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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 3, 2018 12:00pm-12:16pm CET

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big dreams on the big screen. the movie magazine on the w. . this is day w news live from in the final push to reach voters just days before the u.s. midterms voters are being hit by a barge of political ads from both parties we asked experts to tell us which issues are really on the minds of americans and take a look at president's past and present hoping to influence the results. and it's being called game over for european football as we know it leaked documents show
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the continent's top football club supreme planning in secret to seize control of european football and form their own late league we'll talk to one of the reporters who broke the story. i'm rebecca races welcome to the program in the u.s. democrats and republicans are making their final pitch to voters ahead of next week's midterm elections and leading the charge to presidents with rival visions for america's future former president barack obama and current commander in chief donald trump aspiring on the campaign trail for many this election is all about the different versions of america these two men stand for and his his some of what they had to say. the end should not be a matter of partisan politics to say we don't target certain groups of people based
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on what they look like the volt how they enforce who they love. because we don't want to go back to the obama days of low wages high unemployment rising crime open borders far left charges oppressive regulations horrible horrible horrible trade deals. well with all the rhetoric telling people how to voice what the issues americans really care about our washington correspondent has this round up. to. blow up government spending you must. build the wall with the midterm elections approaching voters are under a barrage of political ads from both parties republicans got a big thrill. just in case and made around a criminal illegals and take
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a moment will democrats then however i approve of town halls bad singing in this message are both trying to drill their respective messages into the political conscience of the american electorate it's getting less. real. and very confusing what are actually the topics the political agenda which make voters interested and going to the polls coming november sixth according to our experts panel the political topics voters really care about in the midterms are well i think the biggest issue that's forefront right now is health care the tough issues in this election are the economy health care immigration trade and guns the economy health care trade and then local issues the economy it's booming sure peak for the republicans trying to get voters to cast the ballots for them the message don't vote democrats you lose your job and pay more taxes or as the president puts it democrats produce republicans produce jobs
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however republicans have just now started something like an economy perhaps a template in the campaign the economy and health care always issues that are elections health care that's a bread and butter issue for the democrats the republican failed to replace the affordable care act better known as obamacare health care a winner for democrats so what happened to immigration and gun truck this clue. trying to nationalize the immigration debate nationalize the going to be. immigration a biggie for the president racism the least racist person but the latest campaign ad posted on president trump's twitter account has sparked accusations of being blatantly racist politics anybody don't vote for the kind of your money for democrats trump is the gift that keeps on giving not only is the liberal democratic voter base fired up about going to the polls come november sixth. it's specifically
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white educated suburban women who voted for trump in two thousand and sixteen who now seem to be turning to the democrats i think i share the conventional wisdom that the democrats will regain the house of representatives that the republicans will perhaps gain a seat or two in the senate no matter what the outcome on november sixth will be the twenty twenty presidential campaign has already started since as they say here in washington every election is always a referendum on the sitting president. iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei has accused donald trump of disgracing the united states he also said the u.s. would be the ultimate loser over its decision to re-impose remaining sanctions on tehran following its withdrawal from the twenty fifth a nuclear deal the restrictions are due to hit on monday after having been lifted for the past three years the sanctions will impact iran's shipping financial and energy sectors. and we're joined now by eric randolph deputy bureau chief from the
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eye of pain news agency in tehran eric what impact will the section sanctions likely have on ordinary people in iran. this is a pretty significant economic downturn in iran as instructor announced tuesday walking out the deal back in may see has lost something like seventy percent of its value that is driven up the price of imports that hit businesses across the whole of society driving up prices but we're narry people the government's been forced to so results are handing out food baskets of korra also so we've seen a lot of damage important to remember though it's not just sanctions causing those problems and some bad decisions in the banking sector and a lot of long time structural problems in the iranian economy oh also to blame it's so de wrong to say that this is just u.s. pressure causing causing these problems a couple of things they have it sanctions definitely at hurting iran iranians that is is around likely to sign and now the nuclear deal. short right now that
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seems very unlikely trump has a mound like photo ops. whereas the iranians are much more into behind the scenes negotiations and a slightly subtler approach to foreign policy it's hard to see how those two sides can and can square each other the other fact is that iran simply would consider it too much of a hit to its dignity to be pressured by the americans in such an aggressive manner intra pitch and the demands that the u.s. is making a pariah do amounts in that into a complete capitulation of the regime and it's hard to see how that will come to pass out he said that things are moving pretty five. because of directions in the middle east and the how some external factors will change the scenario. also what about the domestically will they sanctions have a political fallout for the government there
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a lot of people really putting their faith in improving relations with the u.s. . yes that's right it's to talk about the impact of sanctions it's not just the heart at the moment. it's also the sense of hope that many brands how when this new good do turn into it into force diagram a couple of years ago. now that hope has really been dashed the people thought this was finally a chance for iran to lose its pariah status to reengage with it and that's really. the house hardest of all and that's how the political impacts on president rouhani state so much of it's missing. all that new deal in trying to rebuild those titles and he has been hit quite badly politically but for now the regime the system that is rallying around him they don't want their instability. at a difficult time so for now his position is safe but it's in a couple of years when you have elections i think the reformist moderate movement
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is going to show the damage. grand often they have pay frank you now to some of the other stories making news around the world pakistani islamists say they've struck a deal with the government to end days of protests over the freeing of a check christian woman who was charged with blasphemy under the deal asia bibi was a must not leave pakistan until a supreme court verdict is reviewed a mother of two spent eight years on death row before being found innocent by the court this week. a third migrant caravan traveling from central america to the united states has crossed into mexico from guatemala this caravan numbers over one thousand people and earlier and logic caravan has now reached central mexico though half of its members has dropped out u.s. president donald trump has vowed to keep these groups out of the u.s. . mexico city is facing a water crisis millions of residents across half of the city of had water shut off
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since wednesday city officials say maintenance is needed on the massive system that supplies about thirty percent of the capital's needs there or they also say the system may not be fully operational until next week. and indonesian diver has died during the search for victims of the downed indonesian plane a massive rescue operation has been underway since the lion air flight crashed on monday divers from indonesian navy are searching for debris and the remains of one hundred eighty nine people in the seas near jakarta. on the first shock revelations from a database called football lakes were released by a network of investigative journalists on friday they document a breakaway plan by europe's top clubs to form an elite league of their own in twenty twenty one clubs including rail madrid by munich and boston liner are reportedly involved in plans to split from european football's governing body wafer
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questionable practices at the world governing body first and cover ups of failed drug test by top players have also been exposed which has been assessing tens of millions of documents acquired from anonymous source. but first of all thanks for having me this is a very important moment in european football because it changes the policy structure fundamentally so far you if i has always organized these kind of competitions and now the most powerful in the richest clubs say like you said and portrayed in the little video before they don't need you a fight anymore and they were able to pressurize you into a reform where it would gain even more power and more money and we've seen this in the past couple years and national competitions that have that they have become more lopsided because of that money so it's very interesting for every football fan to see how this power struggle turns out right in the lakes also shine a light on gianni infantile know the current fee for president and form
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a you way for president what have you uncovered about his past and current dealings . well jenny infantino ran on a couple of promises when he wants to become fee for president he said the organization has to become more moral and there has to be an end to all the back room deals but we see that genuine teano epitomizes this principle of secret negotiations as he has already done so as you if a secretary general when he hoped to present them and mentions the city to negotiate very favorable terms when they were in massive breach will you have us financial fair. they and jan infantino as president of fifa actually interfered with the code of ethics and made sure that fearful fishel swear harder to pursue for corruption. and because if there is supposed to be some seventeen million documents in the database what can we expect what's still to come well this is a team effort actually it's not only dish bigger but it's media rooms from from all
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over europe it's more than eighty journalists working on those millions of documents otherwise we wouldn't be able to break any stories at all because of which way too much we started our first batch of first stories and now this weekend and in the next couple weeks we look more at the power powers in the secret powers in european football possibly one or two doping cases and i can't go into much details but it should be interesting well chris tough vent about investing of journalist with german magazine dish legal thank you. well for now at least the born this leaguer is still alive and kicking in this week's play began with a strong display from frankfurt away to stuttgart sebastian ellis called the opener for the visitors early in the first half who then went on to decide the match with two thumping head is a perfect pass down frankfurt striker and to rivet alone in front of the goal in the thirty second minute the croatian powering home his side seconds just before
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the final whistle frankfurt's front line again combined well to put the result beyond doubt substitute nikolai miller showing some acrobatic skills to make it three no. well some own battles has become the first ever gymnast to win thirteen world championship gold medals and she amazingly won the for the final three medals while suffering from a kidney stone the twenty one year old won the individual vote of into the artistic gymnastics world championships breaking the record set by bella rossi in the tally in one thousand nine hundred six the year before biles was born it was the americans third gold medal of the week putting her halfway to a possible sweep of six gold in qatar. and just a reminder of the top story we're following for you in the u.s. democrats and republicans are making their final pitch to voters
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a head of next week's midterm elections former president barack obama and current lated donald trump have hit the campaign trail to galvanize more forces. you're watching d.w. news from berlin all coming at the top of the hour and don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our web site that's w dot com thanks for joining me. you can tell a lot about a society by its garbage. the future worthless for the rich but for many poor people who don't first their only chance of survival. cannot compete for today just one to. the reporters travel to the.


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