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tv   Made in Germany - Your Business Magazine  Deutsche Welle  December 5, 2018 1:30pm-2:00pm CET

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yes i was going food and aid to reach those who need it most. let's catch up on some other stories making news around the world turkey's chief prosecutor has issued arrest warrants for two saudi officials believed to be involved in the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi both men are former advisors to saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin sama. british prime minister theresa may is battling to keep her brags that plan on track is parliament continues a marathon five databases on her deal may has already been handed a major blow to her government became the first in british history to be found in contempt of parliament this after it refused to publish a legal report on brags that. police have arrested dozens of people in raids across italy germany the netherlands belgium and south america in an operation against italy's a drive to get to the calabria based organized crime syndicate is italy's most
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powerful mafia organization it dominates drug trafficking into europe and also operates in germany and u.s. comedian kevin hart will host the next academy awards ceremony in february two thousand and nineteen the thirty nine year old follows talk show host jimmy kimmel whose have been for the last two years hosting the oscars as one of the most prestigious jobs in show business with an a list audience in the theater and millions tuning in on t.v. i mean for back to. world delegates meeting and cut of it's of poland are urgently seeking a global response to prevent an environmental catastrophe in twelve years but they're not just up against the clock some right wing populists reject the idea of manmade climate change they say that global warming is a lie perpetrated by mainstream politicians and media and even in an environmentally conscious germany the far right is trying to shift the discussion. the world's top climate change denier maybe u.s.
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president donald trump but around the globe populace including the new president of brazil are attacking what they call the myth of global warming and forcing environmentalists to defend accepted scientific wisdom. germany is no exception here the far right populist if tea party argues that humans aren't changing the climate as we speak says feelings are the most important thing is education and people's common sense despite relatively constant c o two levels in the past ten years there have been huge variations in climate wasn't the most welcome there's no cause and effect between c o two and temperatures. and. the f.t. wants to reverse germany's ambitious renewable energy sources act cancel the country's planned phase out of coal power and take it out of the twenty fifteen paris agreement on climate. that makes the co-leader of germany's green party see red you have to know i know a.s.d.
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is not only a far right and sometimes extremist party that isn't always committed to our constitution but it also doesn't stand for freedom of research it doesn't acknowledge that on the environment and in particular climate change we have evidence accepted by all scientists the world over instead the question science itself. was an even shaft in faggots who stared at. the green seed germany's mainstream parties should continue discussing climate protection and not get stuck in quarrels with the f.d.a. but that may be easier said than done the f.d.a. and the greens are vying to become germany second most powerful political party and the climate is an issue where the populace can take a clear stand against the mainstream. manmade climate change is a fact for the vast majority of bundestag delegates but battles to set the environmental agenda are raging on the national level all over the world including
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ecologically progressive germany. now the u.s. is observing a national day of mourning in honor of former president george h.w. bush who died on friday his casket has been lying in state since monday in the u.s. capitol rotunda where mourners have been passing through to pay their respects if you're in germany george bush sr will be remembered as a president closely linked to the dramatic moments that marked the end of the cold war and german reunification it was his presidency a during his presidency that the berlin wall fell and that communist east germany and west germany were reunited after forty years of division. it was the moment germans had a waited for decades and while it was ronald reagan who famously called for the berlin wall to be toned down george bush sr was in office when it finally happened
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we. had called the chancellor who oversaw re-unification once described bush as a stroke of luck in his country's history saying that a real united germany wouldn't have been possible without his help for him were described as a tireless diplomat the forty first u.s. president to help soften the fronts after decades of animosity between washington and the eastern bloc and he focally supported the idea of german reunification when other european countries were strongly opposed. on the twentieth anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall bush kohl and former soviet leader mikhail gorbachev came together to mark the occasion. the war could never erase your dream our dream. the one germany. a free germany a proud germany that is thankfully regained its rightful place among the living
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nations of the earth. when news of his death broke bush diplomatic contributions to german unity were at the forefront of many people's minds. on the sidelines of the g. twenty summit in argentina german chancellor angela merkel expressed her condolences as well as an apparent sentimentality for a different era and transatlantic relations and would call quentin's a home that cold could always rely on his ally in the white house during george h.w. bush's presidency we experienced reliability and strength in the german american relationship and we'll never forget this experience. george bush legacy isn't feared without controversy in germany many citizens were deeply opposed to his war on the gulf of all that was co financed by their government nevertheless most will remember george herbert walker bush as
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a friend and a u.s. president who helped show what's possible when countries work together. kenya's marathon world record holder elliott to chug a has the named men's athlete of the year by the world track and field body the idle a f. a triple jumper catcher an embargo and took the women's prize at a ceremony in monaco this was the moment the world record was smashed in berlin earlier this year now the man responsible is being honored once more. the i.w. of male athletes of the year. well you keep choking keep trying to beat the previous marathon record by seventy eight seconds the biggest single improvement in the time in over fifty years he's inspired he says by his family. my credit due to my
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family my wife and my my kids. the people in my condition keep me every morning when i am working now for twenty three where athletes of the year is diamond league triple jump champion. who also impressed him long jump but. the colombian was undefeated all year. i can hardly stand up because my legs are shaking so much very happy to be here this had a key. and both of whom are first time winners of the award they could hardly be better and to be. that would take over six years but christine girard has finally been awarded her gold medal in weightlifting from the twenty twelve london olympics that a canadian was initially awarded the bronze medal but urine samples from the two athletes ahead of her failed doping we test they were disqualified and gerard has
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been confirmed as a gold medalist at a special ceremony. and with doping in the court of arbitration for sport has handed curler aleksandr crucial lecky a four year ban following a positive test the young chang a lympics in february the russian and his wife anastasio worst stripped of their mixed doubles bronze at the time of the games in south korea after a test for the banned substance. he has been suspended for four years to work for a business temper business with monika now china and the u.s. and called a ceasefire on trade but monica the markets don't seem that convinced no wall street isn't asian markets went this morning and european markets as well those stocks are trading lower today taking their cue from both asian and u.s. markets both ending their sessions in negative territory in west does worry about the fate of a tariff truce between the united states and china but conflicting messages because
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of conflicting messages from u.s. president on a trumped that have dump and hopes of an easy resolution investors in the united states are also concerned about a full long term bonds and deals seen as a sign the american economy could be snowy dalin. and for more we cross over to our financial market correspondent christiane bitsa standing by for us at the front that stock exchange polls are already mentioned that european stocks aren't exactly exuberant today what's the overall mood. not exactly zero is rides the mood have considerably soured here in frankfurt on the training floor as well as on trading floors cross europe most most european indices are down this morning and it's especially after or compared to monday when there was that white spread optimism after the g.
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twenty meeting between president donald trump and jim ping that seemed to make things a little better now that's completely god and that worries about the u.s. economy possibly slowing down and on top of that a tweet from donald trump that signaled there may be more trouble ahead with terrorists between china and the u.s. not good for the vote here right well ok well we used to tweet by the u.s. president but at the same time maybe ninety days a lot can be chief content. ninety days is a rather short time span considering how long they've been negotiating politically but also for businesses and that's why they are they're getting ready or they're moving fast now in order to achieve things use this window of opportunity. reporting that for example chinese refineries are going to or are trying to get
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u.s. crude oil back on the planet takes a long while to get that to china it needs to arrive before march first and for a long time there hasn't been any any exchange in crude from the u.s. similarly soybean trade has been difficult the price has gone up a little bit although i'm not signify. bentley and apart from commodities we're seeing chinese music streaming their leader ten cent now again floating the idea of an i.p.o. at the us stock exchange with that band before ok so some controversy there along the way post implants inserts the thank you so much. more investment in the u.s. and even an alliance with a u.s. college make up. b.m.w. getting out the checkbooks to boost their presence in the american market without getting punished by the trump administration the announcement came after a meeting between german car makers and officials in washington the three companies are seeking to persuade the u.s. president not to slap tariffs against european comic. they were summoned they
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came three german car industry titans call to the white house to make the case against higher tariffs on european made cars. they weren't initially expecting to meet the president but in the end he too came here's how dire c.e.o. detect such a describes the encounter. the meeting with the president is very interesting and he can. come in this country and. of course his objective is to see more jobs and more activity here which is in accordance with. what it came to pledging more jobs and industrial activity in the united states for its c.e.o. hippa diesel went to step further and made this announcement. quite advanced negotiations in the ford corporation to really build up the global. alliance which
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also would strengthen the american automotive industry that move would see folks build cars in ford's u.s. factories v.w. says it's also thinking about producing electric vehicles in the united states. german car buses scrambling to promise more investment and jobs in america for a president who described himself as a tariff man it's a sign that his strategy is working whether he'll be persuaded to drop the twenty five percent levy he's threatened may depend on the kind of impression the german c. yos left on him. chief economist if tuesday's meeting indeed had made u.s. terrorists less likely. it helps that the three german car or the german car makers promised more investment in the united states but in the end of the year myths to be reached by the u.s.
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and the european union commission i think we can change mr trump however i think it will be good that the european union follows a strategy of taking the wind off the sales of mr trump and here is a problem because i think it will be wise for the european union to cut its ten percent cut tariffs to lower two percent of the united states and to increase their defense spending to the two percent which the countries of the you of your past have anyway promised but you know the opinion does not have a clear strategy because of southern european countries our freight of cutting tariffs because of the our crewcuts are such. comments back chief economist speaking to us and the donald trump is not the only world leader interested in strengthening his domestic kamarck it his chinese counterpart president xi jinping also prefers vehicles made in his country setting the direction for a major change in chinese condiment an old brand is getting
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a new lease on life. back in the driver's seat this age old chinese brand is offering new models with a distinct retro touch but don't let the analog clock fool you under the hood of honk she snooze sedan is the kind of technology that is supposed to change the mind of buyers starting from the top president xi jinping has rediscovered the hunk sheep brand once the preferred car of chairman mao china southern airlines the agricultural bank of china as well as state owned telecom steel and tobacco firms have placed orders. from hong she's a very symbolic brand as a country has to develop it has become more popular or she has its specialties and its intimate connection with the people so there are more of them on the streets this is totally normal. this wasn't always the norm until recently foreign car star made at the market the company car of choice was
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a german howdy with politicians and officials preferring toyota and hyundai ones beijing invested heavily in its domestic car industry the number started changing for twenty eighteen overall car sales in china are down but sales for one she have jumped over six hundred percent when you look i'm proud to drive a hunk she it's better than driving a benz b.m.w. already after all this car represents our national brand the quality is also very good and very impressive for that and if we don't follow your passion. punk she maker f e w has plans to roll out more than a dozen new models by twenty twenty five including to lug.


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