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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 5, 2018 5:00pm-6:30pm CET

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reaks than that nobody ever since. the war on my phone were to pour documentary starts december eighth on t.w. . to get it out of the. news. this is a special edition of news live from girl and the united states spits farewell to former president george h.w. bush the forty first president died at the age of ninety four last friday these are live pictures of the state funeral in washington and will provide complete coverage of the service.
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and while i thank you so much for your company everyone and welcome to our special report on this national day of mourning in the united states in honor of former president george h.w. bush he died on friday at the age of ninety four these are live pictures of the funeral service at washington's national cathedral members of the forty first president's family are due to arrive shortly the motorcade as just arrived at the washington national cathedral the hearse made its way down pennsylvania avenue with crowds lining the streets on the sidewalks or trying to catch a glimpse of the hearse with the casket of former president bush has been lying in state since monday and there were tons of the capitol building where our mourners including president donald trump and first lady madonna have been paying their respects here in germany george bush sr will be remembered as a president. closely linked to the historic events that marked the end of the cold
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war and brought about german unification. and of course as is customary with the presidential state funerals of a lot of pomp and circumstance and military honors will be paid will be staying in washington bringing you live coverage of the for also for funeral service excuse me is scheduled to get under way a very shortly a dignitaries and statesmen from around the world are attending the ceremony i'm now joined here in the studio by our chief political correspondent on the crane and the following today's events from our washington bureau is staff on the scene ons and my fader is our washington based reporter she is out and about near the washington national cathedral of where the service will get underway mung momentarily as americans get ready to a bit their last goodbyes to the forty first president let's go to my own first to
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my i.q. tell us what you're seeing. well for the past couple of hours the crowds behind me have been filling in on the sidewalks really shoulder cheek and jalil here trying to catch a glimpse of the casket as it went by just a few minutes ago and the motorcade carrying all the dignitaries are standing right in front of the entrance to the cathedral where they will be ensuring a very somber respectful mood out here on the streets of people bidding farewell to a president who's really considered the the last of a generation he represented a different time and american politics very different from what we're seeing now people talk a lot about what a unifying figure he was during his time in office how bipartisan he was and also just what a good guy he seemed to be on a family man they seemed miles let's let's take a moment the members of the bush family have arrived and pall bearers are standing
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are ready to her carry their casket inside to the cathedral i think just moments from now all this just take a step back and take us in for a second. oh oh
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with faith in jesus christ we've received the of our brother george for burial. let us pray with confidence to god the giver of life that he will raise him to perfection in the company of saints. deliver your servant george sovereign lord christ from all the evil and set him free from every body that he may rest with all your saints in the eternal habitations where with the father and
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the holy spirit you live then reign one dog for ever and ever. and. let us pray also for all who mourn that they may cast their care on god and know the consolation of his love. almighty god look with pity upon the sorrow of your servants for whom we pray. remember them gracious god in mercy nourish them with patience comfort them with a sense of your goodness they steer countenance upon them and give them peace through jesus christ our lord. and.
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so mass the pallbearers carry the casket in to the cathedral where their service will get underway very shortly the bush family members are following as well former president bush there as well when the most attending of course the service are already in the cathedral but many are describing this day as historical of course is very momentous for the bush family themselves that his son will be eulogizing him on what are some of the main takeaways of bush senior life well what we're seeing here is an official state
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funeral and it's a way of paying tribute to someone who has served you know we often see military funerals with this kind of a format and protocol and certainly service was the ethic of george h.w. bush's life and i think maya talked about the fact that he's seen this symbolizing a different time and certainly that ethic was absolutely from a time that in essence it was started with a nice own family by his father who was also a senator in washington also a life of service and. is children with this ethic and which in turn george h.w. bush also attempted to pass on to his own children and of course one of them became president as well so service would be at high on the list of characteristics that i think we remember george h.w.
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bush for certainly another one is his concert. that mastery of an extremely turbulent time in history namely the end of the cold war divisions and what he referred to was the beginning of the world order in fact it turns out it was the apex of the world toward world order the apex of the system the first after the world after world war two part ramón there were inside now and we're going to listen to the him while the hymn has just stopped but. it's a lot of dignitaries from all over the world a plethora of dignitaries and of course the front row there all the former
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presidents and first ladies also in attendance i don't know if we can. go to stefan in in washington stefan are you there. i mean you're right stefan ok well we're we're seeing of course president at trump there with the first lady and president obama michelle obama interesting only president trump will not be speaking at this funeral and it is no secret that their relationship between the bushes and the trumps is a rocky one. yeah it certainly was but i have to say in all fairness it was never planned that president trump will be part of the eulogy which will be held in a few minutes here it was always the plan that his son george w. bush will hold a eulogy and. close friend and historian and join the list who will also speak so that was never the plan however and i have to say that the bush family made
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lately and over the summer predominantly an effort to bring so to speak and that's how it's portrayed here and public by media and by all political sides that the bush family made an effort to bring the trump administration and donald trump and his wife back into the fold or into the fold and something which is described as being a truce between those two families as you both if you know him as our viewers know that the bush family is jeb bush was a contender in the brother the youngest brother of. george bush fretful president george bush was a contender in the in the presidential elections in primaries in two thousand and sixteen and they're making it so tensions were there between the tribes right stuff on as you were explaining that very bruising a presidential election indeed for jeb bush that he lost the bushes are now entering the national cathedral of course leading the bush family is the former
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president george w. bush with his wife for first lady former first lady barbara bush. i also would like to ask you a stefan if you may i mean we're seeing a coming together of leaders i mean a plethora of world leaders will be paying homage and lawmakers from both sides of the aisle are well well represented would you say that this moment is a moment that the country is coming together in ways it hasn't in recent times. absolutely you're david certainly this is a historic event and then linda already expended on this this is make no mistake that the first time and probably the last of four generations of americans who will witness now that a president will bury his father who was also president so that think maybe if that happens before then we have to go to one of your spec your when that john adams was president at that that is something later wasn't president then burgess father so
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this is a historic event today and it brings america together in mourning i have to say that up to this to this moment in the public space people were well aware and were excited that you to watch what happens now going to see how what unfolds here in this store at the moment aren't stuff i must just soak in this moment of the server so we'll begin i think shortly but first the casket will be entering the national cathedral carried by the pall bearers military all their.
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i am the resurrection and i am the life says the lord. whoever has faith in me shall have life even though he die. and everyone who has life and has committed himself to me in faith shall not die. for ever. as for me i know that my redeemer liveth that i will ask he will stand upon the earth. after my awaking he will raise me up. and in my body i shall see god. i myself shall see. in my eyes behold him who is my friend and not a stranger. one of us live it to himself the number comes his own master
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when he dies. or if we have life we are live aboard. and if we die we die in the lord. so then whether we live or die we are more its possession. at the from now on all those who die and the lord so it says says the spirit. for they rest from their labors.
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the lord be with you. let us pray. oh god whose mercies cannot be numbered. except our prayers on behalf of your servant george. and brands him an entrance into the land of light and joy. in the fellowship of your sayings through jesus christ our lord who lives and reigns with you and the holy spirit one god now and for ever.
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and repeat from the prophet i see. a rise shine. for your light has come and the glory of the lord has risen upon you. for darkness shall cover the earth. and the thick darkness the peoples but the lord will arise upon you and his glory will appear over you. nations shall come to your light and kings to the brightness of your dawn. lift up your eyes and look around.
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they all gather together. they come to you. your sons shall come from far away and your daughter shall be carried on their nurse's arms. then you shall see and be radiant your heart shall thrill and rejoice because the abundance of the sea shall be brought to you and the wealth of the nations shall come to you. violence shall no more be heard in your land devastation or destruction within your borders you shall call your walls salvation and your gates pray. the sun shall no longer be your light by day nor for brightness shall the moon give light to you by night. but the lord will be your everlasting light and your guide
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will be your glory. your satin shall no more go down or your moon withdraw itself for the lord will be in your everlasting life. and your days of mourning shall be ended. the word of the lord.
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the story was almost over even before it had fully begun. shortly after dawn on saturday september second one thousand nine hundred four lieutenant junior grade george herbert walker bush joined by two crewmates took off from the u.s.s. san jacinto to attack a radio tower on chichi jima as they approached the target the air was heavy with flak the plane was hit smoke filled the cockpit flames raced across the wings my god lieutenant bush thought this thing's gonna go down.
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yet he kept the plane at its thirty five degree dive drop his bombs and then roared off out to sea telling his crew mates to hit the silk. following protocol lieutenant bush turned the plane so they could bail out only then did bush parachute from the cockpit. the wind propelled him backward and he gashed his head on the tail of the plane as he flew through the sky. he plunged deep into the ocean bob to the surface and flopped onto a tiny raft. his head bleeding his eyes burning his mouth and throat raw from salt water the future forty first president of the united states was alone. sensing that his men had not made it he
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was overcome. he felt the weight of responsibility as a nearly physical burden and he wept. then at four minutes shy of noon a submarine emerged to rescue the downed pilot. george herbert walker bush was safe the story his story and ours would go on by god's grace. through the ensuing decades president bush would frequently asked nearly daily he'd ask himself why. why was i spared and in a sense the rest of his life was a perennial effort to prove himself worthy of his salvation on
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that distant morning. to him his life was no longer his own. there were always more missions to undertake more lives to touch up and more love to give. and what a headlong race he made of it all he never slowed down on the primary campaign trail in new hampshire once he grabbed the hand of a department store manik and asking for votes. when he realized his mistake he said never no got asked. you can hear the voice can't you. as dana carvey said the key to a bush forty one impersonation is mr rogers trying to be john wayne.
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george herbert walker bush was america's last great soldier statesman a twentieth century founding father. he governed with virtues that most closely resemble those of washington and of adams of t.r. and of f.d.r. of truman and of eisenhower of men who believed in causes larger than themselves. six foot two handsome dominant person president bush spoke with those big strong hands making fists to underscore points a master of what franklin roosevelt called the science of human relationships he believed that too much was given much is expected and because life gave
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him so much he gave back again and again again and. he stood in the breach in the cold war against a talent terrorism he stood in the breach in washington against unthinking partisanship. he stood in the breach against terror and the end discrimination and on his watch a wall fell in berlin a dictator's aggression did not stand and doors across america are opened to those with disabilities. and in his personal life. he stood in the breach against heartbreak and hurt always offering an outstretched hand a warm word a sympathetic two year if you were down he would rush to lift you
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up. and if you were soaring he would rush to savor your success. strong and gracious comforting and charming loving and loyal he was our shield and dangers our. now of course there was ambition to loads of that. to serve he had to succeed to preside he had to prevail or politics he once admitted isn't a pure undertaking not if you want to win it's not. an imperfect man he left us a more perfect union. it must be said that for a keenly intelligent statesman of stirring almost unparalleled private eloquence
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public speaking was not exactly a strong suit. fluency in english president bush once remarked is something that i'm often not accused of. looking ahead to the age election he observed or you know arguably it's no exaggeration to say that the undecideds could go one way or the other. and late in his presidency he allowed that we're enjoying sluggish times but we're not enjoying them very much. is time may have run amok at moments. but his heart was steadfast. his life code as he said was tell the truth don't blame people be
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strong do your best try hard forgive stay the course and that was and is the most american of creatures abraham lincoln's better angels of our nature and george h.w. bush is thousand points of light are can pan universes in america's national him for lincoln and bush both called on us to choose the right over the convenient to hope rather than to fear and to he not our worst impulses but our best instincts. in this work he had the most wonderful of allies and barbara pierce bush his wife of seventy three years. he called her bar the silver fox and when the situation
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warranted the enforcer. he was the only boy she ever kissed her children mrs bush liked to say always wanted to throw up when they heard that. in a letter to barbara during the war young george h.w. bush had written i love you precious with all my heart and to know that you love me means my life how lucky our children will be to have a mother like you. and as they will tell you they surely work. as vice president bush once visited a children's leukemia ward in krakow for thirty five years before he and barbara had lost a daughter robin to the disease in krakow a small boy wanted to greet the american vice president learning that the child was
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sick with the cancer that had taken robin bush began to cry. to his diary later that day the vice president said this my eyes flooded with tears and behind me was a bank of television cameras. and i thought i can't turn around i can't dissolve because of personal tragedy in the face of the nurses they give of themselves every day. so i stood there looking at this little guy. tears running down my cheek. hoping he wouldn't see but if he did hoping he'd feel that i loved him. that was the real george h.w.
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bush. a loving man with a big vibrant all enveloping heart and so we ask as we commend his soul to god. and as he did why him. why was he spared. the workings of providence for mysterious but this much is clear. the george herbert walker bush who survived that fiery fall into the waters of the pacific three quarters of a century ago made our lives and the lives of nations freer better warmer and nobler. that was his mission. that was his heart beat. and if we listen closely enough. we can hear that far be even now. for it's the heartbeat of
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a lion. a lion who not only led us. but who loved us. that is why him that swipe he was spared. it.
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who. leaked eight leaked. was oh. oh. oh to be a hit. our . goal. oh. she.
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was was. her. was. was i was i was. i. to it was.
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was. i. i. was . an. a reading from revelation to st john then i saw i knew have been and a new earth for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away and the sea was no more. and i saw the holy city the new jerusalem coming down out of heaven from god. prepared as
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a bride adorned for her husband. and i heard he will be his peoples and god himself will be with them. he will wipe every tear from their i guess death will be no more mourning and crying and pain will be no more for the first things have passed away. then he said to me it is done i am the alpha and the omega. the beginning and that and. to the thirsty i will give water as a gift from the spring of the water of life. those who conquer one hair at these things and i will be their god. and they will be my children.
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in this city has no need of sun or moon to shine on it for the glory of god is its light and the lamp is the lamb. the nations will walk by its light and the kings of the earth will bring their glory into it. its gates will never be shut by day. and there will be no night there the word of the born.
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do you remember where you were. the summer and left your teenage years behind turned twenty. i was working as a laborer in my hometown of northern quebec trying to make enough money to get back into law school. it was a tough job but i was safe and secure and had the added benefit of my mother's home cooking every night. on september second one thousand and forty four as we've just heard so eloquently from john twenty year old lieutenant george bush was preparing to attack japanese were installations in the pacific.
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he was part of a courageous generation of young americans. who led the charge against overwhelming odds in the historic and bloody battle for supremacy in the pacific against the colossal military might imperial japan. that's what george bush did the summer he turned twenty. many men of different talents and skills have served as president and many more will do so as the decades unfold bringing new strength and glory to these united states of america. and fifty or a hundred years from now as historians review the accomplishments and the context of all who have served as president. i believe. it will be said that in the life of this country the united states which is in my judgment the
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greatest democratic republic that god has ever placed on the face of this earth. i believe it will be said that no occupant of the oval office was more courageous more principled and more on or will than george herbert walker bush. george bush was a man of high accomplishment the also had a delightful sense if you and was a lot of fun. at his first nato meeting in brussels. as the new american president. he set off actually. that day. george was taking copious notes. as the heads of government spoke. we were all limited in time. as you know it's very flattering to have a president that states take notes as you speak. and even someone as modest as me.
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threw in a few more adjectives here and there to extend the pleasure of the experience. after president meets. prime minister fatter and chancellor kohl had spoken it was tour the turn of the prime minister of iceland. who as president bush continued to write it on. and on. and on. and on ending only when the secretary general of nato firmly to create a coffee drink. george put down his pen walked over to be and said brian i'd just love the fundamental principle of international affairs as it was that george he said the smaller the country the longer the speech.
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in the second year of the bush presidency responding to implacable pressures from the reagan and bush administrations the soviet union imploded this was in my judgment the most ethical of it political that of the twentieth century. an ominous situation that could have become extremely menacing the world security was instead deathly challenge by the leadership of president bush in the broad and powerful currents of freedom providing the russian people with the opportunity to build an embryonic democracy in a country that had been ruled by czars and tyrants for over a thousand years. and then as the berlin wall collapsed soon thereafter and calls for freedom cascaded across central and eastern europe leaving dictators
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and dogma in the trash can of history. no challenge no challenge assumed greater importance for western solidarity than the unification of germany within unswerving meet. the role for years in western europe an unrelenting hostility by the military establishment in the sylvie union and the warsaw pact rendered this initiative among the most common. lex and sensitive ever undertaken one serious misstep and this entire process could have been compromised perhaps irretrievably. there's obviously no more knowledgeable or competent judge of what really happened at this most vital juncture of the twentieth century than chancellor helmut kohl of germany. in a speech to a parliamentary commission of the bundestag. chancellor kohl. said
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categorically that this historic initiative of german reunification could never ever have succeeded without the brilliant leadership of president bush. much has been written about the first gulf war simply put the coalition of twenty nine disparate nations assembled under the ages of the united nations including for the first time many influential arab countries and led by the united states will rank with the most spectacular and successful international initiatives ever undertaken in modern history designed to punish an aggressor defend the cause of freedom and ensure order in a region but it seemed too much of the opposite for far too we'll. this. was president bush's initiative from beginning to end. president bush was also
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responsible for the north american free trade agreement. recently modernized and improved by new administrations which created the largest and richest free trade area in the history of the world. while also signing into law the americans with disabilities act which transformed the lives of millions and millions of americans for ever. president bush's decision to go forward with strong environmental legislation including the clean air act that resulted in the acid rain accord with canada is a splendid gift to future generations of americans and canadians to savor. in the air they breathe and the water they drink and the forests they enjoy and the lakes rivers and spree as they cherish. there's
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a word for this. it's called leadership. leadership. and let me tell you. that when george bush was president of the united states of america every single head of government in the world knew that they were dealing with a gentleman a genuine leader one who was distinguished resolute and brave. i don't keep a diary but. occasionally i write private notes after important personal or professional events. one occurred at walker's point in kennebunkport maine on september second two thousand and one. meal and i had been spending our traditional labor day weekend with george and barbara and towards the end he and i had a long private conversation my notes capture the moment.
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i told george how i thought his mood had shifted over the last eight years. from a series of frustrations and moments of despondency in one nine hundred ninety three to the high enthusiasm that i felt at the houston launch of the presidential library the george w.'s election as governor in november of that year to the delight following jeb's election in one thousand nine hundred eight followed by their great pride and pleasure with george w.'s election to the presidency. and perhaps most importantly to the serenity we found today in both barbara and george they are truly at peace with ansel's. joyous in what they in the children have achieved gratified by the goodness that god. has bestowed upon them all. and genuinely content with the thrill and
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promise. of each passing day. and that that. george had tears in his eyes as spoke said. you know brian you got us pegged just right and the rollercoaster of emotions we've experienced since one thousand nine hundred two. come with me. he led me down the porch at walker's point to the side of the house that fronts the ocean and pointed to a small simple plaque that had been unobtrusively installed just some days earlier it read c. a v u. george said brian this stands for ceiling and visibility on that. when i was
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a terrified eighteen to nineteen year old pilot in the pacific throes those were the words we hoped to hear before take off. it perfect flight and that's the way i feel about our life today c a d you everything is perfect bar and i could not have asked for better lives we are truly happy. and truly at peace. as i looked over the waters of walker's point on that golden september afternoon in maine. i was reminded of ryan's simple and true . it speaks to the real nature of george bush and his love of his wonderful family . and precious surroundings. there are wooden ships. there are sailing ships there are ships that sail the sea. but the best
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shifts our friendships. made they always. lead . for a ledge george told me i only had ten minutes. he was very direct about it wasn't even funny. and i first met my friend of my dear friend george bush in one nine
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hundred sixty two. when my father my word simpson was in member of the united states senate just elected and i came to act washington with they had to settle on his new office being vacated by one senator pressure caught bush. george's father. well then we met again when my parents left the washing them and sold their home. to a brand spanking new congressman from texas. named george herbert walker bush. so george and barbara mom and pop did that sail on a handshake sound familiar. then i came to the senate nine hundred seventy eight and soon after that ronald reagan cornered me on ash me to support him for president. and i said i was. knowing that my friend george would enter the fray.
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hearing that i called and i said george want to tell you i'd love to help but i've already committed to ronald reagan. george's response. well al sharia that i probably should have let you know shewn and actually a guy had done to get very many calls from a friend who says they can't support it. sounds familiar. of course it does it's because in george bush's theme of life during all the highs and lows there was a simple creedal what would we do without family and friends. and when he became vice president. our friendship or enjoyable friendship was refreshing the four of us had many many pleasant times together. and my life in washington was rather tumultuous. i went from a socialist to the sea. and never came back to the.
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one dark period i was failing buffalo and all my wounds were self-inflicted all of them. and george called me early one morning always early in the morning. country music playing in the background and he said i see the media pretty full of holes. actually he said a bit more pungently than then. and he said why don't we go can't they been. you and come over and we'll have a weekend together. at that time his popularity rating was ninety three percent. mine was twenty nine the tree. has still. made of course all gathered as we headed to marine one and george said now what if
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your pals over there in the media. and they didn't wave back. when next morning mr of all the papers in the u.s. and he looks up and he said ha here's the one i've been looking for. the picture barbara and then george with his arm and hand on my back. and later we're having the show on and i said george i am not online full as to what you are doing you are propping up you're a wounded duck pow. while you're at the top of your game you reach out to me while i'm tying gold in rich controversy and taking my lumps and he said yep. there were staff members of al who told me not to do this but i know this is about friendship and loyalty. sound for many are.
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where we have an awful lot of fun too always a delight to be in the president's box at the kennedy center off to a play at the national fair or of the warner with the bushes. and outside of the president's box one evening there was a massive six foot vase but an extraordinary glaze. over you know the difference to a hint of a scent of all. thirty five buck. now. george walked up to it and he. headed now wait i think that's a trash can. i noticed that he said this blue green glaze is from that period of clay that could only be found during that era. and i said no no george the patina there gives me the perception that it was possibly older perhaps
6:07 pm
a greek origin with that particular herbal paste or firing. force people gathered around mumbling about these expert observers. and barbara and finally came by and said get out of here. all of the b. will get back on that bus. well we did well it was impressive for a while. and then of course one night before was one to see michael crawford singing the songs of andrew lloyd webber all four of us were singing as we went back to the white house don't cry for me argentina home. and tidbits from a friend of a movie off her and other magic of webber and a few days later he is getting hammered by the press for some extraordinary petty bit of trivia and suddenly he sings out don't cry for me hardship.
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the pressure then wrote that he was finally losing his marbles. now. these honored guests. right here before us. who have held this noble post know well of the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. he was a class act. from birth to death he how the strong sinews in mind and body gain from that extraordinary mother. we compared our mothers is a veil that hammers. of course and certainly most often father. history books will and are treating him most fairly well uncovering some other powerful traits his great competitiveness. his raw courage and its self-discipline.
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recall the andrews air base conclave for congressional participants drafted a remarkable bill that dealt with two year budgeting in title might reform. comprehensive and catastrophic health care social security a solvency and much more but it required a critical ingredient called revenue. translated into the word taxes translated into the words read my lips. and the group went to george and said look we can get this package done but we must have some revenue and he said never forget it he said what i've said on that subject sure puts a hell of a lot of heat on me. and then the almost said yes but we can get it done and it will be bipartisan. and george said ok go for it but it will be
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a real punch in the gut. waddell them a loyal warrior for george to get back to the senate and we want to very strong bipartisan vote. and went over to the house where his own party. turned on him. surely one of the main factors assuring his return to private life. but he often said when the really tough choices come it's the country not me. it's not bought democrats or republicans it's for our country that i have fought for. and he was a man of such great humility those who travel the high road of humility in washington d.c. are not bothered by heavy traffic. and. he had
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a very serious flaw. known by all close to it he loved a good job the richer the better and it sure his head back gave a great laugh but he never ever could remember a punch line. and i mean never. so the punchline for george herbert walker bush is this. you would have wanted him on your shyed. he never lost his sense of humor humor is the universal solvent against the abrasive elements of life. as well humor. he never hated anyone he knew what his mother and my mother always knew hatred corrodes the pentagon or its carried. the most decent and honorable person i ever met was my friend george bush. one of nature's noble man is epitaph. perhaps
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just a single letter the letter for loyalty it pours through his blood. loyalty to his country loyalty to his family loyalty to his friends loyal to the institutions of government and always always always a friend to his friends. none of us were ready for this day. we mourn his loss from our own lives and what he was to each of us that is so personal so intimate still down inside. it would have been so much easier to celebrate his life with him here but he is gone irrevocably gone. and now we have a grip upon him but we shall always retain his memory in our heart. god has come now to take him back. we all knew one one no known day he would return to
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his god. now we give him up. we commend him to your loving hands thank you for him god rest his soul. moment is to be all from. her lips
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shine like him. will set the. tone he will be. close he says. if come by ship out and vote satisfied she was too. nice she was sheets to the soul and to reach for. a bowl.
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just. to issue her off to. ok let's walk through a cute little. lol. lol league. coach. pity. her a whole. new ball of religious belief
6:16 pm
. sleep she. told. people. live.
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will keep. little. league. stuff. please. please. seek. past.
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distinguished guests including our presidents and first ladies. government officials foreign dignitaries. and friends. jack nail marvin doro and i and our families thank you all for being here. i once heard it said of man that the idea. is to die. as late
6:19 pm
as possible. at age eighty five a favorite pastime of george h.w. bush was firing up his boat fidelity and opening up this story three hundred. horse power engines to fly joyfully fly across the atlantic with the secret service boats straining to keep up. at age ninety. george h.w. bush parachuted out of an aircraft and landed on the grounds a sane answer by the sea and kenny bug port maine. the church where his mom was married and where he worshiped often. mother like to say he chose the location just in case the shoes didn't open. and his ninety's. he took great delight when his closest pals james a
6:20 pm
baker smuggled a bottle of grey goose vodka into his hospital room. apparently a pair well with the state baker had delivered from morton's. to his very last days day as life was instructive. as he gazed he taught us how to grow with dignity humor and kindness. and when the good lord finally called out of meeting with courage and with the joy of the promise of what lies ahead. one reason dad knew how to die young is that he almost did it twice. when he was a teenager a staph infection nearly took his life. a few years later he was alone in the pacific on a life raft. praying that his rescuers would find name before the enemy did. god answered those prayers it turned out he had other plans for george h.w.
6:21 pm
bush. for dance part i think those brushes with death maybe and cherish the gift of life and he vowed to live every day to the fullest. that was always busy a man in constant motion but never too busy to share his love of life with those around him. he taught us to love the outdoors. he loved watching dogs flush a covey. he loved landing the elusive striper. and once confined to a wheelchair he seemed happiest sitting in his favorite perch on the back porch at walker's point contemplating the majesty of the atlantic. horizons he saw were bright and hopeful. he was a genuinely optimistic man. and that optimism guided his children and made each of us believe that anything was possible. he continually broaden his arises
6:22 pm
with daring decisions he was a patriot after high school he put college on hold and became a navy fighter pilot as world war two broke out. like many of his generation he never talked about his service. until his time as a public figure forced his hand. we learned of the attack on chichi jima the mission completed this should. we learned of the death of this crewmates whom he thought about throughout his entire life. and we learned of the rescue. and then another as they shift decision he moved his young family from the comforts of these coasts to odessa texas. in mom adjusted to their own surroundings quickly is a tolerant man after all he was kind of neighborly to the women with whom he mom
6:23 pm
and i shared a bathroom and our small duplex. even after you learn their profession ladies of the night. they had could relate to people from all walks of life he was an empathetic man he valued character over pedigree and he was no cynic he looked for the good a nice person and he usually found it. they had taught us that public service is noble and necessary that one can serve with integrity and hold true to the important values like faith and family. he strongly believe that it was important to give back to the community and country in which one lived. he recognized as serving others enrich the giver sold. to us his was the brightest of a thousand points of light. in victories shared credit. when he lost his
6:24 pm
shoulder the blame. he accepted that failure is a part of living a full life. but taught us never to be defined by failure. he showed us how said backs can strengthen. none of his disappointments could compare with one of life's greatest tragedies the loss of a young child. jeff and i were too young to remember the pain and agony he and mom felt when our three year old sister died. we only learned later that day had a man of quiet faith prayed for her daily. he was sustained by the love of the almighty and the real and enduring love of her mom. dad always believed that one day he would hug his precious robin again. he loved to laugh. especially at himself. he could tease
6:25 pm
a needle but never out of malice. he placed great value on a good job. so i chose simpson to speak. i. own email he had a circle of friends with whom he shared to receive the latest jokes. his grading system for the quality of the joke was classic george bush. rare sevens and eights were considered huge winners. most of moscow are. george bush knew how to be a true and loyal friend. he nurtured and honored many his many friendships with a generous and giving so. there exist thousands of handwritten notes encouraging or sympathizing or thanking his friends and acquaintances. he had an enormous capacity to give of himself. many a person would tell you that they had became a mentor and
6:26 pm
a father figure in their life. he listened any consoled. he was their friend. i think of don rhodes taylor blanton jim nantz arnold schwarzenegger and perhaps the unlikeliest of all the man who defeated him bill clinton. my siblings and i refer to the guys in this group as brothers from other mothers. he taught us that a day was not meant to be wasted he played golf at a legendary pace. i always wonder why i insisted on speed go off is a good golfer. so here's my conclusion he played faster than he could move on to the next event. to the enjoy the rest of the day to expand his enormous energy. to live it all. he was born with just to set ends full throttle
6:27 pm
then sleep. told us what it means to be a wonderful father grandfather and great grandfather. he was firm in his principles and supportive as we began to seek our own ways. he encouraged and comforted but never steered. we tested his patience. i know i did. but he always responded with the great gift of unconditional love. last friday when i was told he had minister live. calling. the guy answered the phone said he i think he can hear you but he hadn't said anything for most of the day. i said day i love you and you've been a wonderful father. and the last words he would ever say on earth were. i love you too. to us he was close to perfect. but not totally perfect
6:28 pm
his short game was lousy. he won exactly fred astaire on the dance floor. the man couldn't stomach vegetables. especially broccoli. and by the way he passed these genetic defects along. finally every day of his seventy three years of marriage they had taught us all what it means to be a great husband he married a sweetheart he adored or he laughed and cried with her he was dedicated to her totally. in his old age dad enjoyed watching police show reruns. of volume on high. all the while holding his mom's hand. after mom died dad was strong but all he really wanted to do was hold mom's hand again. of course dad taught me another special lesson he showed me what it means to
6:29 pm
be a president who served with integrity leaves with courage and acts with love in his heart for the citizens of our country. when a history books are written. they will say that george h.w. bush was a great president of the united states. a diplomat of one man's skill a commander in chief for middle accomplishment and a gentleman who executed to duties of his office with dignity and honor. in his inaugural address the forty first president of the united states said this we cannot hope only to leave our children a bigger car a bigger bank account. we must hope to give them a sense of what it means to be a loyal friend a loving parent a citizen who leaves his home his neighborhood and town better than he found it. what we want the men and women who work with us to say when we are no longer there
6:30 pm
. that we are more driven to succeed than anyone around us or that we stop to ask if a such adult had gotten better and stayed a moment there to trade a word of friendship. well dad we're going to remember you for exactly that and much more and we're going to miss you your decency sincerity and kind soul will stay with us forever. so through our careers let us know the blessings of knowing and loving you a great and noble man. the best father a certain your daughter could of. and in our grief but a smile knowing the day it is hugging robin. and holding mom's hand again.


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