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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 7, 2018 2:00pm-2:15pm CET

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bridge. trip. report starts nov seventeenth d w. this is d w news live from berlin and a divided u.s. congress after voters deliver the first nationwide verdict on the trump presidency democrats captured control of the house with their leader pledging changes in washington. for the dow chemical plants and republicans it's about the story of the constitution's checks and balances to trump the. voters also
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elect a record number of women to congress but republicans make significant gains in the senate so what does this mixed message mean for the second half of the trump presidency also coming up relief for families in cameroon dozens of children who were kidnapped and held hostage i've been freed by their captors we'll have the latest from our correspondent. i'm sara kelly welcome to the program the days of republican control of the u.s. federal government are over and the first nationwide vote since president trumps election two years ago democrats have taken back the house of representatives but it's not quite the blue wave that they had hoped for republicans have actually expanded their majority in the senate and also defeated strong democratic challengers in some. the most important state governor races so mixed results in
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a polarized nation what could it all mean for governing first let's look at the numbers because here's where things stand right now in the house of representatives two hundred eighteen seats are needed to take control and as you can see here democrats have already surpassed that goal with some races yet to be called meantime here's how the senate is looking the lighter shading that you're seeing appearing here it's representing the seats that were not up for play in this election on top of that you see the night's results that's republicans now at fifty one seats which means they have defended their majority there well tuesday's voting was characterized by high turnout in districts across the country it was billed as the most important midterm election in a generation with both sides democrats and republicans energized to cast ballots in support of their candidates. it may not have been
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a blue weave but democrats have sent a message to washington. after a win in metropolitan and suburban america has left the party in control of the house of representatives. jubilant democrat leaders said they will rein in the polarizing president. ives me and my room will be a new day in america was i was. a member is feeling no the power to win was. the desert is religion there are camera cards and republicans it's if they're restoring the constitution's checks and balances to the champions was was. was but it didn't all go to democrats way from tennessee to texas republicans won increasing their control of the senate was one time
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presidential hopeful ted cruz was among those fending off challenges. as taxes was the president held the results in a tweet calling them a tremendous success. and then there was the changing face of u.s. politics the record number of women elected twenty one year old alexandria. becomes the youngest woman ever sent to congress dave holland in new mexico was one of two units of americans to win election show reached david a lesbian was the other. counters movement of the meanwhile to move women rashida to leave and mark broke the mold and their campaigns. for the first time in the car to represent by state in congress. the first. lemon to thank you.
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the first refugee every day like the congress. the bigger picture there is no fresh gridlock in washington music to the ears of democrats maybe but a headache for trump. let's get more from oliver salad who is standing by in washington where as we know there will now be a divided congress and a check on the president so oliver does it feel like a new day in america as nancy pelosi put it or is it more likely that we are set for an even more hostile political environment. well it's a successful the democratic party that's for sure they were locked out from power for eight years now and they are now coming back they now have the majority in the house of representatives and it will be
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a check as you mentioned on the on the republicans on the one hand side but then also it will be a lot harder full donald trump to govern in the future he will face in fact lots of trouble by this majority there are many in a dizzying amount of investigations that the democrats have already announced over alleged election meddling for instance over several possible collusions with foreign governments such as saudi arabia and even over possible corruption within the trump family so we might see a lot of potential here for political hostilities in the next two years meantime women were the big winners in this election oliver the house will have the most women in history what does it say about the shifting dynamics and the mood in the country right now. well that shows simply that many people and groups women minorities as well that felt insulted and that didn't feel well
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represented that they were able to stand up and fight against donald trump and now we see almost a hundred women who will take seats in the u.s. paloma and in the house of representatives among them are two muslim women there's also one native. american women for the first time in american history here but also and donald trump is celebrating himself here he will say but with the republican party to strengthen his hand in the senate so he reached his goal here on the other hand as well and that shows that he is still a lot of support in rural america by the predominantly by his supporters predominantly the whites working class who say this politician this president delivered on his promises like no other president before and they are even willing to tolerate his inflammatory rhetoric that we've witnessed here if only the economy
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of the country is going well which oliver just just briefly walk us through the potential international implications what does it mean for the president america first agenda. right so since there is a majority right now in the house of representatives all bills can be blocked by the democrats among them for instance one of the core promises he made the wall at the southern border with mexico and donald trump like now focus on foreign policy which could then lead to what we've seen in the past but even more intensified unilateralism and america first oliver salad in washington thank you oliver. let's get a quick check now of some other stories making news around the world and acclaimed russian film and theater director has appeared in moscow in a court on embezzlement charges carrillo sarah burney office is accused of misusing more than two million dollars of state funding for
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a theatre project his supporters say that he is the target of a crackdown on artistic independence under president vladimir putin. two women on trial for the murder of the north korean leader kim jong un's half brother have arrived at a malaysian court they are accused of smearing kim jong noms face with a nerve agent last year the pair say that they thought that they were taking part in a t.v. prank. one of the contenders to replace on the american old as leader of germany's t.v. you has made her first party address as a candidate and that krakauer in power is considered a close ally and the successor most likely to carry on her policies she says that she would reject demands for a more restrictive refugee policy cameron now where seventy nine boarding school students who were taken hostage by separatists have been released reports say that the kidnappers are still holding three adults taken from the school the children
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aged between a levin and seventeen were seized early on monday morning in van mendoza the capital of the northwest region no single group has said that it carried out the kidnapping but separatist militias have been calling for a schoolboy caught let's get more on that we're joined by d.w. correspondent adrienne crease in lagos so the children have been released as we mentioned what's the latest. well both the church and the authorities confirmed that the children where released this night apparently they were taken by an identified gunman to a church nearby mend and then released their rights now we learn the gifts of course are still in shock they're all between eleven and thirteen years seventeen years old and currently a team of the local governors talking to them later on the local governors also scheduled to address the press because up until now we don't have any information on the circumstances of their release. it's not the first time that peoples have
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been kidnapped so why are the separatists targeting schools specifically. right most of the schools in the region have been closed for more than two years now after pressure from the separatists they've been trying to force schools parents and kids not to go to school for two reasons one they want to force the government to get back to the negotiation table and the second point is they don't want the kids to go through the french speaking school system and that has led to a situation whereby for two years now most of the kids in the entire region haven't been able to go to school this actually shows that the separatists might be behind it to send a message to those remaining schools to close down but it is not clear because there's about ten separatist groups active in this region and none of them has declared responsibility and some of them even also said this is not right that this has happened so this has sparked a lot of debate in cameroon some people even argue that the governments might be
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behind the abduction to justify the force they're using against separatists and civilians in the region remember there's been a lot of reports on human rights abuses by the armed forces of cameroon in the past months but to be honest with you it's very difficult to find out the truth from this region it's not easy for journalists to get there i was there last month during the election right now the authorities don't give any cretaceous for international journalists to get there and local journalists are not free to report under a very repressive regime of what's been running the country for thirty six years now i drank creased with the latest from thank you. in formula one racing it has been announced a new grand prix will be held in the vietnamese capital of the noise starting in april twenty twenty the annual grand prix will join already well established asian races in singapore china and japan a tweet from f one called the noise one of the most exciting cities in the world
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a street race through the heart of one zero is the first new grand prix to make confirmed since us owners liberty media took over the sport last year. by in munich can secure their place in the last sixteen of the champions league when they host a greek side ek athens later on wednesday but the german champions are in a bit of a slump with the pressure mounting on their coach he needs a win in europe ahead of a big weekend showdown with dortmund. he's accused of not having a plan b. when the going gets tough nico kovacs knows his job is on the line. the problems aren't as pronounced in the champions league at least not yet by and have yet to lose a game but they also have yet to convince. on top of the physical work we put in is not always rewarded in the way we'd like to see a coach or is a player you have to try to stay positive of course i can say this was
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a that was good but believe me that warms increased my players confidence at home and. neither will conceding a late goal in the eighty ninth minute to be exact against fry book in the been a seat on saturday that's more points dropped. there's even talk of a rebellion inside the buy and camp some of the senior players unhappy with their reduced playing time others are cutting the coach sums to. yes indeedy. we're the ones on the pitch we're responsible when i see a match like. we were ahead in the seventy fifth minute you shouldn't give that results away and that's nothing to do with the coach players who are on the pitch. even if the player. it's the coach that always pays the price in football. you're watching news still to come on the program germany's council of economic experts is
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out with its latest report on how the economy is performing we'll tell you what to expect from gurps largest economy. that's coming up with ben fizzling in just about a minute's time i'm sorry. you're watching news thank you so much for joining us have a great day. for the. scars cover don't forget women in russia have to live with violence sexism and oppression.


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