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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  November 1, 2018 11:02pm-11:31pm CET

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in november two thousand and sixteen the us presidential election results shocked the world no one would have predicted that just two years later the midterm elections would reach new heights in campaign spending and new depths in the depravity of divisiveness lose dreaded november night so they are upon us again five more until america decides on america first i burnt off in berlin this is the day. this election. is a fundamental choice for the direction of our nation. and. the. entire democratic party can't be coming this is.
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coming down and it's not in the first place it's my money and our president who is me in not a politician far from perfect i'm still a little bit of despair. because the policies that were put in place are working. also coming up tonight as saudi arabia's descent towards the status of pariah state friends and family of the murdered journalist jamal khashoggi are demanding the return of his remains. we are calling on the entire world to put the necessary pressure international pressure on the saudi government to find these remains to be able to bury him here even be full finding those who are responsible be full this issue is covered up. we begin the day in the final campaign sprint before america's most anticipated
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midterm elections in living memory now usually a midterm election is a matter between members of congress and the voters that they represent the u.s. president usually plays a minor role well this is no usual midterm election and the u.s. president is anything but usual donald trump has thrust himself into the campaigns telling voters that the midterm elections should be seen as a referendum on him a report card on america for sed trucks campaign stumping is intense abrasive and sometimes downright vulgar despite last week's worst ever anti-semitic massacre in the u.s. and despite numerous mail bombs sent to leading figures of the democratic party and despite attacks on journalists trump is doubling down on dividing the people between those who vote for him and those who don't who we characterize this as the
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enemy. on the complaints well again in north carolina nevada arizona although his name is not on the ballot donald trump wants these midterms to be about him he is firing up his supporters by grabbing some of the most divisive issues and using them to keep his base afraid and furious the democrats are becoming angry unhinged mob determined to get power by any means necessary everything we do they can destroy very quickly a democratic victory in november would be a bright flashing invitation to every traffickers buckler drug dealer and illegal alien on the planet come on and. his supporters love what they describe as telling it like it is. i love him i think he's chosen by god to help us hopefully he'll build a wall and do it quickly keeping his base angry this strategy carried him to the
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white house in twenty sixteen trump is hoping it will work this time as well donald trump has built his political career on railing against other people telling crowds who they should fear and hate he is president not despite his nasty rhetoric but because of it in recent weeks however the trams tone has increasingly come under scrutiny after an outspoken trump supporter was charged in connection with an attempted bombing spree that targeted high profile critics of the president and c.n.n. . and after an anti-semitic mass shooting at a synagogue in pittsburgh. that's how speck had threatened to online against jews and my friends words do matter says to ron as it's a director of the anti-defamation league in washington and organization fighting anti-semitism and he believes that public figures like the president should be
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aware of that fact it's very difficult to divorce some of the philosophy in the espousals of people as being enemies or people as being threats to the actual actions that have taken place it is words have implications and they unfortunately sometimes lead to violent action says mike immediately after the latest attacks the president did make a point of decrying political violence calling for national unity and more civility in public life and his press secretary fiercely defends him very much as a temporary first thing that the president did was condemn the attacks both in pittsburgh and in the pipe bombs the very first thing the media did was blame the president and make him responsible for these ridiculous acts that is outrageous but nevertheless trump refuses to tone down his rhetoric blaming the media for what is
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going on in the country and continuing his campaign fear mongering about issues such as and the gratian and race he hopes that will pay off on election day. so my first guest this evening has spent much of his career reporting on american politics and writing about its political leaders he is a pulitzer prize winning journalist and author of two critically acclaimed presidential biographies including iraq obama the story i'm happy to welcome back to the day this evening david mariner's david it's good to have you back on the show i want to ask you this midterm election that you again it's good to see you this this midterm election that people are talking about voters are not ignoring it they're talking about it campaign fund raising is breaking records and people are taking advantage of early voting does da move trump does he deserve the credit here . credit might be the wrong word but he deserves it but he's
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responsible for it to an enormous degree you know there's an old cliche in american politics that all politics is local and often it's true this midterm election it's anything but true it's just the opposite donald trump who lately has been calling himself a nationalist has totally nationalized these congressional and senate elections in a way that's really never been seen in the modern era. after the mail bombs that we saw a couple of weeks ago after they were discovered and after the massacre inside the pittsburgh a synagogue last week did you expect the u.s. president to tone down his in his attacks on the media and to stop calling the media the enemy of the people unfortunately no i expected what happened which was that first there would be
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a teleprompter speech in which there would be some mollifying words and then once he was back with his crowd he would be the same donald trump and in fact he intensified he understands the consequences of this election this election is in fact the most important that i can remember in terms of a midterm election because donald trump has been unchecked for two years and finally that check could come if if the democrats win the house even if it will transform things in a way that you can't quite comprehend yet much which is very important not just for washington not just for the nation but indeed for the entire world when you say if the democrats win back the house it will transform things in ways we can help people what do you mean what will happen. well finally this trump administration will be watched over still be oversight for the first time in
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two years the republican majority in congress for two years has completely abdicated their rule in terms of oversight and all you need is one house to really start that process where donald trump every one of the actions of that trump administration will be investigated checked. and debated in a healthy way which it hasn't been for two years i'd like to share with you and our viewers in an interview a part of an interview that trump gave today with the christian broadcasting network the reporter asked about the president's role and his responsibility in the lack of civility in american society here's how he responded. while the media's extremely unfair it has been from the time i announced and a lot of that has to do with the fact that i'm a republican i'm conservative and many other reasons and probably me too and if you got home and if you read the new york times or the washington post or if you saw
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any of the networks you would say it was violence yes it was riots i mean it was most incredible thing i've ever seen and everybody that was on that trip agreed with us it was so wrong what they did was so phony. now they've got drunk they're blaming the media for telling the world that the us are pittsburgh is full of violence and on the brink of social civil war yet this is the midterm election video i want to show you that he posted on twitter today to his very own take a look. at her set out in the hall of. a consulate building one.
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now the contradiction there is glaring a bit i mean there you have the president telling voters that you're going to have a civil war if you don't vote for me why don't more americans see that contradiction. donald trump is a master propagandist we'll find out next week how many americans see that contradiction you're right it is pretty glaring that first interview you played i was confused by what he was even talking about telling really he was talking about pittsburgh where the protests were incredibly peaceful that's right and donald trump said they didn't even exist when it was first tweet this second. ad that you played which is not appearing on television by the way but which is part of his social media campaign is probably the most despicable and i've ever seen in american politics and that's saying something because i've seen
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a lot of of really vile ones but to to behold the democrats responsible for either of those things first of all is preposterous and secondly he's played completely on the fears and the racism of his base is only in on that now and that that shows that and i want to ask you why betsy here i want to ask you about the media's culpability in the attention that he gets there is an article that just appeared today in vanity fair entitled it's our job to call them out inside the trump gold rush at c.n.n. and in that article jeff zucker the president of c.n.n. he's quoted as saying we've seen that any time you break away from the trump story and cover other events the audience goes away i mean what do we do in a media environment where news is seen as a commodity and not as a public good how can you restate or democracy in the united states when that is
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the situation. that's an enormous question brant and you don't trump has played on that from the from the beginning in terms of knowing that the television in particular was reliant on him and getting great ratings from him when is right when his camp is presidency was starting that president c.b.s. said that the trump was a gold mine essentially and it's been that case ever since i know that even c.n.n. has been studying and worrying about what in the world they'll do in terms of how they'll get ratings after trump whenever that is i think it's largely a television problem i think that i'm not trying to pat newspapers on the back but it's less so of the major newspapers in this country they're not reliant on trump in the same way for circulation although certainly both the new york times in the washington post and flora's during this period but i would say it's more because of
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the need for truth and the search for truth and the need for ratings but but you raise that very fair article raises a very profound question i don't have the answers to but i agree with much of what it was. you know what is also it is striking about this midterm election is that the u.s. president has said this is all about me it's a referendum on me. is it is it possible that trump will lose this gamble of making the midterm. election about him and i mean what do you think would have what is going to happen if it does blow up in his face what do you think the leader of the free world is going to do in the immediate aftermath. well i would imagine that the matter what happens he will claim victory that's what he does he refuses to acknowledge any weakness so he'll look for a way to try to blame it on others on these already started to believe it on paul
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ryan if they lose the house they have to get him the other day in a tweet. and then who knows i mean he is to predict what donald trump will do beyond being a demagogue and a propagandist discharges. but you're right it could turn on him very quickly next week and knowing what you know now of these past two years very briefly david if you were going to write a biography of u.s. president donald trump what would be the time. oh my gosh the master propagandist me he says for starters. i'm not going to write i can't write about a book about somebody that i have so little respect for all right but that will be the final word there david marin as always david good to have you on the show we certainly appreciate your insight thank you thank you thank you. it has been one month since the murder of saul the journalist jamal khashoggi much
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of the world remains convinced that these all the crown prince was involved in the brutal killing of a show inside riyadh's consulate in istanbul the kingdom's reluctance to come clean has made the crown prince into a political pariah of sorts and it has created a p.r. disaster for his country it's even having an impact on the world of sports tennis stars rafael nidal and novak djokovic are under pressure to pull out of an event in riyadh next month roger federer has already turned down an invitation to travel to saudi arabia. they're vying to finish the year as the world's best player rafael nadal and novak djokovic are two players at the top of their game and major star attractions which is why they've booked to play this exhibition in saudi arabia a country now firmly in the spotlight after its alleged involvement in the murder of dissident journalist jamal khashoggi. not to mention its role in the ongoing
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conflict and humanitarian crisis in yemen a collision between sport in geopolitics despite increasing attention on the actions of the saudi arabian government both players gave choreographed responses this week. where will fall the situation. but i had the commitment. last. something happened. so of course we're trying to take in consideration everything all the options but right now i can't say more because as i said just the question before we have to get more information . on what's happening so we can make a rational decision whether it's good to go. world wrestling entertainment is also holding an event in saudi arabia this week despite the controversy there's no
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intention here to cancel business is business. in its quarterly statement w w e acknowledged a heinous crime but said the company has decided to uphold its contractual obligation to saudi arabia's general sports authority and stage the event. attracting big name athletes and sporting events is a major goal for saudi arabia neymar in his brazilian teammates were in town last month for a friendly match with our tribals argentina images like this are priceless p.r. for a country trying to grow its sporting image both abroad and at home where fans can see their idols up close. and i hope this will just be the beginning and that in the future you will have more games in every region. not that it was unusual at all that a lot it was an indescribable feeling to watch a world class game like this is the brazil are a very famous team some of the team well known as well it was
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a wonderful game i mean they did that through its general sports authority saudi arabia has invested heavily in sports if the exhibition goes ahead djokovic will pocket one million dollars each for their participation big money but at what cost . yeah there's a lot at stake here including a lot of money to talk about this i'm joined now by a reader for talk she is the director of the law center for modern oriental studies here in berlin it's good to have you back on the show the pressure that we're seeing on these tennis stars right now not to travel to saudi arabia. because of the crown prince is it possible to say that saudi arabia has become a pariah state no it's definitely not a pariah state i think at the moment it is in pretty troubled waters and it's quite clear there's actually a kind of struggle going on on how to treat the moment been said and potentially his father the king and there's
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a lot of discussion about how to proceed but there is also strong pressure to just keep business as usual. and i think the sports events are part of that i mean what you read is that the the the true story at least as what people inside have been reporting is that that the crown prince is in charge and that his father is not well he and is not lucid all of the time and so basically this is the man in charge does that make it more difficult to imagine a situation in which the crown prince would have to step down or be removed of course that makes that much more difficult because there are also rumors that his father has been kind of cordoned off that senior princes aren't really allowed to express their own concern about it plus much of the opposition within the royal family which is very large has been stifled last autumn when quite a number of senior and influential princes were among those who were enjoying hospitality in the ritz carlton in order to stand simply combat corruption do
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you think that there is enough international pressure being put on saudi arabia i mean we've got what president trump saying that he would rather sell weapons there than what the russians so weapons to the saudis i mean is he giving the saudis carte blanche when he says something like this well i think president trump is himself under a lot of pressure not to give the saudis comp loss but i think and even within the european union there's a lot of discussion the british and the french are quite keen on continuing to sell weapons and they the germans are quite opposed to it at the moment but then their weapons sales though don't count that much in the overall saudi weapons package. i think they're also using the opportunity to put pressure on saudi arabia to have a pause in the yemen war potentially and real negotiations there but i think at the
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moment it's quite unclear what is going to happen and i think it's quite important to keep up the pressure although we shouldn't really. expect a major regime change i think even if the crown prince was replaced i'm not entirely sure that this would change everything at my change the phone policy. and yemen and it might not and it might mean the return to a more consensual way of politics in the interior consensual among the princes not with the wider public but it wouldn't mean an opening taunts democracy or anything of that so the reforms the way the west has been hoping we see through here what about yemen i mean it has not gotten the attention it didn't get half the attention that the murder of god but could the murder of a journalist lead to. have a silver lining in maybe ending this horrible war i'm not sure it would end the war
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but what it could potentially do is for example stop the impending offensive on data the main port city of the yemen for which seventy percent of the food imports go and where the saudis have just sent ten thousand more troops sensibly to prepare for a real offensive on the city in which there are still many civilians trapped so i think it could lead perhaps to a pause perhaps to some negotiations but that can actually stop the war i'm not too sure because i think there's quite a lot of consensus within saudi arabia that as long as iran plays a role in yemen which the saudis like to overplay a lot and they have a right to. impose their kind of regime and peace. before we really want to go back to the notion of of prince albert and his power is it is it
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possible to know how much power he has right male. is it possible that this journalist could. have been murdered without his knowledge i think it's highly unlikely that the journalist was murdered without his knowledge he has a lot of power because he's basically got rid of all of his major rivals they're under house arrest in exile there and some of them are still in prison so i don't think that at the moment there is another center of power the question is how much kings and man still can weigh in on the crown prince the question is whether now with the return off a another senior friends from sort of self-imposed exile in london to what extent that with the backing of the u k in the u.s. my lead to some kind of at least control over the place is. returning to saudi arabia just mention that as the burying the lead there but do
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you think is there is that a rehearsal for some type of change of or change in the royal family i think that a number of senior princes are helping for that to what extent they're actually able to achieve it i really couldn't say at this moment definitely keep watching for it or has always we appreciate you coming in and giving us your insights thank you you thank. well the day is nearly done but as always the conversation continues on line you'll find us at twitter you can write directly to me it or you can write to us at g.w. news don't forget to use the hash tag the day every member whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see that everybody.
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the movie. plays lawyer. culture. cut hair. superman. superfood stylish style icon. letter.
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life style during. the moment. kick off my. take football personally. i do it in. the world cup when a good friend and the rising star in the industry still guards mosher mom come on. where does he come from. someone whose future ambitions. sixteen. scars cover them for get women in russia have to live with violence sexism and oppression the love scene that violence is normal in russia. where putin's
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petri arky rooms today women's rights were already gaining traction a hundred years ago. people here didn't have a clue about salman ism but there are women who want to get sticky change in the fridge to run for justice and equality. under the skin of russia's women starts nov thirteenth on t.w. . i want to welcome to another fun filled star with me your host meghan lee as usual we are making our way to the most interesting places in berlin and beyond here's a look at what's coming up. team working.


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