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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  November 1, 2018 3:02am-3:30am CET

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friederich merits quit politics the loser in a merits versus marital rivalry that was then today a would be winning merits told reporters that he's back and ready to lead where uncle americal is about to leave i bring berlin this is the day. the government ladies and gentleman mine and math. is a convinced european and the competing strong sometimes is a sponsor it is in the treaty i stand for germany that he's open to the world to use roots a base in its christian ethics. even now needs renewal and a new stock. doesn't believe we cannot accept votes as we suggest by populist movements who would you come to disappointment and frustration with the established
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parties. a few years he's been if his i'm firmly convinced that. under these circumstances we'll manage and gets along with each other. also coming up tonight u.s. intelligence says that russia meddled in the presidential election of two thousand and sixteen you would think that the lessons learned would be applied to next week's crucial midterm elections and you would be wrong. i'm here to say the warning lights are brink only can read again. today the digital in berlin that could soon attract the attention of the world today friedrich merits announced his candidacy to become the next head of germany's conservative c.d.u. party it comes on the heels of chancellor angela merkel's seismic like and they'll submit that she is stepping down as party leader in december and stepping down as chancellor in two thousand and twenty one though mr mansour said nothing today
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about aspirations to be the next chancellor but maneuvering to become the next c.d.u. party leader puts him on a direct course for the chancellor today's announcement ends his decade long self-imposed exile from german politics and at the beginning of this century he and i'm going to marital they were rivals within the c.d.u. and we all know the history america would go on to become chancellor and in two thousand and nine merits called it quits he wants back in and he wants to win the latest polls show him as the clear favorite to lead the party and the country and regarding his to mulch was passed with chancellor merkel today mr maritz almost sounded like mr magnanimous. meet chancellor merkel's old rival the man she once ousted it's back to challenger.
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gets the c.d.u. needs renewal and a new stunt. the c.d.u. needs forward thinking political discussion. is crucial. and i believe that the c.d.u. needs to rediscover the core of its brand. marketing. angle americal had taken over fleet his position as parliamentary leader of the conservatives sixteen years ago many say he's never forgiven her he carried on as her second in command for a couple of years then in two thousand and nine he left politics he returned to his day job as an attorney joining an international corporate law firm he's also sat on the board of governors for several companies including the world's largest asset management firm blackrock so far is one of three contenders for the party leadership he's considered the most conservative among them and would represent a clear break with merkel style of politics. although he's been
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a critic of the chancellor and her government since she took power in two thousand and five he says now they could work together. i am firmly convinced that. under these changes circumstances will manage and get along with each other. merits is a business friendly conservative has close ties to the private sector are controversial and has made him a target for criticism the christian democrats will decide who will succeed chancellor merkel as their leader at a party conference in december if matz gets the job germany's conservatives will have to brace themselves for drastic change not least because his rise could spell the end of an america as chancellor given their differences she may not want to stay in office much longer. well we're joined tonight at the big table by. a member of the job report for just under the miracles of christian democrats he
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also knows friedrich meds very well they both come from the same area of western germany and mr burr took over the sea that mr millet vacated when he left parliament back in two thousand and nine mr bruce good to have you back on the show thank you we did you find out that mr maritz will campaign to become the next leader of your party i think it was a process the process started i think when we knew in our party that. will step back we knew that this is the last period as a chancellor and we knew some time in between two thousand and eighteen and two twenty twenty one she had to step back and now we had two elections in bavaria and we knew from the opinion polls that the results were not so lovely for our party we saw heston and i think everybody in our party had the imagination now machall will make a decision and she made
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a strong decision on monday this week were used were you surprised by that because you and i talked a couple weeks ago in the results in has that we're not that bad for your party right not not to force the chancellor to say that she's leaving politics right i'm not surprised about the decision about the time a bit but that's typically our chancellor angela merkel she is not forced to get out she decided to do and she made a strong decision in former times we had chancellor who were forced to get our job or they had elections when they were kicked out of the chancellor you know i'm glad natural made a strong decision by herself. this was not a last minute decision i mean he's been planning this for a while i think he thought about it he had talked. in brussels he talked to colleagues he talked to members of our parliamentary group but the time the exact date that wasn't clear for him as well of course i mean the medical the first step
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made the decision by telling on monday she's not kenna dating again in the party election in that he didn't waste any time either saying his candidacy it's been what forty eight hours since chancellor merkel and the phased withdrawal from politics and already late compared to others they were foster. i mean it is a fast race here there's a clear favorite if we could take a look at the poll numbers there we go now the woman groomed by miracle to follow her on the cover and by his own as a k.-k. she she's going to be one thousand percent support and then you've got lashon who dropped out of the race today you've got your spawn currently the health minister just six percent and there you have right there mr maritz way ahead with thirty three percent i mean and here is how he described himself today during what some people are calling his resurrection on the political stage. if you look at times in
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these times of migration of globalization the modernization about party must include a clear role for national net entity and traditional values in the way we think and i think. for this for you is a convinced european and to convince transatlantic. indians and i stand for germany that it's open to the world whose roots based on christian ethics. and the european enlightenment. and whose most important allies are the democracies of the west and well it's. yes i do use that expression again gladly the democracy that the western world is it's what caught our attention there mrs bush is it sounds like he is says he is bringing back conservatism to germany and he's going to take your party for being too far in the center he's going to take it to
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the center right is is that what the party needs i think this is just one pillar so our party has different groups inside there's a conservative group there is see i would say economic liberal group there is a christian belief orientated group so we have many groups in a party like the conservative c.d.u. and he stands for combining all this group or integrating this group so he has got all these issues on his agenda and that's a strength but it wasn't he today basically telling is that until a miracle has made this party too broad and now we need to remember our roots in that way we will actually be able to attract the voters who have left us for the far right if the for example i think that's one side of him the conservative side to look at the roots of the party and but on the other side he's also very progressive hughson european route parliamentarian he was five years in the
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european parliament he has got his transatlantic relations so i think he's very vested orientated but on the other side of course he news that a dialogue with russia is important for europe as well so he's a very good into foreign issues so i think what what's the strength of him is not concentrating on the conservative issues just on conservative he can bring issues very clear to the point clear sentence clear messages and that's a strength of math and you know you don't think i will america is a good it's a good communicator of course he communicates different she's a very good communicator we've seen that since thirty. in years in the chancellor in the european union so she is but she's different and that's a another thing for matz is a new start it's not better or worse all whatever new start always gives new chances take a listen to what he said today a bell the a if d. which is the far right party in about what they've been taking voters away from
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your party. if you do for me. we cannot accept hotties establishing themselves on the far left and the far right of our democracy parties that have entered all sixteen state legislatures and the german parliament parties which divide our society. cannot accept voters being seduced into populist movements out of disappointment and frustration with the established parties and. freely admits he made a name for himself almost twenty years ago by advocating a leading culture in germany that should be adhered to by migrants coming in to the country is he the better weapon against the far right if he than uncle america ever could be i think people in this time looking for in taishan and the whole issue about migration is insecurity people have got fears what can happen we saw
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that already in the ninety's when we had got the sleigh via so we knew that people are seeking for orientation and i think that's the message that he wanted to point out today that he wants to give orientation clear messages how we solve problems integration but also a question of accepting rules that's a discussion about that our rules that we have here have to be is accepted by people who come here i think his message is clear sentence and yes it is it is the criticism that angle a miracle is that regime failed that she was it for example she was willing to put a cap on the number of migrants coming into the country she seemed to be just her bail on this issue and comes along and says i'm going to tell you where i stand and that's going to win the election for them and i think the difference is and for these mats pointed out if i understand them right that he would have made the same decisions in two thousand and fifteen he wouldn't close the borders but the
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difference is right now that we. we have a new face on the scene and he gives clear messages and people can already and take themselves and so and you'll start is always a new chance i wouldn't say. i did something better. will do something better when you stop gets the chance for people to get in you or in taishan out of time if he becomes the head of the c.d.u. in december he will have three years to be the head of the party with miracle as the chancellor will that last for three years oh that depends not just on us conservative party that's depends also on a coalition patna the social democratic party that will depend how both will work together foolish mattson until america as chance also. so you mr since it will be very powerful that's i expect a very good reason for the number of the german parliament we've coming in and sharing your insights as always thank you thank you.
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nato is holding its largest military exercises since the end of the cold war dubbed trident juncture the vast gathering is taking place in norway parts of the north atlantic and the baltic sea all twenty nine native member states plus finland and sweden are taking part it's taking months to get everything in position fifty thousand troops and support personnel two hundred fifty aircraft sixty five naval vessels and up to ten thousand military vehicles are now in the region moscow has called the maneuvers quote and russian exercise. well our reporter lars shows are sick as a company to the troops and the tanks and he sends us this report. why. i know. blowing up obstacles.
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and building bridges in just a few minutes to capabilities that the german army is bringing to try to juncture. but have these old school skills still needed in times of hybrid warfare and cyber attacks as a result after the ukraine crisis we saw that it is more important to change back from stability operations to hire tens of thousands of what we see and as an interest to move larger formations and heavy equipment that's had not been trained and done with within the last ten years far from the russian border germany has set up its operational headquarters and then always an intel ends together with troops from france the netherlands belgium and lot via germany alone has brought ten thousand soldiers up here to norway and just into tanks weapons and other supplies it's a massive logistical challenge designed to improve the speech with which nato members could in a worst case scenario come to each other's rescue. this huge influx of people
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and equipment more than fifty thousand soldiers from thirty one countries is a true test for the host nation norway. but the attitude among the public is there only positive support for nato here is among the highest of all member states and not just because no way shares a border with russia they're not so afraid that there will be a war or not but that's a lot of things happening in the world so you never know how so nato is important for us of course well i believe russia has become a big threat in the last two years and i wouldn't need new we need to show where power is. the war and the world and i know i could be part of it but it's not like it's something i think about but some of nato is tested capacities are hidden from the population. remote controlled weapon systems.
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self driving vehicles. military drones. and so is this the future of warfare all those capabilities have to be reversible or it means that. the forces can rely on this capability and the have to have to know how to do with those capabilities because. all the system can be jammed all destroy all taken by. someone else so the military have to to remain reversible. and that's why the airlines are still banking on tanks and boots on the ground battling daunting logistics and the elements here in the frigid no we gen climate. and u.s. president says the u.s. could send as many as fifteen thousand troops to shore up the u.s. mexican border as
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a convoy of central american migrants travels north of thousands of central americans are fleeing of poverty and crime they've been on the road for more than two weeks the group is currently in mexico about sixteen hundred kilometers south of the u.s. border if donald trump's plate is put into action this caravan of migrants could come face to face with twice as many u.s. troops as are currently stationed in iraq and syria combined. well many of the migrants started their journeys in honduras a country plagued by poverty sexual violence and gang brutality the w.'s i tore sigh as travel between to get to hear from those fleeing their homes. every friday armed gangs forced these young barbers to cut their hair on one occasion they were caught up in a shootout with police the barbers closed their silence to escape but lived in
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constant fear for their lives that's why they decided to abandon their homes and settle for the united states. i had to go to the gang members to cut their hair. but i couldn't keep doing it out of fear. i said i spoke about it with my cousin and we decided to flee. and i was more afraid and just want to work in peace. as well as violence economic problems are pushing people to migrate almost three quarters of all hundred and live in poverty according to some estimates and more than half of the self employed there live in extreme poverty. and i mean we are searching for a better homeland and opportunities to work where we want to move our families forward people cannot bear the situation any longer the crisis has been getting
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worse for years and it's happening because of the political situation that's why people are fleeing now they have nothing to eat. but by i'm supporting these migrants they're fleeing because there's no work here how can donald trump treat them as murderers. they know poverty in hundred us is on the rice even though the government has invested more in social programs. this woman has tried seven times to reach the united states only once did she make it across the border only to be deported but her situation is so desperate that she plans to try again. your book i just can't go on like this even if i could find a job i wouldn't earn enough to support. the babies just to love me i have three
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children who need to be fed. on her last journey she was fleeing an abusive husband she took her three children on the arduous trip they suffered hunger and illness eventually they were arrested by mexican authorities and deported. this is that it by two and i reported it to the police and sought protection in mexico as they fled with my three children he notified the migration authorities and we spent eight months in the tension. women suffer other types of violence they are victims of domestic and sexual abuse and are threatened by gangs who try to recruit their children. that's why twenty percent more women than men are fleeing honduras according to a migration expert siddle is. they are pressured into prostitution or are forced to live with people who are involved in organized crime
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. it's a symptom of the vulnerability of women. migrants or refugees it's hard to draw a line in a country where desperation and danger go together for them escape seems the only option. oh ever since u.s. intelligence concluded that russia meddled in the twenty sixteen presidential election authorities have been on high alert to prevent a repeat during the midterm elections next tuesday stefan's reports. the national museum of american history in washington is housing an exhibition called american democracy showcasing objects in artifacts used in u.s. elections through time it's gaining popularity with visitors these days as many americans are not so sure anymore that their vote is safe from tempering unmanipulated and to alice miller executive director of the washington d.c.
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board of elections mr miller is ultimately responsible for the election process in the district of columbia for miller enter team that means long days filled with plenty of overtime hours focusing on one thing and one thing only we want to make sure our systems are secure we want to make sure coworkers are trying no easy task protecting the upcoming midterm elections from any form of cyber interference has been declared a national security issue the white house and congress across party lines are on the same page no one wants a repeat of what happened in the two thousand and sixteen presidential elections when so-called russian government cyber actors managed to gain access to u.s. election infrastructure i'm here to say the warning lights are brick only can read again. today the digital infrastructure that serves this country is literally under attack congress approved three hundred eighty million dollars in march this year
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for all fifty states to share so they can beef up cyber security measures local the u.s. department of homeland security has formed special task forces and offer services to state officials responsible for the cyber safe conduct of the november elections alice miller is. in fall for the help we work very closely with us we have homeland security advisors and ways on each level we have cyber security advisors that we work with we have smaller groups within our own network that we work with and we always communicate with each other however some critics say all of this is a step in the right direction but comes too late case in point this year's def-con in las vegas nevada conference for what are known as white hat hackers also focused on election cyber security the def-con hackers fighting the good fight in the cyber security battles have released the report pointing out remaining vulnerabilities
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that are unlikely to be fixed before november sixth one example the type of voting machine currently in use in twenty six states is volume but for many u.s. states making voting safe again remains a major challenge. for the day is almost over the conversation continues online and to our viewers in the united states we wish you a happy. how will we. see them or. what's
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the value of a human being. about ten euro's in purely chemical terms. in this brave new world we're constantly being analyzed and really valued. our people nothing but commodities. what shall you doesn't individual have made in germany next. she has a virus like no other. than any of these name out of that thirty two to get at the queen of jemini ella fitzgerald didn't need. the boys to do good bombs and you know. they you know sure love the lawyers
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enough to bellow fitzgerald. you know forty five minutes on d w. scar's cover and forget women in russia have to live with violence sexism and oppression something that violence is normal in russia. where putin is petri arky rooms today women's rights were already gaining traction a hundred years ago. people here didn't have a clue about feminism but there are women who want to instigate change in different data mining for justice and equality. under the skin of russia's women starts nov thirteenth d.w. .
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when we talk about rich people we often say she is worth one hundred million when disaster strikes we say the tragedy has cost more than one hundred lives the workforce of a company is often described as human capital wealth cost capital our language shows that we put a value on all selfs.


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