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this is live from world leaders convene in argentina for the g. twenty summit u.s. president donald trump is due to hold talks with the leaders of china and germany over american trade tyrus which has shaken the world cup it's likely to be a challenging summer at the world's worst a powerful nations also on the program. ukraine's army steps up its combat readiness following russia seizure of three ukrainian ships ukraine's also bans russian men of military age from entering the country. and an unprecedented
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humanitarian crisis the words of tier one as met as an influx of migrants trying to reach united states stretches the six resources to break. i'm for a welcome to the program world leaders have open the g twenty summit in two days of talks with a host of thorny issues to source at top among some of the ongoing trade dispute between the united states and china are the topics in the killing of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi in turkey and heightened tensions between russia and ukraine a potential mediator in that conflict german chancellor angela merkel is still not surprised because of the craft malfunction. of brussels the bureau chief is saying. that chief political correspondent linda cry.
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he was me you know welcome both let's let's start with you in buenos aires that much. as i was saying the german chancellor angela merkel hasn't arrived because of the plane trouble there's a picture of her on board and iberia flights and it's pirates not even a business. so while she's been walking down the corridors it looks like a boy about playing what if she actually missed. write up a. business is better than what we fly just to say we're not sure though we don't have confirmation that it's business maybe even economy so what has she missed she's missed the opening ceremony she won't be part of the so-called family photo that's the photo where all the heads of state and government of the g. twenty are on so she won't be on that she's going to miss the bilateral meeting that was scheduled with the u.s. president donald trump but maybe they can make up for that on the sidelines or even schedule it for tomorrow after all donald trump is going to be here quite some time on saturday he has his bilateral with the chinese president in the evening saturday
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evening so maybe some time to move things around there and she'll be here in time for dinner. ok well that's the way to be important things at least melinda crane appears to be a host of international fires if i can put it that way that a raging of the moment but do seem likely to sort of take over this music so they absolutely are likely to deflect attention from what was supposed to be the main topic at the meeting namely fair and sustainable development but in fact due to the tensions between russia and ukraine due to the allegations that the saudi crown prince crown prince mohammed bin simon ordered the murder of a journalist and the crown prince is of course also attending this summit there are a lot of sort of frictions that the various leaders are going to have to deal with theoretically overcome and then there's the whole set of trade issues now they
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are a core topic for a meeting like the g. twenty the g. twenty actually was created to bring international leaders to talk about trends that affect the global economy so certainly trade is amongst those trends that will be big on the agenda we've heard that there's still a lot of tough negotiation going on in regard to a final communique from this meeting and one of the issues one of the sticking points is international trade along with climate change so a lot on the table and a lot of uncomfortable encounters ahead also for these leaders let's talk about trade of the china u.s. trade dispute right there at the center of everything g. twenty is about our presence trump likely to make progress this weekend. it's hard to read at the moment especially on the american side we have signals from trump through has been completely ambivalent so it's complete it's likely we
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said maybe i'll do it but maybe i won't feel like it so we can't really trust that what the official u.s. trade representative lighthouses said though was more interesting he was cautiously optimistic that a deal could be struck although we're not sure what this deal means a good sign would be of course in the eyes of the g. twenty if it would stop the escalation in what is already a trade war that is after all one of the founding goals of the g. twenty to make trade easier not harder but the problem is if they strike a bilateral deal here which is not within the multi multi multi national framework here then that my you be a problem especially for the european union because it might just cut them out so that is one of the worries that you have on the european side that they might actually strike a deal but it would it would isolate the rest of the g twenty here but melinda crane just to stay with with china did despite the condemnation fall for president trump's unilateral actions against china there are lots of countries who think he
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has a point even if they don't agree with his methods indeed they do there is a widespread sense that china resorts to unfair practices for example in regard to intellectual property of companies doing business in china as we've often discussed china has a joint venture law that requires those countries to enter into joint venture and their joint venture chinese partners often then wind up siphoning off trade secrets and intellectual property a lot of countries have a problem with that not only the u.s. they also have a problem with the fact that china doesn't open its market to a lot of services from from western industrialized countries but nonetheless the european countries very much object as you said to the way that the u.s. has gone about dealing with this dispute essentially because they see it as undermining the world trade organization and the rule. based international order there is a dispute resolution process within the w.t. how china has even resorted to it interestingly enough china used to really
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disregard that system and there's a feeling that i his attacks on the w t o donald trump has worked to undermine the credibility of this very important organization if that rules based trade system goes away we will get back to something resembling a lot of the strongest and that is very very problematic. hoffman. a sort of britain that i'm guessing the british prime minister recently is going to have a busy time there looking for countries. to trade deals after breakfast. going to have a busy time with that and argentina could be a perfect partner because you know is also looking to get out of their economic slump slump with trade but they have this little problem the u.k. and argentina it's called the falkland islands which are u.k. territory but argentina for a long time has said we want them back it's ours and this was of course the reason
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for the falkland wars and ever since the beginning of the eighty's the you know u.k. prime minister has shown his face here on this territory so this is a first for a long time through some a is going to be back try to figure that situation out and she's also as we understand the only european leader and one of the few leaders here to have a bilateral meeting with the saudi crown prince and she's probably going to have a thing or two to say to him she already announced beforehand on the flight to born as i was that she was going to take a very robust stand so what exactly that means we don't know yet we expect her to communicate how that meeting went afterwards the strategy of other leaders like mackle is just to avoid the saudi crown prince by the way i myself went and bought a satirist but into quite a thank you. so as you've been hearing one of the pressing issues of this summit will be how to reduce tensions in this latest flare up between russia and ukraine of crimea today ukraine banned entry to the country of all russian men of fighting age ukrainian president petro poroshenko has again shown what he says is evidence
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of russian tanks massing along his country's border is one thousand kilometers from ukraine this and to be close to where russia stores its what its i mean ition and weapon systems. correspondent david stern is in care if we asked him how worried ukraine is about combat i'd rush is entering his territory well apparently very worried about it as you say the president has announced that the men between the ages of sixteen and sixty will be prevented from coming into the country this is part of a general crackdown or restriction he said on all foreigners coming in but they will be targeting in particular russians and the reason he said was think prevent them from forming. from forming a military groups that this is all part of the general martial law that we saw introduced to pass by parliament earlier in the week and we've been waiting to see exactly what the elements of this martial law is now it's coming out in bits and
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pieces and obviously this is going to affect life very people living in the ten territories which are find themselves under martial law on the border areas near russia and the black and as it sees the east in care to some of the other stories making news around the world a yellow vest demonstration in central brussels turned to violence as protesters burned police vehicles and blocked city streets police dispersed the crowd want to count the rest of dozens of people box cutters and smoke bombs yellow vests movement protesting fuel tax increases started in france last month and that's now spread to belgium. number of measles cases registered globally has spiked by more than thirty eight percent a new report from the world health organization penza blame on gaps in vacillation coverage of officials a particularly worried about an increase in the vaccine skeptic parents who refused to immunize the veteran. according hunters as convicted seven men over the murder
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of a prominent environmental activist to better like a serious who led a grassroots campaign against one hundred project. labs shot dead in her home in twenty sixty. to mexico where the mass of the border town of tea water has described the plight of migrant stranded dass an unprecedented humanitarian crisis the city is dealing with an influx of around seven thousand central americans who are trying to reach the united states to apply for asylum it only has a shelter for a third of that number leading to squalid conditions d.w. correspondent stephan simmons went to the camp and met some of the migrants who have walked thousands of kilometers hoping for a new life in the u.s. . the most unique thing about one of the biggest shelter for the so-called caravan migrants is that it provides hardly any shelter at all at least not from the elements not from the rain and not from the cold during freezing nights right
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here i am committed by city officials to hold a maximum of just two thousand five hundred people this place now houses more than six thousand migrants and in a few days that number will rise to seven thousand including more than one thousand babies toddlers and young children. we need cindy pinner we talked to her about a week ago she had just arrived with two more for four sisters and without her father the family had gotten separated on their journey to tijuana now they are reunited but conditions here. if dramatically deteriorate it always feels better man we're in really bad shape as you can see everything is what we are tired we couldn't get any sleep last night it's hard when the babies are all wet it's getting worse for us with no real place to stay this tent is not even mine. that
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a bit annoyed me and the city of tijuana some state agencies and an increasing number of n.g.o.s are doing what they can to cope with the situation infection and diseases are on the rise headlights are a problem overall hygiene is a major concern to us mayor says he's battling what he calls an unprecedented humanitarian crisis in his town with almost no help from the central government in mexico city its people were dealing with its integrity dignity they need a place to sit they need a place to sleep they need to please a dignified place not us we are working with them right now what would happen if someone would start a riot down there who's going to be responsible mexico city has finally sent more federal police and some military two to one but that doesn't solve the city's financial problems as it spends almost thirty thousand dollars a day on its migrant crisis of fortune for the border town with you know someone
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who could help us out i wonder how we ever hear of this out and read them really. wanna help wanted. to look at some sport now one of the bundles biggest surprise teams this season is pursuit of knockout stages of the europa team toward a league tournament for the help of boisterous fans up front for it to be one of last season's finalists on the big must say order. gave his side the lead to the opening minutes made life easy where the pair of goals either side of half time frankfurt see when the second goal from which of the. victory means a winning group with a game to spare. else elsewhere in the europa league drew one all with bow gary aside. got it thanks to a game tying told goal in the eighty fifth minute leverkusen still leave bag ruthann leipzig last one in the way of the austrian sister club sounds but i'm sick now i have only
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a faint chance of advance still to come here on the day w one of the first things donald trump did when he took office was to rip off the nafta free trade agreement out of the us mexico and canada have signed a replacement at the g twenty and i hope it will and you'll dismiss updates i'll be back at the top of the hour i myself a good day. sometimes books are more exciting than real life. preparing to agree. on. what if there's no speech. trigger list. german must.


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