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tv   Doc Film - Ben- Gurion - Epilogue  Deutsche Welle  November 26, 2018 6:15am-7:01am CET

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could i not blame. him for this drama am to me it's all about ok. i'm a joke join me from the content on sunday to. post the story show the story of the first one told from different perspectives by peter craven from the eastern european perspective from the african perspective from the perspective of the i don't know boy. t w dot com slash w w wanted. to. hear what's coming up for the book is when you have plenty to talk about here one d. w. that is how to take a look at what all that means for the table of course. given to sligo every weekend here on t.w. .
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recording the. interview. is right. twenty four hours fifty six dividend will be on david ben-gurion it was he who proclaimed the establishment of the state of israel in one nine hundred forty eight and led the country for thirteen years at the age of eighty two five years after stepping down as prime minister he agreed to give an interview on films which was never shown on . the un what's on we found the material by chance and the steven spielberg jewish film archive in jerusalem we had gone there to restore a feature film about ben-gurion produced in the late one nine hundred sixty s. to ours. surprise next to the reels of the feature film we found canisters with
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footage from the forgotten interview with ben gurion. the interviewer was a thirty one year old american jew who had immigrated to israel like david ben-gurion he had settled in the desert the interview took place in april one thousand nine hundred sixty eight more months after the death of his wife paula ben-gurion was living alone with his bodyguards at his home in the negev desert. what do you do with your time now they've. left the government in one thousand nine hundred sixty three for sinking put. to write the history. of the making could you state. begin not to make nine hundred forty eight but eight incident
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along with i think. another six of eight years to have faith to be able to do it it's possible but. to matter to some extent you finished there although almost every day there's an accident people have been killed. but in general you don't fear death. measures if you really want change and. how did your zionism come to you when you were young man. and it all began in plants. where did you expect when you came to what we call it palestine or the land.
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it depends on what kind of little unusual in human lives you to a certain many came but only as the same pillar of the plate that they left me. there if you hadn't meant to before the first world war. was completed in the country one village was fighting the dog my idea was to work until. i saw every day thousands of out of focus on it and going slowly toward. google was the near the synagogue the family came and looked to chant it should if you muslims. the only true one british. and took me ten days or later to push datable of democrat miller that night it was terrible it couldn't work you couldn't eat a roach in a vehicle to get the lettuce without a slogan to continue to shoot the new people but there were many people who might
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come and give a good income dick and it took my father and i didn't leave when he did he said no let it come back. and look at this instance all of the military i built a business for you know i've limited this country. so it strikes me that in those early years of yours you were for a rebel you were not ready to accept a normal life to come form a slice you were against it is not. the number i'm sobbing on like he wanted to clear a new life. not life which exists. i believe that is what i could describe not taking care of it from others but he created a good sort of bend the day reached
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a deal to create it would include we can only fourteen years ago i once came back from the elect. in short i need to see if some young people if you have. janice mcconnell didn't steal what do you think you called me people hating bush independents and split evenly so that their dream can become a thing. in a to say that although i was didn't tell mr mr hills i decided to join did to start building up in the desert but there's no sleep over look at this link. so you mean to tell me that only fourteen years ago beginning your dad said that's it create a political trend again because until then it was impossible. to write. a letter so i was back to back late i doubt that i am sure that that event would you want
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but yeah one of the she's back and we shall act like a lot lately but there may be. one. the most important thing she had lived and learned by living here living to slash. and learn to live in a policeman now you know my friend she still did give it a little exactly she. needed to say see i know but you've planted. then speaks to me in another language and it can be. speculative be sure and believe how you. see what i guess i'm used to having
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to look i just haven't got time i should have had your telephone. you say she was bought out and you know. i was sure of it. because she got on your telephone and that beckett cash i've got talking about you know i tell you show you have got to make a lot had telephone shame about the left it got me shot she got a suitcase a second i'm looking at it and i'm nuts china not so long she's tough on i'm going to hog then over a new lot yet that i've got no my share i meant hockey i'm a boy you know it's not quite that peter i mean about it's a bit too loud to be distinguished in my youth against these verses shed not connected with deeds.
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absent and that's. not complicity i told him i need to eat now i've been good. everyone you can see this consumers are going to do what. purpose it becomes is an example so that people don't have to give its purpose and they use it or might have different but he's saying he's through and then said good to me good news it didn't work because nobody can. win. and he was a great statesman in this to politics mood and the kinks but this was unpopular and this is a statesman who's not considered in it to be done but these people are not then he's a dangerous. people. but you had many decisions to make which were unpopular at the time you decided to accept german reparations for example that was
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very unpopular in cloon book and. didn't execute paul didn't just and this is. i'm just letting you couldn't say that i have no reason that he does not do not see violent demonstrations throughout israel. you must be. from the bottom of the at the center of the storm of the negotiations between israel and western germany on reparations to compensate the survivors the clippers concentration camps the by those in the six genocide has no price yet i'm on your show and you know. and i get a man usually can get a man yeah sure yeah i. know. my i should tell you. i'm not going to. show up to call you. and why you cry for.
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no money no job i could not remember we should be very good morning. and god cover . your. i'm going to. be young. it was a very emotional problem people have lost relatives they've lost family yes and then for the people of the living in. you know i don't squash this question i know i can do but i don't expect until december so i open them open the school. and schools don't need people. but by this and it's this is this is an unjust is not jewish. because but gentlemen you said sinton should use it. but i am in. the world are blocked off in the bush admin it been into canada how so how but just enough to get those who are criminal but not the truth and not just
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how this would. you do it yesterday it's not so and let it be something from the country different fathers did what so it's really good their opinions like . this of england but this is the model that he is not moving so. i took a picture of her to see if there. are other there are a lot of. really really mad men can be forgiven if the average in on me she had to be. in that language. but wouldn't have half so i passed on so much stuff for many of them i dish the council out every success in use as part of why jadwin name in the path of democracy and international cooperation thank you very. much more often.
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than. you think that before the nazi era. we could have saved more if you cannot save people who don't nor want to defeat those who a few did used to didn't defend themselves or to sort of look bullish but a new children with people with conditions and. more than we did might its people couldn't. given undressed code to stay here then they could. have looked at whether this is a bulletin about it i doubt that it could parentage. but are there others could prevent it allow them to complete use of useless but they didn't. could church of the president i had thought it would have continued was crucial as one task
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destroyed to defeat it because it's just it was a good friend of his or his but it was i didn't think that the main task now is the fix. but they could say for management and they were asked to bump posts to bill they could do it if you can but when your reactions when you saw the jews in europe after world war two what were you doing in germany about how. the war was a lesson and said it too good to see did you shouldn't it did decrease when you moved when you saw this it did you actually see the camps themselves it was no different. the belly looked like lynette there were big and you would and i. walked up on. you have been startled hi i'm not. that good did you receive no make. that
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palestine no make the jewish people oh that is an obligation of who i am credit that me place to not i was. real not due to mechanical. if you will of a job in a pre democrat they could do is come out in power point. a bit the the the . many jews to think of israel as a place of refuge for unfortunate jews why should the jews come back design look had a mission. we had a great group it's about three thousand three hundred years ago. he was the greatest juvie ever had. his name wasn't
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a shack he said at ten how many i had to call on me when i him look i'm so glad i'm so good luck to be translated as a nation of higher virtues this is this is one of the meanings this is one of the meanings what would be our virtues and the virtues that we should aspire to. but the virtuous we should never ask where our prophets possibly just controlled helping old also need help in a lot of other will it yourself this or that which you think israel is carrying out that mission not yet when you were head of the movement and were prime minister of the country did you also tell the people or try to tell the people to the and i'm so good. and sooner than
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war was over as long as the war was going down i thought security this had no business. and war was over that this was the beginning of the general idea in one thousand for tonight. i called to get there at a basement as you have yet to be. here who could better graham and others they said to then write until now they had to fight because against. little feet. but this tiny impose it on us no less feel keep increase position supporters i don't for that will be able to achieve a deal to achieve. and therefore the need you. lou is a very big it's mr been grilled for the whole family this children and grandchildren
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come together with many lifelong friends among them as the president of the state of israel murthy it's not been the first number one for his congratulations to his longtime colleague and this procedure. for. the presidency must be clean and this is been going on thanks karen. what about you know. i'm asking i was on the phone think back. to not playing your game last night going to be my defeat found i found that long how do you actually ample shop. doesn't come along you have something going like that the i'm a man i'll have to meet the youngest nation. on this and reforms that are possible and share more than. you are asking me if. i'm named
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and. machine c.e.o. of a not as i like myself on the outside along about. doing good and i like told you then this could put you because that is a. structural then. how is it going to stick. to . only fools mirthfully should i use it to protect. those writings say i declare that i love those things more than. the ones that mean when you say on the. ship and i became as i used. i thought yes i just need to the time he said this is not to lose plants so you think they should all come here i said yes but there are all those estate nobody's going to. win the possessions but that instead of the call themselves i said i'm
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a man of the news and i'm not then i didn't name social business not mean national service just because of a socialist because. national socialist. stones are socialism the same with a sense of being again you are not a zionist you're not a socialist and this is what are you and the june ones to leave the world but it is peace among all nations who lead there is no stick patients but you should help on the move and. the war or been going on with that i mean he told me that i was going to be given body on the guilty. they got obvious but i have a lot more. to
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life must have changed considerably since your wife passed away yes you go on working you not a question man. this person should have a clue. many people many do the last time last night i lost. them here not with the so to inform and with the time to think if you expected that he should not have a baby. be traced to cities where they would this can be traced i read many of the letters. that you go to paula in the early years of your marriage there is another great there they love. a great tenderness
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you see you learn have to mean she was not as a nice she's very little jewish feeling she's a militant she was none of the said telling all the people this if you were in the peace no little girls but none of you doing good work you stood the grits machine you know interest in you that she didn't know what forward and little bit of the one true value you need on the eve of. but we decided to marriage but i think that you will have to be to look in i told a good journalist then and she did. then josie you really left later came november night in one thousand she came to israel to check then suddenly fifty years ago i told her i'm going to. mit. ten percent of the government are going to
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live in this machine she told me that many of them to do that. she was written most of it in this meeting. another moment that we can talk. and not happen to any little they can. like to ask you a question about yourself. you can work almost under any circumstances i once spoke to felton price and he was disparaging will power i said to her it has willpower. and he said no definition of this willpower
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is something you need to do what you don't want to do and going doesn't work and willpower. he loves what he does. would you agree with that. that's true but they do that too but can still need me to do. what type of exercise as you do with helping five quarter of her complicated. canoes race. before descending. again was a little bigger you know then coming to an optimal remember. dr shame it remember. you're no longer
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with emotion he lets look. as a new on the scene. the norm is one. that. is going to shock. the light who's million of them. the way you're going. to. have a story to not. love and not get to know. and what i mean about the being. at the. tap. tap on the floor he began to cry with a friend who gets too close to possibly look down but they really want to get rid of one of the dishes. and they have to leave all of them. busy herself with a lot. of the ones who live down.
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the. chute just cos they see the lot of those on the block well or. in the more calm of the ocean with the safety of the people of the scene without machines three or more wars. who i want to watch family. you. know. mr van gogh and just please just. like to ask you a question i do a connection to jewish history jewish history and it's this the prophets in the bible had a vision for the future. and they connected that vision with
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a faith in god the presence of god is in the prophets. they needed strength and they turn to god do you also turn to god when you need strength. to let it prudent to go. what do you mean by shit clinic that they found god living someplace you turned to him. they could pray to god i wouldn't but you think they'd turn to you didn't turn into a goodish thinking deeply about chanting when they're going to get that picture division good thinking deeply about something if meditating minted schools you think as you just didn't do that. well dan brown said that doesn't talk it's not i'm jim i'm being. you think there's a lot of room in judaism for meditation this meditation
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a theme in judaism of the early issues knowing food you use the word meditation and it will just. in the distinct sense you would think ok well isn't it meditation is not that meaning that you would know of plenty. of buddhism there is a context for meditation and buddhism yes did you find that in buddhism when you were interested in buddha is no you shouldn't people be doing your meditation you find a meditation is helpful. no limited there's meditation distinction to can get in this home yes if other other things in buddhism that interest you or there are many it was a very good evening. and you.
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would also believe in the non-self and not the ease teaching girls teaching the fluff human love. he said she hated those in season two hit it on the baby. isn't democratic is it. in this the set price hundred years for cursed and it's also as you find in the torah very deep all human model to be after larry how come. you should love that tell a man like yourself the gentleman to just of the bible they interpreted it means only jews but different got it in the same chapter in
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chapter nineteen leviticus they said a little later if a stranger did release a monkey it should be to you like a citizen and should love him like yourself because you were strangers and if so doesn't mean only jews it's real and do you think if you're going to have to fight the arabs again. and so can we when not what i did say is they may be there for. them so little punishment should be to most likely just take the possible use or go to go ahead a billion dollars how much they should lowden poor animal issue and spend their money in there trying to get people they don't vent for painful but if a country has to defend itself as in the war of independence it in this is the new case in the through the world certainly not type it in new state in same day than it was proclaimed interest pin state was attacked but all the neighbors i don't
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know them from the other case one of these computers to demand this you. in the midst bridge to security. but you know that won't you declared a state the community here wasn't dangerous there were people united states for example which council a delay of the declaration and yet you went ahead with it. i want a person has to make big decisions involving countries lives that must always be the fear of making mistakes how do you get over the fear night. and you one can you can never know if you're not make it stick because if you know making sure you don't make it you do something called getting good sight and i never assume to know i can make it stick but i think from what i could in this that i thought it ought to be done. but little separate into the government next to mr dylan but not
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the case and except you know that most of the countries that have been established since the second world war have failed at the mark recy. can israel's democracy survive. i hope it will some time democracy can make mistakes it was submitted to make him stick out that marcus's then make it right. when you are here do messrs. some of the people that you've been associated with for many years to and out of that really need a phone oh they are part of the media followed you you met them people that you you were accustomed to so damaged and i am sorry did they're doing you know that i think you're going to nigeria record them sort of they're doing certain things you shouldn't have done but. that's a little bit unfair they also the question is just you know do. i know once which i
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mean in the knesset no i would object when they could no media have to do a sort of inciting complaint was over. i was told i was in so they stood they took the whole sag. pension possible. you have your sign is at least ten times as big it all is just. i got a little drunk the secretary said a little too much and said. i mean to find some of the government thought that i've been to china that part. and i was asked this question believe that next china think that it shouldn't plan intention is to go to say no is to ensure freedom given inhaler. this is not from this which isn't the first she says. this but that day of the middle east war has shown convincing proof of israel's
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military getting out of the israeli armored columns continue their sweep to the south left the on the gaza strip and to the south in sinai how did it happen and more importantly what happens now when going to design to protect all over again no one is a language. better than that the fix that people must make. you think you are making real progress today where would you like to stop going to occupy the whole of jerusalem no. wonder you wish to increase the land area. as. you would you wish to increase the land size of israel with. peace and make some states what. was in london when the world and situation. after the were two of them
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and then a foreigner saying an idiot quoting and then mr singleton. and he urged me to come at once and i said i want to come and i come to know to come but i would choose a time for coming and kind of coming around. he did and i saw him in. the suggestions sort of special status quo and i said we think that a piece of understand should be presented by the palestinians and since. we don't have the means we don't have the possibility that munich i'm a big time. because i know and it's been good from one fourth yes i see them on with me and through like very much mr bin gaurdian because of this thankless his frankness was sometimes frightening. when he when he would express his use about the destiny and the future of that it was we disagreed that
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we always wanted to try and find the coming. of the i'm afraid that he's out of politics and gotten out in the flesh of you know well if there is. on the streets of being defeated and being downtrodden and all the rest of it and so both of us are in of normal condition i consider you just as much abnormal as we are because you are not considering the future of you when you consider in the press and we are not considering the distance we should we are considering our presence of forty but i do believe that this country has been making. a country of peace. and one hundred fifty six in the sinai campaign israel withdrew under some or all pressure do you think there is any hope for a permanent peace here or is this a kind of a state that's going to go on your ideals are set free i can give you my own personal view here you know i don't belong to any party i don't speak on behalf of
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anybody here if i would have a choice bring peace in all the territories you can just see it. i would prefer peace because i know that within the bundle research your god before decide to do his will you could settle as many jews as i'd like i like you to come within the next twenty or forty years. the west bank of the jordan occupied by israel during the six day war at the scene of some of the most bitter fighting ever since and now the center of a new political storm but the american proposal any peace settlement with. the handing back of this territory we really cannot in order be for a lifetime of everything going on in greenland may become to become a model your ticker for good luck you're lucky that. there.
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was a bad guy in israel is once again faced with an historical chalons that is the negotiation of a peace treaties recognizing secure our boundaries do you think that the government's policy is one that can achieve peace in the middle east you mean the desire to go yes they may go even the state like it is made to secretary of state they accept it entirely they did not accept not only under conditions it accepted it i myself think it's a mistake i knew that you have a title to all it's. this is our country it was never the country that was never seen people was that of the seen state and they never gave up i hope to come back but can't and zaf can't but if i had to choose entire country of peace i think this is about and. then you is that if you can have peace you should give up all the tempters you can get into exceptions islam and its
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withdrawal. that. issue rather. leads to you one minute after mission now larry i had yeah you know when you had. been going on. whether some of. what i would have knesset. and whether something other than i said that innocence. sort like i should know she said and i'm sure to look at. that in shiflet of a mile to hear because they're very subtle. and of course have seen my star your
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brother had a hat. back out here and she done so well not as an ad that did i probably ought that america but our friend when it's all absolutely yeah she won't she don't usually. international celebrity where she will quote a shaft. grandmama dental and you come out loyally washburn one hundred you could have all gone loyalty they granted not slate. they have how are how most recently how little into lonely actimel smile you let him come a sahlin clay didn't but i am rush out yes line you suddenly i speak wow i mean yes the whole town only had one scrap. when you think of your own contribution to the fulfillment of the reestablishment of the state. what are the main areas.
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if i would be alone i would be able to do much. but wouldn't be able to energy is such a method which doesn't depend on a sinking push. this is a mistake there are many serious research all this for the buried lead and by that credibly. grouting has been done by a single man. utility go to the city it was created by and. on the last book that i just i read this beautifully and i said well the only scientist from pew thinking came to suit new ideas about science i feel easy to believe it is partly true i myself didn't make all those experiments but i you do other than me to night do from them certain conclusions but with without those experiment i wouldn't be able to wish my theory. but in history i
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don't believe that a single push can change to. the last it is done by the people over there part of the people it can be done. and if you didn't have the pioneers to push an addition the limited would like you kept alive if you had a role and i was of god i was appointed prime minister had to do something you fear for your country or always fit or little in. that state does not yet exist to begin can. thank you very much for sitting room so finish you know not to take no notice of minutes if i'm to do it became a candidate. now i've started to cook so it's not just. a shot of my own children it's what i want and really the ball.
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every year in the spanish town three hundred twenty five times change just happens . it's quick and easy money. for goods trucks from morocco. to witness the mafia. the losing the
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police and the local people. thirty small d w. border all. of. them. going to sleep waiting. waiting for a lifeline to syria. good morning where are you why aren't you answering the. call brings them closer together. to touch him. because they feel powerless to help. they worry about the ones they've left me. i'm trying to be strong. the war continues to haunt those who fled from syria.
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the war on my phone our two part documentary starts december eighth on t w. this is d w news coming to you live from berlin a dangerous crisis exco lates after russia seizes three ukrainian naval ships russia opens fire at it but the vessels near its new bridge dominating the narrow straits to the annexed crimea peninsula moscow claims the best souls entered its waters illegally the move leads to angry protests in kiev where the ukraine
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government says it could introduce martial law. also on the program peaceful protests turned to a dash for the u.s. border.


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