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to reach them since. the war on my phone which in part documentary starts december eighth on t w. this is the news live from berlin george herbert walker bush the forty first president of the united states has died at age ninety four tributes pouring from across the world for the president who led the u.s. through the end of the cold war our correspondent washington has the latest reaction. also coming up will the current u.s. president further fuel tensions at the g twenty summit in argentina donald trump
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cancels a meeting with russian president vladimir putin and tonight is meeting with saudi arabia's crown prince will the world leaders all agree on a communique. and clashes on the streets of paris riot police fired tear gas at thousands of protesters angry at rising fuel prices dozens have been arrested we go live to the french capital. spicer welcome to the program former u.s. president george herbert walker bush the forty first president of the united states has died at the age of ninety four bush served only one term from nine hundred eighty nine to nine hundred ninety three overseeing an invasion of panama and us involved in the first gulf war his presidency also coincided with the crumbling of the soviet union praise for his promotion of democracy and post cold war eastern europe here in germany bush. or will be remembered for playing
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a key role in reunification saying no wall can ever crush a nation's soul but an economic recession at home led to a dive in his popularity and he was ousted by democrat bill clinton eight years later george bush sr saw his son george w. bush become the forty third president of the united states i'm joined now by our correspondent. in washington what reactions have there been to george bush senior's death well we've already seen a reaction is pouring in from across the u.s. and across the political spectrum we have the first reaction from president donald trump in which he said having read here through his essential authenticity disarming wit and unwavering commitment to faith family and country president bush inspired generations of his fellow americans to public service to be in his words a thousand points of light illuminating the greatness hope and opportunity of
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america to the world and we've seen a reaction from former president obama saying that his life is a testament to the idea that public service is a noble calling president clinton saying that he is grateful for his friendship with president bush he was a really a man who was admired broadly across the political spectrum especially after he left office and continued working in public service in the way that he did bringing attention to causes around the world often working in tandem with his fellow former presidents and what would you say were his his greatest achievements. well he's definitely known for his international work as you mentioned the crumbling of the soviet bloc there and sort of bringing eastern europe back into the world fold or shall we say also under his leadership the north american free trade agreement was signed in the nafta agreement being candid of the u.s.
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and mexico which is one of the largest trade deals at the time and something that was just renegotiated under president trump. he also oversaw the u.s. involvement in iraq in the first gulf war something that the u.s. preoccupation with iraq has continued really to this day both physically and politically so a lot on the international scene that is part of his legacy. just briefly he also came in for some criticism while he was president did he not. absolutely well while he was mostly known for his international work it was really his domestic agenda that brought him down as you mentioned he only served one term one of the few modern presidents has only served one term and it was because he's from a very. wealthy family and he was seen as somewhat out of touch with average americans and it was that sort of distance from the average american to him him coming from just told me in so far as america has nobility and noble family that
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evidently brought him down and was the subject of much criticism during and somewhat after his presidency ok my schweder in washington thank you so much for that. as reaction continues to come in from around the world let's take a look back at the life and legacy of george herbert walker bush. this was one of george bush's last public appearances and surely one of his toughest it was his wife barbara's funeral in early twenty eight hundred. he did farewell to her after seventy three years of marriage. the couple married shortly after the end of world war two george was a war hero. he was the youngest pilot in the u.s. navy. bush flew dozens of missions in the war he was shot down at sea then rescued at the last minute and became an instant legend.
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he returned to texas where he founded an oil company then he turned to a career in politics joining the republican party he became the u.s. ambassador to the united nations then the u.s. top diplomat in china then head of the cia. in the one nine hundred eighty s. he became vice president to ronald reagan. after two terms as vice president he then decided to run for the white house himself. and he was. purser pro-tax then defend the constitution of the united states. and nine hundred eighty nine the berlin wall fell and with it the iron curtain.
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bush cautiously and calmly weathered the transition he went time to develop a good relationship with the leader of the soviet union mikhail gorbachev and campaigned heavily for the reunification of germany. bush is also the president who led the usa into its first major military operation in the middle east as i report to you air attacks are underway against military targets in iraq bush launched operation desert storm against iraq's dictator saddam hussein after he had attacked kuwait. after the first gulf war president bush the preval ratings went through the roof but that didn't last long many americans became unhappy with his domestic policies because of tough economic times he was forced to raise taxes it was a broken promise and the perfect ammunition for bill clinton bush next democratic opponent clinton won the one thousand nine hundred two presidential election and after his one term in the white house bush called it quits he focused his efforts
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on humanitarian activities and his family which in two thousand and one once again broke history as bush son became president. the g twenty summit it is entering its second and final day higher the agenda is the ongoing trade dispute between the united states and china other topics include the killing of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi in turkey and heightened tensions between russia and ukraine global leaders positioned themselves cautiously as a host of disputes and disagreements threaten to undermine the show of unity as the summit got underway saudi arabia's prince mohammed bin some months stood alone with controversy over the saudi's role in the war in yemen and the world still recoiling from the murder of dissident journalist jamal khashoggi and b.s. was offered few handshakes one greeting stood out russian president vladimir
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putin's bright smile belied his own rejection by the group putin is in hot water over russia's seizure of ukrainian ships after a clash in the black sea. the crisis was quite literally on the table at talks with his french counterpart. an aide to president emmanuel micron said putin took out a piece of paper and sketched a map of the current straight off crimea to defend his position that the ukrainian vessels had intruded into russian waters kiev denies the claim and the e.u. underlined it was standing by its european partner. europe if you like that. it's over there it's a really take. this is why i have a show that they. are the sanctions against russia. against a background of sanctions and tariffs trade issues are looming large over this summit the u.s.
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and china are set to hold a high stakes meeting to try to diffuse their escalating trade war president xi jinping offered a rhetorical olive branch to donald trump ahead of their meeting pledging to do more to open up china's economy the u.s. president meanwhile touted his signing of a rewritten north american trade agreement with canada and mexico as an early success. german chancellor angela merkel missed the summit opening arriving tired to the official dinner after an arduous trip technical problems with her government plane forced her to take a commercial flight after an evening of cultural offerings and a refreshing night's sleep the twenty leaders are set to continue one on one sessions on saturday traditionally they issue a joint communique at the end of the summit but this year they may find it hard to square that circle. police in paris have fired tear gas on protesters who are trying to break through security cordons on the famous shows that is
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a demonstrators from france's so-called yellow vests movement have been protesting for a third weekend against fuel price rises the high cost of living and president a man you're not calls leadership police say they've arrested more than sixty people so far. for more on this let's go live to paris now our lisa lewis is covering the protests for us lisa you are right at the center of these protests tell us what's going on. but i'm actually at the stone his chance is there and weirdly enough this is probably the most most secure place in the area today as opposed to last saturday really at the police have cordoned off this song as it is a you can see the details in the background and a lot of protesters thousands of protesters are in the adjacent streets around the shows it is it trying to get in here but at the police are filtering the people taking away their protective gear and anything that these people could use at missiles around the shows it is a you've got scenes of urban guerrilla really people you know running fighting
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against the police the police is charging with tear gas they're using using water cannons and they're actually the helicopters flying above since really can also hear lots of different scenes lots of different areas where you've got fights between protesters and the police are looking at those pictures a lot of cat and mouse a lot of tear gas it's even hard to see some of the people who can tell us what is the reason for all of this. all these people who've come here today to paris to protest you know there are saying that they feel left behind by the politicians in the capital in paris at the trigger of these protests it was a rise and announced rise in fuel taxes for early next year but this is only the trigger the underlying anger is really caused by a deep feeling of being left behind they feel that it might cause dean politics for rich people in france actually according to a recent study by by researchers actually his but it's close to budgets of this
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year next year largely in favor of rich people in france and actually a disadvantage for the poorer people so many people here feel that they should not be left behind by politicians and that should. do more for them and they shouldn't have to shoulder the burden of their large share the burden of moving towards a more sustainable economy just briefly. if you can who should might call talk to you is there a leader to this movement. it's very difficult and this movement is needed less they're saying themselves we are leaderless we are representing the people the people who are a few tenths attempts this week to talk to people by basically anybody who says forward saying you know i'm a spokesperson for the me vent is a right of i discredit it and they're saying no they're not representing us it's very difficult to see how this can move forward and how they actually can negotiate an outcome of this ok lisa lewis in paris thanks very much for that. sports
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now and in a couple of hours byron munich face federer braman who are just two spots behind them in the bundesliga standings in seventh place the reigning champions have enjoyed a tricky season well off the pace in the title race last weekend they were held to a humiliating draw against lowly dusseldorf with coach nico coach now in danger of losing his job their opposition braman are also struggling when listen for bonus league games following a promising start to the season. and a reminder of the top story we're following for you tributes pouring in from around the world for george herbert walker bush forty first president of the united states has died at the age of ninety four the son former president george w. bush has described him as a man of the highest character and the best dad a son or daughter could ask for. you're watching the news from berlin and don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on
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our web site that's dot com. to. enter the conflict zone with tim sebastian. i'll be challenging those in power asking tough questions demanding on such. as conflicts intensify i'll be meeting with key players on the ground in the sun zones and. cutting through the rhetoric holding the powerful to
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