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tv   The Bundesliga - Your Team your League your Show.  Deutsche Welle  October 28, 2018 3:02am-3:15am CET

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just. the most traditional find it all at any time. check in with the web special. take a tour of germany state by state on d w talk. cold water week for dortmund the league leaders trashed the spanish giants game in the champions league on wednesday but could they keep the momentum going in the bundesliga. dortmund's opponents as we find out if the berliners manage to rain on dortmund spreads. also coming up in the show byron are eager to continue their comeback and cream further up the table we'll see how they fared
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against me tell you. welcome to the bundesliga here on d w i'm pablo foley yes well it's much day nine adornment are quite simply on fire they're undefeated in all competitions the black and yellows defense is tight and scoring goals well let's just say they've netted at least three or more in all of their last six games but could have caused dortmund to stumble let's take a look. whether young or grown up dormant fans hearts are full of black and yellow love thanks of a spectacular performances by their club in recent weeks and you see how fast players started where they left off in the champions league midweek against athletico madrid. lens care and wreckage just managing to prevent an early development lead. in the eighteenth minute there was a goal but it was disallowed was my marker royce was marginally offside thereby
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cancelling jayden sanchez sensational backheel efforts have but censure ultimately got his goal in the half hour mark your gut says setting him up for dormans deserved lead. my hat showed courage and fought their way back salomon kalou with the equaliser just before half time i. i after the break goldman were looking for a second goal and put the pressure on censure reestablish the home side's lead and made history in the sixty first minute the eighteen year old is the youngest player to score brace for the club have my don't mind went looking for another goal and yeah lawson will rue not make it three one. because in the ninety first minute dan axles are going to fail davies alka in the box i salomon kalou stepped up to scored the equaliser i have two of the final score and
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for the first time this season i don't mean fail to win at home. in that many. we were a little disappointed but we have to accept it that sport that's football that's life. we deserve to win the game it's a. draw left dormant fans disappointed young and grown up. well match day nine kicked off on friday with high flying. dortmund's nearest rivals traveling to freiburg a converted penalty from each side in the first twenty minutes or so then go into the second tough old square but freiburg came out stronger and took the lead again in the fifty seventh minute true. which is was the second goal of the season and the dying seconds of the match capitalized on
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a mistake by keeper to score the house third and seal a surprising number. i and our new nick are on a mission to put their volatile starts of the season behind them and move back into more familiar territory being league leaders and dominating over the rest of their bundesliga rivals a couple of consecutive victories in the bag has come their funds for now but could mediocre minds cause an upset on home turf a second look. boyens hopes of achieving back to back league wins got off to a dream start tiago found the names on the half hour mark i also they thought. they are concluded robert leaven dusky foul minds midfielder pierre could are in the lead up but the bavarians bounce back soon enough yahshua kimmage picking out leon gorecki who volleyed home in the thirty ninth minute the young germany internationals combining expertly to
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fire the visitors in front. mines came out firing in the second half however john paul smashing his side level just two minutes after the restart i. might well neuer showed his appreciation for a fine mind smooth. the home side couldn't hold on no as leventhal city teed up a tiago winner in the sixty second minute i post game the spaniard insists that it's the players and not the coach that need to improve it's always surface and we are not in our best it's always surface and we are not in our best moments we won that we try but we have to be more focused in how we are playing how the ball is flying on the field so does a more important thing because we it seems like we are losing some cues about this
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about the players. too on the final score a big win for nico coaches charges aspired to make up ground on their rivals. as we've just seen there by and obviously delighted with their latest victory under sense of humor was on full display on twitter the club asked their followers to caption this photo of thiago alcantara who scored today and thomas miller and this was byron's own entry showing the two players having a good laugh at dortmund sixpence and let's not forget that jane sanchez goal for the black and yellows was disallowed by the video referee and their match against had a brilliant. well it's time to take a look at the remaining three games on saturday the battle to avoid getting anchored in the relegation zone is in full swing with struggling to drag themselves up the table they've lost their six previous games and faced of all sprint side
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that haven't won in terre last six matches. when you're up against it you have to fight and in just rudolph these two struggling sides certainly did that this game saw no fewer than nine yellow cards a harsh handball code gave the guest spot kick shortly before the break and which break was made counts i in the middle of the second half your seat bracco made it to with the confident finish keeper michelle benson stood no chance as i in the eightieth minute. rounded out the story i just have now lost five on the bounce. is coming from my how much of what i can only demand what i already expect from the team i expect us to continue working hard and that's what we're doing. things got going a bit quicker in hanover just eight minutes in ronny caetera put alex back in front
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with a helping hand from hand of a captain about a month on i with an hour played out for him bogus an extended leave with the sixth spot kick of his been this league career i ten minutes later brought hand over back in the game with a spectacular strike from distance i but it wasn't to be any more than a consolation with just six points from nine games hanover remain deep in the bottom half of the table. as to stuttgart they gave themselves a mountain to climb against hoffenheim when he. saw red for this challenge after just eight minutes. it took all. and i until after half time to make their numbers counts joshua print it with the opener on forty eight minutes after some spectacular working to build up by beats nelson. shortly afterwards pretty time provider setting up brazilian food generally in tone for his second plea season.
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hoffenheim continued to control the game to counter i check both for deal with the . on things got worse still for stuart got to deal with his second after a disastrous defensive mistake by christian their. four goals in just twelve second half minutes for half an hour before no thrashing leaves joint bottom with dusseldorf on just five points. so let's get a round of of the results so far from much day nine now as you can see there dortmund could only manage that draw against berlin lost out to barney and if they're at home this is there are flaws devolved berghain over last also to spread hoffenheim trashed stuff gart and freiburg beat of course on friday three one and let's not forget that on sunday we have lots to look forward to nuremberg face
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frankfurt leipzig unvetted bremen take on by laver koos and so let's see how those results affect the table now dortmund of course they stay top but looking is creeping up behind them biron unit just two points behind them glad moved on as do braman have to move up on leipsic move down but then then the other end of the table it's tight as well hanover slip into the relegation zone while shell committed up and could move further up if they manage to win on sunday meanwhile things are starting to look really grim for just one door and. so it's time for the bun this league play all of the day as voted by our followers on twitter and the winner with fifty one percent of the vote is jaden satchell the eighteen year old has been on fire recently and he produced this brilliant piece of spirit still during dortmund's to all drop this afternoon unfortunately for him the
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goal was eventually disallowed because marco roy's had been all sided in the run up but our twitter followers followers of the flair nonetheless sanchez cheeky back heel against the berliners is are playing. now that's full time for us here on the bundesliga on sunday we'll be taking a look at dortmund more or less solid season with our studio guest former goalkeeper no it's fine and steals i'll be sure to send us your questions to the addresses on your screen we're going to leave you now with some of the best moments from the weekend so far so from all of us here in berlin thank you and by.
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