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tv   Kick off - Review of Matchday 9  Deutsche Welle  October 30, 2018 12:30am-1:01am CET

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it's really impossible. nineteen h. not for god to w.'s november focus. looking for excitement you come to the right place the race for the bundesliga is wide open . we've had to watch by and celebrate six years straight now to see him fall for us dortmund have put a spell on the leaf and all of europe after beating up the ticker madrid for neil.
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and those. can they keep it up against berlin then about themselves just five points behind all fronts but are they truly contenders. by having all consuming in the past few years. can make it back to the title chase against points. or do they need a fresh start. to elsa's didn't get out up top life's a collapsed they've got potential become a put it to use to get shot at all to discus teams stuck in the league cellar. and then this second place but how did the other literacy a movement to a top team is wrong dortmund. going to feed the family mojo a little shoulder to films in the title race it seems like every team in the bundesliga whoever placed their best has got a shot. the leeks exemption
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again let's go. to the book. club back where flying high in second spot going into the weekend twelve goals in their previous four outings including three against bias and they conceded just knowing all season perhaps their coach has an explanation. which was explaining too much which isn't light and the other side will show. well the monks at freiburg did provide in much of an old bear not the kind he'd imagined back struggles last season prompted doubts over to take his future in the summer he brought in club record signing a lease on a player from east and the striker is one explanation for club x. resurgence he's already scored five since his arrival. against freiburg the action started at the other and has got some up or down to come by judgment seven seconds
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plays and the penalty for fraud. jackie card could have no complaints with the referee's decision. he was pietersen stepped up to give the hosts the least in the first minute. how do we explain that. well it had been over sixty years since platt back last won in freiburg. golf it's never good giving a penalty away inside of thirty seconds. a day but glad but we're at least looking good up front after that any setback nico everybody desperately on lucky here. while the new recruit player was missing his usual procedure got back may currently be the other but was but they to create plenty of chances and the pressure paid off leading to another spot kick. children hazard step two. she decides that.
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another explanation for gladbach success is join us plus a man who dropped last weekend this time his best efforts were perry's. good friday grim i am glad banks bell between. the visitors was certainly not in the same scintillating form they had been in recent weeks while they continue to stream forward in numbers most of their moves fizzled out with subpar finishing. with no finish at all. it was an cutbacks day instead it was friday but who looks the most results. as the superior finishing with this be their first win in over a month after drawing the first minute penalty to catch me swept the full cost so much for his second goal of the c's. given this game what's harder to
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explain past poor performance or their previous heroics. has all its usual slew of goals and assists were sorely missed. unlike freiburg bloodbaths were failing to meet their usual heights. and if coach taking wasn't already in saves he said he was when a horrendously sloppy pass by keeper yams zama gifted the hosts a third. even christian strike looked stunned as lucas hola wrapped up a well deserved three one victory for the home team injuries are sure it was an open gulf but firing him from just inside the hof while line is no secret. that pastoralists at freiburg lives. this just be a bum football this year. is history that's like. football so we know how to put it
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into context. so just a bad hair day for glass they certainly have their service ruffled on what was a night to be so. much he can't be looking positively well groomed of late and beaten since the second weekend have been quietly and in conspicuously sticking off the table and into the top five. coach after nick doesn't want a spectacle he wants success and when he can shock it could see them overtaking by a kick off has three reasons why leipsic are moving just dark horses. trust philosophy despite their cash likes it by young and practically only the club's new recruits have been twenty three or younger like tino van a song from stick out for forty million euros and now a germany regular. then are and others have flourished under nick and are now masters in the art of counterattacking especially down the wings.
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but more confidently on the back foot shaka always managed to have eight men behind the ball making it a frustrating sunday afternoon for use of points and incurred. nightstick on really a possession football side but have no choice against a passer shaka blocks and still must have fifteen shots on goal. there are chances and we replay it's a good game you're good on the ball we. relax a little bit in. there and last third the last pass the last quality in the cross. often tough as they did not suggest couldn't bring shockers house down. at the other end the visit is only really stretching from set pieces like this header from brazil and bowler. shaka to have plenty of depth for courage to medicare to death. to choose from. and sit in lights and
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that's the second secret to their success a wealth of offensive talent. even with not been kind to sold to liverpool leipzig can conjure up something special from across the midfield i can factor three is her neck rotation his sport to cope with midweek european action drama injunctive i just had the options when your first team players had to wrestle with celtic a few days earlier. i and others down did his best to make his mark i think able to bring one thousand fans strikers up to eighteen minutes tops to make like see the top sides. we changed five six players in the starting line up compared to thursday and we try to bring in as many fresh players as possible and i think so far it's been working really wasn't well oiled machine and still in the europa league on thursday it's always
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good when we can bring on fresh players every time we did it again today or did it was a really intense game like a lot of tackles lots of running it's not easy but we learned a lot with last year's experience with us i'm a little shell feel a fungus i met. you don't have to be a fan of leipzig or the cash behind the club to recognise that caliber. among the foreseeing outdoorsman don't buy i'm fat over two compact section. half. heiko heloc slave abuse and know all about how unpredictable the business leader can be they're having a surprisingly torrid start to the season is their coach worried keep and i'm quite resistant to pressure. presses stand well sure every coach say stuff like that but his team came out playing like he meant it. given fall on one pos high flying
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bramer just eight minutes he took off an hour later and julian brown made it to new finally some signs of life from hell he saw a. man off to assisting the first to careen better robbie maybe three before last time. still there's a reason braman were third heading into the match timeless talisman cloudy out this hour i put that on the board in the sixtieth minute animated two minutes later yeah asako maybe three two was this season's lackluster labor queues and making a return and no hike of relish was coming back at braman comeback was not in his plans five minutes off to go because i have us restored the visitors to go christian they refuse and we're firing on all cylinders even defend takes on the drug of it's called in on the action making it far if. a second for habits rounded out the route in the seventy seventh minute leg of use in
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a snap braman is record run on the floor and cool face of sixteen how much is without losing time whether he's resistant or not hi go ahead he certainly looks happy to have taken some pressure off the. can over hosting alex book to sort of the mid table under the radar team squaring off. but an inspiring corner from philip not so ronnie could direct take first blood for the pistis one nine minutes . max was dangerous game and the twenty five year old has quietly been having an excellent season at left back leading to cools for germany collapse and the flames always dangerous founts but doubled their lead from the spot alfredsson bogus and in the sixty seven minute. kind of his attack fronted by nicholas fu klug was misfiring to cook was in the national team discussion last season but currently has only two goals. pulled one back of the hand over with this screen up but it wasn't enough. well
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the sport has put their faith in a new signing for a course to solve that it was. they were one of the league's most to philistines last season and they haven't quite clicks going forward yet based on the ground but surely they could barrel through a struggling district all. in for a cause most finally have a striker he made it one mil from the spot already his fourth in the league this season. the dutchman is a prototypical front on holding up both spawning channels and setting up his teammate. the face you'll see for the police during second in the seventy third minute. looks to be shown up fellow strike attack you can check put their third and final goal away they course think company have the wings looking back.
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in that conceded some sixteen goals the net lost four matches and would have to stop the downpour against visiting frankfurt and to kenya that. it expects frankfurt to waltz a year and put up quite a fight still the much loved destined to end a sunday school is true when the hosts finally broke through with just twelve minutes to go one man adam strain its first ever been this legal. defense was as leaky as ever the best unless still a point for frankfurt in the ninety second minute. amla that they washed out your meds hopes for a win. big to me because had quite the year a monumental finish to last season capped off by winning the world cup with france but stuttgart are struggling and a coaching change hasn't stopped beslow it often heim rarely pushes particularly when then a match up. ensued getting tossed from the match just six minutes and did not wish
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to. still be there defense for valiantly in the first toss defending with pavel leading the charge but even came close to taking the elite. can play like that down or even oftentimes reason elson beautifully truths to cross back line and joshua brennan ruth to rebound just after the restart. proceeded to collapse. three minutes later i'm a wide open joe in tone put on by two. just six minutes after that. he shot both a deal proves past the exhausted got the fence three male ambo for to start again and our in form ten men stuttgart gave up food goals in twelve minutes it's going to be the lowest point in power rollercoaster of a year. did you know the kick off is
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now on you tube with the world of football. squad north of mexico as well. we travel the world in the ring to feel how high places are running i'm going to say no the stuff never people and. i am pretty serious. this is going to go. visit football kick off on you tube. it's a new. two thousand have been set in the league but. look so good. at europe too following their phone trashing of a classical metric last wednesday. because it goes. stop flu word
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question is this i see ya. and evidently do care and the fans are also glad about one particular selection. it's not just the little. jenny censure is not the only factor behind all of man's impressive performances. but he does symbolize the club's brave new world bringing in young uncut diamonds and punishing them to their full potential. and images that cue from the eighteen year old englishman eighteen minutes of delicious and disallowed because marco ruiz had been offside before square in the pool to some church. yard. elysium fans it's an embarrassment of riches but every week he manages to find just the right configuration. not gazza has now fitted back smoothly into the side and on saturday set up some shots and this one did count.
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former manchester city prospects i'm sure had attracted interest around europe but it was to him and he beat them all to his signature last year. but young teams are prone to making mistakes of course and later on into the first half salomon kalou showed the kids a clean set of heels as he latched onto a cross field both from maximilian little steps. had to be brian four weeks ago of course they were proving a tough proposition for dortmund to. robinson our go on don't mind left to have to defend sprawling making it look too easy but one of fastest training sessions. it was a top in the right man in the right place at the right time with jaden sanchez.
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because my way is to be the downfall even of top teams but i don't mind it seems there's a greater cause. everyone works out for each of us the main thing interesting if you keep on doing this them go good chance of winning the league or a bigger fish that's our music you never know. debussy is poor showing last season how to catalyze the sport whereas by and didn't spend a penny in the summer transfer market drop and invested in the younger generation. some of them may not be hitting the target like yeah the bernanke some here. and there are still teething problems at the back to. injury time down axles are going to try to make up for letting davy suck us for the past and instead he bundled him out of the. past we could call it a useful invention but the referee was not impressed cullen completed his braced and hash a point. the thought meant remain unbeaten
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and see no cause for alarm. has gotten but as it was that's football it's a learning process analyzing what went wrong we did let chances go back in the especially in the second hour of sunlight and outside and outside and when should the draw feel like a defeated i. have a better job that's it. over the top to say that this team has what it takes to win the league. one thing's for sure the future looks bright for barassi top went. by and bosses must be ruing turning jaden sanchez down last year and now they do have some young guns of their own but new york gorecki has found it hard to get first team action ahead of an out of form thomas mucha. the former shuttle commander has just one goal to show from. ten games. that minds the risk of the kid
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alongside miller he seems eager to impress while miller meanwhile struggled to deny . perhaps it's time for the older generation to step aside. maybe it's the veterans who are slowing bryant down right now its future goals not past ones that will be the key to all. minds their own penalty area in an effort to hold by him back but tiago eventually found the net just after the hour but. then with the mines players protesting the referee consulted v.a.r. and after seeing a foul by robot live and dusty disallowed to drop. by and young guns at least seems quick on the draw. those were commissioned with a fine process for a fine finish by the rest of. the sake of things to come by and.
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twenty three year old kid nation a youngster who already does have a first team place to go two days his senior. as for the likes of miller he and his fellow world cup winners still pool somewhat at the club as seen when then by and coach carlo i'm sure nazi fell foul of their expectations last year perhaps by an older players are spoiled by success they're now struggling to cope with change. on saturday mites were no walk in the park and by and frailty at the back was exposed just before half time when jump or go let us start ahead of kimmage to top post i maybe by and taking a kind of two year timeout like two and one stage to realign recharge and refocus. more disappointment fully on gorecki in the second half he was forced off by an ankle injury. so he would be finding a way not
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a normal with thomas miller subbed off late on but their team mate had already made it to one. sliding in to talk away but live on those skis cross. the ferry and city i'm really off to the recent criticism i asked for the arena best regards from pep. the man who recruited five years ago to give by and new but. since then however there's been no real reform. today that's a job that nico kovacs has to take care of while at the same time protecting his team. from it's a sufficient now expect us to suddenly start playing persuasion football these guys are just trying to put in a decent performance and clear their heads so it's tough at the moment this week but the main thing is having won and things will improve with more wins i didn't
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see what is your visit. by and have learned how to scrap ok right. it wasn't quite one hundred percent but we need to grind out these wins in a phase after dropping points recently as a result that counts for the us to get a hold of. my own ring two in a row and you think they'd won but me. and despite all the excitement by and with a big win it's just we can't know wins from braman that on nights like even league leading dortmund couldn't beat the limb. can join dortmund faced off twenty years ago which coincided with the birth of unmentioned. was fine in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight there was a lot of work to do endorsements from concrete and steel came the expanded south stop activist fog and shot your. to good on any good for it it was the biggest star
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in europe goldman celebrated the project by hosting hats and beating them for a while while the fans in the expensive seats got cites the southern stand stayed dry and public got the book i bought a ticket for fifty marks and got soaked through it doesn't match the price it's like buying a case of beer but it ends up on me being asphalt really cold it was a pleasurable. it fixed twenty five thousand five hundred metres why it's forty metres high now they call it the yellow wall and we say happy twentieth best at. what can we learn from the tangle of the final back in it breathing down dortmund's neck. braman leipzig underlain follow. it could be a nice title race. the relegation battle won't be nearly as nice at least not for those results to leave
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a fuse indeed wonderfully to get themselves some breathing room while shy thankful for another precious points now much tamer than. p.c.'s. he's just eighteen and awaiting breaking records he puts his past house and. gets a reading problem. to such exemptions. he's the youngest ever do and plan to score a brace goes it is going. to. receive a place to stay. he's got ten points in mind games but it hasn't gone to his head. i think use trying to get in a go so i didn't really celebrate and i was up a bit but you know i'm just happy that i'm scoring was the main thing back up my courage this. but in fact.
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making it a pair that will be fun to watch. german chancellor angela merkel has a nights she will step down as chairwoman of her christiane democrat party by the end of the year she will also not seek reelection as chancellor after her term ends in twenty twenty one this comes after the c.d.u. suffered heavy losses in two regional elections. officials in indonesia say the pilot of a lion air flight that crashed into the sea asked to return to jakarta just minutes after takeoff air traffic control lost.


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