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tv   Sarahs Music - Havana Horns  Deutsche Welle  November 25, 2018 10:15pm-10:31pm CET

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a reminder of the top story we're following for you a new leaders have signed off on abreast a deal paving the way for the u.k. to leave the bloc they say the u.k. and the e.u. will remain friends partners and allies. there watching t.w. news from her then more coming up at the top of the hour and don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our web site as to w. dot com thanks for joining. us. to. climate change. waste. pollution sed. isn't it time for good news eco and africa people and projects that are changing our environment for the better it's up to us to be good to our friends let's use find each other. and be committed to important
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magazine. d.w. . earth first dance school in the jungle. or first climb listen and then the doors grand moment to run mc join the arena tango on her journey to freedom you know we're interested don't you mention the tour on an orangutan returns home. on. there is music i did come from
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a cuba for the two thousand and seventeen mozart festival here and i spent a whole day hanging out with these fantastic have on the horn players the program is going to be packed full of for your. first. time to work as well as performing at the mozart in havana festival i also did some teaching at the lisieux mozart china music conservatory it was great to meet all these talented cuban horn players. as part of the mozart in havana festival he gave
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a horn on sambal concert but there was also some time for sightseeing i dislike of this beautiful city. itself i ok. it's a saga. maybe you. might your father made it for me i know so you might even. put a quarter here she's a mascot and tell me when you stop to play cards and b.s. and you come and say oh no yes us when we said a prayer i do mean to man. he mandible
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a gun. when the woman said to the i don't know when i was told much the same of the way i think it was no more just when you are completely out of the company and don't know if. the horn is the best instrument i'm trying to chose but i must say it's very very hot here for me playing the horn in this heat is quite difficult because my valves go slow one of the problems you have for your horn in this this temperature not but that but otoh now that i'm twenty and i'm way that yes i'm about to move out over someone they forgot i was a guy i said no not that i'm going to help that happen oh no he might say no but what it was a prob i set out and even just walking here with the horn on my back you have to only do the far out of the tower and you have to come in every day on the bus with your hair and wait between you know yeah because i don't think on kemo and the
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simpler than that like i could know where i did all of this really handy in piano and probably physical pain i wish i was a little less sensitive that's what all of them once again. and they're still why did you choose the four i choose the percussion ah but on this cruise you know and i have two years old by doing the tests but i don't approve of all the question a man should give me just the french more you know step by step you fall in love with newsman.
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carla tell me how you home know each other you play together every day. tell me about the way sunny leone during. the say the novel out of a cannon and a moment just out of jail a sentiment they get on the. ballot to the and and for model down the road go on over to one of us and highlight any you to not be seen now then tell me you were lucky because you would be here this summer tell me how and why nice man if any and yeah i'm not a yes i'm a yes i am coming i'm off i do not think it would have been so in the s. e m a. you and your family. and past you with me it was a way for us am choosing bang they got me on the music i had i would ova a a having then i saw them at the front. of the founding glass of
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a music of wine and they i lay in a cell grabbing them hey are you a professor to some extent and this.
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i sent out an invitation for foreign players in cuba to join me for a concert at the plaza de la cut through the by all players came from far and wide i had no idea that there was so many horn players here in cuba even the looks of the concert turned into a mini performance or both for the crowd of for girls. for both. of us here on the floor because. we have an exclusive for you today it's the friendlier concert of the ha family for instance if i could live all over the coming days to play for you.
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or our. troops for. the. good old.
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that is something john now and.
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i. think that's often turns into today but i think we're not too sure that this the across the board members are willing to follow one of the one on the more than one side only the one zero one zero. zero zero. zero zero plus.
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this. electricity. the combined heat and power you generate two hundred fifty watts of power. uses a thermoelectric generator to convert into electricity. the blue star can be used to power richer right down. to.
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enjoy the fresh sea air. and soak up some sunshine on. the island off germany's north sea coast boasts beaches perfect for long stroll unique natural beauty and classic maritime cuisine. zones are always worth a visit. in sixty minutes with g.w. . closely. carefully you don't know the soup you need to do get.
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discovered home. subscribe to the documentary on you tube. hello and welcome to tomorrow to day coming up on this week's edition. of troubled times for treat spruce is a may just source of wood but climate change could put an end to that researches and now looking for alternative sources of timber. virtual hottest new drugs could soon be tested on a computer rather than animals or humans and scientists and recreate.


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