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tv   Doc Film - The Black Heart of America  Deutsche Welle  November 3, 2018 8:15pm-9:01pm CET

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sake and there are two games on sunday turning to the bundesliga table and after ten matches we can see that dortmund have increased their lead over buy in to four points while hoffenheim move up to six and the bottom hard edged up while stuttgart occupy last spoke. it watching news from berlin thanks so much for watching us there's more news at the top of the hour. later we were. when we were. in the percent of americans at some point in our lives who will experience hardship.
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for generations this was the stuff that fueled america's rise to become a world power. cold much of it mind in central appalachia in the states replace virginia. the southwestern part of the states has fallen largely off the map it's a place that feel americans have visited or know much about. this is the haas of the appalachian mountains a place which tradition has deep roots i.
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i . along the economic bedrock of the region today coal is an embattled industry the mine is here are threatened three eight. they are the heroes of west virginia and mit the men who keep coal is black hearts beating. every morning they descend deep into the mines several kilometers underground it is a duck and dangerous place to what.
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i. did tunnels in the selling of barely a meter high. in a can be he'll shoot. up right here on the front lawn or going level in the short term you back down more than yourself. or colleagues. if you shift not just make them shut. for three years now scott lockhart has won the black hot head of experienced minus like his father and grandfather before him. and the last will be held in house so that's how it. looks more politics last week. i think. your.
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week nothing new for me and. problems. fifteen hours of the. money's really. when i first started news oh man you know it was me and billy's too long for all power to make. money standing on have but hanging the problems and pain problems been featured. since it opened in one nine hundred eighty one the setting and mine has been dug nearly two kilometers into the mountainsides it supplies valuable metallurgical coal west virginia's black gold to the steel industry. accidents many of them fatal off frequent. didn't get scared who was. my fear.
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for their out of state if you think about everybody here drugs show things on just kids that can see if they're scared. it is will be to go to work and work everyday . playstyle trying to keep her little room. have no trouble. offing spatial field self-confidence not everybody can do the job but we go to the beach much we feel proud. of scott's older brother steven has been in mine a full fifteen years. feel we watch each other but you know trying to help each other which is regain his coffee a lot who've. made it to me you know we're here by law in our hands you know where
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the one thing or the other can't manage to do the round can i cut the place of all summer now while they're. head of all that took me like you mean i want you. to. share with him the number of. their team it very. much like to have lunch but no. no no. no. the person. absolutely can't stop. she. read. it out from what i hear i hear they're like a good dinner out all of me and we'll get together a certain time throughout the day a pretty cool psycho but. as that's enough it was like you know that's you know
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they still basis try to do away with it and. they all like us together generation y. you know we're going to do what it takes to survive you know if it is the last hour i go out about work so i'm very worried about it you get up like i just want to work every day go home. and sleep. a good freak to you all the help me she told me he has no place muslim. reality for. president donald trump promised to revive cold and has rolled back environmental regulations that the industry hates. in some parts of the country coal mines began hiring again. but if you read days of coal pumps to not least because natural gas is supposed kena and cheap
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. above ground much of west virginia is to. untamed nature forests covered the steep slopes of the central appalachians once home to the cherokee and other native american tribes it was later settled by mainly scots and irish immigrants hundreds of narrow valleys crisscross the region the hollows or hollis as they called in the appalachian dialect. the rural region is home to many small religious communities time often seems to be standing still here and tradition holds sway. you. you you you you. you you.
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it is also the world of bluegrass and mountain music. in his ballads and in cathead johnston tells of the hard life in the mountains like when a flood washed over the hollers and swept away what the locals had worked so hard for. with his toes his stacy crab and foreman mine and charlie davis johnston recorded his song muddy water which became a local hit. playing in the cold. during. the cold you. find. a man. i mean i can still laugh about it because when i was a good friend you think of. man down near me and dorian your mom
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those weird sort of moral grounds i would preclude. we were my own and i had so many people have some background counting and they just don't say wow we are just still we're here if guards have let me or i were going to be born. here and of our . lives. a sense of belonging to a particular group you know the power of the money you take from. the families and hardships and you try to share a life with you as a way of in your own other house party and. you know that's we've also everything we did have a whole lot more than tyler has gone in minutes you know and. that night just a few hours later you know we had one vans that it was the power given over to outsell hours and kind of. called my help people come together i'll be walking down
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great triumph like come here i have been going you know and i'm sure they'd stick your hand out for me to say can do it on them and when i can't do it so maybe put function in my hand you know the name they may put me on back for yard work and just keep going on when they walked off i'm not male to levy a hundred dollar bill. because they no matter how smart they are. and if it can people live around for. your. religion has long been a powerful force in these mountain communities. the
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pentecostal church called house of lords jesus still practices a form of worship that is officially banned by you well outside west virginia. at every sunday service pass to chris wolfe it risks his life. over the years divisional has claimed the lives of preaches and less appearance. that we've got a team are rare and we got a couple copper hits and then we got to eastern time a. distant chapter and you know i gave the parrot a trip on schoolkids and surface you know i challenge you it's just a command there's this creature see is perfect. they all feel.
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we handled the matter much accounting for it that's what killed my daddy but it's an honor to me that god can i'm worth if god would want me to lay my lap they are then away i would see him around he gave us not for us. to say if you drink you need that he shall not hurt you. the bible says show me your faith without any work. i don't understand why we're persecuted so by what happened this day and how was it for the student because we're real with that from what we believe me and we won't force you to go but.
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i don't. they oppose it same thing i do they like ours are you know some. of our. eyes away from home through high drug. car tell us how to do it no more. but as soon as i get a few dollars in my pocket i have. no money to spend a lot. no we are just going to just google. the utility and rather. house
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a hotel or our. teachers beginning to your heart. oh. aka heart. or not we are. already i mean our house. not our. our lives. remember our i was under my. eye. i. know member. i was calling. you some people kind great though oh but nothing compares to when the spirit of god lose a bone you and i was glad she didn't feel that power.
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her. the trains to go her thinking may leave you have. to go straight can give it to you was patient. she would mean the kid issue most of those mean paid fifteen twenty usually. not a river. it was all black a. day maybe. you can get. in head first place. there's always a. can you think about it. caitlin
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and scott look have been married for three years. until the first child was born taken with to so nice and well regarded jump in the struggling beach and. after nearly forty years in the mines scott's father jimmy has just taken and he time and. been married to a coal miner you know you get up every morning and there's always that question in your mind is this going to be the last. and then you know when the phone rings and you're like you say it's. the first reaction is something's happening. that i knew beforehand that the choices that we may because my dad was
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a previous call matter and crossed the lines and he doesn't work anymore because he can't ever want to marry this guy i would probably still a van with a comb on earth i mean i know that sounds crazy but you know that's all of there is around here it's either you're a doctor or a and i mean there's a beer bar in a play like mcdonald's. but you know you can live on land. i pray that the mind stay open get a light off with a monster it can happen in a town without the mountains we have nothing and less for things but i can't really leave the mountains. i would never change my last no mowing money with chinese our boy where you are right here . only thing that would change where you might could get closer together this is
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the way i want to finish up right here a lot more are destroying the. very works in the coal mines for thirty nine years and i honor him for that because that's a hard job work that long and the year has been diagnosed with black lung various told us that it was critical it wasn't stage one or stage two. and you. like to stop it scott really wes it does stress great in the mind. nothing.
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nothing like. what you. think about it would be enough. for another person. i can eventually. the truth is. likely just some or more have to face with a man my friends and all the guys i work with in the long room because your time. man not my kid not my foot she's fifty nickel. just a white guy i'm really my brother in law he's got it i'll probably get a little case of.
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the utility for. free he thinks he's guilty for something so making me think she doesn't. like. anything since i. feel the heat. has laid out for about a year now with the company that i'm working for. me. it is a struggle to give a was a war on fellow. says speaking of the year i'll be more than favre singling donald trump escapees were they. were not going to tell marcella how to work. that's outlook for. peace down doors versus the people forcing the.
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istanbul is down as you can even walk into a bar and just have a beer with you and sit down talk out a mom hey she just fine jane he's the mayor you have. a lot to think days last. thing the truth about some things in the state system can you go live how he's other people stay home he's backing up now while he criticizing for. our little much better. i work six days a week she never would i be more counting on a green oh yeah there was mom i. don't have time to watch social media they've been taping so i don't really know what's going on in the world of flow. in the wintertime. because a cow matters not my. ear your shift or it's going to turn out sad it's dark. sunnies only time to get to enjoy sunshine in the sunshine. the winter sun.
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scott's mother lisa and his grandmother revie and his mother and father in law have come for a visit and that. family is very much at the center of life here. in october twenty fifth is going to be my brother's sixty second or third and he was killed in the cow mons and killed and seventy six seventy six hayward he was not doing yours i paid back a tractor over inter milan who. asked still raised. and my father he got crippled in the mines and forty six and i had a knuckle got killed in the mobs. so it's all long down the road you know. we know that the heels have called that gives us doll jobs but they take my husband
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and i would say you stay you've been in scott in their mountain clothes and karrar just really hurt me you know no man's actor really what me and life relate movie i'm go in there on how mad you know i don't accept him being my first but you know that's the way to go makes it really even so i have to accept it you know ever by self family or into here you know everybody likes to bring next i'm on the next day . and you know we're always a phone call away i was. counting the time he spends commuting scott's works a seventy hour week the road he goes about five thousand dollars a month maybe it can go to science ever marry komarov only about have to tell her that as one of the one of the hardest decisions she'll have to make. you but nice boys now get your hands yeah they're going. to have.
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a family do you know you could never reply should. do you. or the brain her room. or if you were there are following limits no no no. no her you know if you want to know my travel machine shows what people are in a big mess and when i come back here to fight leaving home you know. i have never traveled the world. got a plane you know that feeling you need to travel no. i don't imagine. me in a coma you know off racial you're in your big bins out on. be worn out across the world in your help and build bridges build build skyscrapers
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why even for a robot. arm. i would want to be in the facial rubber room. but as a beating i had to get out is nobody. who leaked the thing that actually that i have been with my friend i really don't want top much about six so i just gotta keep that off my mind. nothing to talk about nobody you know follow her mom while not a. i think. it's. you know we need a free and sure in the only place which was they could be. the
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new flick. more could really have. been. because. coal has claimed thousands of lives in west virginia a single disaster in one thousand and seven killed three hundred and sixty one minus until the one nine hundred fifty s. many families lived in towns built and owned by the coal companies workers were paid in script that was good only in company stalls strikes were ruthlessly put down today miners know that joining a union means risking their job. since the one nine hundred ninety s. hundreds of mountains have been ravaged by blast mining. it's cheap and requires few workers then drilling the rubble which often contains toxic waste piles up in the valleys and contaminate streams rivers and ground. has been. in order for them to continue the mining here they'll have to depopulate
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our communities and they've done it before they've done a lot. the real gun know has lived in west virginia will headline the cherokee native is fighting against the environmentally devastating mountaintop mining communities here and it's sort of the end of nowhere. man company. and. eventually they tear down the big boys in the water the air is laden with coal dust and chemicals from the blasting they make life here impossible so people are willing to go out they want to get out for the people that refuse to sell their home all this stuff. he is in the middle of a mining operation and the coconut news a look at she and say you you'll wish you so. and i've been told that i you know they put me through hale and i still don't take their bio there's more
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than forty communities now across the southern part of the state that are no longer existing community the bomb coa industry they gate mountain people al of their mountains. so if this is really about jobs what about we just turn the dozers around and fix what we've torah that's another hundred years worth of employment it's not a bad job it's about prof their call companies and the department of environmental protection work together and the politicians being the feet from it through me anyway. came paying contributions parks here in ny or. the real gun whose home is protected by a chain link fence the activist has enemies. years ago her home was nearly destroyed by flash flood
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a growing problem as coal companies stripped the land. the property was buried in toxic coal slouch the environmental coalition she founded father joe sued to stop mountaintop mining near by and one. six years i've been threatening. people threaten to burn my house they've been threatened people threatened to kill me. they've done things to my children my daughter was moon full grown me and when she was twelve years old they've killed her dogs well they was angry because their bosses told them that it was my fault that they were going to lose their jobs and there's no truth to that i was testifying to stop and the a legal permit water and air is absolutely more him important than a paycheck. i've had a major pit right to my nose i'd have had to shoot above people's heads yes to put them off my property and this was what i slept with right there on must wane. and
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yeah it was fully loaded as safety was on i had wanted to train for it was ready to far. my daughters lost four friends to cancer. at twenty three. we have a lot of children here that have heart problems that have liver problems kidney problems you've watched people of all ages died of cancer so i have hand delivered . thirty peer reviewed scientific studies to congress they know. they know what's happening here and they choose to do nothing they choose to lead our people. it's a very slow genocide a very quiet genocide and it's not just any people to have i mean this is some of the poorest people in our country they have no good health care they don't have
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healthy food they ate they're completely defenseless they have no loan a lot of lawyers waiting to prosecute these cases for them the kohen industry o.s.'s wall street oh yes they owe olivetta lacha the steel that built this country came from here why are we so poor we built all these big cities our men in these mines mond the kawi now why is it that we are so dirt poor why is it that we are so unhealthy it's because everything that mattered left they lay bets and nothing not even a retirement not a pension. they took that they take it all and there's people here that will uphold them because they're waiting on crumbs.
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eighty percent of the land in the south of the state belongs to mining companies so it's hard to diversify the local economy and leave coal behind. always a long way worked his whole life vests. just make sure we have been hearing a shocking transformation goal keeper by yourself. i'm proud to be a well the mountains we use amount of times a year where after the inside out so rabbit rates night snacks a little like chicken though you know it's a good belt. and you can mix coral great coral but i mean if we can get a couple good schools we can link and get them back. and i don't mean a big cut the may limit you can make dampened last year the actual three d.
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yeah when they were about money from a store for yeah and i know when if we shoot it we're more. or less at the bottom. there's a lot of stuff that a lot that i can't on my account of my own. forces. or tomato wars my father died. on. gone. the. leaving the. grill for gas well when i do bread and they lowered. in my cracks the whole surface and that is what i am and so. i wish they would. get that that i come out.
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in the most good curries then i will call in an obvious target store you know the whole round the guy was you know that's how close they were failing their despair coal miners are soccer. the southwestern corner of west virginia is one of the poorest regions in the country the jobless rate is over fifty percent men's life expectancy is just sixty four years among the lowest in the nation. in welsh the country seat view thirty g.'s are powerless to stop the decline in coal companies take their profits out of states a long legacy of backroom deals between politicians and coal barons means they barely pay taxes. in the nine hundred forty s. while she was dubbed little new york. posted the country's first municipal parking building. then mechanization led to the first mining crisis since the end of the
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cold boom the county's population has declined by some eighty percent and. many of those who still live here seem to try to escape the dreary reality by other means mcdowell county is. the epicenter of the country's opioid epidemic. began when pharmaceutical companies stopped his and pharmacies pushed the pain medication oxycontin. discovered back all. sheriff mountain west has joined county administrators to file a lawsuit against three major pharmaceutical companies. west again if i can use it in a survival mode. going into houses and situation or there's no food to eat nothing to play in the house the kids sleep on chairs cigarette smoke possibly being buried
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in the ball they are this is like animals living out in the wild children living with their parents because parents are in jail sometimes or over those days. but every family in this county has been affected by someone in their family has a problem and then fix the middle the higher up in the lower class you have companies that are making the thirteen million dollars in that period of time so they will have the biggest. this law also be going on for several years but then stop the people from dying until we get a judgement against these functions. always begging for help the more serious money sure for more and causes you to feel helpless. we've been neglected for so long the last five deputies the last two to
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three years they were laid off because there was money there to pay him with ten police officers right now we cannot cover this county anytime a police officer goes out they don't know if they don't come by. so you can still ahead of us in baghdad. we found people on savile row under the wheel over that is every day somebody is affected and this can vary three people out of one family that overdosed on drugs these are not statistics these are people i know personally he's a lot of people i've grown up with went to school with and they're dying and nobody's taken note of it we don't have the first made here let's read every letter to the good and i said you don't know the situation and you get money out all around us and yet we lead to state and overdose davis. and i said shame on you blood is on your head blood is on your hand for not coming to help us really i mean for.
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her. for her. every holiday is an occasion for the family to come together. it's hard to have a large family the house route weighs over the wall everything you turn around your help and yet the oil. will love it it's wonderful helping and to again for my grandkids own son and my kids that says otherwise regina are great. and i know the only way for my kids to my family of and stay at home if i want to leave was for time to become president because he supported. trump wants people to work hard and work for what they have and we believe in work not to give to it we don't believe in handouts it's a strong back and a hard thing and around here that's what we believe him and try outs of hard work to look for his daughter he's raised them well she was well thing to begin with but
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. if he won big four years if he sat on his butt you know bicycling is huge it's. triumph is really not a politician and yet have no support so he has no body net then i don't think he's in it for the money or to drop in the paper because he don't need them and he is for the working class and i think if president crap came to my house that he would come in and shake our hand and not make us feel very little but policies i millionaire billionaire. hillary clinton's are at the store she called paying for and wait for. a bank. you know but your post an educated and always smart people voted for. my. bill right here which actually i think you would enjoy being around so neither could
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three years i would give an answer cornbread and things and growing yes. ok yes these cantonese name whore in the pine curtains they come in here in the nike hard on everybody was one they didn't and maybe it was shoot they but what will happen for now we're in munich or day there's a day five days when i work in t.n. t.n.t. and how far she is you know sometimes label you're really no bully the taco extravert underground types all that it looks good on a plate. it's not exactly following for my kids to make coal miners that's reverence for compilers you can ever work now in the water out of the my. it was a there at scotland's was very low. just around an hour rock in the mountains can kill you can smash into the top you like lord i want my brother i used to i'm
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actually all stored what i wish i would about the store that way i could ahead statement and she could work it was making headway i laughed it was right there says only regret i ever have. you here. it is just a girl a shop shelters when you're ready. and come by my store and shit you have the other drink coffee. what i'm going to just radio wish rico my. choice really.
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the band. ecolab africa. nigeria's best selling organic so it's called to do a song known traditionally for beneficial skincare viola olga nimda from nairobi has built a green international business out of it who want to provide something that's the
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up and coming don't want to say look i want to be like i have to. go at africa thirty minutes on d w. it was a human made because of. the first cut of the twentieth century. war to end all wars cost millions of lives. world war one. marks the hundredth anniversary of its end. what has humankind learned from the great mom. hasn't learned anything about. it's really kind of possibility.
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until you. not gone to w.'s november focus. this is d w news live from berlin acquitted and found innocent of blasphemy but still not free the husband of christian pakistani woman ozzy a baby tells me w. he fears for his safety after the government strikes a deal with islamist hardliners protesting the decision to. also coming up get out and vote so that's the message from u.s.
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president pasta and president ahead of tuesday's midterm elections we'll hear which issues all motivating votes as my.


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