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tv   Popxport - The German Music Magazine  Deutsche Welle  November 26, 2018 12:30pm-1:00pm CET

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discovered. subscribed. documentary. hello and welcome to pop exported german music magazine and i'm benedict and today i'll be bringing you more exciting acts and bands from germany coming up. more to paris electronic beats his acoustic brass. band peers tend to fall off with a life aka struggle. and not on cocktails metrobus
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mysticism to become a much better. so let's start with a bang forbes magazine just released its yearly review of the world's highest paid women in music so far so good but here comes guess who's ranking with other world famous stars german pop singer inofficial she made an impressive twenty eight million euros last year according to forbes from an income source while for huge the successful concert series covering fourteen cities with several shows at each stop was one of the largest was germany has ever seen and a bump in officials ranking above others like in the young for britney spears the top earner of forbes two thousand eight hundred katy perry with about seventy two million euros amazing now moving on to acoustic techno hits with us and trumpets that's how the band's more laws its fans away. eleven guys from hamburg came
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together in two thousand and fifteen to form a techno marching band as they called themselves electric and acoustic press their beats are not on the impossible not to dance to they've also gotten lots of attention on you tube we met martin ahead of their europe tour. the hamburg brass band more time has marched its way to the big stage but not with traditional folk music they cover his tracks from electronic and house scene that and later thomas berthold you came up with the idea. this person out of work and i think it's a perfect match because techno at its core is really brass band music. i think of the bass drum in any techno music and the samples they use they're called horns and
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things like that and they use old synthesizers from the eighty's time zone which are basically computers trying to imitate the sound of brass music comes through the. glass music to. preparations for a burly gig hosted by jim muse music funding agency in need to teach music they support more church as well and the band is a blast to watch whether they're playing at huge festivals in tiny clubs or at street festivals. the eleven pace techno marching band doesn't only have a wicked live performance they've also got a great studio album is resigning the two i would say were more inclined to play live. that's the whole idea to let people really experience music they'd otherwise only hear out of their speakers. but we also enjoy making records and we've already
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got one out for michael milken i won one off going to. all band members work as full time musicians for the big german acts like yandle a infectious brought thomas byrne one place the jazz trumpet and brought the group together in twenty fifteen their very first you tube clip shows them covering a track raised by house killer and became an instant he. said when a group of daft i was in a ballin club one night and thought i want to make music like that with real instruments everyone was raving it was incredible even though there was just one guy d.j. and you could really see what he was doing. of. combining the energy of techno
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music with a live performance was bound to create something amazing we was. since then more tech has been crashing its way around the world festivals like barcelona's x.e. own musical south by southwest in texas hungary's secret and lola the loser just wouldn't be the same without them. so what's next. while they're saying it will continue making new tracks we'll start writing our own material and we will keep reworking other songs. so i was at some point everyone in the world should know. we really enjoy traveling you see you know. like you the brilliant brass collective will soon embark on an extensive three month european concert tour there they can satisfy they want to last for
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a bit in concert halls and surely on the streets to. over seventeen million albums sold for su awards and even the grammy nomination have been sure it was one of germany's top beaches and producers music video for his latest single speechless was shot in the streets delhi mumbai there are fines to woman off his dreams and will stop at nothing to charm her but don't let yourself get too distracted or you must. take a look. at all.
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was. like. oh my. you.
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don't you. come to love. you. and then fit for bollywood's by the way robin schwartz won't be in india this december if he busy touring the us japan indonesia and he's not the only german has been busy time is on the move to time for
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a music news. german rock legend scum stein are planning a massive three year concert tour according to lead guitarist they shut close spent so far only their twenty nine thousand european stadium tour had been announced details of the extra shows are yet to be made public they said close but also said the band will be mastering their new album in l.a. this december. and soon pick up close biz own band emigrate will be releasing their third album. in the rock outfit cop look played six shows in argentina paraguayan the judging by their video blog it wasn't all some of the sailing one band member forgot to close the window and their bonus iris accommodation and accidently flooded the place and not all their shows were sold out but that didn't stop cock float from having
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a blast in south america. from south to north america the headstrong new wave college rock band hologram just released their debut album and they're already heading across the pond for shows in canada and the usa. the whole world of pop music on the one the facebook page d w music check out. your favorite stars and the latest from the scene. turns with us into the top universe and following some facebook we'll see you there d w music.
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and our next stop is incredible arlene cohen band singer songwriter trio has joined forces with the musicians of the stew buffalo many are. short for the small village intuiting reveal sama came together in one thousand nine hundred nine not they are going on their second tour with the popular german act their first in was in two thousand and five we got to visit their rehearsals in the city to the germans last hours and immediately love the atmosphere enjoy. a good. pop folk jazz and classical sheaves the ellen kullman band will be touring germany and austria with the stuber feel harmony orchestra this winter this is the second time the small orchestra from essential germany goes i'm told it's that.
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easy to meet as well as my i don't think i would have ever dared to ask an orchestra if they would play with us that we have a connection i studied in to ring in the same state that they are from. and i travelled through holland with some of their musicians eyes of the holland. the trio alan cohen fabian stevens and philip martin all rehearsing with the balkan struck in. the last time they have been on tour was in two thousand and five with the german pop poet who is on. the album calling the band's heartfelt songs have all been rearranged to fit a live orchestra. it's such an incredible thought that we all have to agree on who plays which night when
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we're so many musicians all performing one song i need. a time to get goosebumps because this group of fifth. class musicians create such a rich sound you wouldn't get that from a quartet old quintet wins the crowd and. composer and singer allan cohen is known for her intelligent lyrics and powerful melodies born to a german doctor and mexican artist she grew up speaking german and spanish in hamburg and started traveling at an early age she even discovered a passion for music on the road. i started writing because i wanted to perform. and i was living in sweden and i went to an open stage event and i remember
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watching the performances and thinking i want to sing for people to watch. but first she studied environmental engineering at the weimar university in two thousand and seven she founded her bag with fellow students to date they produced two studio albums one a german music price and played at international shows organized by the good if she . had more than ten years later she still gets nervous before going on stage. that is how this bunch of unified as i often get on stage and feel kind of embarrassed for what i'm saying or something like that. but i still really enjoy being up there and singing so i just deal with the fact that i feel
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a bit awkward highly sure loved by them they are starting december the fifty two musicians of the studio. orchestra and alan cullen will be on stage together on tall. man. next up as germany's most successful solo artist how about going a mile ever since nine hundred eighty four is consistent the storm the top of the german charts with each new studio album releases and that's exactly where his latest album to most is two in the home the third single released. sings about self-doubt. own ability.
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of my. truck still. want to.
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orleans la la land the job was. too soon for. you. ok i personally am not a huge fan of how about going to my about hitting the top of the charts with eleven studio albums in a row is definitely impressive now let's take a look at what else is happening in german sound studio. after that twenty fifteen e.p. frankfurt based indie rock band behind me on and on now following up with their debut album i was class on find.
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our expansion response time something my german pop rock singer love hey is back with a brand new record for a into the world of acting the former teen idol with gold i'm passing on releases to her name has returned to hung musical roots. one club one angle typical on my contract right. the acoustic pop group will have
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a second album out in early december until then fans can enjoy that they just single. when seventy five thousand metal heads descend upon a small village in germany and you know it's. i'm sort of back an open air and went twenty and you coming x. from around the world five for eternal glory in the back in the arena you know it's time for the met had better one of the two thousand eight hundred champions was from ukraine. mystical ukrainian rock band live at the twenty eighteen fuckin.
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march from ukraine and you're watching t w t v. this is actually the tonka this is a big one and this is a small one and this is all tradition in ukraine and when the new kid was born mother or grandmother made this those as a protector from disease from bad things we used this name because it really fits fits really right store music because a play really mystic and this this is really a mystical. hallowed tradition for nearly thirty years the back an open air festival is the largest metal extravaganza in the world each year more than seventy five thousand metal heads flocked to the tiny village of fuckin in northern germany this year featured some two hundred light packs one of them was more time cut representing ukraine at vaucluse famous metal battle they were one of twenty eight
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bands who had made the cut we were wishing to go just for just to walk and just to be here with this family it's like like a religion for us and we. i never knew that we can play here actually. but you're getting from ukraine to germany it wasn't easy they started in their hometown. but soon had to wait by. long hours after ukrainian polish border to get through customs. then finally they reached. one short gig and an even shorter night later. they were off to a box to represent ukraine in the metal back they have to beat up a national competition they couldn't be proud of. in germany actually to be honest
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a lot of people think that ukraine it's a little russia but it's not true ukraine it's a big really big country was a really big history and a really great culture so that's why we get influence and inspiration from from the things. because music takes fans on a spiritual journey into the world of ukrainian mythology it's characterized by overtone singing and folk nori constraint but they're still a genuine metal band. the big moment is here they're about to get on stage to play the biggest show in their seven year band history.
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bags under the sun. to compete against twenty seven other international metal acts and win the twenty eighteen metal battle. had only twenty minutes to impress the crowd and we know that the jury. were in remarkable two thousand and eighteen finally the moment of truth that long a dirty ukraine. was. made second place. was.
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the band invested the four thousand euro prize money into a new album and began planning gigs across europe because by now motown certainly has expanded its loyal following. now from mystical metal to mainstream pop to round off today's show we'll finish with max the zing us album the highs of his previous record that you hadn't won him platinum and m.t.v. europe music awards that was two years ago but the former street busker is still going strong so i leave you to enjoy his current sing that's how as a enjoy the video and that's it from me for today by. mother. told me the chances are you'll.
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make this food not. just long. lines are long. long legs or. small islam. or muslims. long long long. long long. long lists. it lists couloir. frontrunning. something along the pharmacy. a long long long time. coming comes a. limb
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a long long long . odd. moment. to. go.
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into. a modern. pioneering philosopher and an icon. how the anti capitalist became a poster boy for revolution. and was and is what i mean to us today. hundreds but. a special creature. thirteen g.w. .
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bush because g.w. to slaughter from berlin to bring in our correspondent ophelia harms are really strong so from rio de janeiro now we have you to find out what happened with music of your correspondent founder gets a smile and we do have some other breaking news that's coming into us now on this forum about. perspective closer up w. news thank you for joining us. sometimes books are more exciting than real lives. referring to. what if there's no escape. ritualised the german must treat. a continent as reinventing itself. as africa's tech scene discovers it's true potential. inventors entrepreneurs and high tech professionals talk about their visions successes and day to day business to present. its.
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history in the everyone. is the mouth of a fish and the. digital africa starts december twelfth on to w. . russia is becoming a hotbed of aids accompanied by a lack of information and stigmatize asian in some cities h.i.b. is spreading rapidly. in several involves russia's age i think it be dead because been moving too many youth face making a definitive transition from the so-called fallen rebel groups to the been published. h.i.v. in russia today on t.w. news.
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this is deja vu news coming to you live from berlin a tense standoff between russia and ukraine over a street off the disputed crimean peninsula rochelle finance and seizes the street ukrainian ships came in and they entered the russian television waters illegally off the crimean coast ukraine accuses the russian maybe of acting like bandits also coming.


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