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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  November 8, 2018 3:02am-3:30am CET

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to check the power of the u.s. president his response today don't even think about it as for donald trump's attacks on the media well the election apparently changed nothing tonight what does all of this mean for europe how to deal with your closest ally that has a president that you'd prefer to keep at a safe distance i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day. last night the republican party defied history we did this in spite of a very hostile media coverage to put it mildly that we saw the candidates that i supported. achieved tremendous success with this vigorous campaign in the blue wave that they talked about i don't know if there ever was such a thing fifty five is the largest number of republican senators in the last one
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hundred years. gave me no love. and she lost. so i had almost from the time i announced i was going to run they've been giving us this investigation should take a long time. to get nothing we have a lot of things in common on infrastructure we want to do something on health care they want to do something in health care there are a lot of great things that we can do together it really could be a beautiful bipartisan type of station and. also coming up tonight the caravan of migrants headed for the u.s. trump says they are invaders he. decided to meet them and to find out what they say they are. too much as communism i suffered a lot of discrimination in my home country with what i mean from within my family to put the money because of who i am because i'm gay i was even physically attacked
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. or we begin the day with political threats personal insults and the u.s. president today donald trump held a formal press conference at the white house to discuss the results of yesterday's historic midterm election but once the president finished his prepared speech and began taking questions from reporters the mood and the message deteriorated quickly trump fired off insults at several reporters and repeated his dangerous mantra that the media and fake news are the enemy of the people it is here we go that well if you don't mind as president that this caravan was an invasion hundreds of manila away that is not an invasion honestly i think you should let me run the country you run c.n.n. and if you did it well your rating let me ask you if i may ask one of the question is present right i'm a are you worried that's enough that's it doesn't i think that's an ask one of the other folks that's a tough for me ma'am i'm listening that's enough was present at c.n.n.
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should be ashamed of itself having you working for them you are a rude terrible person you shouldn't be working for c.n.n. of course a just sit down place. but when you when you report fake do snow when you report fake news which c.n.n. does a lot you are the enemy of the people go ahead mr president over the course over the course. or when he was engaged in verbal battles with journalists today the u.s. president heralded the results of the midterm election as his victory republicans gained seats in the u.s. senate but they lost control of the house of representatives to the democrats a divided congress which trump tried to spin as a big win made possible by his presidential touch. was it may not have been a blue wave but democrats have sent a message to washington was when after when in metropolitan and suburban america
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has left the party in control of the house of representatives the jubilant democrat leaders said they will rein in the polarizing president. and see you tomorrow will be a new day in america was here is feeling now the power to win was. the desert is already there are chemicals and republicans if they're restoring the constitution's jackson down to their champions was. was but it didn't all go to democrats way from tennessee to texas republicans won increasing their control of the senate the one time presidential hopeful ted cruz was among those fending off challenges the lawyer says taxpayers would have
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the president hilda results in a tweet calling them a tremendous success. and then there is the changing face of u.s. politics the record number of women elected twenty one year old alexandria. becomes the youngest woman ever sent to congress dave holland in new mexico was one of two needs of americans to win election sure east david a lesbian was the other. meanwhile to new zealand women rushing to telly and omar broke the mold and their campaigns. the first woman of color descent i stayed in congress. the first. woman to marry me.
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the first. every elected to congress. the bigger picture though is no french gridlock in washington music to the ears of democrats maybe but a headache for trump. well i'm doing tonight here at the big table by to my right here peter buyer he's the german government's advisor on transatlantic relations he's also a member of parliament with the chancers conservative c.d.u. party and to my far right julie is fun to laurie political campaign consultant who was one of the engineers of us president barack obama's winning of campaigns back in two thousand and eight two thousand and twelve gentlemen it's good to have you on the program i want to talk about german u.s. relations but first i want to ask both of you about what we saw today that press conference between trump and those reporters. what do you make of that i mean can you imagine that happening between reporters in the german chancellor not at all and i wouldn't even go so far to say it's a different culture it's it's unprecedented and i could not you know think of
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angela merkel or anybody else in the political scene here in germany act like this and this was really a bad example of how you you know somebody who's you should be as president so like a symbol somebody like can i you know say it like they forbid us we say. real boy exactly and this is not what people want to see what did you think i mean you know i think my reaction was just like yours i was stunned by. by that outraged by president trump at the same time i mean you know we're going to talk about the midterms in just a second he was able to mobilize a space i don't want to just justify it or anything like that but he has a clear strategy and we've seen that strategy play out over the last three years and i mean extreme polarization we've seen in the last two weeks where he hammered the mexican border and the my grandchildren that is on the program as well and i think he has a very clear understanding of the anger that he is stoking within the republican
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party and within the fringes and i think his calculation is clear mobilize the fringes and make sure that his turnout is guaranteed mr barr what is your read of the midterm election results i mean what do they mean for germany good question because there are always two good perspective both the best the glee national in the united states and the on the other south the big pond have to wonder what does it mean exactly the question of course right now on day one the after the after the midterm elections it's not for sure but i mean looking to the result that there's the majority now but the blue party by the democrats yet a an even stronger republican senator the other side of i think we've more support from our side of the atlantic as the senate side because that's where the more of the international and foreign politics are being made or being influenced so that is important for us president will trump think that you know he is
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indoors by his political decisions north being to j.c. . the vienna plea agreement with iran and many other things burden sharing in nato so we could see even tougher times on the transatlantic scale so i don't know i don't i think it's the job easier when you set me as a tougher times how is it going to manifest itself so i mean we have we have if you look back even before the inauguration of don't trump up especially. twenty two months ago since his taking over the fate of the. position we see that a lot of things some of them i've mentioned before. came together and were very much emphasized and. also for from the style of the president that he uses and he's communicating with us with partners is something that we have not seen before he puts a lot of pressure on us on his friends to teach partners of the united states of
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america and i don't think that we will see a change there to the better so excuse me place i think it's going to be more intensive but if he's he will be demanding more solutions in a shorter period of time you know he wants to squeeze us as. assuming that uncle merkel finishes out this term and what do you what do you advise him her to do in dealing with donald trump moving forward i mean there look they're on a on a on a working group level and even on the high ranking staffers level there's a lot of exchanging communication for example in the on the terrace issue economy and trade there is a u.s. german not really german u.s. working group structured economic dialogue there is important for trust building which is badly needed at all of course they have talking about issues how can we reduce the cost of the duties for example so this and this is going on of this
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needs to be intensified there's a lot of things going on already and there's a relationship which we need to work and one last remark in this regard i think it's not a good idea to turn away from the united states and try to substitute the united states the relations we have them with other countries because nobody can substitute the relation that we have with them. the democrats in the house now they are in a position to check the power absolute of the president does that make it easier or more difficult in terms of working. well you mention there's checks and balances now nancy pelosi is going to take the gavel back probably she has subpoena power she's going to turn up the heat on the mall investigation i think there's going to be a lot of fights that donald trump has to battle with with that with the house democrats now i think that it could go either way and i see a little differently in the sense that donald trump is going to pick battles where he can in order to distract also from the constant attacks from democrats so i
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think were it does he have the privilege and the power to do so foreign policy i mean of course he needs the senate in order to wage war and so on and so forth but first of all he can go out and pick trade wars wherever you want to and whenever we can to see things not going as well as he wants to domestically and i think we're going to see the old squeeze from the german car manufacturers that are ripping us off china and so all these are of distraction and i want to pick your brain that well we've got to hear about those tax returns the president was asked today about his tax returns and if he's going to make them public take the what he said. so point blank democrats go after your tax returns will you try to block that or will you allow them now look as i've told you they were underwater they have been for a long time they're extremely complex people wouldn't understand and they done by among the biggest and best law firms in the country same thing with the accounting firms the accountants are very very large powerful firm from the standpoint of
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respect how they respected big firm. so the question we're going to see those times returns before this first term is over and jeff sessions leaving today being told that he needs to resign is that the the beginning of a reshuffling or is that a sign of something much more dangerous for the president on you know i just mentioned democrats have now subpoena power and they can look into all these things and actually ask people to come before him and testify i think sessions and the resignation or the firing is just the first step the second one is going to be rosenstein and the third is going to be mahler i think that this clean up and that is what matters i think is going to be a national security implications well but there are the questions of what madison knew at what point but again i think champ is clearing the path to get rid of mother and that's a the core of it yeah but before we move on to the next up i want to ask you mr by
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the the president knows that i'm going to miracles has made her decision to leave office now and in his eyes she is a lame duck chancellor. is that going to make germany an easier target i don't think so i mean look at the chancellor as the chancellor will be the chancellor and i'm at max dictation if she will serve the full term of a september twenty one you believe that i belief that this is my personal wish and it is it would be good for stability both in germany out in europe and we will see what's going to happen when we have in the c.d.u. our election of a top position where she's not running again but the u.s. president or anybody else for that medicine not be deceived i mean she still is the german chancellor and she has the support of the majority of the buddha stuff ok gentlemen stand by i want to talk a little bit in a moment about german politics trump is in the middle of his first term as president i'm going to marry is in her final term as chancellor with today one of
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miracles closest allies launched her campaign to lead the chancers conservative c.d.u. party you know her name is on a great comp. she's also known as a k k the position of c.d.u. leader is all important here in germany the party leader is almost guaranteed a chance to become the next chancellor. she is uncle america anointed successor and it was the chancellor's legacy that undergrad graham carabao up on that first in his speech is just as in the eye and. this is the end of an era in which there are many personal relationships as many personal experiences that i connect with angela merkel. but this is also the end of an era that has changed and shaped the c.d.u. in a very special and lasting way the big. come about was state premier of zala and before i'm going to merkel bruto to belin as
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secretary general of the c.d.u. in that position crown carabao has effectively been merkel's right hand woman but with many in the party disillusioned with merkel and her governing coalition challenge will be to step out of merkel's shadow and shop and her own profile. today she said it was time to open a new chapter. yet she refused to criticize the chancellor's controversial immigration policy saying the challenge now is to find solutions. when somebody knocks on our door and we take the men and give them protection if they then abuse that protection to commit crimes here how should we deal with that because those are the questions that people expect answers to but they don't xpect as to discuss three years later whether what happened in two thousand and fifteen was right or wrong. america is refugee policy has come under
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heavy criticism not least from one of crime combo's contenders for the party leadership and spawn who currently serves as health minister and her cabinet met with c.d.u. members in north rhine-westphalia on tuesday. along with matts who is also standing both is seen as more conservative than the chancellor and have vowed to move the c.d.u. to the right the new leader will be elected at a party conference on the seventh of december. there's a big table misfire let me ask you when you look at the woman known as a k k how difficult is it going to be verges the protege of uncle americal uncle americal has been power for almost two decades and she wants to. leave the party maybe become addicts chancellor how can she how will she ever be able to get rid of
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the label of being merkel's protege she's a very strong person again no one should be in the sea she won the elections in the state of. that in very difficult times. politically she was in the past successful already gave up her position as dr me mr president as we say absolved for the job of secretary general of the c.d.u. on a federal level so first thing this is a decision a bold decision a risky decision and she will stand on the shoulder of her produce as if she's going to make it to the pub top position of the sea but then again she's not something like in miniature america in many america yes you know you hear this but i think it would be wrong to correct rice may be wrong but the reality is a lot of people are going to think that immediately this is a mini america what would you advise a candidate like to to do when times of change it is the year of the outsider with
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mr mccraw everywhere in the world pretty much as the outsiders coming in i don't see how she especially after we heard that press conference today where she wasn't even willing to criticize angela merkel to actually distance herself from her and actually you know tell a story of how things are going to be different with her but if you look at the other candidates as well i mean spawn is part of her cabinet. is the pretty much oldest city you member that we've ever seen and pretty much represents the past i would go as far as to say that bill clinton in one thousand nine hundred two set lectures are about the future i don't see how that group of candidates represents the future and maybe you want to make some news tonight and i should put your hand up thanks for trying but i want to add to the positive thing the c.d.u. is really has a luxury problem we have really three super political talents with experience older younger a woman two guys in a really turn a day full. all the party delegates on the super seven they are both different characters and personalities and standing for different fields of politics and for
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different topics so we have a choice to make and i think the race is still open but what about the polls i mean the the latest polls show that you've got friedrich mintz who as it is clear favorite to become the head of the c.d.u. i mean a strong favorite compared to the other. it has been a craving for many years in in my can city and see the people on the street in the party but even the party members they say please when is he coming back the conservative voice off the street and it within the party is crazy i mean that they have been waiting for him for quite a while again i mean he was he was the minority leader back then they had the chair man of our of all upon entering so he has experience he's very successful in the business side and you know this is this might help he's considered also to be a very wealthy person in the can that be a liability in german politics too is all good it should not but i fully agree but
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i mean i wonder whether he's going to be the mitt romney of the next campaign i don't know what chairman of blackrock whether is he's going to be framed as the killer capitalist that we're going to see i hope that's going to be the issue that it's a campaign about ideas but again i wonder whether that's going to be the choice but we will see relief from the larger picture by a both of you gentlemen we appreciate you taking the time to talk with this is sharing your insights today here fanks thank you. were known for the controversy surrounding the caravan of central american migrants headed towards the u.s. border the u.s. president's verbal altercation with journalists today was sparked by a question over how the president has characterized the migrants in one campaign ad on social media the migrants were equated with criminals illegally entering the u.s. our reporter i tore saya is a company the caravan in sin is this report. gonzalo is from honduras there his life was dominated by violence and poverty he's gay and he's
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a strange from his family who refused to accept him. i suffered a lot of discrimination in my home country from within my family too. because of who i am because i'm gay i was even physically attacked. gonzalo saw no alternative but to flee he's decided to stay here in mexico where he's applied for asylum. my plan is to go to. there are lots of. people who don't want to go to the states but prefer to stay in mexico and that can mean n.g.o.s have set up an information center for migrants here housed in a tent u.n.h.c.r. says that the help provided here in mexico city for migrants making the trek to the u.s. border has led many to change their plans even i know that people are applying for asylum here in mexico city but to give you an idea of this chiapas has received
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around thirty two hundred applications in the past fifteen days that. some aid organizations expect around twenty percent of those making the trip to the border to choose to stay in mexico ana from el salvador is one of those she's traveling with her eight year old son and knows what problems she could face this is the fourth time she's tried to make it to the u.s. . was. changed when we reached mexico because we received help from the government here and they help people make a future for themselves and that's why i'm staying here in mexico city was. eight hundred kilometers to the north this is the most dangerous part of the journey volunteer helpers say there is little to no transport here and organized crime is rife. and mexico city there are villages everywhere but in the north the distance between
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the settlements is bigger than this one and it's called the climate is different there yes i'm asked it's good that they have different options and a change of government in mexico when it means they are more open to their fellow central americans that are the descendants of americans president andres manuel lopez obrador has promised jobs for the migrants but many of them are suspicious of the pledge believing it to be an attempt to break up the caravan. want to break a. day off for his jobs and asylum but they've been making those promises for years and have never kept them. that's why so many migrants are determined to press on to the u.s. border they are regrouping in mexico city and gathering their strength for the reception president trump has warned they will receive there he's sending troops to
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stop them entering the u.s. . pressing ahead stronger together and we will do everything we can to get to the united states. i want to go on it's too risky to stay here. i am going to cross the border and if i have to break the law to do that then i'm sorry but i have no other future you see. a future that most of the migrants in the caravan say they cannot see in mexico. well the day is almost done but the conversation continues online to find us on twitter either g.w. news or you can write directly to me you see right there on the screen go off t.v. to forgive use the hash tag today and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everybody.
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