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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 2, 2018 12:00am-12:16am CET

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this is d. w. news live from the g. twenty leaders meeting in argentina managed to agree on a joint communique despite tensions over trade and climate well does unite around multi-lateralism but say they recognize the current trade issues between g. twenty nations. also coming up the forty first president of the united states george. bush has died at the age of ninety four he led the u.s. through the end of the cold war tributes have been coming in from around the world
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not least from the men who have since all keep the oval office. and protesters clashed with police and sheriffs thousands of demonstrators take to the streets angry at rising fuel prices and the government. a minute cripps mackinnon thanks so much for your company now at first it wasn't clear they'd be able to agree on very much at school but leaders at the g twenty summit of the world's leading economies have now managed to compromise and have produced a final joint declaration and want to sirees in that statement the latest skirts around on result global trade tensions particularly those between the u.s. and china but they have pledged to reform the world trade organization other topics that get a mention include. vow to tackle the source of refugee movements while the us
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reaffirmed its commitment to withdrawal from the paris climax a colibri. and we're joined by t w correspondent max hoffman who is in one of cyrus for imax that getting this communique done clearly wasn't easy tell us more about what a compass. it was uneasy because it's very different from communiques that we've seen in the past it's really bare bones g. twenty eight with some of the typical elements just missing altogether if you look at past years communicate you would also find something condemning protectionism this time not in there you would also say something was fired something indorsing the multilateral trade system this time they're only acknowledging the benefits that this system has brought in the past but they're also saying that it's not working currently and that's why they need to reform the world trade organization climate change same example nineteen states endorsing the paris climate agreement
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one state saying they're going to withdraw from it of course that's the united states of america so you can tell just by this company the gate that the world has changed from the past year it's got more difficult that's what the german chancellor got a backhoe said and this is really barely enough to keep the whole institution going and alive. german chancellor merkel also confirmed that the tensions between russia and ukraine were discussed by the dozen but it may have putin has spoken himself since then can you tell us what he said. yeah he wasn't very optimistic he said that with the current authorities in ukraine he didn't see an end to the conflict in eastern ukraine he said that they were interested in in a peaceful resolution of that conflict and that of course is exactly the contrary of what the european leaders were asking for and for example a month or week michael france and you mentioned are going to back up the german
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chancellor they both heavily criticized what russia did this week in the sea of and but that it seems like they're really not on the same page there they might be they may try to be so because they've announced that they will get back in the so-called normandy format that's a talk with four countries ukraine russia france germany it won't be at the highest level but still they intend to meet still this year and talk it over all right myself when reporting for us from one osiris thanks very much. the former u.s. president george herbert walker bush has died at his home in houston at the age of ninety four and people from around the world have been paying tribute to the forty first president of the united states or seen yes of an eventful want in office seeing the collapse of the soviet union and the full of the wall and he'll be remembered here in germany is one of the architects of reunification let's take a look back now at his life and thus his legacy. it was one of george bush's
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last public appearances and surely one of his toughest it was his wife barbara sunil an early twenty eight teen. he bid farewell after seventy three years of marriage. the couple married shortly after the end of world war two george was a war hero. after the war he returned to texas where founded an oil company he then turned to a career in politics joining the republican party. he became u.s. ambassador to the united nations and the top u.s. diplomat in china. then the head of the cia. in the nineteen eighties he became vice president to ronald reagan after his two terms as vice president he then decided to run for the white house himself and he won by. nine hundred eighty nine the berlin wall fell and with it the iron curtain. bush worked hard to develop
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a good relationship with the president of the soviet union mikhail gorbachev the new campaigned heavily for the reunification of germany. he's also the president who let the usa into its first major military operation in the middle east as i reported to you leave air attacks are underway against military targets in iraq. bush launched operation desert storm and xerox dictator saddam hussein after he had invaded kuwait. after the first gulf war president bush's approval ratings went through the roof but that did not last long many americans became unhappy with his domestic policies. his democratic opponent bill clinton won the ninety ninety two presidential election and after only one term in the white house bush called it quits. the focus its efforts on humanitarian activities and his family was in two thousand and one once again wrote history as bush son george w. became president. police and protesters filled central paris with smoke
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and take us on saturday in a third weekend of clashes in and around the shoals that easy the yellow vests movement was sparked by opposition to a planned fuel tax rise for next year but it's grown into more general and violent opposition to the government of the money. ah. singing through their gas masks another sas day of demonstrations in central paris protestors define themselves by the high visibility vests oh french maƮtresse have in their cars it's become a symbol of the people frustration over fuel price increases has turned into anger at a range of government policies and a feeling that mccrone is not listening. i. agree to pay tax but i want to my money is good. weather uses understand it's ok i'm pacific i'm. just of. in france we say.
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we are aware of by this system we don't want to be like you know america we don't want to be like in england it's france to have a good to be exists to be services and we want to keep them. in france our political system is is based on legitimacy. i don't know if my craw is that it is written today so i think the first thing before to default to dissolve decimally i think to force the first thing to do is to talk refers. you have to you off to you have to consider is first then you have to talk with us and you have to sit in you all to you have to look at what we are living now then we will see what's what we will do but first we have to talk. purchase protesters and police faced off talking seemed distant hope. the violence said french prime minister edward
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philippe who's the planned work of provocateurs. very early this morning equipped individuals were determined to provoke and test the security forces with a provocative for law they gathered outside the security perimeter but there was put in place so that the protest could take place peacefully coming from investments from them it was extremely violent it was off apartment and gone all. the destruction continued into the night. police arrested more than two hundred people while medics treated nearly one hundred who were injured. is thirty years since the first world aids day medical advances name that most people with the h. i.v. virus which can lead to a can have a symptom free life but in many places around the world being a positive still carries
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a huge social stigma. and this is rafael believe us he's one of fifteen thousand greeks aware that they're living with hiv he's in good health but life with the virus can be challenging. unlike many other countries here in greece we don't have to pay for our medication but there's still a lot of prejudice among the general public about hiv aids and the treatment of those with the virus still living in the past here. the past in which hiv was a death sentence this bred a deep rooted fear of contracting the virus and it remains today this despite the advances made in treating hiv medications available today prevent those in treatment from transmitting the virus nonprofit organization checkpoint is trying to reduce the number of people unaware of their had hiv status with anonymous
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testing just a small blood sample is needed the results within minutes for rafael one of the biggest challenges is fighting the stigma around hiv up enough to stop them many companies dismiss employees if they find out they're h.i.v. positive they're afraid they'll infect others it's not just unscientific it's not correct it's discrimination. discrimination that affects over thirty five million people worldwide. that's dealt with some football and club river plate have rejected plans to play the second leg of their doors final against city rivals but could juniors in madrid the match between the two bonus arias sides was postponed twice last weekend off the river found attacked the visiting team bus ferry more violence organizers
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decided to stage the match at real madrid's stadium next sunday river of view that using a new a neutral venue will mean they lose movement advantage. american books a deal on tape while there will defend his w.b.c. heavyweight title on saturday night he faces former undisputed champion tyson fury in los angeles wearing his customary mosque at the way and while the cayman twenty kilos licet and his british rival on the other hand fury himself have lost around seventy kilos following a two year absence from the ring both feiss are undefeated in their professional career is that away and was a much calmer affair than the previous press conference by the two had to be separated by security personnel off the say self. and a sport of boxing is in danger of being withdrawn from the twenty twenty summer olympics
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in tokyo the international boxing association the a i.b.a. recently elected a new president who was allegedly involved in major international drug syndicates organizers of the games have now launched an inquiry. boxing world champions like to say wilder the olympics have always been the first step to superstardom w.b.c. world heavyweight champion won bronze at the beijing olympics in two thousand and eight before his professional career anthony joshua one gold at london two thousand and twelve and now holds three world heavyweight titles in november controversial is big business man gaffer rakim of was elected as the new head of the a b a despite warnings from the i.o.c. they would cut funding if he was appointed it is also alleged there was match fixing up fights during the rio games now a three member panel of the i.o.c. is investigating the association but it doesn't want athletes to be punished for
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decisions outside their power we want to have. the games in tokyo and we will make all efforts to have one. positive outlook from the i.o.c. which may set up its own separate olympic boxing association other olympic disciplines allow professional athletes to compete and with the ai be in disarray this could be another alternative the full i.o.c. membership next meets in june fifth. mistake a show with nick mckenna client is coming up just after the break find out if there were able to stretch their lead at the top of the table and whether the struggling champions by munich could carry their european form into the bundesliga and help lift the pressure off coach nico. that's just a reminder of the top story that with following for you today she twenty leaders meeting in argentina have managed to compromise and have a great on
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a joint communiquƩ that's despite tensions over trade and climate in the statement will be discussed around on results global trade tensions but they pledged to reform the world trade organization. you're watching news from then. don't forget that you can always get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website thanks so much for joining us the. first day of school in the jungle. first. door is green the moment arrives. joined on her journey back to freedom. you know we're interested in documentary. to retain returns home. come from around your time.


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