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tv   Check-in - An autumn journey through the Harz  Deutsche Welle  November 14, 2018 12:30pm-1:00pm CET

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the messages are spreading like wildfire and turns into followers for joy. on the streets. more good. little. stores for twenty minutes w. . that's region is absolutely magical and autumn there's forest as far as the eye can see. i'm starting my excursion at perhaps the most exciting spot in the area
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that's not pulled it down. this new pedestrian suspension bridge is one of the longest in the world. for a long time the hard mountains were more of a destination for people looking for a quiet vacation hiking enjoying the silence not much more to do around here but as you can see a lot has changed since then there's of course still a lot of hiking to be done but today i want to get to know both sides of the hearts the old and the new. no visit here is complete without a ride on the narrow gauge railway up to the block and highest mountain in the hot . in between we'll take a quick trip to amsterdam where locals a bastion bundestag and will show us around town. and we've got an e-mail one of our viewers send in a vacation video from two gruff. crew
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a shock. but the first thing i'm going to do is cross the bridge it's over four hundred fifty meters long and the terrifying one hundred meters above the dam and river. it weighs some one hundred twenty tons and it's firmly anchored in the cliffs on either side. it can feel pretty shaky up here on windy days. but no doubt about it the view is spectacular. and if you're daring you can fly over the water on a ship line. no way i'm missing out on that. trip. before i leave to go and catch a bird's eye glimpse of all this you guys get less frightening overview of the area
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and you'll see the hearts is full of surprises. and the heights mountain range extends across parts of three german states sex any sex any unhurt and to yelling and. many i can is a draw into the areas wild and dramatic nature like here in the board if eddie. lets sposi visit his can take the cable car to arrive at one of the region's most popular destinations the heck sometimes plots full which is done still. this used to be the signs of pagan ceremonies legend has it that which is gathered here on the tube is snuffed and riddled with the devil. today even more animals than witches around you can see red.
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lynxes. wild bulls and wild cats and even wolves are spotted here from time to time. in the atlantic is plenty to be seen from above to him but hans book the tree top trail leads visitors through the cities of different stations are interesting it's like a puzzle. the region also has a strong cultural heritage goes those old town is eunice the world heritage sites. palace of course that was built in the eleventh century and the city was an important center of power in the holy roman empire. the murals in the imperial whole depict scenes from german legends and loyalty who held court here in the middle ages. the world heritage site also includes the mind of thomas back or mining was an important source of wealth for many cities in the
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hearts. according to legend it was a miner who discovered. that it's one of the oldest show caves in the world with guided tours going back to the seventeenth century. up. to the every year on the thirtieth of april reading his comeback to mark the pagan festival of. the it's a gathering of modern day devils and which is. troubled over six hundred kilometers from the us it's a lot different from how we celebrate at home and it's unique really special we want to experience it firsthand. to get their kicks from more hair raising adventures. is the planning will running or taking a leap into the unknown. it definitely gets the adrenaline pumping and.
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that's why the company that offers these activities has called itself pulsed unless . this. time psyching myself up to make the jump i have to be quick because before taking off i'm to interview the man behind all these attractions. and the how did you come up with the idea of building such a huge suspension bridge. i mean initial idea of hearts drawn a line was the pendulum jump and we needed half a bridge to get to the middle of the valley was. missing to make it's across and if you're going to build half a bridge you might as well build a whole one or very. simple when you come to miss you need some of the bridge was kind of
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a byproduct but now it's talked everything else it says it wouldn't. thrill seeking and nature don't seem to be contradictory for you this is. absolutely not the bridge is very well integrated in the natural landscape maggie we tried not to do any damage either the pendulum drum one or the bridge need any motors or anything. just gets up to you you've got something that's unique here in the hospital and actually in germany how is tourism changed. to you to have this new tourists are coming from all over the world. wouldn't you like me. there are more people staying in hotels these people are staying longer so that they can see the british. statistics because even though i'm talking to region is popular with both young and old people. hope. you know that's
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very positive for us and a local resident. and you go into the room gets them is there anything like an average is that or are tourists now younger than say ten years ago or is it about the same. it's the. people were younger when we opened the mega supply i thought you know we've got to bridge older people are coming from groups and pensioners. are supplying the pendulum jumps and the extreme activities are more for younger people. and the bridge she has four children and the elderly or middle aged people. i lose money not for scaredy cat and i really secure i won't fall when i go for trying this is the first promise ok because i am alone nervous it will be fun. it's good to be a little scared otherwise it wouldn't be an experience if you look at guys don't say ok all right let's do this you have fun.
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here we go. oh no turning back now as a muscle. the walk but i don't know her right. it's a kilometer long and i'm flying at a speed of ninety kilometers per hour and suddenly. it's over. i'm going to need a moment to recover from this so before we continue exploring the hans you guys get to hop over to the netherlands sebastian fund is going to show. around his home
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town. hi i'm sebastian and welcome to amsterdam i'm very happy to show you the highlights of my city and the best way to start this too is of course on about. two hundred sixty five canals and. around eighty bridges so one can say that this event is the north but i rather say venice is the amsterdam of the south. bridge. as you can see it's a very special and it was built that's the story because of two sisters and one left on the one side and the other lived on the other side because of the fact that they didn't want to walk all the way down there they built this bridge in which mean
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here so they could get to reach out to foster. what i really like about. one hand is just to fill it with the heart of it and on the other hand it's a true metropolitan city to me it has an amazing vibe. and you can see there's so many bikes in amsterdam so when you're here for them because they have priority. of a machine is something that people like it because we don't always have time and.
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me. i'm now taking you on the ferry to a relatively new part of the city. this part of town has become. over the last couple of years. field industrial history of this part of town and see it just like. tell room. so much creativity in this area they even made a restroom out of shipping containers. industrial they used to build ships but nowadays artists work here but also free
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markets are being organized in the week. imagine myself in a better place than here in the north. so frank you for being with me and i hope to see you here and. so now i'm doing something a little less nerve racking. about ten percent of the house is the nick laird a natural reserve receiving special care and protection that's about twenty five thousand acres made up mostly of spruce and beach forests and now installed they're at their most beautiful. very dolphin in the ills of bally according to legend
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it was a princess who ventured into a scepter reigning world ruled by the queen of the mountain the queen allowed her to leave if she promised not to reveal any secrets of the failed to keep her word and was turned into a river. no it's starting to rain well it's autumn after all i'm here to meet national park ranger and the outstanding i don't have been a hello there don't you worry you this is helix typical fall weather they could know you better have anybody have pennies you must have experienced your fair share of autumn's here what's so special about the hans region in this season you are in the news i know that it's usually one of the nicest times a year the leaves are changing colors you can see in the other areas. it's a sign that the year is slowly coming to an end to all that nature is preparing for the winter and everything is a bit quieter or when i just. make
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a point strays are particularly beautiful at this time intend to be that side. of course everyone has different tastes and i really like beach like this one which first turns yellow and then becomes a reddish color the. tree is also little wonderful and each tree has something. to all. the ills a river might be looking very calm at the moment but it was a different story in the summer there was far more rainfall than usual and some major flooding all over the region. the damage can still be seen on some of the trails in the national park. what off than and what might be the cause of such a stream rainfall is a look so if. all. the climate change is making its mark in the hearts as well.
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we've had a lot of hot summers recently and temperatures of risen. and there was a lot of rainfall in a short amount of time of course it's not so we're seeing more and more of this. what are other signs of climate change are. dry summers are of course ideal conditions for bark beetles they are maturing earlier than usual and attacking the spruce trees in particular. then yeah what is our increasingly frequent. average annual temperature on the broken used to be six degrees celsius but now it's four degrees both told by the end of the third so the temperature is rising. but that's just one of the reasons the park is being restructured the trees being planted today are more resistant than spruce and able to cope with the consequences of climate change. the bark beetles have wreaked havoc here and doesn't look so
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great but it does accelerate the conversion of the forest beaches are being planted which used to be the main tree here. now i'm going to climb to the top of shaphan stein cliff. it's almost seven hundred metres high still i'm getting in a good hike. the views from the tops are incredible good weather at least. behind me is the ecker dam and over there in the fog is the heart is highest and most famous mountain the brocken i'm saving that for my next visit but why don't you check it out right now.
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to block in railway has been transposing visit his to the top of the mountain since eight hundred ninety eight. it's good to see nature everywhere you look i love it brings the steroid stuff does he doesn't like that it doesn't change the cars of the same steam powered and all that smoke comes pouring out. of the mountain is well over one thousand metres highly. ambitious hunkers climate on foot. constant works out here and loves to show visitors the botanic treasures that can be found. blocking the nominee as one of one thousand five hundred prey species that drive in this garden. remember people are always asking us where the reuse
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fertilizer it is but of course we don't let the plants here used to the scarcity of nutrition for used fertilizer they grow more but they wouldn't flower and they wouldn't last long and. there are also many other mountain johns from other parts of the world. next to the park in hotel is the balkan house which has been nicknamed the stasi months now in museum it used to be a surveillance installation for the east german secret police. between nine hundred sixty one and nine hundred eighty nine the whole area was a military zone. the antenna were once used to spy on west german politicians for example. and it goes without saying
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that the views from the top often test. here's another thing that hans region is well known for it's half timbered houses like here in the city of bendigo holding. the town hall on the market square especially beautiful and it's over five hundred years old. bendigo what is nicknamed the colorful city by the huts understandably so don't you think let's find out why. what's behind these have to break facades. this is the crooked house which used to be a water mill it's the mill stream that caused the foundation wall to crumble and the house to tilt. works by local artists are exhibited inside.
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the new objectivity artist's college bills fed was born in the region and made a name for himself with his photographs of plant. time now for our weekly the mail our viewer victoria from slovakia send us a video from his vacation in croatia thanks for that victor and for showing us around your favorite holiday destination dubrovnik on the adriatic.
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to. stay too. good. to shoot. it's. the smallest house in bendigo what it is not even three metres wide it was built in
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seventy ninety two for a family of ten. the last an average and had very special hobby. here's the dollar exhibition we've got three hundred fifty dollars here she made some of them herself she was a dressmaker when she also sold some of. it you go how come this family built such a tiny house. for my new boats and you used to build according to your finances and when the house was finished it was yours to keep. and they were happy to be able to build within the city walls. and they had burglars back then too it was safer here on the inside. i'm still got a little time to buy a souvenir of my visit the store carries all sorts of delicacies from the region.
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like venice and salami for instance. not bad. for a liquor made by. maybe we're related. all kinds of herbal shops. and. which is of course. my last stop for the day is bendigo what a castle once a mediƦval fortress it was converted into a romantic baroque palace and the eighteenth century. wow i feel like i'm in a fairy tale wedding great place for a wedding the banquet hall is particularly crammed. kings princes and counts all
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weekend here in the past. and here from the terrace i can treat myself to one last few over the hearts region . what a great day adrenaline by the dam hiking through the beautiful forest and some very unique architecture there's something here for everybody thanks to the creative people who dared to work during but the biggest star around here will always be mother nature.
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from. the. local.
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science. a continent is reinventing itself. as africa's tech scene discovers it's true potential. inventors entrepreneurs and high tech professionals talk about their visions successes and day to day business the difference. it's. history in the everyone is too small. pieces that matter to vision that i was trying to. get you to africa starts december twelfth on w. hijacking the news. where i go from the news is being hijacked target was with still has become a scripted reality show it's not just good versus evil us versus them why
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and why. in countries like russia china churchy people are told it's that simple and if you're a journalist there and you try to get beyond that you are facing scare tactics intimidation. and i wonder is that where work headed is well. my responsibility as a journalist is to get beyond the smoke and mirrors it's not just about me prayer and balance or being neutral it's about being truthful. running is boring golf and i work in enough.
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this is news live from berlin u.k. prime minister theresa may has finally agreed on a break to deal with the e.u. negotiators. but as she has from ten downing street to parliament one question on the air. france regional prime minister the u.k. prime minister still has not secured the backing off her own government shill discuss the deal with cabinet ministers that are crunch meeting this afternoon it's likely to be a tough sell. also coming up hopes of a.


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