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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 5, 2018 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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to become such a. platform for information. this is. the united states and its allies well to the for forty first president. the state funeral of former president george h.w. bush has taken place in washington's national cathedral president. along with
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several former u.s. presidents and dignitaries from around the world. is also coming up tonight. elise dozens of suspected mafia across four countries including germany and a glimmer of hope. yemen's government for peace negotiations. says that that's hawks will begin in sweden tomorrow. it's good to have you with us we begin with a farewell for a former u.s. president a war hero and the man who led the u.s. and the soviet union collapsed in the cold war drew to a close the state funeral of george h.w. . bush was a rare gathering of all living u.s.
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presidents today in an era when both of their goal difference is cut deep they will be friends and for dignitaries packed the washington national cathedral today for the service. the beginning of former president george h.w. bush's final journey. the bush family there to see him off from the u.s. capitol rotunda he'd been lying in state there since monday. inside the national cathedral it was a who's who of real politics has bush's son george w. bush greeted three fellow former presidents and the current commander in chief donald trump german chancellor angela merkel was there as well as other world leaders in tribute bush's military service in world war two was celebrated as was his sense of humor he never slowed down. on the primary campaign trail in new
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hampshire once he grabbed the hand of an apartment store manik and asking for votes . when he realized his mistake he said never no got to ask. old friends remembered his ability to work across political lines and his selflessness. but he often said when the really tough choices come it's the country not me. it's not about democrats or republicans it's for our country that i have fought for. george w. bush delivered the main eulogy a moment unique in american history a former president telling his father also a president good bye and we're going to miss you your decency sincerity and kind soul will stay with us forever. so through our tears let us know the blessings of
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knowing and loving you a great and noble man. the best father of your daughter kit and. when the tributes and jokes and heartfelt homilies were over the casket headed out of the church as leaders said a final farewell to the last american leader of his generation and the era he represented. an emotional song and former president saying goodbye to his father and another former president's let's bring in our why a swathe of she is in washington at the national cathedral cathedral where that funeral service took place good evening to you maya talk a little bit about that ceremony what stood out to you today. well as we mentioned the emotion coming from george w. bush the son of george h.w. bush there was. no worthy addressing the congregation really more as
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a son rather than as a former president lot of very emotional heartfelt funny moments during this service day george h.w. bush was a man who many people on both sides of the aisle and all walks of life really admired someone with whom you could share a laugh share a golf game share a meal someone who a lot of people felt was just deep down a really decent guy who was trying to to do his best for the country and that was what was reflected in the service in we sold this image of all living u.s. presidents sitting next to each other the patrolman's the obama's the cliff the corridors i mean what picture do you think. was painted there are was struck by the body language. with his arms crossed for most of the. certainly some awkward moments there it really looks like trump was not fitting in
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with the rest of the president's club who are known to be very chummy with each other real compatriots for having survived being president of the united states also some funny moments just before the service was beginning we saw george w. bush slip michelle obama the former first lady another piece of candy and an echo of what he did during the funeral service of senator john mccain a few months ago some back and forth there but at the end of the day it was striking to see all of them sitting there paying tribute to their predecessor and a bygone era of american politics. indeed you've been talking to people there in washington who have been near the cathedral how do they see the legacy of george h.w. bush. a lot of people are remembering him for what we said earlier about just his his decency as a person he seemed like a really good family man someone who really cared about the people around him and i
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think we have some reflections from today very recently of some some more memory is of george w. bush when i think of the george h.w. bush presidency i think of bipartisanship and working together with both sides of the aisle as opposed to the truck president there's a lack of bipartisanship and not only working with his own party but working with the other party as well george bush was just president and leader for our country and i think he had great values and you know when you think about divided america you know he really stood to have everyone represent you know one one country and it was really special for a great leader i met him briefly in one nine hundred ninety two when he was running for reelection and he lost but our interaction was very brief but he was very gracious and i will always remember that and i just want to show my perspective.
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you know i have to be the change the way that people see george h.w. bush. oh definitely there's some a softening of his his legacy in the memories there through some a rose colored hindsight there was he was not a perfect president we should remember his policy is his blind eye towards the aids crisis which happened partially on his watch as well as international blunders show we say getting involved in the iran iraq war invading panama there's a lot to be said but today people are remembering the man for being a decent representative of what a united america looks like. seems to be stronger than ever our story force in washington the national. well here are some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the
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world another day of protests has prompted the french government to abandon that unpopular fuel tax increase now initially the government had only suspended the hike a spokesman said that the government is ready for dialogue earlier a major farmers union announced that it would join the yellow vests movement in protests britain's parliament has spent a second day debating the prime minister to recent days breaks it planned many lawmakers oppose it but the european union officials say there can be no significant changes to the deal that they've already approved may's government has finally published a legal report after being found in contempt of parliament for initially withholding it and it only an explosion at a petrol station near rome killed a firefighter and another person ten others were injured the blast occurred while a tanker truck was unloading fuel fire crews were trying to extinguish and initial blaze when a huge explosion shook the area look at that. a rocket carrying
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one christmas turkey my niece and thirty six thousand worms has successfully taken off from cape canaveral florida is expected to reach the international space station on saturday and that turkey is for this space station crew while the mice in the worms thank goodness will be used in experiments. we hope of police have arrested more than eighty people in raids across europe and south america in a crackdown on one of italy's main organized crime syndicates police say that they detained senior bosses on suspicion of cocaine trafficking money laundering bribery in violence and the target is the syndicate known as the run geta which dominates europe's illegal drugs trade. it's being called a decisive strike against one of the most powerful italian criminal networks in the world
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a vast investigation starting in two thousand and sixteen culminating on wednesday in italy seen here as well as in germany the netherlands belgium and south america the european judicial agency euro just called the operation unprecedented and extraordinary result that we have reached today. judicial action that's been carried out in different member states. flight. organization. in the war the drug getting comes from the village and family clans of calabria southern italy it's considered at least most powerful mafia organization in recent years it's managed to the past other mafia families by dominating drug trafficking into europe according to prosecutors it's the only italian organized crime syndicate operating on all continents in germany alone
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there are thought to be about three hundred known trying get to members the head of germany's federal police said the arrests should take a considerable toll on their operations. thanks to the international cooperation we managed to hit that. very purposefully and despite the adverse circumstances and conspiratorial forces working against us we have landed them a sensitive blow at least for the time being. according to officials the operations these groups were running are now closed how long they will stay that way however is anyone's guess. well could the guns fall silent at least briefly in yemen talks ended peace between a delegation of hooty rebels and representatives from yemen's government are set to begin to more in sweden the negotiations brokered by the u.n. are the first aimed at ending the conflict since two thousand and sixty. passports
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and tickets in hand for a journey many hope will bring pace a delegation if he's the rebels waiting to board that flight to sweden. the un special envoy martin griffiths has been instrumental in setting up the talks with the yemeni government such as the distrust between the two sites and rebels wouldn't get on the plane without him. basic guarantee is the presence of the un envoy with us on the same flight this is the only guarantee we have for going there. the evacuation of fifty wounded who's the fighters from the war zone has also helps build confidence in the talks with the conflict locked in stalemate. the hughes these backed by iran control the northwest of the country including the capital sanaa which they took in twenty fifteen the government backed by saudi arabia and the u.a.e.
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has set up a base in aden in the south. four years of conflict have left thousands dead and created what's been described as the worst humanitarian crisis in recent history with yemen's economy cripples more than fourteen million people many of them children of facing starvation. it is a country at war as i've heard me say that this is a country of the brake of catastrophe that if this is not a country on the brink of catastrophe. this is a country that is in a catastrophe. a catastrophe that some. view of the whole world but one many say has been ignored. in a truce. reached needed most. and here's a reminder of the top story that we're following for you the united states has said
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farewell to former president george h.w. bush a state funeral in washington d.c. as national cathedral president. presidents attended along with. including. you're watching. people. information. they want to express g.w. on facebook and twitter and. in touch.
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