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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  November 27, 2018 12:15pm-12:30pm CET

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when you're watching do you have your news coming up ahead been for job cuts and g.m. have factored workers are asking what happened to america first donald trump isn't very happy either. that and more coming up shortly with first in business news to stay with you news if you get. to russia is becoming a hotbed of aids accompanied by a lack of information and stigmatize ancient in some cities a child feeling is spreading rapidly. here in the several rows of russia's age i think if the democrats been moving to new theories making a definitive transition from the so-called vulnerable groups to the bain contribution. and h.i.v. in russia today on t.w. news. sometimes books are more exciting than real lives.
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to reach. home. once there's no escape. list one hundred german plus treats. at the. general motors is breaking hobbs despite being on solid financial footing g.m. is cutting fifteen percent off its global workforce and closing up to five factories workers are outraged as is president trump. germany remains in digital no man's land and the new ultra high speed mobile service is not going to change that leaving ten percent of the country uncovered.
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general motors plans to layoff up to fourteen thousand factory and white collar workers in north america and possibly close five plants fifteen percent of germs entire workforce are affected by the plants the carmaker owning iconic brands like chevrolet and cadillac says it wants to focus more on autonomous and electric vehicles the move has drawn ire from washington. g.m. said waning demand for traditional sedans and rising costs prompted the massive cuts and the steel tariffs introduced by the u.s. this year haven't helped president donald trump was quick to say g.m.'s decision to cut its american workforce. well we don't like it i believe they'll be opening up shop they go to where i was very tough i spoke with her when i heard there would blow things that i said you know this country's done a lot but general motors you better get back and there's no audio echo of
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sentiments from canadian prime minister justin trudeau disappointed by g.m.'s decision regarding their plant in the ocean as part of their global restructuring our thoughts are with those those whose jobs will be affected and their families. but unhappiest of all are affected general motors stuff i've been here twenty years i've been through a closure in scarborough i've been through a closure in london i moved my family twice for this company and they do this to me this term. defines g.m. plants will halt production next year laying off three thousand three hundred production well because in the u.s. and about three thousand in canada the company also plans to trim its white collar stuff by eight pounds and. join in the studio by my colleague stephen because they from v.w. business is the even if you look closer into this story what's behind this decision by g.m. regular hard to think really if you look at this their belt would say there are
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three factors really a play one is market conditions the other is preparation for the future and then the others and these economic factors like the tariffs so we saw with market conditions americans are buying fewer small and midsize cars they want trucks they want s.u.v.s ford with these lines that they're idling not closing down their idling these are of course largely production lines for cars and midsize sedan and so the ships have been slowly being pulled back over time to talk about future conditions autonomous electric as what was mentioned in the piece. electric for example requires fewer workers on the floor we're seeing similar changes across the sector right now volkswagen announcing similar changes to production lines very little moving response and that there's less moving towards it just requires less bodies on the floor and then finally we talk about some new trade stuff g.m. was saying that it's going to cost it's bottom line i think it's looking at seven hundred million to maybe a billion dollars in cost that's not insignificant but that is not at the absolute heart of this either of all these things converging so that you say that the tariffs to play a play a role there as well. there is
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a political dimension to this but it is it a bit large at this time due to donald trump isn't it right there's always a political dimension when people are being laid off as you can see in canada and other nations sounds the same as what we're hearing now in the u.s. from president trump but obviously president trump has intervened from very early in his presidency for hiring american hiring and these things and so this is really this ultimate sort of tension between someone who is supposed to be a free market republican and someone who also wants to push for american jobs that's a very populist stance but as his critics have often said you know american prosperity rests on globalization and g.m. is making money from china in other areas not just from the u.s. and it has to think about the future it can't just think about job numbers all time globalization is an interesting point here. but shouldn't the g.m. also have profited from this massive tax cut from that on top of providing great if you could read of course this is the one point five trillion dollars tax cut is meant to sort of encourage investment by businesses and by mere ports they have
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saved on federal taxes this year about one hundred fifty million but they've also suffered a big loss from being able to write off past losses a much larger amount they've actually lost and that the point is this often isn't a one to one we cut your taxes you invest more we hire more as you can see it's much more complicated mr thank you very much. on the us to germany where the government plans to roll out the latest generation of mobile phone tech across the country but. leave five g. is vital for future infrastructure. five g. wireless testing is even taking place on the harbormaster every day his launch sales back and forth through the port of hamburg a perfect opportunity to test how well five g. data transfer works in motion three senses of providing initial test data on at pollution and that's just the beginning. indeed envisioned one to be in so long aside the environmental senses that we're installing on the ship we can imagine
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putting vibration monitoring senses in bridges cameras sensors on the port railway and senses in the movable locks to improve maintenance and make the whole operation more failsafe and more efficient but he also says that your god if you end up them on. the porch of hamburg office special challenges like the container ships made of steel that partially blocked the signals that's why the port authority and i.t. company nokia a constantly checking jaring the test phase how fast the five g. signals are and how reliable and the experts also have to keep an eye on how secure the network is. there is nothing to us from both features that starts with the physical security devices have to be integrated in such a way that no one can say go up to a traffic light with a flash drive and hack it that can't be allowed to happen and five g. has solutions for that and then says i.t.
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security for passwords to fire walls all of that's critical in five. for now this is just a large scale field test that many here hope that five g. intelligent traffic lights will make finessed congestion in the port and depart. from such night house projects experts are calling for a well functioning nationwide wireless network she does and there are serious differences in some areas we can apply very sophisticated solutions in other areas become to even say the network is slow everett's hardly available so basically there's no access to wireless networks. the port of hamburg is determined not to fall behind in the digital race there's stiff competition with the ports of rotterdam and down to up and digital solutions a key. idea. what that means for that is a way to further increase competitiveness we have more technologies that will be
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implemented to make the poll more efficient this network will enable companies at the ports to further optimize their processes in the future. to. hamburg has already gathered a wealth of experience with five g. before it comes on the market in twenty twenty. well within the student tech and it tells an hour in the five g. is an important technological step why is there such a fuss about this well basically because five g. is really going to determine how manufacturing driving cars in all these technologies are constant talking about a rolled out to the german people the last generation of solar technology was introduced ten years ago and we're still living with the day we're going to have it for another four years so right now who gets the five g. rights and how they get them is really going to give them ten years of basically
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indefinite business that they can look forward to it's a problem here in germany how are other countries doing in this respect with five looking at five g. well actually when it comes to digitalisation in general germany has been not necessarily keeping up with the other players if you look at it four g. the old technology is only available in sixty six percent of joy. now that puts place seventy and seventy's position in the world you know with other in seventy seven zero seventy exactly you know our our direct neighbors are albania and colombia and you know it's really industrial power houses and if you compare that to the asian markets or north america they're looking at ninety seven percent adoption so germany is really behind the curve on this. how is it possible the country famed for its engineering prowess lags behind the war when it comes to digitalisation germany has traditionally kind of neglected its infrastructure back in the eighty's and ninety's when every other country was adapting. so fiber optic cables germany was still betting on copper wires and of course that led the telecom
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and also the german government save a lot of money but now they're having to catch up they're having to build that infrastructure that every other country has enjoyed for a number of years so when it comes to adapting five g. and also four g. technology it really looks like they need to do their homework and up their game a little bit is this just an embarrassment for germany or is that real quantifiable damage to the german economy i think it's hard to put a direct number on it but if you look at many regions especially more rule regions or even the east of the country don't really have the internet infrastructure they need and that's preventing things like universities and startups and also large corporations from moving their campuses to those parts of the country and a couple of years ago i was actually at a tech conference where chancellor merkel actually lamented the fact that germany didn't have a homegrown google apple facebook or something like that but if you and they say she said it was actually part of the german business culture that encourages kind of start ups but really i also think digitalisation is playing
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a huge role because you know if you don't give those type of companies like the sandbox they need to play and develop their never even develop on their own so really if germany wants their own tech giant if they want a homegrown google or facebook they really need to give them the tools they need to succeed and part of that is five g. technology of the internet of things of course. this technology to work thank you very much. and that's it for me on the business team member len thank you very much for watching.
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