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tv   Sarahs Music - Havana Horns  Deutsche Welle  November 24, 2018 9:15am-9:31am CET

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backed up on to twenty twenty three. mobile is the auction coming up later in the day you're watching did a big news live from berlin mo coming up the top of the r. and don't forget you can get all the latest news on information around the clock on our web site that's moved up dog thanks for joining the definitely it's a loser but. that people hold on for g.w. on facebook and twitter has come up to date and in touch. making news on this day that she's not seen it once it. sounds so cold shakes out today's concept. but exposed her.
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people have put big dreams on the big screen. in movie magazine funding. i love the fact there is music i didn't have a valid cuba for the two thousand and seventeen mozart festival here and i'm spending all day hanging out with these fantastic have on the horn players the program is going to be packed full of for your.
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first. time to work as well as performing at the mozart in havana festival i also did some teaching at the lisieux mozart china music conservatory it was great to meet all these talented cuban horn players. as part of the mozart in havana festival he gave a horn on sample concert but there was also some time for sightseeing i just love this beautiful city.
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oh yeah it's there for. you. she's funny cause it's a game sagal. you did it because you might your father made it for me i'd love to play. with a reporter here she's a mascot and tell me when you start to play the more i know b.s. and you come a step forward in the instance when we said a prayer i going to maintain the mantle will be gone. when the woman said to the i don't know when i'm a little more she seem a. little more just when you are completely out of the company and don't know if.
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the horn is the best instrument i'm glad to chose but i must say that it's very very hot here for me playing the horn in this heat is quite difficult because my valves go slow what are the problems you have for your horn in this this temperature not but that but oh no now how many are you that yes i'm about to go buy some one there for that was the guy who said no now that i'm going to help. you . know it you might say oh but what it was a probe i set out and even just walking here with the horn on my back you have to only do the farthest tower you know and you have to come in every day on the bus with your hair and wave feet and you know we have a person on things on demo and the system but i'm like god knows where i got the lead in piano and probably physical can i wish i was a little less sensitive that's a good job of that once again. and this so why did you choose the four
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i choose the percussion. but. you know when i see your face i do in the tests but i don't approve of all the christian a man. give me just a different form you know stuff most of you fall in love with a used. car that tells you how you home know each other you play together every day. tell me
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about we study julian home during. the say on the arm but then again a moment just out and us and them and they get on that matter but actually and before model down in gone over to one of us and while i didn't even end up in the now that tells me you were lucky because you've been working here on this summer tell me how and when i saw my own opinions here i know you are some. yes i am fucking them up i do not a good look up i said no and eat them and they know you are no man and mean and nasty oh we are fucking no way but i said she banged they got me on the music i had the wood over a a happening and then i saw the night before. for the sounding glass of a music up a while and a white man in a cell grabbing them and they took her face out of some existing vest.
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i sent out an invitation for all foreign players in cuba to join me for a concert at the plaza de la county the guy players came from far and wide i had no idea that there were so many horn players here in cuba even the whoops of the concert turned into a mini performance or for a phone call for the girl who looked for the phone for her for all of. us here on the flight because. we have an exclusive from freedom today it's the friendlier concert of the final four it's twenty five live all over from the safe to play free for our.
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that is something you're now. to find. if you try.
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i. know i. come from certain again but i think we're not loose and the story of the living was not
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a willingness for the rule of law on the will of the law so i don't really want to walk. on the wrong.
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every year in the spanish town three hundred twenty five neurons changes hands. it's quick and easy money. goods trucks from iraq. when it's a month. losing to the police and the local people. next on the. european stars deliver rousing
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performances. he's famous for his acoustic balance. of. new smash hits. pops up on my skis it. comes. to the. continent is reinventing itself. as africa's tech scene discovers it's true potential. inventors entrepreneurs and high tech professionals talk about their visions successes and day to day business the difference. it's
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into history you know everyone. is a mathematician but i was trying to. digital africa starts december twelfth on t.w. . you. alone a very warm welcome indeed to focus on europe with me peter craven and we begin in southern spain which is one of the largest gateways for illegal drugs entering the european union every day traffic has smuggle tons of hashish across the mediterranean from morocco it's an uneven battle between the local police and the gangs transporting the drugs in high powered.


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