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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  November 13, 2018 9:30pm-10:01pm CET

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time. and actually destruct included. the bridge the police and the truck an exclusive report starts nov seventeenth t w. the future of the european union should include a true european army now that is the goal of french president emmanuel macro and today we learned that it is also the vision of german chancellor angela merkel where you'd think that this would be music to the ears of pay your fair share u.s. president donald trump on tonight's tone deaf and flouting the facts trump accusing europe of military designs against the u.s. i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day.
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just let it through and we should be pursuing the vision of one day creating a true european army he shot does a second on me it wouldn't be an army against nature it would come all wrong it could compliment nato forces know it intends to call into question our traditional alliances and that. i mean that nationalism and self centeredness must never again have a chance in europe but here they're not dealing in point when nations don't respect one another and one union such as the league of nations created as a result of world war one failed even greater horror as followed. also coming up tonight being first lady was never her first choice michelle obama
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her new memoir becoming is already tipped for the best seller of the year. like greatest of all the time that he is someone definitely to look up to for little girls for young women my age makes it i think in doing and office is a real person. or we begin the day with miracles military maneuver today the german chancellor stood before the european parliament and for the first time position herself firmly in a future that includes a european army and her announcement was not trailblazing instead merkel is following the lead set by french president emmanuel mccrone sources close to say that he has been frustrated waiting for miracle to lend her support or today merkel delivered and made no doubt about her decision now addressing the european
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parliament stross berg merkel said that europe must take its fate into its own hands on foreign and security policy calling for the creation of a real and true european army she also urged her fellow e.u. leaders to reject nationalism and chauvinism and she called on lawmakers to pursue a common european policy on migration. well i'm joined tonight by our very own max hoffman he is in strasbourg at the european parliament maxilla start with the very first message that merkel delivered today take a listen but the point that today i'm here with julie but also with gratitude in front of the big east democratic parliaments in the world. the right of the start there we've got the biggest parliament the world soprano it is like that they've never really been essential to miracles political the cabbie
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larry but they weren't today what happened. well it is the biggest democratically elected parliament in the world with over seven hundred men are members of the euro party even in parliament but of course for her it was also important to underline that she was somebody who was very much in favor of institutions like this european parliament that is controversial in some countries because they feel like brussels is overreaching and that more power should be given to national parliaments or just simply national institutions and she has been the champion of multi-lateralism or institutions within the european union in the last days very vocal about that and of course has been the champion of this for a longer time but in the last days she had the possibility to voice her opinion on this because she talked as you know at the come a variation of the first world war and now here in front of the european parliament so it all fits the puzzle she tries to tell everybody these are important
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institutions including the european parliament for what europe stands for and for the peace that has come to the continent within the last decades the german chancellor today she called for a true european army and her vision is obviously not shared by everyone in the european parliament take a look at what happened today. there was a lot of applause there but there were also some booing the boos going on where did the boos come from max. the boos came mainly from the so-called right wing populist parties that are quite numerous in the european parliament they make up a fair share and some people fear that they will make up a larger share after the european elections of next year those are people who are
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basically against most things that come out of brussels except money because they think as i said earlier that brussels is overreaching they would like to have more sovereignty coming from the nations they are as many would call them nationalist so oppose the idea of a european army. and makes europe is facing a long list of major problems and i have to tell you that and that the dangers of another euro crisis as the threat of another migrant influx from africa or the middle east and there's this surge of xena phobia that has pushed as you're saying these populist parties into parliaments i mean medical could have made any of those her main vision for the future but she chose a european army why do you think she did that. she did talk about all those topics print she talked about migration she talked about right wing populism she talked about nationalism but the european army part got all the attention
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because she's never really backed that idea earlier so that was the news part but all these topics have one thing in common she pushed for solidarity for unity because she said if the european union nations member states are united then they won't have any significance on the world stage so that is the connecting point in order to have this unity you need solidarity and when you have the unity then you can act as one for example for security policy but also trade policy and she said this is becoming more and more important because she said that indirectly by the way implicit the you cannot count on old alliances the way that we used to and i think what she meant by that was the united states you know and her announcement or her vision today comes at a time when the world knows that she has announced her exit from politics at the end of the current term people say she may be a lame duck leader so what purpose did this speech today serve beyond maybe
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legacy building for american. it is part of a of something that's been going on since january every month at the plenary session in strasburg where i am right now you have one leader of a member state talking about the future of europe the goal of this of course is to give them the arena that is the european parliament and try to connect the different issues that they have in their countries with the vision of europe you know basically make all of this huge discussion and mechelle was just up for that at the moment and i asked you know the same question put that question to many members of the european parliament whether they thought she was a lame duck but given the reactions they had and also given the reactions with the booing that's not how you treat a lame duck somebody who still has some things to say and it seemed like michael still has plans for the next three years yet you know that that they that's a good point too and she may be anything but
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a lame duck leader after today max stand by because breck's it is also a talking point tonight and there are reports that the european union and britain have agreed on a draft text of a break sit withdrawal agreement british prime minister theresa may will present it to her cabinet on wednesday but she's facing some stiff opposition to her plans from some of her senior ministers and it's far from clear whether she can get any deal approved by the british parliament. all right max we're going to pull in our colleague bigot mosse she is in london tonight bigot let me ask you we've got this draft text it's not a final text and what does that tell us about the irish border problem can we assume that it's been solved. we call this seem
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anything at the moment because that irish board of activists something that they haven't published say the question this was exactly are the checks that are going to possibly be new at the irish border between northern ireland and the mainland u.k. this is something that's reason may's well partners in government the northern irish d u p a really eagerly awaiting details about whether there will be any extra checks that could somehow separate know the nod from mainland u.k. because this is something that they don't want they feel very close to mine in the u.k. and they want to be as close as possible or the one any change in the situation to do what it is now so no checks between the island of ireland and mend and u.k. and of course the other question is what's in what circumstances can the u.k. withdraw from any agreement regarding know the nod and can the u.k. decide that by itself or do they have to also negotiate that with the u.n.
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this is also something that the people in northern ireland very eagerly waiting for more details you know details are not plentiful this evening max and ask him. if you've been hearing anything about this tentative agreement on a deal. now we have to be very careful with everything we've heard tonight because we had these situations before where we thought there was a technical agreement because what we're talking about here is a technical agreement meaning that the negotiators might have agreed on something but it's not a political agreement so you need the politicians the cabinet by theresa may the parliament you mentioned earlier to agree to it but what we've heard from our sources is that one of the main sticking point that big it just mentioned. of course the border between northern ireland and ireland and i don't know how many details i can say but the question was whether the backstop the backstop is if they
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can't reach an agreement after they get out you know for future trade relations that just to make sure that there's no hard border between northern ireland and ireland but the reason may and her cabinet were very skeptical of a good agreement where they cannot influence what happens after that and so they want to be able to as big and just said just to cancel this and it seems like at least that's what we're hearing this will not be in there so that you and great britain would still have to agree together on any situation regarding this border and i think this is as detailed as we can get here as there had said earlier we will just have to wait to see really that the written text ok and what does happen tomorrow i mean this story obviously moves definitely to london tomorrow what's the next step. well we've seen cabinet ministers imagining from downing street picked just so already to reason may is really trying extremely
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hard to sell this deal that we don't know the details of yet but she's trying to sell it to have a cabinet so that she can tomorrow how the whole cabinet and then sign off the deal now we would really have to wait and see there are many skeptical in her own cabinet many so-called threats it is who want it really clean cut with the e.u. they don't want to stay in the customs union which would mean really still a close relationship with britain with the u.k. and the european union many and her cabinet and also in the in the parliamentary consecutive thought you really want to break free from the they think that the us undemocratic that is hindering the u.k. to make for example their own trade agreements and to be this global britain which is how they sold bricks it to the population who voted for it so they really are already quite skeptical even though we don't know the details yet but they've been very very skeptical and it's going to be
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a really hard sell for its reason made tonight and also tomorrow you know and before we run out of time you know the contingency plans in case that we have a break with new deal those plans are there being rolled out of me we've been hearing from people at the w g o the securities and exchange commission in the us new warnings about the under stated impact on the u.k. of a bright sit with no deal i mean so we have to say don't we bit hard bricks it could could happen. yes absolutely it could happen and even if the e.u. and theresa may agree on something it's not at all a given that this will be agreed by the cabinet and but parliament in the u.k. so all the institutions you mentioned and many more also in the business world are preparing for this because i don't think it's no it's no longer understated there is sort of a wave of panic going through certain industries for example the car makers who really depend on the free movement of goods between the u.k.
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and continental europe or the warning by the i.m.f. so i think you really need to live in a parallel universe at the moment to think that hard in the beginning will be easier good for the u.k. we don't know what's going to happen five or six or seven years down the road but in the beginning right there hard drugs it will be chaos because these structures have been evolving over decades and if you don't have them anymore you need to start from scratch and bigot what about the political survival of teresa mayes she's been pronounced almost dead several times because of these bricks and negotiations. she has been and i think this also has been many has been said many times this is going to be crucial for some reason they but it is now crucial because it does look like we're getting closer to some significant event that she really needs to be in charge of and if you can get this through how cabinet is she conquered the true color and it's very hard for her
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because this is have political life this is really her grievance she has had the whole cabinet on the way weekend in seconds on the countryside in order to sit if swear them in and to get them behind how lines to it is definitely closure for her . all right over good mosque in london and max hoffman in stross birth to both of you thank you. well to say that the presidential bromance between emanuel mccrone and donald trump is on the rocks well but vienna understatement especially after the events of last weekend trump was in paris to mark one hundred years since the end of the first world war he began his visit with a tweet blasting mccrone for insulting the u.s. with plans to develop a european army that he said would be able to fight against the u.s. well fact check here mccrone wants a european army to be able to defend itself without relying on the u.s.
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as a big difference today again trump launched another tweet offensive writing a manual micron suggests building its own army to protect europe against the u.s. china and russia but it was germany in ward wars one in two how did that work out for france they were starting to learn german in paris before the u.s. came along pay for nato or not let's take this story out of washington are liars waiters on the story for us good evening to you my aunt that tweet today got a lot of attention. it was hard to make heads or tails of it do we know what the president was saying there. well and on its face it seems to be misunderstanding as you had pointed out and across have been calling for europe to be able to finance itself bolster its own military strength without having to rely
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on anyone else which is something that the president took to mean europe needs an army to defend itself against the u.s. what's interesting to note here is the president himself has called for exactly what mcchrystal is calling for for europe to be able to rely more on itself on its partners and not so much on the u.s. for military strength what we've also seen is. mccraw. trump shall we say. perhaps thinking that mccraw insulted him or offended him in some way and as trump has said and as the trump's press secretary sarah huckabee sanders herself has said from her podium when trump feels like he's being attacked he is going to hit back twice as hard this may have been the genesis of this tweet storm we saw this morning and this is a very good point we know that trump has never had a warm relationship with germany's angela merkel or with britain's to resubmit. was
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at least for a while considered to be trump's real european friends considering how they interacted during their first face to face meetings and compare the to what we saw all this past week you take a look at the development. my kids are in prison from that you're. right thank you you big you know. great president he's going to be a great president. and it will be we have to make them perfect he is perfect you and your special friend thank you thank you thank you and on top of it we have an excellent person reads your message. thank you. thank you. i like him a lot. thank you.
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i mean it was a long time ago i feel like you know i should call in the chaperones when i see that and then you compare to what we saw this past weekend where trump was obviously not happy to be where he was and we show that tonight because there is a long list of people who are former trump friends who quickly in one trumps bad list there's the f.b.i. director james code there's attorney general jeff sessions secretary of defense rex tillerson now and my and now we've got reports that the homeland security head is also on that list. yeah and did in doesn't hurt to mention that my craw even tried to go on a charm offensive with trump inviting him to paris several times really rolling out the red carpet for him which was something that we know trump really loves but yet
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to your point about secretary nelson there have been many reports that she's on her way out over trump's dissatisfaction with her performance specifically on the question of immigration nielsen has been one of the people who's championed some of trump's more hardline controversial immigration policies such as the separation of children from their parents who cross the u.s. mexican border illegally he said that it's a lackluster performance and there are even reports that he wants to completely shut down the border with mexico and nielsen has been the one who's had to tell them that's not feasible for so many reasons now it's also interesting to note is that if nielsen is on our way out it's possible that his chief of staff john kelly is also on our way out because he's the one who brought her in and he's sort of been acting as a human shield standing in front of her saying no she has to stay she's doing a good job and if one goes that it's very highly likely the other one goes definitely a trial domino effect there at the white house or miers waiter on the story for us
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tonight in washington miles thank you. well the former former first lady michelle obama is revealing new autobiography is it's called becoming and it includes some very personal revelations about her life in the white hills of people in the obama's hometown of chicago will be could not wait to get a copy. i didn't she cargoes high park for those first in line it's a moment of chilly. michelle obama's autobiography becoming is finally on sale time for her fans to celebrate in her once favorite bookstore. becoming the former first lady tells the story of her life and many in her old neighborhood are probably both what she achieved. she is the go like
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greatest of all the time and she is a sitcom known woman just like me grew up a chicago girl sounds so for me she'd. she's like whoa personified she is someone definitely to look up to for little girls for young women my age makes you feel like you can do anything and office is a real person with a real real human being so i just didn't fight it to get this book. for the first time you shall obama opened up about details of her life that she kept secret for years her marriage and her time in the white house but she also writes about the obstacles she had to overcome as an african american she was accused of being unpatriotic when i think i did what a lot of black folks were doing we were afraid to hope because it's hard to believe that the country that oppressed you could one day be led by. and they didn't think the country was ready and so my attitude was
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a reflection of that skepticism michelle duster went to school with michelle obama and also became friends with her husband and later president barack obama a college professor she published a book about the former first lady and argues that we shall obama is an ambassador for the african american community. so i think for a lot of women they felt like wow you know i'm visible because michelle obama is visible and accepted and adored i too. can walk into a and b. and be treated with respect. it's good bomb a story that this community and she cuddled believes in. but with the man who succeeded him in the white house many here think they're achieving lands are in danger. or tributes have been pouring in
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for comics creators stan lee he died on monday at the age of ninety five he was the creative force behind marvel comics geek of giving of superheroes which is spider-man x.-men and the incredible hulk but he also had a talent for foreshadowing the real world of politics in two thousand and seven before a president obama or president trump he delivered a set of drawings in the atlantic that would prove eerily telling about the united states eleven years later now here's the first page and he writes that few things you see right there are as tragic as the death of an idea and he says that the american idea is threatened by divisions over health care global warming and the growing red blue rift between the democrats and the republicans if you look at his next one he stand least says right here that the division over immigration is a problem some people's invaders he says are another person's needy who must be helped
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and yet he says there is hope no matter the rage he says we're all americans now and forever and he says that you can't touch it or see it but it's in the air. that we breathe stanley right there foreshadowing the united states in two thousand a lot and that's the day we'll see tomorrow everybody.
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this is g w news live from berlin german chancellor angela merkel presents her vision of europe's future and that includes a european army is she looking to build her legacy or is this a rebuke to u.s. president donald trump who has called such a suggestion insulting also coming up. to their hopes for a ceasefire after the worst upsurge in israeli palestinian violence in four years a mosque supporters were celebrations after militant groups in the gaza strip agreed.


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