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tv   Conflict Zone - Guest Georg Pazderski  Deutsche Welle  December 6, 2018 9:30am-10:00am CET

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every call brings them closer together. because they feel powerless to help. them go to. tears to. look from syria. the war on my from our two part documentary starts december eighth on t w. over the course of his short life germany's far right a.f.d. party has never had it so good more than ninety seats in the federal parliament and representatives in each of the sixteen regional assemblies my guest this week here in berlin is the party's deputy leader georg. what kind of party is the a.f.p. growing up to be.
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welcome to conflicts of. your federal spokesman york miten says the f.t. completely rejects any form of rightwing radicalism that's right that's what he said he is right this is blatantly untrue that was and because last summer in various protest rallies your supporters marched happily alongside members of the anti immigrant group as well as nazi activist neo nazi activists giving the nazi salute you want to choose either about who you are associating with you know this is not true because if you which is not true which you didn't lodge with no you are giving yeah but nancy says you give me you should give me a chance just to answer this means no what happened in kenneth's what the case said obviously the organizers of the march did look very deeply into it how to organize
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a march and this means that certain groups which were not part of the march joined the march but on the other hand it's very clear there is no police in the alternative daughter and for right right wing extremist or nazis or what you ever call we are very clear we are very strong lobby of the very strong we are very strict on that yeah we have that toughest bras each of us chose to get new members so for instance you have to tell if you have been member of a party before you are joining the f.t. of which party if you have been for instance with the national democrats in germany not knowing that i was not become a member and not become a member of the f.t. but you walked next to pick either whose leader as you yourself has pointed out has a criminal record including for inciting hatred he's called migrants cattle and
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scum you were happy walking your people were happy no we're not having the stadium we are not happy that this happened which is only in any advance it could have and i haven't been there other. been there yeah well you know i would have expected that i would have expected that they should have said very clearly that this you're talking about a lot sparkman doesn't belong to this demonstration and i made it very clear and also of the things that the the board of the party makes very clear that look sparkman is no partner for the f.t. certainly mistakes have been made but we have to learn from this is a little used or was it it was a mistake your sanity also justified the violence in august when mobs chased and attacked people who looked like foreigners was this the most is just listen all of this is because i'm snow we well this is fake news and if you're looking really to the reports so you can be this this was not something that there was
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a chase it was a burrito made by people who have been joining or have joined or joined the march and this was announced by our government that there was a chasing of people but this chasing never happened one of you and for this mean this means this means that fake news are spread by people who are trying to bring the the f.t. in a right wing corner what if this is news then when your own marcus fall meyer tweeted it is a citizens right to halt lethal knife migration catchy phrase knife migration isn't it after one incident one is not only no no it's not only one life incident it's not every i cannot kind of number it out of when they're going to say i'm busy it's a lot meanwhile and you press the weekly apparently you know. for instance for instance i think if you want to talk to each other if you want to have an hour then you
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should give me the chance to answer and this means certainly we have an increase in crime rate and we have an increasing rate of knife attacks in germany yeah this is the. just pure statistics and we see it and it's by microns it's done and this means that people have the feeling that germany becomes more and more unsecure. but it is something only in the part in the part of the part of germany it's also in the western part of germany that is the fact is you go to any lengths to turn the german public against muslim migrants won't you know one of your post on one of your post that campaigns featured a smiling girl in a chat dress right arm raised leading a group of happy light skinned teenagers down who corridor or underneath is the slogan is free schools the poster was condemned by the very and teachers' union
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as very dangerous never kill in this country's history i've never seen this post and i'm not aware of that post are you high but on the other posts not i think i think the prosecution of the f.t. is very clear with say. the islam doesn't belong to germany but certainly muslims belong to germany and all over the position of the f.t. is that we certainly want to help people young who are looking for asylum because we think yes we have to help people but there must be a reason for solving religious reasons political reasons other reasons but more to me i expect or what we are seeing in germany and in europe is that we have migration because of of economic reasons mr president islam orders opened we opened to borders with out control issues in every funny could join us everybody could join germany without being in control and this led to a situation this led to a situation that we have people in germany which have three fifteen or twenty
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identities are not around so this means little this means schools do you remember the nazi free we never we never never we. said that we want to have islam free schools what we sent you did you put it on your do a letter. we say school we say nothing else but what the australians say you like oh i know lots of our. free our country our rules don't don't think i don't don't slogans to i don't know if you're aware about that i don't know if you're we don't go once or they are. i don't know if you're aware of my background my father was polish and he was brought to germany in one nine hundred thirty nine for forced labor so just to say yvette i mean a party where nazis are this is nonsense because i would never accept this in this party but your and it but there are certainly there are others out there and he'll and i don't know if they belong to the party who certainly use the party just to to
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to to to spread their hatred and other things and we have to do with something again it gets very clear in your campaign against migrants and muslims have made you which campaign i'm going to be have to be concrete i'm going to give you exist i'm going to give you example if you let me ask the question yeah and do it it's made use of somehow hugely exaggerated slogans like europe in the cross-hairs huge islamist attack forty eight education impossible some problem schools have a hundred percent migrant intake our teachers are being beaten to a pulp. yeah but but as the others simply isn't true this doesn't if this is true reality lead only i don't know if you're reading german newspapers but if you're reading through some leniency into it you stop who's but if you're really german newspaper send you these that we really have a problem how many teachers absolutely we have also we have also schools in berlin
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where you have about ninety percent my micron's yeah which means ten percent of the pupils german and something is going traumatically wrong in the many teachers have been beaten to a pulp miss the pose the ski i don't want to see it i don't i don't have the statistics if this happened but what you are doing is you are you are quoting some things and quoting your propaganda campaign you know this is not know my exists this is not my propaganda campaign is your party and it's certainly all it's certainly not the a of these propaganda campaign i'm pretty sure about this you are your pick you are if you don't read your own space you have to read yours you are getting out of picking out some of i would say. posts in social media and then you are saying it's the opinion of the f.t. and this is wrong yeah certainly you have if you have said moderate your game goes oh no certainly not what you are doing is you're saying something you say this was
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posted by you michael has but you have no evidence tell me if something is posted then there must be somebody who did post it and i want to have the name you know i want i want to answer you name from you just tell you give me the meanwhile you are all an illusion what islam free school mean in your opinion. it in islam is a little then. that islam is not educated in a german school where we have a christian heritage is this what you mean then i say yes because islam doesn't belong to germany and we are a christian country we are christian cultural country and by should be islam educated in german tools in schools why we even have no religious education in our schools why should we teach islam in our schools mr constant process here's some news for you but if you're talking about the rhetoric and the
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migrant rhetoric one of your leaders alice vital described girls who wore headscarves as useless she was formally censured by the parliament for doing this and very vente member of parliament in saxony inquired about the cost for the state of sterilizing unaccompanied refugee minors think about it you talk about your judeo christian heritage and forcibly sterilizing children what you are doing this is really unfair you are saying sorry no no you're saying you were saying this is why don't you said alice vital and then you are going to have a totally different post and you are trying to make a connection to alice why did by that and this is wrong tell me maybe alice vital has said something in the parliament i know exactly the situation when she said headscarf girls young college something to our agents to have made him a lesson she said and she said it really said it in the parliament and she said i was never and and i was not happy with that yeah but on the other hand sometimes
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you have also to make very sharp statements just to describe what is going on were you happy when your leader alexander garland said about a black member of germany's national football team jerome boateng that he might be appreciated for his role on the pitch but people wouldn't want to someone like him as a neighbor were you happy with that no i was not happy with that because i think it's nonsense what was said and i. i don't know what a loser is mr garner since your leaders to invent in that case he talk nonsense yet because i think this is not true because i think. what you are trying to do is to put us in a racist corner to put us into your service and you are so no no no scholar you are your receiver comment your clue in a race is what you are doing is exactly what the other parties in germany trying to do and also the media in germany trying to do for years and years yeah just to put or to little sammy let me be around five and a half five and
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a half this means since for five and a half years you are the the other parties and all over the media trying to push in a nazi corner in a right wing corner because this was in the past always a good means just to get rid of a new party they did with the republicans played it with others here and don't know later when alexander garland described the nazi period as a speck of bird droppings in over a thousand years of successful german history did you not think how deeply insulting must be to the families of six million holocaust so then you have freely to see how he meant it i talked to him and i said oh you happy with that come now i'm not i'm not a happy bus but on the other hand don't see very neatly in this know what you want it's all going to be no no one's what you know if you're not happy when you don't really know what you want you need to know if the point that he meant it in
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a different way he said these were only twelve years yeah bad he is evil years but it was only twelve years and there is a history of almost eleven hundred years and we have also to consider this if we are talking about german so no more on the other hand both thought it was a bet it was a very bad expression what he did because it it has you can interpret it in a different way i talked to him and i also. we had also a. very intense discussion in our board and we made it very clear that to him that he has to apologize for that yeah that this was wrong what he said and went down here paula jones didn't want to. directly after and while you're telling everyone that you know connection with right wing radicalism and extremism you've allowed your youth organizations to get seriously out of control haven't you know because we have no connections to right wing parties or right wing movements or what so else certainly we have currently
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a problem with our youth organization with parts only with certain people of our youth organization but we are currently looking you late and what you're doing and what we are currently doing is we are trying to get a picture what is going on and then we will have a meeting with our board the party board and then we built take certainly decisions on our youth organization dividend history than you may. know and president lee as a and we said yeah are absolutely and we said i am part of this press for the release because i was one of the of the creators i wanted to leave let it get so bad in your party before you suddenly said oh we need to do something about this why did you let it get so bad you have to get knowledge of it and then you can react and if you have no knowledge these are for instance so called governments all over the laws as they were operating under surveillance and you cause them and
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you've accused them of abuse of power if you look by putting them under surveillance to to lower saxony for instance we separate the youth organization of lawyers x n e we're looking into blame and that may be the use of going to say it's a humiliating you separate it will you be looking at you need are you going to expel them or not you have to make a situation analysts here just before your coming to a decision you have to know what was going on. what has been going on and then you need to make a decision on a sound basis if you knew what was going on for years you knew what was going on it didn't go on for years we get we got knowledge one months ago for instance and then we we gave an order to our group which is now investigating on that and if we have the investigation closed then we will make a decision if you haven't already your mission a woman called for this is because schreiber who quit the board of the youth wing said that as far back as twenty fourteen half of all f.t.
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youth members sympathized with the far right. movement this this this woman. but on the other hand i know she's afraid without a body but that that's nonsense because how do you write one sense because no it's because i know her and i know that she was. an admirer of mr for instance before she left the party she was by herself very right wing and then she didn't make any career in the party and she left the party and now she is talking about how evil the party is we have always the same the same procedure people who cannot make career in the party leaving the party and then they are just basically. just because you criticized you know she couldn't make a career she did very well she got onto the board of the youth movement no this is not not really a career what but it's meant by a career just to get the men the just to go into politics and she wasn't able
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because nobody wanted to have her you have because of her behavior of her background because of. proximity to to to to certain people in the party and this is exactly what is happening in this party that people who who have a problem here and who cannot make any korean the party they are leaving the party and then they are announcing and then you function and then when they do let's talk about the manifesto that you put out last year and something which one the one before the election. which manifests zero two zero twenty you're talking about the celebrating and yes yeah you know twenty or so election programs yes your party complained bitterly about the state of political funding called for a redefined and transparent system but those calls a sheer hypocrisy on because the fact is you're in the middle of a huge financial scandal with york only that is vital under what prosecutors have
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called initial suspicion of breaching germany's polity spending laws ironic isn't it oh no it's not a big scandal because be paid back all the money to those who spend some money and also in not according to investigation w p r n n are organized as you can read the newspapers all the money was paid back the investigation of it six thousand euro's was not. what is six thousand euros out of a value thirty thousand out of no i think it's even more it's one hundred thirty thousand and one hundred something it's more than two hundred fifty thousand euro the swiss and to her come their way also it was one hundred thirty miles and there's also something from from from the netherlands i think a belgian was paid so it wasn't everything but it was paid back and lost and it was paid back by ours which is going to be really we haven't been asked to pay it back but we did by ourself this means certainly you can you can say ok we could have
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paid it back earlier but on the other hand there are you sure that are not very subtle and there is really no doubt about it and she reacted by ourselves on a corner and i can tell you i can tell you nothing will be will be happen here you are banging the drum about how evil the system is a party fund raiser for you break the real no we did you read the rules we didn't break the rules of the republic some time now been said about it should have been paid back earlier. and then he says i don't believe she should be blamed for anything ms vital really. you got there in paris to your people who knows all there there was no under says there was a look there was no rule broken because for instance the the government or those who are responsible for it they didn't have any any. periods in which the money has to be paid back yeah this means we acted in
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a way it's totally legal what we did and we paid some money back so if you're looking to other parties that we now have. a head in in the bundestag mr scheuer who had was deeply involved in such fundings with mr cole. we it didn't happen to the to the f another party had done what you have done this time you did it you would be screen or from the rooftops now knobs are linen you would be certainly not on the roof if they would have acted in our way then we wouldn't have three beautiful scream from the rooftops look at freedom let's let's look at another part of your program freedom of worship the pledges its unconditional support to the freedom of faith worship and conscious unconditional. but there are conditions there are other schools offering islamic studies the lessons to muslim pupils have to be given in german you say and islamic qur'an
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schools should be closed with immediate effect that's unconditional no order though it's not there are very narrow there are serious to pressure on no there are two reasons for it why i should not be taught in arab language because young people especially young people have to integrate in our state yet if they don't if they if they don't manage the german language they bill have no chance in the future just to get a job just to be educated and we are seeing it currently for instance with our turkish minority with the young people yeah you gave another reason and you're not alone and you gave a no no no no don't you know. this i know you have to this is not another reason because we see it that for instance the young many young people are not able to integrate in our society because they have not the language skills because they have not read your patients they need to get a job and this is really
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a problem for germany is the past there is young you have the same problems in britain look with our do you are one of the first those says you. qur'an school should be close to meet effect as it's likely that uncontrolled radical and unconstitutional indoctrination takes place that we see this it's like you don't say there are. likely true what is the number they are less likely now is the argument over there are quite a number of koran schools which are yaar. overwatched or guarded by our first long shots which means because something is going on in this is courtesy the our security because something is going on in these schools that people or young people are brought to radicalise you don't and we have how much of this is going and how much of this is a going on i can give you three must have their oath i said. that is not proof since when is there is really there since when is likely proof because there is
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there is proof and i can give you the numbers and the figures because i want other numbers in the figures i have it in my head but i can give it you afterwards thank you yeah you will get it now that would be good to hear only so the government says that your manifesto violates the constitution your religious family criminal and your bureau policies are in clear violation of our generals one hundred twenty three of the german lines where you i don't know where you got it but it's not true yeah that's what i want to say our many fasts what they said who says it was the former justice minister hyper mass. who is. really was the only psychoanalyst release he's a retired israeli he's a spy he made about and he's a no no no he's of at these meetings he's speaking as a member of the social democrat party which is currently going down to thirteen thousand perth when he is a male has very much resign because govern it it made us very much because they are
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fearing z.f. tea because the f.t. is taking voters from the s.p.d. from the social democrats from the christian democrats and also from other side view but is afraid of you of it yes certainly they are known for it because because the point is we have actually and you have really only old we have to really hire a lawyer we have really no no we have really no party which is a concert of party germany all the other parties moved during the last years constantly to the left side and there was a vacuum right on the right side besides the christian democrats your feeling and your feeling that space x. sect leader we are filling that space lots of and propaganda against the not going to the no no it's not it's not a broad about propaganda it's about telling the troops we are we we need to say people that what is going on and we have seen people what is going on because we had a situation in germany set for years and years people were not told the truth was
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the business. thanks very much for being euro zone thank you.
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through a child time. three children document their daily find for survival on camera. gear strikes the traumas and the desperate hope. for help from. yemen. in the mall. in fifteen minutes on t w.
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this is d. w. news live from berlin the trouble on the horizon for the trade works crews between beijing and washington a global corporate officer of the chinese telecoms giant holloway has been arrested in canada she now faces extradition to the u.s. for allegedly violating sanctions on iran also coming up. peace talks between yemen's warring parties are set to get under way in sweden today delegations from the saudi backed government and the who the rebels are coming together for the first time in two year.


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