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tv   Sarahs Music - Mozart in Havana  Deutsche Welle  November 19, 2018 3:15am-3:31am CET

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oh you know the fact is there is music and look where we are. of course we're in havana where else. and. cuba is famous for its music. mumble cha cha cha it's such a musical country and i absolutely adore being here i'm. afraid. that.
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i'm. ok with what. i'm here in havana for the two thousand and seventeen mozart festival out here on the streets you can hear cuban music on every corner and here in the cathedral there's mozart going on.
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thanks for having me here at your wonderful festival really i'm so happy to be in havana for some mozart and to hear these wonderful musicians performing i remember the first time i came last year i was so impressed at the standard of musicianship here with your musicians tell me about where they come from. and. i meant them when you want to go to many and not up on the checklist and would open . the. air more show than a tour of mostly goes for them after the money. they told me about it it's quite a families and by might be nice to see them and to not move one of them must come home or consequence about are you going out of money or them into some tremont and we move on from that of most he goes. to the last event or at the most we go and see the little professor that's the.
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last you get them and their own in india then m.r.c. had to trace you there. and we're going to see a policy room to go on where all europeans are going to. come that the end to sound great. if they don't let their latinos on the lower class one last and say yeah and then i'm losing it ok i get. so one i was thinking in the rehearsal so moot so it would have been a good cuban i see some similarities you know he was always joking he was the rhythms and the being alive you know i think he would have liked to cuba see. their latinos some of. the him with. no no no.
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but i see. the front end. there most of. them being. well i am loving experiencing the sudden have been so i look forward to the concert thank you for having us. but if that i'm going to drink. i. think. i think the way i. do you have a favorite piece by mozart apart from the musical joke which we are playing.
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this week. said. the horn concertos. so my. song. we need to go into this. because it's. knowing there was mozart happening and how i'm not of course i want to join in on my horn so i was. really happy to have
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a chance to perform with these wonderful young cuban musicians in the lyceum we touch on. the festival is in its thirty year and it's the cooperation between the lyceum what's out ya know how and the moods r.t.m. insults. willis is tell me about your wonderful festival mozart in havana two thousand and seventeen. and also just it's almost saying to say i'm at
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least almost out of the album that i wanna at the center second or a domino every week one door it's not a problem and but you're talking about making the same point only a little bit but a feel good moment for the podium have said it on for the one that i feel what i most like most have brought out the last mostly because as reportorial really go postal come to see i know but luckily i've also got. noised this a whole group most of them will do and they have a slick so when you finish all the pieces of mozart will you do a beethoven festival or a wagner festival went to the other said betto most on the pro about what she said what am i asked and often the feeling was out there on this one who got no hope in the affair other than to say almost but often meant that all the most of it but most of it was only ollie up at that bucket that i propose next year we do old mozart horn concertos what do you think that's when you see me or maybe one each.
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so i can come back for you oh for the hoff he wrote four and a half inch otto's i think. it's a deal. out here on the beautiful plaza day like happy to tell you can still hear cuban music coming from every corner but we're going inside the catty divide for some more mozart see you next time on sara's music and in a week since the coup by. the
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