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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 26, 2018 3:00pm-3:15pm CEST

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keith this is deja news coming to you live from berlin turkey convicts a german national on terrorism charges a turkish court sentences a man in just six years in prison for membership of an outlawed kodesh militia but his family say he was in turkey on a hiking trip. also coming up the u.s. investigators search a postal facility not miami for clues into the attempted may bombings we speak to a former cia bureau chief about the investigation. and we see the foreign relations between japan and china leaders of the two asian superpowers and regional rivals
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need to improve ties and boosts trade despite underlying tensions. hello and welcome i'm on with cheema a turkish quarter sentence a german man to six years in prison on terrorist charges back trick was arrested on the turkish syrian border in march authorities accuse the twenty nine year old of being a member of a kurdish militia group known as the y p g a group which uncorrupt classifies as terrorist his family deny these allegations and say he was simply on a hiking mission in the region. for the very latest of straw not correspond or in joins in istanbul doron first of four would look at it tell us about this case.
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well yes patrick was caught trying to talk your forty's trying to cross the turkish syrian border into syria he was captured in a military exclusion so now authorities say that he was seeking to join the wife militia many foreign nationals from around the world have joined this group in its fight against the islamic state out of turkey they say that this group is a terrorist organization linked to a kurdish insurgency inside turkey and anyone who is seeking to join this group will face punishment prosecution and ultimately be jailed the german citizen who was also earlier this month convicted and sentenced to eighteen months for entering a forbidden zone this is just the latest in a series of foreign nationals that have been prosecuted and jailed in the message monk or is turkish lore applies to both turkish and foreign nationals equally. doing as we know the interest of german nationals in turkey is a very sensitive issues issue between the two countries and this latest go inside
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but the visit of the german economics minister to what extent could this incident not a setback in relations between the two countries. well i certainly think it will help and it will be a probably pretty embarrassing for a german minister during this visit him but he did speak sprites of germany's commitment to human rights although he did not in any way name turkey its much criticized record and i think this is a sign that both sides are trying to see dialogue given the fact that relations have went to almost breaking point over the fact that the turkish authorities had jailed a series of german citizens on charges are considered political in particular the high profile case of german journalist and if you tell who was subsequently released but we do seem to be now into a new chapter. of the turkish president right here typepad one full state visit last month and that is. scene is an effort to kick start
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a new process of dialogue rather than confrontation but given the given the fact that there is still these outstanding concerns over human rights and this latest conviction and jailing will undermine up. on cory's a very important country to work with in controlling refugees entering into europe and if chancellor is expected to return before weigh in here in istanbul to discuss syria on saturday i'm not just the importance of the need for dialogue rather than confrontation dorian jones did obvious correspondent in istanbul thank you very much for that update. to the united states now where media reports another suspicious package has been identified addressed to democratic senator booker a massive hunt is underway across the country as authorities search for whoever built and mailed a series of five bombs all were addressed to the prominent democratic politicians all critics of president donald trump police have so far intercepted ten devices
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and warn they may be more in circulation the search is focusing on a postal center near miami florida. canine units under bomb squad deployed on thursday to a postal center in florida. officials believe some of the pipe bomb packages were mailed from here to prominent targets of right wing outrage among them x. democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton former president barack obama and x t i a director john brennan the latest were former vice president joe biden and actor robert deniro all of those targeted critics of president donald trump. as forensic teams race to find who's responsible fear there could be more devices. the new york police department tweeted instructions for identifying
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a package bomb should another be found in the mail we have to treat them as. devices this is a protocol that our bomb squad people use and it keeps everybody safe it's unclear if the pipe bombs were wired to explode some have speculated they were just meant to sow fear among trump's critics ahead of midterm elections in less than two weeks time. several of the intended recipients have said they hoped the scare could shift the tone and politics. my hope. my hope is this recent spat of. who knows exactly where they were but these bombs being. made my way everybody in my business. realize that we have to. we have to the end to this country back together.
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trump's critics have blamed his divisive rhetoric for inspiring the attack trump has repeatedly called his political opponents evil and often refers to the media as the enemy of the people he recently praised a republican politician for body slamming a journalist in response to the criticism trump has pointed the finger of blame back at the media the debate likely won't subside before voters go to the polls on november sixth. joining me now is keith know reforma see opensource center bureau chief currently the senior fellow at the jack g. gordon institute for public policy a florida international university welcome keith a lot of blame shifting going on right now about what's caused this very polarized atmosphere in the country but let's get back to the investigation rare is it right now from your perspective. well good afternoon it's important to understand right
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now there were about forty eight to seventy two hours in this investigation was taking place right now as you have a large consortium made up of the f.b.i. scour terrorism you and members of the u.s. national security council the cia the polls all services local police and what they're trying to do is narrow down where specifically these packages were or were mailed from all the evidence that we see right now indicates that they came from here in south florida so what you have is with a dragnet is in could in place where law enforcement officials are looking at cameras they're looking at people have consensually went inside to a closed off as to get a better understanding of who if not more than one person may have been responsible for the same so a lot of resources being put into this investigation but how quickly can investigators find out as to who was behind these bombs there is you don't
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believe it or not it does not take days or weeks that give the information what they're going to do is they're going to take data in terms of where the packages were mailed from they're going to look at what's aerials that were made up of the bombs they're look for senior appearance and so i expect that we will probably gives a profile of the potential senator or soon there sometime within the next seventy two hours the site days this is a massive manhunt that has most of all u.s. agencies that are working together the sack that they've been able to target here to south florida indicates that they have more information that they have not shared with the public as to do and that lots of conspiracy theories online about who might be responsible what is your assessment. well that is correct and it is no secret that the u.s. that we're in a hyper partisan cyril some political climate to date all of the rhetoric happening that is billygoat in this issue is coming from the far right here in america part
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of the news this is something democrats and. as you indicated at the top of the segment there we are two weeks away from an important midterm elections that it's going to decide whether or not u.s. president donald trump is going to maintain a republican house you know republicans senate building forty four is the next three years so there's a lot at stake here politically and unfortunately we have elements of america's far right that are putting information out there is simply not true the other point that i will make to this is that the big question that investigators are looking at is what purpose lead been put together not of the wall so they're speculating that this was a fear attack that there was not design to know that really puts it but socially he does this mantle the system in advance of the elections so there's still more to come on this right keith noble for my cia open source center bureau chief
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a real pleasure to have you with us on d w thank you so much. let's all take a look at some of the stories making news around the wide india's opposition congress party has had an angry protests in the captain daily over allegations of corruption and bribery linked to the government the issue has plunged the country's chief investigative agency the c.b.i. into collision course with the government the country's supreme court to score for a fifth investigation to resolve the dispute. by land by sea and by air around fifty thousand military personnel from thirty one nato allies engaging in the largest war game exercises in decades the various maneuvers will take place over the course of nearly three weeks stretching from the baltic sea to iceland critics say the war games could increase tensions between russia and its nordic neighbors. japanese prime minister shinzo abi is in china for the first official visit in seven years against
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a backdrop of trade friction with the united states the asian rivals are working to build closer ties are being met with chinese president xi jinping to discuss regional and global issues japan's leader hailed the visit a historic turning point in the relations between the two countries. china and japan have been locked in a territorial dispute over islands in the east china sea. joining me now from beijing is the debris correspondent. welcome what is from your perspective how significant is this meeting and why do you think it comes now. historic is a big word but for himself this is probably is torek he has been unwelcome all socially unwelcome in beijing for most years that's because of his nationalist retore x. and his unwillingness to address japan's wartime on the other hand japan also is very unhappy about china's military behavior in the region its assertiveness so
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post the ties have been very tight very. restrained during the last five years and so this is really a step forward and both sides have to overcome a bit of their of their restraints so. both countries remain very important economic partners so it's a natural step for them to try to get to back together again and it is as you said i mean they are economic bought doesn't trade is a always they big on their agenda when they talk but me on that given the differences it just talked about radio you see this relationship going politically because there's still reason rivals. well it's a kind of detente it's. trying to get back to normal both countries have a need to get back to a normal due to the new situation that has evolved since donald trump has taken office in the u.s. so china donald trump is
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a threat economically they are looking to two to strengthen their ties with other economic partners and japan might not be able to rely on america's backing as it has before so both sides need to cause reconsider their options right lettice filling in beijing thank you very much for that assessment. thank you to australia where too many penguins are doing double duty as dads magic and sven would notice as the same sex couple stopped in sydney the two first given a try dummy egg to nurture the stuff than entrusted the pair with a real egg last month they both judy fully took turns warming the nest just as heterosexual penguins do vary and keep the save the doting dads appear to be overjoyed to welcome the yet to be named penguin chick into their lives. he watching the news coming up ahead brazil's presidential election is shaping up to a photo finish we'll take a look at what that results could mean for foreign businesses there. that is with
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ben facility who is standing by to do shortly to stay with. the museum's. she said that's the answer to. the cold shake up produced. by. people who.


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