are staying out of the political sphere of this of course but commentators the political establishment here. anybody who looks at this everybody who looks at this can only come to the conclusion that this is politically motivated because as you mentioned it's only democrats or people who criticized. adamantly trump are on the target list it seems to be the envelope who which was sent to new york was actually addressed to john brennan former cia director and a c.n.n. pundit. cia director pardon me and a commentator on c.n.n. and so as you recall the president trump revoked his security clearance just
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a few months back because brennan had criticized the president. fairly harshly so yes political motivation he everybody is of the opinion that this is definitely it is to be seen and that's the interesting part is how this will galvanize or impact midterm elections definitely yeah it's a good point and it's a question too will we know by election day who the sender was a correspondent to fund the months in washington and james reynolds in new york to both of you you thank. well saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin zalman has described the killing of dissident journalist jamal shogi as quote a heinous crime he said that everything would be done to bring the perpetrators to justice after coming under intense international pressure riyadh has acknowledged
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that the show was killed inside the country's in stamboul consulate but the royal family denied the crown prince was involved in any way mohamed bin selman made his first public remarks on the case today while attending a high profile riyadh business conference. it was supposed to attract investors to the kingdom instead the crown prince was forced to say he denounced the murder of writes i'm journalist. the crime was really painful to all saudis. and i believe it is painful to every human in the world it is a heinous crime that cannot be justified today saudi arabia is carrying out all legal. things to finalize the investigation is to work with the cooperate with the turkish government and to present the perpetrators to the court and take their . judgement. he also said they will be no break in relations with istanbul.
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it is mohammed in sound man's first public appearance since she disappeared after entering the saudi consulate in the turkish capital earlier this month his words seem to come unk you washington says that the crown prince bans owed so much responsibility. he also spoke with turkish president's rhetoric time on the phone wednesday the two said today which bring light to all aspects of the case. you draw a lot of as a nation we are determined not to allow the meditate be covered up and all of those responsible not to evade justice from those who gave the order to those who executed it. this is not only for the deceased jamal khashoggi who is the victim of a brutal murder within our country's borders at the same time it's the responsibility of the international public law and justice the
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sequence of events is stranger than fiction the butchering of the critic with the saudi hierarchy accused of having blood on their hands. attended a royal reception for a handshake with the crown prince. of thousands of central american migrants continue to make their way to the united states there's sadness in morning along the way several migrants have died on the journey after almost two weeks on the move the group of migrants is now in the town of week's law in southern mexico that's more than a thousand kilometers from the u.s. border the u.n. estimates that around seven thousand people make up their group another group of approximately one thousand migrants is now on the move through guatemala and making their way towards the border with mexico now this issue has become fiercely
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political in the united states with president trump vowing to keep the migrants album the country but just why are they fleeing their homes to begin with here's more. the road to a new life has few comforts and for this group of central american migrants a small ledge on a moving car brings much needed relief. the trip has also been long and hot for this second group of migrants that's been walking since saturday their plan is to get to mexico across the gotta mountain border more than seven thousand people according to u.n. estimates are slowly advancing toward the united states a journey most wish they didn't have to make. this country and hunger from the drought. that's for sure a t. for a better life. this is not a political battle i mean i mean what exactly what political leverage that. we are suffering for our families. for our children.
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they force our children to work in gas fields and they kill our care if we don't. it's a bloody and brutal life they've left behind. in honduras gang violence is commonplace with kidnappings and extortions reported regularly. in el salvador the security situation is just as dire huge drug busts like this one are a common occurrence but it's the alleged collusion between government and organized gangs that has people leaving the country in droves the un refugee agency is calling on the global community to pull its weight to address the issue responsibilities for all countries have along this route. really the certain individuals fleeing persecution and violence need to be given access to territory
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and to refugee status determination procedures. but the reaction from the u.s. has been less than welcoming. i'm not letting them in and i come in here they're not coming in we're going to do whatever we have to they're not coming and the threats have done little to dissuade these migrants intent on getting to the u.s. border for many of them there is no choice. we're going to do what we have to do because we have to cross. it's better to die here than to go there. and here's a recap of the top story we're following for you u.s. president says that acts of political violence have no place in the u.s. he is promising a full investigation after suspicious packages were sent to leading democrats including former rival hillary clinton an explosive device was also intercepted at the new york offices of c.n.n.
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the city's mayor has called it an act of terror. you're watching the. news coming up at the top of the hour. and i'll be following with the day i hope you can join us in as well. the. letter we were. when we were. eighty percent of americans and some playing in our lives will experience hardship listen.


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