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tv   Close up - USA - The Trump Phenomenon  Deutsche Welle  November 6, 2018 4:15pm-4:45pm CET

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we're americans are voting in what are being called the most crucial midterm elections in decades the poll is being seen as a referendum on donald trump's presidency and democrats are meant for the better it's up to us to make a difference. with. d.w. . trump do solemnly swear that i will faithfully execute that i will faithfully execute the office of president of the united states also this president of the united states so how do you know. i was a correspondent in washington when donald trump took his oath of office. more than two months had passed since his election which seemed to come out of the
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blue but for american and european journalists. yeah you know it's official donald trump did it herself. yes big surprise for everyone probably even for himself. in the meantime fact checkers have exposed thousands of lies told by donald trump yet that does not seem to bother his supporters indeed and apparently outrageous claim he once made on the campaign trail could actually be true i have the most loyal people did you ever see that where i could stand in the middle if if they have a new and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters ok it's like i'm proud of the trouble. to begin with. is the dissolve of any objective reality in our politics central to donald trump is the big lie. that's why you
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see the ethics. of just two years after trump's election triumph i am back in the us to investigate the apparently unshakeable alliance between trump and his supporters i drive through the midwest flyover country as the americans call it the journey takes us through small towns and agricultural regions with largely white populations. these constituencies once back barack obama. in two thousand and sixteen donald trump conquered nearly all of them. we're turned in west virginia. once home to one of the biggest steel mills in the world it used to employ fourteen thousand workers now they barely count seven hundred. the rundown industrial towns of the rust
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belt are home to the forgotten men and women as donald trump called them. he promised to give them a voice. the former steel worker john both zano shows us some of the signs of decay. this is all movie theater. building close. ok so it isn't downtown see how close starts to get one industry one twenty seven years ago. so but it's really going to be now they start to come back. i was in weirton at the beginning of last year shortly after donald trump's presidential inauguration there was hope that things would start looking up under
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the new president. the mayor of the town predicted that trump could restore the u.s. to its rightful place as number one in the world we ask how he feels about it twenty months later. i did support trump and i continue to support him he calls a spade a spade and you know and he says that he says what he thinks and it and that's what it is most people in this area are totally supportive of trump even the union guys in the mill still call still they are you know why because he calls it what it is you know it's no. excuse my language i hear all that bad stuff i said. but. and you really know where he's coming from. he doesn't have a political agenda i don't believe he really wants to make the governor of this country great again.
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there are some signs of progress a company has bought a large part of the old steel mill complex and is demolishing it with a view to setting up a modern industrial park. more than one hundred workers were hired in we are to an end recent months that may be a far cry from the town's glory days but these are the first new industrial jobs here for more than twenty years. i arranged to meet an acquaintance at the headquarters of the local steel union. hi mark good to see you again thank you as well thanks for having me in two thousand and sixteen against the advice of his superiors union leader mark clipped as endorsed donald trump in an interview last year he promised golden times for we are ten so i'm expecting. many jobs that are going to be family sustaining
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jobs and we could be one of the biggest growth areas in the in the in the east so very optimistic at the good times are ahead for this area it is slower than i had hoped but think it's going to come. i think there's any doubt. we're still no was in the land has been sold it's going to be developed to do family sustaining jobs. in the meantime president trump has imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum imports mark clip just sees it as the only way to tackle unfair business practices in china and other countries he blames for the downfall of u.s. industry. fifty bankruptcies didn't occur because fifty companies were mismanaged their career because the government turned their back on america and its workers both democrats and republicans i was never afraid of a trade war and we were the greatest country in the war world and you see people
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talk i'm i'm afraid of a trade war i don't want to trade war however i wanted to be fair. the head of the congressional elections donald trump has gone to battle again. and it's just like two years ago wherever he makes an appearance thousands flocked to see him. give him a certain this must really. play expecting to. hear. the words. nothing. thank you. just like the demonstrative projection of the media and the appeal to make america great again the small band of counter-demonstrators is part
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of the ritual. donald trump is not on the ballot but it's all about him. nobody shows up and everybody comes complacent oh we need to show up and let them know that we're still out here and we still don't agree with them and that we're looking to do something and. some people are calling the midterms a referendum on trump's presidency supporters meanwhile are already working toward his reelection in two years' time. yeah well you know i support the president but i supported trent before he was president but that's what i got in the. this was because it was trump so had it been like being carson or take serious problem. i mean it's a pride in the country you know we have a country we have borders tom and this is you know a true change to be here we went from all over president obama who was you know all
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boy's own supporters he was pushing now we've come back and this is beyond the citizens of the united states. so that. that's why all these people are here is because they feel their voice matters and. you are making america. jobs are up taxes are down defense is strong again he's working hard on crime he's doing all the things that we put him in office to do. that by the way he got thousands of people outside and you have thousands of people who i just saw it a lovely room but he said next time you have to get here a couple of days earlier. trump is a is
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a very charismatic figure he has great skill is as a showman and as and pertain are and he feels feeds into the anxiety of a certain group of americans who believe the country is passing them by that this is no longer the america that they know and love that america is being undermined by illegal immigrants by gays and lesbians by minorities demanding special privileges and trump is not a concern. he is a reactionary he is a throwback to an earlier time and that appeals greatly to this largely white older segment of the population.
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donald trump doesn't just mobilize his supporters he mobilizes his opponents to we visit to butte iowa a typical small town in towns like this and the outer boroughs of cities trump ruled the roost in two thousand and sixteen but the pendulum may be swinging in the opposite direction surveyed say women especially are turning away from the president. we visit lindsay chambers who has entered politics herself. the trigger for her came on the day after trump's election victory. do we have to build a wall. and says after we're talking about your who the next president was what was it you were concerned. other people keep coming to luis i just see. i often say that kids are most important responsibility in our most precious
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resources and so really you know i knew in that moment when to me asked me whether or not we needed to build a wall that was when i knew that i needed to do something more and so that was what activated me to run for this seat. what do you think about mom running now. i'm going. to muse my best supporter are you. and luke is a realistic in the family. keeps me grounded and right. james is running for a seat in the i want house of representatives. never before have democrats in the state been able to recruit so many women for politics . in the documentary i have bad and. utterly moved
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by the amount of women who have stepped up and said we are not going to stay silent there are protests that happen you know women's marches around the country that are you know showing that women are awake and they're activated and they are going to you know push an advocate for doing what is good and right and just for for women but for everyone so i am really proud of being a part of that we see that in the local level that organizations and you know the people the activists are coming out they are led by women this is. the main goal is to get out the vote for the democrats. alone. you know i would you look at mobilizing women against donald trump shouldn't be too difficult he's repeatedly made sexist remarks about women the right of the
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me to movement and bragged about committing sexual abuse years before he became president and. this is in the deeds. but signing up to vote is one thing how people actually vote is another you voted republican three years ago yeah. wife. he took. just one and would you vote for him again. yeah yeah. thank you. the women that i talked to who will still defend you know trump as president has more to do with the decisions that he's making as opposed to the content of his character now i think that that. to me because i want the leaders of our country to be. leaders of incredible integrity so it's really disappointing for
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me. and i think it does. push an oppressed women you know even more and i think i feel that they're women stayed up saying no we won't allow that for that. in. washington d.c. the center of power in america this self-styled anti establishment man donald trump said he would shake up congress from the white house now he has to be seen on capitol hill more often the republican majority in congress which was initially against him does not dare to challenge the winner especially at election time. the tax reform mainly favoring businesses and the wealthy is the trumpet ministrations model project. but one of the forgotten men and women.
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now think the tax cuts are going to help the forgotten men and women deregulation is not going to help the forgotten men and women yes unemployment is low when jobs are being created but that's been true for many many years this is not a trend unique to the trump administration and real. wages but really helps the forgotten people have been pretty much stagnant. it's a big day in cascade iowa. there's an auction on at the local beef market. farmers here have always been grass roots republican voters. we want to know whether that still applies now that the trade dispute with china is dividing.
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the auctioneer's efforts to drive the price up meat with limited success the prices for the calves are pretty low but there is no guarantee that raising them will be a profitable venture. many of the farmers here prefer to sit back and watch his trump to blame for their financial doldrums he needs to do something to help. the team do oh. i don't know regulate the prices of like other countries. did you vote for him. china has imposed tariffs on agricultural products in retaliation for trump's trade restrictions now there is not enough demand to meet supply. it's hard to make it everywhere you can get by but you know you're going to get rejected. sometimes you break even sometimes you know. right here and.
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they were able to get richer and afford it and for as what boils down to. but he promised something different and he said he's going to tackle the well they make them pay more taxes but actually he i don't like it so. i don't think it's actually going to come to europe. the beef actually yielded some ten percent less than the previous one just a few months ago still the head of the auction house says trump is on the right track i mean i guess we just. for the longest time just kind of did whatever they said and then. we got. donald trump in there he just said nothing is enough and. i mean what comes around goes around i guess you know so it will be rough for the next few years but i think once once it comes around it'll be really good for.
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new york though donald trump's native city did not elect him. the people in this overwhelmingly democratic city have a little more in common with those in the midwest than their mutual mistrust. the austrian investment consultant hands christiane has been working in new york's financial district for more than twenty years even here donald trump was not the favorite candidate for president but after the election wall street went from strength to strength. we don't the topic is going to trump actually one i slept rather badly up but then the market went up because the stock market is not stupid they immediately started what mr trump said. made three promises. to tax cuts a trillion dollar investment in infrastructure. and deregulation just look to work
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with b. and that's want drove the markets out that was exactly winning back the following day given that. with trump's trade disputes causing concerns wall street has been aware your place in recent weeks. it seems investors haven't quite gotten used to surprises. from the white house after all. on the hot event with trump you don't know what will happen know what he will say from one day to the next if you can't sleep for fear of his slip ups then you have invested badly in my opinion you have not diversified your portfolio enough but these three parts will always happen and it's only a question of time before the next one comes. is not if i can sell the next house. in washington trump recently had to defend the reputation of his nominee for the supreme court brett kavanaugh. he was accused by
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a woman of attempted rape decades ago when she was fifteen and he eighteen. donald trump who has himself been accused of sexual assault by several women went on the counter offensive. people. just democrats have been trying to destroy judge brett kavanaugh since. the very first second he was announced. and it was announced for one simple reason he is an incredible intellect and incredible person and incredible. far. most of the people here are not the losers of globalization many of them are from the relatively well off middle classes. what unites them is an aversion to political correctness the
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coastal elites and the conviction that their man is a straight shooter. who must trump supporters regard allegations of collusion with russia for hush money to cover up affairs as politically motivated. her the way he's speaking about women. is the first thing i am at her and. i'm. going to say something you met your wife when it's still don't laugh you two how you know it's. a person's right now are more talking. it. doesn't happen everything i know it's wrong but things happen like. happens every day. but her. and even if you support i mean i serve their country yeah like i said look all these people who.
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support what he's doing to make our country better. back in iowa. don't know why they're in the democrats' campaign headquarters in dubuque lynsey james rallies her mostly female support for a planned one last push to get out the vote. especially the female vote for hillary if. this is a rethink this. well you're right i don't know. one of the biggest goals is to reverse the republican majority in congress. that would do a lot to reduce the president's ability to fulfill his electoral promises and legislative. and really get to the fellow man oh. it's always encouraging to see many faces thank you for being here we have so you
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think so yes i know so we're going to be on notice so you know so we're working for are doing that is what was said two years ago this is different now there's there's women come on out of the woodwork that never campaigned before and then we were done by locking up people who are healthy and so they're saying no we're going to vote democrat this time so you never heard that much before. for some activists mobilizing the electorate is the only way to defeat trump and this is so important . to many people that can't be bothered and you look at the number of people who did not vote in the last election they're the ones that elect trump i am grateful that you are in this with me and lucy james and her supporters are convinced that they are on the path to victory. and that their approach is a righteous one. i am surrounded by people who
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are you know cheering on women leaders and cheering on democrats across up and down the ballot who are seen the importance of being involved in our political systems and structures and i think people are recognizing that democracy is at stake and the freedom of the press is at stake and women's rights are at stake and our are kids. for a different angle we go back to the steel town of weirton in west virginia. the oldest bar in town used to be a busy place the drinkers here now are all regulars who have been coming here for years many of them used to come in here for a drink after their shifts at the mill. were
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not. put away. by her they don't want nothing to do with anybody what is going on all of it to got all a call mind that they were going down the bunker and that. the men here acknowledge that even trump won't be able to bring back the glory days but they say he is on their side nonetheless. i believe he did for the people. i mean if you think about it the man did not have to run for presidency. the source i'm concerned. has more money than what you could shake a stick at and is face trying to help out is the country he's looking out for the country i know a lot of people don't believe that but that's my opinion and i'm
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a democrat and i'm saying that i am a. how come. because you're supposed to work with president you've got to present requests to work with them. i mean there. were to how long you've been there you're. pretty close to two years. they haven't done anything. anything but. so frank zappa opposing the president is un-american he says it wouldn't have happened in the past. very. very. well made a go was great. but it will not get great again oh yes grade why not the man. i don't know if you have read the good that was the bridge before. the library. it
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was what. i wanted to see. what you know that. everybody makes good money. sure now use the government as a body go fund a political symbol of. the people everywhere. we have reached the end of our journey through a divided country. it wasn't trying to cause the divisions but he has certainly deepened. after the deadly shooting attack at a synagogue in the letter bomb sent to prominent democrats in recent weeks the president has called for unity but that call cannot gloss over the allegation that the trump phenomenon has been instrumental in the growth of things.
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sometimes in books more exciting than real life. preparing to create. what if there's no escape. ritualised. chairman plus treats. the u.s. midterm elections a battle for control of the u.s. congress a referendum on the trunk the presidency. will a blue wave of democrats shift the balance of power and what's at stake for europe and the more. join me on election night for our special coverage of the u.s. midterm elections here on the w. new.
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