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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  November 6, 2018 9:30pm-10:01pm CET

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one. marks the hundredth anniversary of its end. what is humankind learned from the great war. as it learned anything about. nineteen eighteen not forgotten d w's november focus. a referendum on donald trump's presidency a report card for the white house that's what these momentous midterm elections are being called well look at what's at stake for the u.s. and for the rest of the world i'm sumi so misconduct in berlin this is the day. in atlanta.
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right now where they're going to. let anything happen to be an employee i feel like the country's democratic values are kind of under attack now so i think it's terribly important to go it's so important to be able to. show people you know in my age bracket as well as the you what they're putting out to vote today you know it's power in numbers i'm glad to raise my voice and i hope everybody does that and i hope we get some real change in the bargain she of a democracy brings out a lot of emotions and. disparate opinions months people but that's what it that's what the market she's all about that's a pivotal very it's. hard to get so they were we complain that being americans again i've been waiting for this election for two years.
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also coming up india celebrates the festival of lights to volley but in the capital delhi the city's terrible smaug is casting a cloud over the holiday. everybody reading in the city of delhi including you and me are smoking twenty cigarettes and unfortunately that includes of a newborn's we are a country who presents a pack of cigarettes to its newborns on the day one of their life. we start with the crucial midterm election in the us voters casting their ballots across the country the numbers say it all four hundred thirty five seats in the house of representatives are up for grabs thirty five in the senate and dozens of important gubernatorial spots as well now the republicans are hoping to hold on to the house and the senate the democrats are hoping to take back one or even two chambers of congress and push back on president trump's policies that ms miers schwager is following what looks to be a tight battle. every state every ballot issue every candidate has
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a pivotal role to play in these midterm elections some campaigns could prove to be a bellwether for where the country is headed as a whole let's take a look now at just a few examples will begin in texas one of the most populous states in the nation and currently the biggest solidly republican voting state texas hasn't elected a democratic senator since one nine hundred eighty eight now bitter over a democratic upstart is challenging incumbent republican ted cruz and for such a red state the race has become unusually competitive cruz is still ahead in the polls but her work has attracted national attention. even if it over recluses democrats are excited by the idea that he could generate enough voter enthusiasm to take texas from a reliably republican state. to a swing state during presidential elections over to georgia where voters might elect the first black woman to ever run a u.s. state stacy abrams has pulled another solidly republican state to the left with
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polls having abram's and the republican incumbent within a few points of each other this campaign has thrown the issue of voting rights into sharp relief democrats in the state of georgia are accusing republicans of trying to purge the voter rolls in the state specifically targeting african-americans republicans of course fiercely deny this saying they're simply trying to protect the integrity of the election last but not least california a huge reliably blue state in presidential election years nonetheless has a large republican voting contingent democrats are heavily targeting these seven districts which are currently represented by republicans but all voted for the democratic candidate hillary clinton in the twenty sixteen presidential election the california races are a big hurdle that the democrats need to cross if they want to accomplish their main goal of taking back the house of representatives these elections have been described over and over again as one of the most important of americans lifetimes
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a lot is at stake and a lot could change. yes now these new trends have attracted huge attention abroad not least here in germany and we have met and have fairly with us from the social democrats party vs be part of the coalition government you also leave the us north america group in the bundestag mr hockey thank you very much for joining us here first of all you have close ties of us you spent plenty of time there how closely are you watching this mid-term election and what about you know the german going to fight in general everybody's watching it it's the it's not a presidential election but it is midterm and it's the united states so it's the most important country in the world so everybody's watching have a thing called a referendum on donald trump's time in office mr hart thirty of the republicans as we know hold both chambers of congress if that changes do you foresee any change for germany and for the rest of europe. i'm not too sure that it makes that much of a difference i think after this election the next election with the presidential election so if it's beat it will be personally the game of mr trump and he will use
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all his powers to play that game and that is not to based on congress but more on his presidential capacities as and trade in foreign policy so i think it wouldn't change that much. but it would be a big symbol internationally if the image the american electorate would say this has gone too far we want a different type of politics if that's happened that would be good for everybody also for germany of course so would you be able to tell us what you're hoping to see if an outcome in this midterm election no hope is hope you had for the best of all the spirit the number as and obviously nobody trusts the numbers at this point but the numbers are pretty clear the house will flip in the senate probably not. if that happens then we might celebrate for a day because we all like to see mr trump lose and the republicans at this point but i think the polarization will continue even getting worse after that because then the president can tell his story about. him being the good guy on the side of
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the american people and the and the bad parliament so this will not end with that result it will be just one step further and the more and more and more aggressive polarizing. in the society is also that if you just bad i think now since donald trump took office two years ago when he did so there was a lot of fear about what that would mean for the transatlantic relationship especially because of the rhetoric on the campaign trail but since then there have been some significant changes that people as well if you look at donald trump you know for calling into question some of the fundamental fundamental parts of that relationship from nato to trade as well how much has this relationship actually changed. where you see the german debate right the public germany bit is about who can you trust who can we rely on and have the positive things that is given a new spin on the european issue how to get our act straight within the european union the answer to macross all those things we can do on our own not relying on
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the united states as much as we had in the past the truth is also we are still relying on the united states so it is both at the same time it will be we will see when this president's use over which we don't know when it is how much will stay of the how much will be gone with the new president right but that's down the road and we still have two more years at least of donald trump in office let's talk about some of that sharper rhetoric that we've been looking at he has been particularly critical of germany over trade and also over chancellor merkel's immigration policies that we do have a tweet i believe that we can pull up that donald trump had sent out on chancellor merkel's immigration policies let's see here the people of germany are turning against their leadership as migration is rocking the already tenuous berlin coalition a crime in germany is way up big mistake made all over europe in a long millions of people and it was so strongly and violently change their culture so in the start that he that is the one perspective at the same time we're seeing
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a lot of mixed messages i believe we also have a sound bite of donald trump repeatedly praising chancellor merkel let's listen to that. we have a really great relationship and we actually have had a great relationship right from the beginning but some people don't understand that but we understand it and that's what's important but very extraordinary woman right so again mixed messages from the trumpet ministrations something we've come to see in its relationship with germany how do you continue to work with the u.s. as a reliable partner. we have to the question is how and we have to do it on a daily stage have to tell what our interests are this wasn't on the interest when that this you usual use of the usual the pictures of mrs merkel and obviously trade was the issue of that when they when they met at that occasion but they could be other issues in the future obviously taking the first tweet the majority of the f.d.a. had less the right wing populist party here in germany they have to yeah we don't
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have a two party system so you can pretty much tell what the majority is and what opinion so they have eighty three percent eighty seven percent of the german population did not vote for them so that is just basic wrong what he said but obviously the the addressee of these tweets are not the german public but his voter base in the united states so he's basically playing those two channels of communication and one of those channels we will not enter nobody will enter but he and his twitter account so we have to ignore it in communication in communicating with him but we have to be we have to be aware that it's there. so let's see how far this communication will take him if he loses if he loses his majority if he loses his base then things will change very fast all right meccan activity from the social democrat the s.p.d. apart the bundestag here thank you so much for joining us on a program thank you. now meanwhile the u.s. has vowed a relentless pursuit of iran after re imposing sanctions on the country washington
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wants tehran to end its ballistic missile program and abandon its involvement in regional armed conflicts president trump earlier this year pulled the u.s. out of a nuclear deal with iran he told defectives iranian president hassan rouhani says tehran will not cave in to american demands of sanctions targeted runs banking sector and oil exports. germany's foreign minister has criticized the resumption of u.s. sanctions on iran saying that the two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal with tehran was preventing it from enriching uranium for military purposes. we considered this step wrong we have said this repeatedly in recent weeks and months we in the european union agree on this let's move on and above all germany greece with our friends in france and britain and within the european union we are working with new instruments like the special purpose vehicle to make sure trade continues with a round of europe is the. part that's the german perspective is washington bureau
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chief alexander phenomenon that state department iran representative brian hawk here's what he had to say about the iran sanctions well thank you for having us here mr hook what do you hope the sanctions can achieve what we hope it will achieve two things we hope that it will deny the regime the revenue it uses to conduct terrorist attacks in europe and in the middle east and other threats to peace and security we also hope that the pressure will bring iran back to the negotiating table critics say in reality you are seeking a regime change in iran is that true it's not true the future of the iranian regime is up to the iranian people we very much would like to see a change in the regimes behavior a change in its policies so that it doesn't present as many threats to peace and security and that it also then provides a way of life that the iranian people deserve the sanctions are targeting iran's finance and all markets and the u.s. goal is to cut iran's oil exports to zero nonetheless the administration gave eight
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countries exemptions from the sanctions china for example and south korea are still allowed to buy running all does that mean that the administration's goal was not realistic. no it was very realistic but we also don't really have a lot of control over oil markets and what we found is that oil was increasing because of supply problems out of venezuela and libya and we were enormously successful in taking off a lot of iranian oil exports we have already taken off one million barrels of iranian crude that's a loss of two billion dollars in revenue to this regime and so as we were we have a policy of getting to zero as quickly as possible but we also don't want to do that and then cause the price of oil to go up to ninety or one hundred dollars a barrel so we have been very thoughtful about how we have reimposed our sanctions to achieve a lot of pressure which we have without increasing the price of oil and we also have some countries that have asked for some because of their unique circumstance
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a temporary waiver which we have granted to only a handful this is a single digit the obama administration gave twenty or oil exceptions we have given eight three of those will no longer even be relevant within the coming weeks or months can the u.s. strategy on iran succeed without the support of america's allies in europe without china and russia who all oppose new sanctions but we have had support by european companies all over europe you've had many many all the major european firms have already announced that they're that they're either leaving iran or canceling planned investments and so i don't think we're alone we have enjoyed very strong support from european companies come countries like germany france and great britain are still trying to save the human life their ideal right and so they're still members of the deal and they have to make their own decisions whether they want to stay in the deal we've made our decision to leave the deal but we've seen
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european banks and european companies very supportive of what we are doing. all right well what is at stake for the rest of the world in the u.s. midterm elections what should germany and europe be prepared to do if the balance of power in washington shifts news will be tackling those and more questions as the election results come in take a look. the u.s. midterm elections a battle for control of the u.s. congress a referendum on the trial of the presidency and they. want to the change in the balance of power mean for europe and the world. as the results come in joining us here for special coverage of. the u.s. and midterm elections don't you know. and we have our news anchor brand golfer you saw sitting down over there earlier he will be guiding us through the u.s. senate term elections here on. brant tell us you know you could say that donald trump didn't win the popular vote in the u.s.
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two years ago to really win it now but i think in the eyes of a lot of europeans they're hoping that this vote will be the popular vote that tells them what americans really think about donald trump and we have heard time and time again over the last two years that people don't understand the u.s. electoral college system and they know that hillary clinton got more of the popular vote so they feel like the voters in the united states either were ripped off or europeans have told us many times they don't understand what the voters are thinking so tonight i think a lot of people are hoping to get clarity from the u.s. voter and that's what they could do we'll have to see how they vote brand you know this is as we've been saying the most closely watched midterm election that we've seen really in a generation what will you particularly looking out for well i mean i think it's important to know that in a lot of europeans have said that they hope that foreign policy changes and that's not probably not going to happen in this vote will not give congress the power to
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do anything that it hasn't been doing already in terms of foreign policy but it will if the democrats do take the house they will have this oversight power to maybe challenge the president which has not happened in the last two years the other thing i think is important to watch is to think the governors and the people who win these congressional seats tonight. they will be in power in two thousand and twenty with the next us since this is taken and that is important because then over the country new district lines will be drawn for voting that is a tremendous power to have if you were in power when those lines are drawn and politicians in the us they know that tonight said the people who win tonight they will leave their footprint there some print on american politics for at least a decade friend that's an important statement to make there now we were together here in the studio two years ago during a presidential election here we are again now is an incredibly polarizing campaign this has also been so how divided to see us right now we remember how shocked
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everyone was and it was because the polls are told it's a completely different story i think the europe is is worried about the success of donald trump because many people see the trump train is having come in the last two years to europe and a lot of political leaders have gotten on board we've seen what has happened for example in hungary in italy and you have to remember that europe was still reeling from breakfast then that referendum when trump was elected all of that comes together to explain why europe while you know why germans can't get enough of tonight's election all right well our viewers can certainly a turn in to watch your brand right here on the tempering all the midterm election results a little bit later tonight thank you right. now for story that's also been drawing a lot of international attention a ninety four year old former concentration camp guard has gone on trial in germany the maddest charged with involvement in hundreds of murders that the nazi camp of to top off prosecutors say that the defendant didn't take part in
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a specific killing but that he knew in may for being murdered at the camp during world war two the man was a guard at the still tough concentration camp near what was then the city of down sick now to death in poland. some one hundred ten thousand people were imprisoned inch to tough and around sixty five thousand of them were killed one survivor dalhart what has made it her mission to tell her story she now lives in israel and she spoke with good of you tell you kramer about why it's so important to keep talking about her experience and. sometimes it is still difficult to tell her story dogwood says as a child she spent several years and the statoil of concentration camp her parents and her sister were killed in the holocaust born in poland doris family fled the jewish ghetto and was so to lithuania from their door of us to puerto to the studio of concentration camp near done thick i can only tell you what happened in the in
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the years sings that they will never forget i will never forget that i was hungry then. i will never forget that and my mother died from hunger because the little piece of bread that she got she gave them me it is estimated that over sixty thousand people were murdered institute of gassed executed or killed by extreme labor conditions and frequent epidemics. remembers both the fear and the daily violence of the nazis what they did it's not he was not human you dancer or child in their heart can of water the learned you have done to make a child. pick up a twenty killer cement which i had to pick up and i couldn't so i was beaten up only daughter and her brothers survived the
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holocaust in is version got married and raised a family since then she has made it her mission to talk to children about her experience. then sinks which they. when the germans put on our shoulders. it's incredible their far seeing that whoever knows it and when it all ever knows how to shed it was. as they should. because i don't need that way we can prevent another holocaust it is important for her she says to speak out for the many other children who didn't survive to keep them memory alive. people across india are preparing to celebrate duvali or the festival of lights but
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in delhi it's turned into a time of protest there are demonstrators are worried about a dangerous air polity in india's capital current pollution levels measure more than thirty five times the world health organization's safe limit and the approach of to volley has brought more concern traditionally people set off fireworks which could pollute the air even more nimish objects water ports. in most indian homes this is what the bali do right. but the pollution spiking in the city you are dead some are questioning the age old tradition. the last time the kentucky family the centerpiece of the body of the car was that cubicles now the festival season meet the end of the outdoor activity for the con party just as aussies and i she bought. them are the brain drops at the iowa caucus on the run but now as a down payment for getting there she thinks it's time to change this is
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a festival of lights as well not just to the crowd goes but now or you know over the years that you feel but i did not miss it one minute or one second because it's a matter of my own truth it's a matter of my one hill that you know this is there is no compromise on the. already the goods have missed a crucial thorn in the us but back to sessions and he stopped. the situation has become so dire that this that these doctors have declared a public health emergency. this is becoming a familiar scene and that complaints of respite should problems shoot up and down doctors say the elderly and the young are the worst affected. the government has more stuff to talk to other than a lung such an as long campaigned for the right to be born there in the cavity of over thirty years he says he has seen lungs and benito interim a healthy thing to black rebut be breeding in the city of delhi including you and me smoking twenty cigarettes and unfortunately that includes of
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a newborn's country who presents a secrets to its newborns on the day one of their life and firecrackers he says only act to the problem as opposed to the pollution coming from those sources crack good and the president's a very acute and very highly and very sick level i colored the lowest hanging fruit as far as the deck defining a cause of pollution is concert. even in just supreme court has weighed in on the issue two years ago it's dempo generally banned the seat of firecrackers this year it tightened these limitations. but not everyone is happy with the ban traders are angry deceive the destructions of hurting business and destroying the festive and warm and dead even mean fire cracker market usually wrong with the crowd that.
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quiet at them being put on a hike shut down the thing they're not telling environment friendly fire back that's what shopkeepers say these do not exist. on the streets of bendy precedents have mixed feelings. if we can bust crackers in the whole world on january first and it doesn't pollute so much what harm is being done by one day of the valley in india i feel it's my personal responsibility to give a green environment to my kids and the generations to come so i would like them to breed without wearing the mask all throughout and that's what constantly i've been telling my kids that you know having been the valley i believe it's important because also because that somewhere it brings families together on the other side it does on the environment. some are beginning to acknowledge that the valley is about more than firecrackers a day of light a day of celebration and a day of together. and the more who feel this way the easier that he may bring.
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that was the day as ever the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at the new store my handle at some ugly ass and don't forget to use our hash tag the day for all of us here thanks for watching. the be.
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able to. turn everything on its head briefing. me much and. recreate much what's required to keep the. nation has become a necessity. news you can't keep up can't replace the phone ready for this brain
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you. made in germany. this is g.w. news why go from berlin to bring in our correspondent of the harms are rudy's and joins us from rio de janeiro we're going to find out what happened to debbie and sunny a danger as the head of the environment team it with leave it up because it's fun that santa has a plan for you and we do have some of breaking news that's coming into us now it's all about perspective closer up w. news. thank you for joining us. you can tell a lot about a society by its garbage. bags it's worthless for the rich but for many people it offers their only chance of survival. and i could be lunch
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for today just like that i. reporters travel to nairobi and york and meet people who know the true value of garbage. it has created a thriving parallel economy. but what does all this mean for economic inequality around the world you guys are starting class war pia the response to that state mr b. yes we are starting class walking. the rich to the trash an exclusive report starts nov seventeenth on g.w. . frank food. international gateway to the best connection self in road and rail. located in the heart of europe you are connected to the whole world. experience outstanding shopping and dining offers and try our services. biala gassed at
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frankfurt airport city managed by for. this is deja vu news live from berlin the moment of truth to most important to us in a time or mid-term elections a new generation built with a climax after a fierce campaign americans are casting their ballots we'll tell you what's at stake and why the poll matters also coming up the nazi concentration camp show talk was a place of pure horror and as the trial of one of its guards begins in germany.


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