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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 8, 2018 10:00am-10:16am CET

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yes we all stand in class walking. to reach to the trash an exclusive report store's nov seventeenth on t w. this is deja vu news live from berlin president trump fires the country's top law enforcement officer jeff sessions one of the president's berlioz backers is ousted from his post as a thirty general what does this mean for the future of the rusher pro and how will the newly elected democratic house react we'll have more on the story also coming up. new doubts over the fate of a christian woman
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a woman guilty of blasphemy in pakistan azi of bibi is out of jail but after narrowing ileus feeding a death sentence her life is still in jeopardy. and more progress in the fight against one of the world's most deadly diseases a new method of fighting malaria this problem seems to help paint the disease into a corner. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for being with us we begin with some breaking news coming in from the u.s. state of california where authorities say multiple people were injured a shooting at a bar in southern california police say at least thirty shots were fired at the borderline bar and grill that's in thousand oaks about forty miles west of los angeles the extent of the victim's injuries were if there's any fatalities that has not been released. local media reporting that there were multiple accounts of shots
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fired people had more details as they come in. ok it's to washington now with a cabinet shakeup that's created a political firestorm president trump has fired just sessions as attorney general sessions was one of the first to endorse trump during his twenty sixteen campaign but the president has long expressed frustration with sessions after he recused himself from the russian probe. jeff sessions now the former u.s. attorney general fired by donald trump applauded by his stuff as he leaves the justice department the attorney general oversees the department and it's the department that's in charge of special counsel robert miller's investigation into russia's possible role in the two thousand and sixteen presidential election an election that put trump into office. thank you very much please u.s.
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intelligence agencies believe russia tried to sway the election in favor of trump and special counsel miller is investigating with a trump and his aides colluded let's stay away let's stay away u.s. politicians worry that trump is trying to hold the investigation putting someone in charge who's willing to stop the russia probe protecting. moller and his investigation is paramount. it would create a constitutional crisis if this were pretty lewd to ending or greatly limiting the mauler. investigation. because jeff sessions was involved in terms presidential campaign he formally stepped aside from overseeing milla giving miller the freedom he required to fully investigate. sections replacement is matthew whitaker he's openly critical of the investigation and he may have the power to end it you're going to get it with the pirating and firing attorney generals is commonplace in american politics but rarely has it been so controversial and they all approved and
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they all agree they have statements from for some analysis we're joined now by scott lucas a professor of international politics and american studies at the university of birmingham thanks for being with us scott what will happen now to the moeller investigation will whittaker defunded well we wait and see but this is clearly the set up by donald trump for the final showdown with the investigation robert moore in the immediate future i think the approach will be to contain more matthew whittaker has the power to veto subpoenas and of course robert moore and his team to wrap up their inquiry want to subpoena donald trump to meet him face to face and ask him questions about what happened in two thousand and six change but that's not enough in the long run because more is going to continue he's not going to stop investigating and i think the open question we have right now is is matthew whitaker stay in the post or does donald trump try to bring in someone else and we can speculate on who that might be to finally fire moore if he does that will be
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the biggest constitutional crisis in recent american history even greater than that in the one nine hundred seventy s. when richard nixon tried to shut down the watergate inquiry it's got there's another question in washington today during the president's press conference yesterday there was a dispute between the president and a c.n.n. reporter jim acosta asked the president about the migrant caravan heading north that's in mexico right now things heated up after that let's have a look at what happened. that there is there we go that well if you know minus president that this caravan was an invasion as you know it was just sitter to be the as you know this president caravan was not an invasion it's a it's a group of migrants moving up from central america towards the border with the u.s. thank you for ted the white why did you why did you characterize it as such and i consider it an invasion you and i have a difference of opinion do you think that you demonized immigrants not as a lecture on how to drive a lot of them i want them to come into the country but they have to come in legally
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you know they have to come in jim to a process i wanted to be a process and i want people to come in and we need the people your campaign at your campaign wait you know why we need the people that because we have hundreds of companies moving in we need people there are hundreds of miles away that there are hundreds and hundreds of more no way that i thought of a good and honestly way that i thought it evaded and honestly i think you should let me run the country you run c.n.n. and if you did it well your ratings let me ask you if i may ask one of the harshness present that's an ask one of the other folks that said now for me ma'am on this resume that's enough the president had one of the does it i may ask you on on the russian best occasion are you concerned that that you may have not get certain about anything with you may have a shy mr president you should because it's a hoax or you that's enough put down the mike is what c.n.n. should be ashamed of itself having you working for them you are a rude terrible person you shouldn't be working for c.n.n. . there's been
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a lot of discussion about what happened there the white house suspended the cost of a press pass afterwards the personal animosity between the two has a long history as does the president's attacks on his network and others was this confrontation different. it ties everything together first of all coming the day after the election it shows that trump has been stung by the fact that the democrats did very well and took control of the lower house which could in fact reinforce the russian best occasion secondly it isn't part of destruction by the white house to whip this up especially by blocking a cost because they hope they can take the news away from the immediate focus of dot will mostly be dismissed but then the key point is you got at the very end of trump's comment by shouting fake news by shouting fake media by shouting they are against us trump will insist that the russian best edition is a hoax that it that there's no collusion that there's nothing to see so if robert muller is dismissed the tactics will continue which is don't look at us look at the
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fake media they're the ones to blame and russia had nothing to do with us by the way scott look is professor of international politics university of birmingham thanks very much thank you. now for some of the other stories making the news at this hour canada's prime minister justin though has apologized in parliament for his country's nine hundred thirty nine refusal to accept a ship carrying some nine hundred german jews fleeing nazi persecution to those at the apology was long overdue. to ship to st louis was forced to return to europe where hundreds of those on board later died in concentration camps. where one is leading political dissidents has gone on trial diane wood ghara is a vocal critic of president paul kagame made in his human rights record last year she was barred from running against him in elections which he won with more than ninety eight percent of the vote. prosecutors are seeking a twenty two year jail sentence garra has dismissed the accusations.
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also to pakistan now where that country's foreign ministry says the christian woman freed from death row is still in the country. was released from prison on wednesday now some reports suggested she'd been flown out of pakistan maybe spent eight years in jail in solitary confinement for blasphemy. she was judged guilty of insulting the prophet mohammed quibble triggered violent protests by islam makers business groups who called for her immediate execution. last week b.b.c. husband told d w that the family feared for their lives evey's lawyer fled to the netherlands saying his life too was in danger joining us now with the very latest on this is a correspondent shamo shams from the w's asia desk the morning shamil what's the latest what do we know about bibi's whereby whereabouts right now. well brian it's
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been confirmed that b.b. has left the prison city and she has been taken to the capital. there in the media late night she was taken out of the country but foreign ministry spokesperson said earlier this morning. this is fake news so gone see anything for sure at the moment whether she has left for europe or not but there are reports that say she could be on the way to europe ok now her lawyer has already fled to europe her family is facing death threats what kind of danger is. right now i think she faces him and danger and we saw that islamists took to the streets and they be dead the blood and the government kind of caved in to extremists and we see that the government has struck a deal with that they would. bar her departure from pakistan so we see the kind of
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threats she faces in pakistan if she stays inside pakistan a knife is in danger that's about human rights groups and investment governments have been leading the government of pakistan. to leave the country so she can live safely with the family will the government should be all at some point helper to get out of pakistan help or to get to safety. well in pakistan these kind of things are done by the pakistani military the pakistani military the civilian government does not have that kind of power so if the generals want to be out of the country and if they think the repetition of that stake then i believe they will get her out of the country but as i said at this moment we can't say anything for sure that bibi has been taken out of the country she will be taken out of the country all we want we know for a fact is that she has been released from prison and rights groups have hated the
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news she is finally free she most always bring us up to date and keeping us in touch with this important story of bibi and her fate in pakistan thanks very much to important development right now the world has made huge strides in the fight against malaria according to the w.h.o. the world health organization death rates have plummeted by sixty percent since the year two thousand with at least six million lives saved globally but malaria is still one of the world's deadliest diseases a new technique for fighting it is showing promise. these buckets are full of hope because the paint inside packs a punch its main purpose is not making the walls white heat paralyzes mosquitoes a new method of fighting malaria. in the laboratory of japanese company counts i paint they developed the product which is now being used in zambia the first time
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on the african continent this technology basically allows for when the mosquito that sits on the wall that is being painted with its being a lousy to actually be paralyzed for nervous system or the mosquito die after being exposed to that ok for some time or the company says the paint is nontoxic for humans malaria affects children the most the illness can be treated if it's recognized early enough but prevention is better the end times paint is being used in this kindergarten with positive results. there rape of children falling out of men merrier. it's coming to almost zero because we have been to quite a bit. from the attendee painted thankfully to here. that's with the national malaria elimination center likes to hear this ambient government has declared war
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on the disease the ambitious goal is to eradicate the on this within three years we want to pull. interventions all multiple products to be used when there's so many mosquitoes out around with different be a.v.'s ok saul if we can have their product that is able to cure a proportion right off the must get tons. then we have them here in zambia there's a new weapon in the war on malaria still one of the major killers in sub-saharan africa. let's get your reminder now of some of the top stories we're following for you to president trump has fired turning general jeff sessions. long expressed frustration with sessions after he will true some spin recused himself from the rush of pro. sessions firing could place the future of the probe in doubt. pakistan's foreign ministry says the christian woman freed from death row is still
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in the country bibi was released from prison wednesday reports suggest she'd been flown out of pakistan her acquittal of blasphemy charges triggered violent protests across the country by islamist groups. this is due to the news live from berlin we have more on these and other stories that are website dot com for now though for me bryan thomas the entire team thanks for being with us. a. lot of we were out there when we won. in the percent of americans at some point in our lives will experience hardship.


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